Space Words That Start with T

There are so many astronomical objects out there behaving in mysterious ways that astronomers are still trying to figure out. A brand new set of words and language has to be invented every time something is discovered and that is part of what makes the study of space so interesting. There’s so much out there that is waiting to be found.

The use of mythological and ancient names to name all the objects that are in space has also always given astronomy an air of mystery and wonder that attracts all kinds of people and incentivizes them to look at the sky every night.

There are so many space-related words and terms that it is hard to keep up.

This is why below, we have compiled a list of space words that start with T so you can learn more about the study of the universe. These are words that are related to astronomy and space, if what you are looking for is specifically for name ideas or the names of objects, check out our lists of star names, planets, or constellations. You will also find those sorted by letter.

TachyonA hypothetical particle that travels faster than light.
Tadpole GalaxyA galaxy in the constellation Draco with a tail-like structure.
TailholtAn asteroid in the outer asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.
Tarantula NebulaA massive star-forming region in the Large Magellanic Cloud.
TarqeqA moon of Uranus discovered by Voyager 2 in 1986.
TaurusA zodiac constellation known for the Pleiades and Hyades star clusters.
Teegarden’s StarOne of the closest known stars to the Sun, a red dwarf.
TelescopeAn optical instrument used to observe distant objects.
Tempel 1A comet that was visited by the Deep Impact spacecraft.
Terrestrial PlanetA rocky planet, similar to Earth, with a solid surface.
Terzan 5A dense globular cluster in the constellation Sagittarius.
TethysSaturn’s icy moon with a prominent impact crater.
Thackeray’s GlobulesDark globules within the Carina Nebula.
TharsisA massive volcanic plateau on Mars, home to Olympus Mons.
ThebeOne of Jupiter’s moons, discovered by Galileo Galilei.
ThemisAn asteroid in the outer asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.
ThemistoOne of Jupiter’s irregular moons, discovered in 1975.
Thor’s HelmetA diffuse nebula in the constellation Canis Major.
ThrustForce propelling a spacecraft in a particular direction.
TitanSaturn’s largest moon, with a thick atmosphere and hydrocarbon lakes.
Trans-Neptunian ObjectsObjects that orbit the Sun beyond Neptune’s orbit.
TransientA short-lived astronomical event.
TriangulumA small constellation also known as the Triangle.
Triangulum GalaxyA spiral galaxy in the constellation Triangulum.
Trifid NebulaA star-forming nebula in Sagittarius, known for its dark lanes.
TritonNeptune’s largest moon, known for its retrograde orbit.
TrojansAsteroids that share an orbit with a larger planet, located at stable Lagrange points.
TroposphereThe lowest layer of Earth’s atmosphere.
TucanaA constellation in the southern hemisphere.
Tucana Dwarf GalaxyA dwarf galaxy in the constellation Tucana.
Tucana IIA dwarf spheroidal galaxy in the constellation Tucana.
Twilight ZoneThe region on a planet or moon where sunlight is dim, between day and night.
space words that start with the letter T

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