Space Words That Start with P

There are so many astronomical objects out there behaving in mysterious ways that astronomers are still trying to figure out. A brand new set of words and language has to be invented every time something is discovered and that is part of what makes the study of space so interesting. There’s so much out there that is waiting to be found.

The use of mythological and ancient names to name all the objects that are in space has also always given astronomy an air of mystery and wonder that attracts all kinds of people and incentivizes them to look at the sky every night.

There are so many space-related words and terms that it is hard to keep up.

This is why below, we have compiled a list of space words that start with P so you can learn more about the study of the universe. These are words that are related to astronomy and space, if what you are looking for is specifically for name ideas or the names of objects, check out our lists of star names, planets, or constellations. You will also find those sorted by letter.

PallasOne of the largest asteroids in the asteroid belt.
Palomar Globular ClusterA dense cluster of stars, M15 in Pegasus.
PandoraOne of the moons of Saturn.
ParallaxApparent shift in position due to viewing angle.
ParsecA unit of distance used in astronomy.
Partial EclipseOnly part of the Sun or Moon is obscured.
PavoA constellation representing a peacock.
PegasusA large constellation in the northern sky.
Pelican NebulaA nebula in the Cygnus constellation.
PelionA mountain on asteroid 624 Hektor.
PerigeeThe point in an orbit closest to Earth.
PerihelionThe point in an orbit closest to the Sun.
PerseidsAnnual meteor shower in August.
PerseusA constellation in the northern sky.
PhobosOne of Mars’ moons.
Phoenix ClusterA massive galaxy cluster in the constellation Phoenix.
Phoenix ConstellationA small constellation in the southern sky.
Pillars of CreationA region in the Eagle Nebula with star formation.
Pinwheel GalaxyA spiral galaxy also known as M101.
PiscesA constellation representing two fish.
Pisces AustrinusA constellation representing a fish’s tail.
Planck TelescopeSpace telescope studying cosmic microwave background.
PlanemoA planetary-mass object not orbiting a star.
PlanetA celestial body that orbits a star.
PlanetariumAn educational facility for astronomy.
PlanetesimalSmall body that forms a planet through accretion.
PleiadesA star cluster in the constellation Taurus.
PleioneOne of the stars in the Pleiades star cluster.
PlutinoA trans-Neptunian object in a 2:3 resonance with Neptune.
PlutoA dwarf planet in the outer solar system.
Polar AxisThe imaginary line around which an object rotates.
PolarisThe North Star, a bright star near the pole.
PolluxBright star in the constellation Gemini.
PortiaOne of the moons of Uranus.
Praesepe (Beehive Cluster)An open cluster in the constellation Cancer.
Prime MeridianReference line for longitude on a planet.
ProcyonA bright star in the constellation Canis Minor.
ProminenceLoop of plasma on the Sun’s surface.
ProtoplanetA forming planet within a protoplanetary disk.
Protoplanetary DiskA rotating disk of gas and dust around a star.
Proxima CentauriThe closest known star to the Sun.
PtolemyAncient astronomer known for geocentric model.
PulsarA rapidly spinning neutron star emitting pulses.
PuppisA constellation representing the stern of a ship.
PyxisA small and faint constellation.
space words that start with the letter P

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