Space Words That Start with E

There are so many astronomical objects out there behaving in mysterious ways that astronomers are still trying to figure out. A brand new set of words and language has to be invented every time something is discovered and that is part of what makes the study of space so interesting. There’s so much out there that is waiting to be found.

The use of mythological and ancient names to name all the objects that are in space has also always given astronomy an air of mystery and wonder that attracts all kinds of people and incentivizes them to look at the sky every night.

There are so many space-related words and terms that it is hard to keep up.

This is why below, we have compiled a list of space words that start with E so you can learn more about the study of the universe. These are words that are related to astronomy and space, if what you are looking for is specifically for name ideas or the names of objects, check out our lists of star names, planets, or constellations. You will also find those sorted by letter.

Eagle NebulaAlso known as Messier 16 (M16), a star-forming region in the constellation Serpens.
EarthThe third planet from the Sun, known for its diverse ecosystems and life.
EarthgrazerA meteoroid that skims the Earth’s atmosphere and produces a long, bright trail.
EarthshineThe faint illumination of the dark side of the Moon by sunlight reflected from Earth.
EccentricityThe measure of how elongated an orbit is (for planets, the degree of deviation from a perfect circle).
EclipseThe partial or complete obscuring of a celestial body by another.
Eclipsing BinaryA binary star system where the stars periodically eclipse each other from our perspective.
EclipticThe plane of Earth’s orbit around the Sun, where solar and lunar eclipses occur.
Einstein RingA phenomenon where the gravitational lensing effect creates a ring-like image of a distant object.
ElaraOne of Jupiter’s moons, named after a lover of Zeus in Greek mythology.
Elliptical GalaxyA type of galaxy with a flattened, oval shape and low star formation.
Elliptical OrbitAn orbit in the shape of an ellipse, with the central body at one of the foci.
Emission LineA specific wavelength of light emitted or absorbed by atoms or molecules.
Emission NebulaA cloud of gas and dust that emits its own light, often seen in star-forming regions.
Emission SpectrumThe spectrum of light emitted by a substance, often used to identify its composition.
EnceladusA moon of Saturn, known for its active geysers and potential subsurface ocean.
Equatorial CoordinatesA system for locating objects in the sky using declination and right ascension.
Equatorial MountA telescope mount aligned with Earth’s equatorial axis for easier tracking of celestial objects.
EquinoxThe two points in Earth’s orbit where day and night are approximately equal.
ErisA dwarf planet located beyond Pluto in the Kuiper Belt.
Escape VelocityThe minimum speed an object must reach to break free from a celestial body’s gravitational pull.
Eta CarinaeA massive, luminous star system in the Carina constellation.
EuropaOne of Jupiter’s moons, with a subsurface ocean that may harbor life.
Event HorizonThe boundary around a black hole beyond which escape is impossible.
EventideThe time of evening or sunset on a celestial body.
ExoplanetA planet that orbits a star outside our solar system.
ExosphereThe outermost layer of a planet’s atmosphere, transitioning into space.
ExtragalacticObjects or phenomena that are located outside our Milky Way galaxy.
EyepieceThe lens or group of lenses in a telescope used for observing.
space words that start with the letter E

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