Star Names That Start With X

There are currently just 2 stars in the catalog of the International Astronomical Union whose names begin with the letter x, making it the second letter with the least number of named stars, only behind Q which has zero.

The following table lists them all. Here’s the nomenclature for the columns to the right:

Name: The proper or colloquial name for the star.

Constellation: The group of stars the star belongs to.

Bayern Designation: The ordered name for the star in the Bayern catalog of stars.

Designation: The ‘scientific’ name for the star in the IAU catalog. This is the name astronomers generally use.

Approval Date: The date the proper name was officially approved for the IAU catalog. Most names have been used for a much longer time though.

NameConstellationBayern DesignationDesignationApproval Date
XamidimuraScorpiusμ1 Scorpii AaHR 62472017-09-05
XuangeBoötesλ BoötisHR 53512017-06-30

This list does not include some of the proposed star names that are proposed every year, but still haven’t been fully approved and made official.

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