Star Names That Start With P

There are currently 18 stars in the catalog of the International Astronomical Union whose names begin with the letter p.

The list includes two of the brightest stars on the night sky: Polaris (The North Star), and Pollux, which is part of the Gemini constellation.

The following table lists them all. Here’s the nomenclature for the columns to the right:

Name: The proper or colloquial name for the star.

Constellation: The group of stars the star belongs to.

Bayern Designation: The ordered name for the star in the Bayern catalog of stars.

Designation: The ‘scientific’ name for the star in the IAU catalog. This is the name astronomers generally use.

Approval Date: The date the proper name was officially approved for the IAU catalog. Most names have been used for a much longer time though.

NameConstellationBayern DesignationDesignationApproval Date
PaikauhaleScorpiusτ Scorpii AHR 61652018-08-10
PeacockPavoα Pavonis AaHR 77902016-07-20
PhactColumbaα ColumbaeHR 19562016-07-20
PhecdaUrsa Majorγ Ursae Majoris AaHR 45542016-07-20
PherkadUrsa Minorγ Ursae MinorisHR 57352016-08-21
PiautosCancerλ CancriHR 32682018-06-01
PipirimaScorpiusμ2 Scorpii AHR 62522017-09-05
PleioneTaurus28 Tauri AaHR 11802016-06-30
PolarisUrsa Minorα Ursae MinorisHR 4242016-06-30
Polaris AustralisOctansσ OctantisHR 72282017-09-05
PolisSagittariusμ Sagittarii AaHR 68122017-09-05
PolluxGeminiβ GeminorumHR 29902015-12-15
PorrimaVirgoγ Virginis AHR 48252016-07-20
PraecipuaLeo Minor46 Leonis MinorisHR 42472017-06-30
Prima HyadumTaurusγ Tauri AHR 13462017-09-05
ProcyonCanis Minorα Canis Minoris AHR 29432016-06-30
PropusGeminiη Geminorum AHR 22162016-07-20
Proxima CentauriCentaurusα Centauri CGJ 5512016-08-21

This list does not include some of the proposed star names that are proposed every year, but still haven’t been fully approved and made official.

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