Star Names That Start With T

There are currently 22 stars in the catalog of the International Astronomical Union whose names begin with the letter t, making it the fourth letter with the most proper named stars, only after A, M, and S.

From Tabit to Tureis, this letter contains some very important stars on the sky.

The following table lists them all. Here’s the nomenclature for the columns to the right:

Name: The proper or colloquial name for the star.

Constellation: The group of stars the star belongs to.

Bayern Designation: The ordered name for the star in the Bayern catalog of stars.

Designation: The ‘scientific’ name for the star in the IAU catalog. This is the name astronomers generally use.

Approval Date: The date the proper name was officially approved for the IAU catalog. Most names have been used for a much longer time though.

NameConstellationBayern DesignationDesignationApproval Date
TabitOrionπ3 OrionisHR 15432017-09-05
TaiyangshouUrsa Majorχ Ursae MajorisHR 45182017-06-30
TaiyiDraco8 DraconisHR 49162017-06-30
TalithaUrsa Majorι Ursae Majoris AaHR 35692016-07-20
Tania AustralisUrsa Majorμ Ursae Majoris AHR 40692016-07-20
Tania BorealisUrsa Majorλ Ursae Majoris AHR 40332016-07-20
TarazedAquilaγ AquilaeHR 75252016-08-21
TarfCancerβ Cancri AHR 32492018-06-01
TaygetaTaurus19 Tauri AaHR 11452016-08-21
TegmineCancerζ1 Cancri AHR 32082016-09-12
TejatGeminiμ Geminorum AaHR 22862017-02-01
TerebellumSagittariusω Sagittarii AHR 75972017-09-05
TheeminEridanusυ2 EridaniHR 14642017-02-01
ThubanDracoα Draconis AHR 52912016-06-30
TiakiGrusβ GruisHR 86362017-09-05
TianguanTaurusζ Tauri AHR 19102017-06-30
TianyiDraco7 DraconisHR 48632017-06-30
TitawinAndromedaυ Andromedae AHR 4582015-12-15
TolimanCentaurusα Centauri BHR 54602018-08-10
TonatiuhCamelopardalisHD 104985HR 46092015-12-15
TorcularPiscesο Piscium AHR 5102017-09-05
TureisPuppisρ Puppis AHR 31852016-09-12

This list does not include some of the proposed star names that are proposed every year, but still haven’t been fully approved and made official.

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