Star Names That Start With M

There are currently 39 stars in the catalog of the International Astronomical Union whose names begin with the letter m, making it the second letter with the most stars, only after the letter a.

Some very important stars in the night sky are on this list, such as Maia, Meissa, and Merak.

The following table lists them all. Here’s the nomenclature for the columns to the right:

Name: The proper or colloquial name for the star.

Constellation: The group of stars the star belongs to.

Bayern Designation: The ordered name for the star in the Bayern catalog of stars.

Designation: The ‘scientific’ name for the star in the IAU catalog. This is the name astronomers generally use.

Approval Date: The date the proper name was officially approved for the IAU catalog. Most names have been used for a much longer time though.

NameConstellationBayern DesignationDesignationApproval Date
MaasymHerculesλ HerculisHR 65262016-09-12
MahasimAurigaθ Aurigae AHR 20952017-06-30
MaiaTaurus20 TauriHR 11492016-07-20
MarfikOphiuchusλ Ophiuchi AHR 61492016-09-12
MarkabPegasusα PegasiHR 87812016-06-30
MarkebVelaκ VelorumHR 37342017-09-05
MarsicHerculesκ Herculis AHR 60082017-02-01
MatarPegasusη Pegasi AaHR 86502016-08-21
MebsutaGeminiε GeminorumHR 24732016-07-20
MegrezUrsa Majorδ Ursae MajorisHR 46602016-06-30
MeissaOrionλ Orionis AHR 18792016-07-20
MekbudaGeminiζ Geminorum AaHR 26502016-09-12
MelephCancerε Cancri AaHR 34292017-09-05
MenkalinanAurigaβ Aurigae AaHR 20882016-07-20
MenkarCetusα CetiHR 9112016-06-30
MenkentCentaurusθ CentauriHR 52882016-08-21
MenkibPerseusξ PerseiHR 12282016-09-12
MerakUrsa Majorβ Ursae MajorisHR 42952016-06-30
MergaBoötes38 BoötisHR 55332016-09-12
MeridianaCorona Australisα Coronae AustralisHR 72542017-09-05
MeropeTaurus23 Tauri AaHR 11562016-07-20
MesarthimAriesγ1 Arietis AHR 5462016-08-21
MiaplacidusCarinaβ CarinaeHR 36852016-07-20
MimosaCruxβ CrucisHR 48532016-07-20
MinchirHydraσ HydraeHR 34182017-09-05
MinelauvaVirgoδ VirginisHR 49102017-06-30
MintakaOrionδ Orionis AaHR 18522016-07-20
MiraCetusο Ceti AaHR 6812016-06-30
MirachAndromedaβ AndromedaeHR 3372016-06-30
MiramPerseusη Persei AHR 8342017-09-05
MirfakPerseusα PerseiHR 10172016-07-20
MirzamCanis Majorβ Canis MajorisHR 22942016-07-20
MisamPerseusκ Persei AaHR 9412017-09-05
MizarUrsa Majorζ Ursae Majoris AaHR 50542016-06-30
MothallahTriangulumα TrianguliHR 5442016-08-21
MulipheinCanis Majorγ Canis MajorisHR 26572016-08-21
MuphridBoötesη Boötis AaHR 52352016-09-12
MuscidaUrsa Majorο Ursae Majoris AHR 33232016-07-20
MusicaDelphinus18 DelphiniHR 80302015-12-15

This list does not include some of the proposed star names that are proposed every year, but still haven’t been fully approved and made official.

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