June Meteor Showers Guide

June has three visible meteor showers throughout the month with two of them having their peak this month. All of them are visible in the northern hemisphere.

Meteor showers are some of the coolest celestial events to witness. It is not necessary to use a telescope or binoculars to watch them, making them some of the most accessible as well for people that are just getting into astronomy and stargazing.

Every month there are a few meteor showers. They are very consistent and happen every year around the same dates and in the same location in the sky.

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List of June meteor showers

The following are the meteor showers that will happen in the month of June.

The list is sorted by the peak date.

Tau Herculids (May 19 – June 14)

General Information

NameTau Herculids
Start dateMay 19
End dateJune 14
PeakMay 31
Speed16 km/s
Zenithal hourly ratevariable


Right ascension13h 56m
Declination28° 00′ 00″

Daytime Arietids (May 14 – June 24)

General Information

NameDaytime Arietids
Start dateMay 14
End dateJune 24
PeakJune 7
Comet1566 Icarus
Speed38 km/s
Zenithal hourly rate30


Right ascension03h 02m
Declination25° 00′ 00″

June Bootids (June 22 – July 2)

General Information

NameJune Bootids
Start dateJune 22
End dateJuly 2
PeakJune 27
Speed18 km/s
Zenithal hourly ratevariable


Right ascension14h 55m 60s
Declination48° 00′ 00″

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