Planets That Start With T

There are currently 12 planets that start with T. All of them are found outside the Solar system. The organization in charge of naming these planets is the International Astronomical Union.

Unlike stars and constellations whose names come mostly from Greek mythology or Arabic words, planets get their names from many different cultures.

Here’s what each of the columns in the table means:

Planet: Name of the planet or exoplanet. Exoplanets are outside the Solar system and only a few of them receive proper names. Every few years the International Astronomical Union opens a contest to suggest names for newly discovered ones.

Star: The proper name and/or scientific designation of the star the planet orbits. Most of the stars with planets that receive proper names also get one.

Distance: Approximate distance from our Solar system to the star that hosts the planet. It is given in light-years.

Discovery: Year of discovery of the planet.

Meaning: Origin of the name of the planet.

TadmorErrai (Gamma Cephei A)452003Modern Arabic name for Palmyra
TanzaniteMpingo (WASP-71)7002012Tanzanite mineral
Taphao KaewChalawan (47 Ursae Majoris)462001One of two sisters associated with a Thai folk tale
Taphao ThongChalawan (47 Ursae Majoris)461996One of two sisters associated with a Thai folk tale
TassiliHoggar (HD 28678)6232011From Tassili n’Ajjer, a World Heritage Site in Algeria
TeberdaDombay (HAT-P-3)4202007Teberda River in Russia
ThestiasPollux342006Greek myth
TogeSika (HD 181720)1832009“earring” in the Ewe language (Ghana, Togo, Benin)
TondraTimir (HD 148427)1932009“nap” in Bengali language (Bangladesh)
TrimobeRapeto (HD 153950)1622008Rich ogre from Malagasy mythology (Madagascar)
TryzubBerehynia (HAT-P-15)6202010Tryzub, the coat of arms of Ukraine
TumearanduTupã (HD 108147)1262002Son of the first man and woman of the universe in Guaraní mythology (Paraguay)
List of planet names that start with T

This list does not include minor planets and planetoids as those are generally just named by using the last name of the person who discovered them.

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