Comets, planets, stars, and moons are famous for having really cool names inspired by mythology, art, nature, etc. They are great sources of inspiration when you are trying to find the perfect name for a baby, a pet, or a character in your novel.

How are comets named?

One comet can have multiple names. This is because there are multiple naming systems that have changed over the years.

First, there is the “proper” name. This name is given by its discoverer or the observatory that spotted it first. Because modern astronomers started discovering so many comets thanks to new technologies, this system became confusing because multiple comets could end up having the same name as you will see in the table below.

So the “true” name for a comet is its scientific designation. The current naming convention used by the International Astronomical Union includes comet names that look like:

  • P/2001 F2
  • C/1992 P1
  • D/1969 N2

Let’s split up the names and see how each part is given.

The first letter refers to the comet’s type, given by the next table:

PPeriodic comets
CNon-periodic comets
XComets with no meaningful orbit
DA periodic comet that has been lost, broken up, or disappeared
AAn object previously identified as a comet that is now classified as a minor planet
IInterstellar object. Only 2 of these are currently identified

Next, the name contains the year of discovery, so a non-periodic comet discovered in 1995 would be C/1995.

The last part is a bit more complex. The next letter of the name refers to the month it was discovered. It goes from A-H or J-Y, the first block for the first half of the year, the latter for the second half.

Each block contains 12 letters and they are given in half months. So, the first half of January is A, the second half of January is B, the first half of February is C, and so on.

The final number simply means the order in which it was discovered in that period. If it was the first comet discovered in that half month, it receives a 1, if it was the second it receives a 2, etc.

So a name like C/2007 H2 really just means: The second non-periodic comet discovered in the second half of June, 2007.

Comet Names

Halley Comet
Halley Comet

You will find the (almost) complete list of comet names below. We have grouped together the comets that share the same name, but you can see the individual designations in the right column.

We have not included comets that do not have a proper name which are mostly of the X (no meaningful orbit) classification.

Unlike planets or stars, comets can be named after the person that discovered which is why you will see more regular names instead of names with a mythological or natural origin.

Comet nameDesignation
A. E. ThatcherC/1861 G1
ASASC/2004 R2
ASHP/2011 N1, P/2011 N1
ATLASP/2019 A2, P/2019 F2, P/2019 LD2, P/2019 M2, P/2020 X1, P/2020 X2, P/2021 Q5, P/2019 A2, P/2019 F2, P/2019 LD2, P/2019 M2, P/2020 X1, P/2020 X2, P/2021 Q5, C/2018 E1, C/2019 Y4-D, C/2020 M3, C/2020 R4, C/2021 Q3, C/2015 X7, C/2017 D3, C/2017 M4, C/2019 E3, C/2019 J3, C/2019 K1, C/2019 L3, C/2019 M3, C/2019 Y4-A, C/2020 F2, C/2020 H6, C/2021 S1
ATLAS-AfricanoC/2019 F1
Aarseth-BrewingtonC/1989 W1
AbeC/1970 N1
AbellC/1953 T1, C/1955 G1
AfricanoP/2018 Y2, P/2018 Y2, C/2018 W2
AlcockC/1959 Q1, C/1959 Q2, C/1965 S2
AmaralC/2020 O2
Arend-RolandC/1956 R1
AristotleX/-341, X/-325[b]
Attard-MauryP/2021 U3, P/2021 U3
AustinC/1989 X1
BaadeC/1922 U1, C/1954 O2
BaekerC/1863 T1, C/1864 X1
Baeker-WinneckeC/1867 S1
Bally-ClaytonC/1968 Q1
BarnardC/1881 S1, C/1882 R2, C/1885 N1, C/1885 X2, C/1887 B3, C/1887 D1, C/1888 R1, C/1891 T1
Barnard–DenningC/1891 F1
Barnard–HartwigC/1886 T1
BelyavskyC/1911 S3
BennettC/1974 V2
BeshoreC/2009 K3
BesterC/1946 U1, C/1947 K1, C/1947 S1
Bester-HoffmeisterC/1959 O1
BeyerC/1930 E1
BečvářC/1947 F2
BlathwaytC/1927 A1
BoattiniP/2009 B1, P/2009 Q4, P/2010 U1, P/2011 V1, P/2011 Y2, P/2009 B1, P/2009 Q4, P/2010 U1, P/2011 V1, P/2011 Y2, C/2010 F1, C/2010 J1, C/2007 W1, C/2008 S3, C/2009 P2, C/2010 U3, C/2011 L6, C/2013 F1, C/2013 H2, C/2013 V1
BodeC/1779 A1
BoguslawskiC/1835 H1
BondC/1850 Q1
BorisovC/2013 N4, C/2015 D4, C/2016 R3, C/2020 Q1, C/2013 V2, C/2017 E1, 2I/Borisov[e], C/2021 L3
BorrellyC/1874 X1, C/1877 C1, C/1889 X1, C/1903 M1, C/1912 V1
Borrelly–BrooksC/1900 O1
BouvardC/1798 X1
Bouvard–HerschelC/1797 P1
BowellC/1980 E1
BradfieldC/1979 Y1, C/1975 E1, C/1975 V2, C/1976 E1, C/1978 C1, C/1978 T3, C/1978 M1, C/1992 B1, C/1992 J2
Bradley’s cometC/1737 C1
BremikerC/1840 U1
BressiC/2012 T5[d]
BrewingtonC/1996 N1
BrooksC/1885 R1, C/1886 H1, C/1887 B2, C/1885 Y1, C/1886 J1, C/1890 F1, C/1892 Q1, C/1892 W1, C/1895 W2, C/1898 U1, C/1902 G1, C/1904 H1
Brooks–SwiftC/1883 D1
BrorsenC/1846 J1, C/1851 P1, C/1851 U1
BroughtonP/2005 T5, P/2005 T5, C/2006 OF2
BruenjesC/2012 C2
BruhnsC/1853 R1, C/1855 V1, C/1858 K1, C/1862 X1, C/1864 Y1
BurnhamC/1959 Y1, C/1960 B1
Caesar’s CometC/-43 K1
Cameron-ISONP/2015 PD229, P/2015 PD229
CardinalC/2008 T2
CarrascoC/1932 H1
CatalinaP/1999 XN120, P/2007 C2, P/2009 WX51, P/2013 AL76, P/2015 W2, P/2019 Y3, P/1999 XN120, P/2007 C2, P/2009 WX51, P/2013 AL76, P/2015 W2, P/2019 Y3, C/2005 J2, C/2012 J1, C/2013 B2, C/2013 L2, C/2013 S1, C/2013 US10, C/2013 V4, C/2014 AA52, C/2014 W6, C/2017 S6, C/2021 K3
Catalina (CSS)C/2005 N4, C/2013 J6, C/2013 UQ4, C/2021 C3
Catalina (CSS)–LINEARC/2004 DZ61
Catalina (CSS)–SpacewatchC/2013 PE67
Catalina-ChristensenC/2006 YC
Catalina-PANSTARRSP/2013 R3, P/2013 R3-A, P/2013 R3-B, P/2013 R3, P/2013 R3-A, P/2013 R3-B
Catalina–SkiffC/1999 U4
CernisC/1983 O1
Cernis-Kiuchi-NakamuraC/1990 E1
Cernis-PetrauskasC/1980 O1
CescoC/1974 O1
ChacornacC/1852 K1
ChristensenP/2006 S4, P/2006 WY182, P/2007 B1, P/2016 A2, P/2006 S4, P/2006 WY182, P/2007 B1, P/2016 A2, C/2013 K1, C/2005 B1
ChéseauxC/1746 P1
Coddington-PaulyC/1898 L1
CoggiaC/1874 Q1, C/1870 Q1, C/1877 R1, C/1890 O1
CollaC/1847 J1
Comet ApianC/1533 M1
Comet Hesse-GemmaC/1558 P1
Comet of 1433C/1433 R1
Comet of 1471C/1471 Y1
Comet of 1532C/1532 R1
Comet of 1582C/1582 J1
Comet of 1593C/1593 O1
Comet of 1702C/1702 H1
Comet of 1729C/1729 P1
CunninghamC/1940 R2
Daido-FujikawaC/1970 B1
DamaicaC/1943 R1
DelavanC/1913 Y1
DenningC/1892 F1
Dodwell-ForbesC/1932 Y1
DonatiC/1855 L1, C/1864 R1
Donati-van ArsdaleC/1857 V1
Dubiago-BernardC/1923 T1
DunlopC/1833 S3
Eclipse comet of 1882X/1882 K1
EleninP/2011 NO1, P/2011 NO1, C/2017 A3, C/2010 X1[d]
EliasC/1981 G1
EnsorC/1925 X1
Evans-DrinkwaterC/1996 J1-A, C/1996 J1-B
Fabry?C/1885 X1
FerrisC/2000 J1, C/1999 U1
FinslerC/1924 R1
ForbesC/1930 L1
Friend-PeltierC/1945 W1
Friend-Reese-HondaC/1941 B1
FujikawaC/1969 P1
FulsP/2017 D1, P/2021 N2, P/2017 D1, P/2021 N2, C/2021 Q4, C/2021 T2
FuruyamaC/1987 W2
GaleC/1894 G1, C/1912 R1
GalleC/1839 X1, C/1840 E1
GambartC/1822 J1, C/1832 O1, C/1834 E1
GarraddC/2007 E1, C/2008 J5, C/2007 Q1, C/2008 P1, C/2009 P1, C/2009 U1
GasparovicP/2017 K3, P/2017 K3
GeddesC/1932 M2
GiacobiniC/1905 F1, C/1898 M1, C/1899 S1, C/1900 B1, C/1902 X1, C/1904 Y1, C/1905 X1, C/1907 E1
GibbsP/2007 K2, P/2011 C2, P/2012 K3, P/2016 R4, P/2007 K2, P/2011 C2, P/2012 K3, P/2016 R4, C/2007 T5, C/2009 K4, C/2012 F1, C/2007 K4, C/2010 M1, C/2015 W1
GibsonC/1973 W1
GilmoreP/2007 Q2, P/2007 Q2
GleasonC/2003 A2
GoujonC/1849 G2
Great Comet of 1092C/1092 A1
Great Comet of 1106X/1106 C1
Great Comet of 1264C/1264 N1
Great Comet of 1402C/1402 D1
Great Comet of 1556C/1556 D1
Great Comet of 1577C/1577 V1
Great Comet of 1744C/1743 X1
Great Comet of 1760C/1760 A1
Great Comet of 1771C/1771 A1
Great Comet of 1819C/1819 N1
Great Comet of 1830C/1830 F1
Great Comet of 1831C/1831 A1
Great Comet of 1843C/1843 D1
Great Comet of 1854C/1854 F1
Great Comet of 1860C/1860 M1
Great Comet of 1861C/1861 J1
Great June Comet of 1845C/1845 L1
Great September Comet of 1882C/1882 R1-A, C/1882 R1-B, C/1882 R1-C, C/1882 R1-D
Great Southern Comet of 1865C/1865 B1
Great Southern Comet of 1880C/1880 C1
Great Southern Comet of 1887C/1887 B1
Great comet of 1783C/1783 X1
Great comet of 1901C/1901 G1
GregoryC/1793 A1
GriggC/1903 H1
Grigg–MellishC/1907 G1
GroellerP/2019 B2, P/2021 R6, P/2019 B2, P/2021 R6
Haro-ChaviraC/1954 Y1
HarringtonC/1954 M1
Hartley-DrinkwaterC/1995 Q2
HartwigC/1879 Q2, C/1880 S1
Heck-SauseC/1973 A1
HeinzeC/2017 T1
Helen-LawrenceC/1991 F2
HelinC/1977 H1
Helin–AluC/1991 L4, C/1992 A1
Helin–LawrenceC/1992 Q2
Helin–RomanC/1989 R1
HerschelC/1786 P1, C/1790 A1, C/1790 H1, C/1791 X1
HillP/2008 L2, P/2009 Q1, P/2010 A3, P/2014 A2, P/2008 L2, P/2009 Q1, P/2010 A3, P/2014 A2, C/2006 S5, C/2010 G2, C/2008 J6, C/2009 O4
HondaC/1947 V1, C/1955 O1, C/1962 H1, C/1968 N1, C/1968 Q2
Houghton-EnsorC/1932 G1
HubbleC/1937 P1
HuchraC/1973 H1
HumasonC/1960 M1
HyakutakeC/1995 Y1
HönigC/2002 O4[d]
IRAS3200 Phaeton, 3200 Phaeton, C/1983 J2, C/1983 O2
IRAS-Araki-AlcockC/1983 H1
ISONC/2012 S1[d]
IchimuraC/1987 W1
IkeyaC/1963 A1, C/1964 N1
Ikeya-EverhartC/1966 R1
Ikeya–SekiC/1965 S1-A
ItagakiC/2009 E1
JacksonC/1935 M1
Jacob’s cometC/1695 U1
JensenC/1987 W3
JohnsonC/1935 A1, C/1948 R1, C/1949 K1, C/2015 V2, C/2018 F3
JonesC/1946 P1
Kaho-Kozik-LisC/1936 O1
KlinkenbergC/1748 K1, C/1762 K1
KlinkerfuesC/1853 L1, C/1854 L1, C/1857 M1
KobayashiC/1975 N1
KoehnC/2000 O1
KohoutekC/1973 E1
KojimaC/1972 U1
KopffC/1906 E1
KowalX/1979 O3, X/1979 O3
KowalskiP/2005 W3, P/2007 T2, P/2009 Y2, P/2013 G1, P/2005 W3, P/2007 T2, P/2009 Y2, P/2013 G1
KresákC/1954 M2
KritzingerC/1914 F1
LINEARP/1998 VS24, P/2000 R2, P/2002 EJ57, P/2004 FY140, P/2010 A5, P/2010 WK, P/2015 TP200, P/1998 VS24, P/2000 R2, P/2002 EJ57, P/2004 FY140, P/2010 A5, P/2010 WK, P/2015 TP200, C/1998 K5, C/1999 L3, C/2002 Q2, C/2003 H2, C/2003 S4-A, C/2003 S4-B, C/2004 K3, C/2005 H1, C/2008 H1, C/2008 X3, C/2009 B2, C/2012 Y1, C/2016 A8, C/1998 U1, C/1998 W3, C/1999 H3, C/1999 J4, C/1999 K5, C/1999 K8, C/1999 N4, C/1999 S4[d], C/1999 T2, C/1999 T3, C/1999 Y1, C/2000 H1, C/2000 K1, C/2000 SV74, C/2000 U5, C/2000 WM1, C/2001 B1, C/2001 N2, C/2001 RX14, C/2002 A3, C/2002 B3, C/2002 J5, C/2002 O7[d], C/2002 Q3, C/2002 Q5, C/2002 T7, C/2002 U2, C/2003 G1, C/2003 K4, C/2003 O1, C/2003 S3, C/2003 T4, C/2003 WT42, C/2004 B1, C/2004 H1, C/2004 X3, C/2005 A1-A, C/2005 K2, C/2005 K2-A, C/2005 Q1, C/2006 S2, C/2006 VZ13, C/2006 X1, C/2007 D1, C/2007 G1, C/2007 JA21, C/2007 O1, C/2007 U1, C/2007 W3, C/2007 Y1, C/2010 R1, C/2010 S1, C/2011 J2, C/2011 J2-B, C/2011 J2-C, C/2011 M1, C/2011 UF305, C/2016 K1, C/2017 B3
LINEAR-GrauerP/2010 TO20, P/2010 TO20
LINEAR-NEATP/2004 R3, P/2004 R3
LONEOSP/1999 RO28, P/2005 SB216, P/1999 RO28, P/2005 SB216, C/2001 G1, C/2002 R3, C/2005 EL173, C/2006 S3, C/2007 F1
La SagraP/2012 S2, P/2012 S2, C/2012 B3
LagerkvistP/1996 R2, P/1996 R2
LarsenC/1998 M3
LarsonP/2014 E1, P/2014 E1
Latyshev–Wild–BurnhamC/1957 U1
LaugierC/1842 U1
LemmonP/2008 CL94, P/2011 FR143, P/2012 SB6, P/2017 TW13, P/2008 CL94, P/2011 FR143, P/2012 SB6, P/2017 TW13, C/2019 J1, C/2020 B2, C/2009 S3, C/2009 UG89, C/2012 K8, C/2014 L5, C/2015 XY1, C/2016 X1, C/2017 F1, C/2017 S7, C/2018 B1, C/2018 C2, C/2018 U1, C/2020 W5, C/2021 C6
Lemmon-PANSTARRSP/2012 WA34, P/2014 R5, P/2015 D6, P/2015 TO19, P/2020 K9, P/2020 O1, P/2012 WA34, P/2014 R5, P/2015 D6, P/2015 TO19, P/2020 K9, P/2020 O1
Lemmon-ReadP/2018 C1, P/2018 C1
Lemmon-Yeung-PANSTARRSC/2015 VL62
Lemmon – PANSTARRSP/2019 A6, P/2019 A6
Lemmon–PANSTARRSC/2014 W5
Lemmon–Siding SpringC/2008 FK75
LeonardP/2018 L5, P/2018 VN2, P/2020 S6, P/2021 L2, P/2018 L5, P/2018 VN2, P/2020 S6, P/2021 L2, C/2020 X4, C/2021 G1, C/2021 U4, C/2021 A1
LevyC/1987 A1, C/1987 T1, C/1990 K1
LiaisC/1860 D1-A, C/1860 D1-B
LickX/1921 P1
LovasC/1976 U1, C/1977 D1
LovejoyC/2007 K5, C/2011 W3
MASTERC/2015 G2, C/2020 F5, C/2021 K2
MachholzC/1978 R3, C/1985 K1, C/1988 P1, C/1992 N1, C/2010 F4
Machholz-Fujikawa-IwamotoC/2018 V1
MauryC/1988 C1
MauvaisC/1843 J1
McKenzie-RussellC/1989 Y2
McNaughtP/2005 J1, P/2005 L1, P/2011 Q3, P/2012 O1, P/2012 O2, P/2012 O3, P/2013 J2, P/2005 J1, P/2005 L1, P/2011 Q3, P/2012 O1, P/2012 O2, P/2012 O3, P/2013 J2, C/2009 F5, C/2005 E2, C/2005 L2, C/2006 E1, C/2006 K1, C/2006 K3, C/2006 L2, C/2006 P1, C/2007 P1, C/2008 A1, C/2008 J4, C/2009 F4, C/2009 K5, C/2009 R1[d], C/2011 G1, C/2011 L2, C/2011 L3, C/2011 Q2, C/2011 R1, C/2013 E1, C/2013 G2
McNaught-HartleyX/1987 A2
McNaught-TrittonC/1978 G2
McNaught–HughesC/1990 M1
McNaught–RussellC/1991 C3
McNaught–WatsonC/1999 S2
MeierC/1979 S1, C/1978 H1, C/1984 S1
MellishC/1907 T1, C/1915 C1, C/1915 R1
MessierC/1760 B1, C/1763 S1, C/1764 A1, C/1766 E1, C/1771 G1, C/1773 T1, C/1780 U2, C/1788 W1, C/1793 S2, C/1798 G1
Messier–MéchainC/1785 A1
MetcalfC/1919 Q2
Meunier-DupouyC/1997 J2
MeyerX/1991 G1, X/1991 G1
MinkowskiC/1950 K1
Miss Mitchell’s CometC/1847 T1
Mitchell-Jones-GerberC/1967 M1
MontaigneC/1774 P1
Montaigne-OlbersC/1780 U1
MontaniC/2000 A1
MorehouseC/1908 R1
MrkosC/1952 H1, C/1955 L1, C/1947 Y1, C/1952 W1, C/1956 E1
MuellerC/1994 E1, C/1998 K1, C/1991 X2, C/1993 A1, C/1993 F1, C/1993 Q1, C/1997 D1
MurakamiX/2004 D5, X/2004 D5
MéchainC/1781 M1, C/1781 T1, C/1787 G1, C/1799 P1, C/1799 Y1
NEATP/2001 H5, P/2003 F2, P/2001 H5, P/2003 F2, C/2005 O1, C/1996 E1, C/1997 A1, C/2001 B2, C/2001 Q4, C/2004 D1
NEOWISEP/2014 L2, P/2015 J3, P/2014 L2, P/2015 J3, C/2016 C2, C/2021 A4, C/2021 A10, C/2021 B2, C/2016 U1, C/2020 P1
NagataC/1931 O1
Nakamura-Nishimura-MachholzC/1994 N1
NeujminC/1914 M1
NewmanC/1932 M1
Nicollet–PonsC/1821 B1
NishimuraC/2021 O1
OhshitaC/1992 W1
Okabayasi-HondaC/1940 S1
Okazaki-Levy-RudenkoC/1989 Q1
OlbersC/1796 F1
OrkiszC/1925 G1
OtermaC/1942 C2
PANSTARRSP/2010 T2, P/2011 W1, P/2012 B1, P/2012 F2, P/2012 G1, P/2012 T2, P/2012 T3, P/2012 U2, P/2013 G4, P/2013 N5, P/2013 O2, P/2013 T1, P/2013 W1, P/2014 A3, P/2014 M4, P/2014 U4, P/2014 V1, P/2014 W4, P/2015 F1, P/2015 K5, P/2015 M2, P/2015 P4, C/2015 R1, P/2015 R2, P/2015 T3, P/2015 X1, P/2015 X3, P/2015 X6, P/2016 A7, P/2016 BA14, P/2016 G1, P/2016 J1-A, P/2016 J1-B, P/2016 P1, P/2017 B4, P/2017 R1, P/2017 S8, P/2017 S9, P/2017 U3, P/2018 A4, P/2018 A5, P/2018 H2, P/2018 L1, P/2018 L4, P/2018 P3, P/2018 P4, C/2018 P5, P/2019 A1, P/2019 A3, P/2019 A4, P/2019 A8, P/2019 GG21, P/2019 S2, P/2019 S3, P/2019 T6, P/2019 U4, P/2019 W1, P/2019 X2, P/2020 M1, P/2020 O3, P/2020 Q2, P/2020 R5, P/2020 S1, P/2020 S5, P/2020 S7, P/2020 T3, P/2020 U2, P/2021 A5, P/2021 L4, P/2021 P3, P/2021 R3, P/2021 V3, P/2010 T2, P/2011 W1, P/2012 B1, P/2012 F2, P/2012 G1, P/2012 T2, P/2012 T3, P/2012 U2, P/2013 G4, P/2013 N5, P/2013 O2, P/2013 T1, P/2013 W1, P/2014 A3, P/2014 M4, P/2014 U4, P/2014 V1, P/2014 W4, P/2015 F1, P/2015 K5, P/2015 M2, P/2015 P4, C/2015 R1, P/2015 R2, P/2015 T3, P/2015 X1, P/2015 X3, P/2015 X6, P/2016 A7, P/2016 BA14, P/2016 G1, P/2016 J1-A, P/2016 J1-B, P/2016 P1, P/2017 B4, P/2017 R1, P/2017 S8, P/2017 S9, P/2017 U3, P/2018 A4, P/2018 A5, P/2018 H2, P/2018 L1, P/2018 L4, P/2018 P3, P/2018 P4, C/2018 P5, P/2019 A1, P/2019 A3, P/2019 A4, P/2019 A8, P/2019 GG21, P/2019 S2, P/2019 S3, P/2019 T6, P/2019 U4, P/2019 W1, P/2019 X2, P/2020 M1, P/2020 O3, P/2020 Q2, P/2020 R5, P/2020 S1, P/2020 S5, P/2020 S7, P/2020 T3, P/2020 U2, P/2021 A5, P/2021 L4, P/2021 P3, P/2021 R3, P/2021 V3, C/2014 G3, C/2014 S3, C/2015 T4, C/2017 A1, C/2017 C2, C/2019 A9, C/2020 K4, C/2021 J2, C/2011 L4, C/2011 U3, C/2012 A1, C/2012 F3, C/2012 K1, C/2012 S3, C/2013 G3, C/2013 X1, C/2014 M1, C/2014 S1, C/2014 W3, C/2014 W10, C/2014 Y1, C/2015 A2, C/2015 B2, C/2015 D3, C/2015 ER61-B (?), C/2015 H2, C/2015 J1, C/2015 K4, C/2015 LC2, C/2015 O1, C/2015 T2, C/2015 V1, C/2015 X5, C/2016 A1, C/2016 C1, C/2016 E1, C/2017 E3, C/2017 F2, C/2017 K1, C/2017 K2, C/2017 K5, C/2017 S3, C/2017 U4, C/2017 U7, C/2018 F4, C/2019 B3, C/2019 Q3, C/2020 K5, C/2020 N1, C/2020 T4, C/2020 U4, C/2021 A9, C/2021 G3, C/2021 O3, C/2021 P1
PajdušákováC/1948 E1, C/1951 C1, C/1953 X1
Pajdušáková-Rotbart-WeberC/1946 K1
PalisaC/1879 Q1
PalomarP/2019 LM4, P/2019 LM4, C/2013 P3
PechuleC/1880 Y1
PeltierC/1933 D1
Peltier–WhippleC/1932 P1
PereyraC/1963 R1
PernyC/1793 S1
PerrineC/1898 F1, C/1895 W1, C/1896 V1, C/1897 U1, C/1898 L2
Perrine-ChofardetC/1898 R1
Perrine-LampC/1896 C1
PetersC/1857 O1
PetersonC/1848 P1, C/1848 U1
PimentelP/2020 G1, P/2020 G1
Pogson’s cometX/1872 X1
PoloniaC/2015 F2
PonsC/1811 W1, C/1801 N1, C/1802 Q1, C/1804 E1, C/1806 V1, C/1808 F1, C/1808 M1, C/1810 Q1, C/1813 C1, C/1813 G1, C/1816 B1, C/1817 Y1, C/1818 W2, C/1822 K1, C/1825 P1, C/1825 V1, C/1826 U1, C/1826 Y1, C/1827 P1
PruyneP/2019 X1, P/2019 X1
RankinP/2020 W1, P/2021 R5, P/2020 W1, P/2021 R5, C/2020 U3
ReidC/1918 L1, C/1921 E1, C/1927 B1
RespighiC/1862 W1, C/1863 Y1
RossC/1884 A1, C/1906 F1
RudenkoC/1987 Q1
RudnickiC/1966 T1
RussellC/1980 R1
Russell-WatsonC/1996 P2
RümkerC/1824 N1, C/1860 H1
SMMC/1987 T2, C/1987 U4, C/1988 M1, C/1988 Q1, C/1988 T1, C/1988 U1, C/1988 W1, C/1989 L1, C/1989 N3, C/1989 S1
SOHOP/1999 J6, C/2002 R5, P/2002 S7, P/2003 T12, P/2008 Y12, C/2015 D1, P/1999 J6, C/2002 R5, P/2002 S7, P/2003 T12, P/2008 Y12, C/2015 D1, C/1996 A2, C/1996 B3, C/1996 B4, C/1996 B5, C/1996 D1, C/1996 E2, C/1996 F2, C/1996 H1, C/1996 L1, C/1996 L2, C/1996 M1, C/1996 M2, C/1996 M3, C/1996 N3, C/1996 O1, C/1996 O2, C/1996 O3, C/1996 O4, C/1996 Q2, C/1996 Q3, C/1996 R4, C/1996 R5, C/1996 S3, C/1996 V1, C/1996 V2, C/1996 X1, C/1996 X2, C/1996 X3, C/1996 X4, C/1996 X5, C/1996 Y1, C/1996 Y2, C/1997 B2, C/1997 B3, C/1997 B4, C/1997 B5, C/1997 B6, C/1997 B7, C/1997 E2, C/1997 G3, C/1997 G4, C/1997 G5, C/1997 G6, C/1997 G7, C/1997 H2, C/1997 H3, C/1997 H4, C/1997 H5, C/1997 J3, C/1997 J4, C/1997 J5, C/1997 K1, C/1997 K3, C/1997 K4, C/1997 K5, C/1997 K6, C/1997 K7, C/1997 L2, C/1997 L3, C/1997 L4, C/1997 L5, C/1997 M1, C/1997 M3, C/1997 M4, C/1997 M5, C/1997 N3, C/1997 O2, C/1997 O3, C/1997 P1, C/1997 P3, C/1997 P4, C/1997 P5, C/1997 Q1, C/1997 Q2, C/1997 R1, C/1997 R2, C/1997 R3, C/1997 S1, C/1997 S2, C/1997 S3, C/1997 S4, C/1997 S5, C/1997 T2, C/1997 T4, C/1997 T5, C/1997 T6, C/1997 T7, C/1997 T8, C/1997 U1, C/1997 U2, C/1997 U3, C/1997 U4, C/1997 U5, C/1997 U6, C/1997 U7, C/1997 U8, C/1997 U9, C/1997 V2, C/1997 V3, C/1997 V4, C/1997 V5, C/1997 V6, C/1997 V7, C/1997 V8, C/1997 V9, C/1997 W1, C/1997 W2, C/1997 W3, C/1997 X1, C/1997 X3, C/1997 X4, C/1997 X5, C/1997 X6, C/1997 X7, C/1997 Y1, C/1997 Y2, C/1997 Y3, C/1998 A1, C/1998 A2, C/1998 A3, C/1998 A4, C/1998 B2, C/1998 E1, C/1998 F1, C/1998 F2, C/1998 G2, C/1998 G3, C/1998 G4, C/1998 G5, C/1998 G6, C/1998 G7, C/1998 G8, C/1998 G9, C/1998 H2, C/1998 H3, C/1998 H4, C/1998 H5, C/1998 H6, C/1998 J1, C/1998 J2, C/1998 J3, C/1998 J4, C/1998 J5, C/1998 K7, C/1998 K8, C/1998 K9, C/1998 K10, C/1998 K11, C/1998 K12, C/1998 K13, C/1998 K14, C/1998 K15, C/1998 K16, C/1998 K17, C/1998 L1, C/1998 L2, C/1998 L3, C/1998 L4, C/1998 L5, C/1998 L6, C/1998 L7, C/1998 L8, C/1998 L9, C/1998 L10, C/1998 M7, C/1998 M8, C/1998 M9, C/1998 M10, C/1998 T2, C/1998 U6, C/1998 U7, C/1998 V1, C/1998 V2, C/1998 V3, C/1998 V4, C/1998 V5, C/1998 V6, C/1998 V7, C/1998 V8, C/1998 V9, C/1998 W4, C/1998 W5, C/1998 W6, C/1998 W7, C/1998 W8, C/1998 X3, C/1998 X4, C/1998 X5, C/1998 X6, C/1998 X7, C/1998 X8, C/1998 X9, C/1998 X10, C/1998 X11, C/1998 X12, C/1999 C1, C/1999 C2, C/1999 E2, C/1999 F3, C/1999 G2, C/1999 G3, C/1999 G4, C/1999 G5, C/1999 H2, C/1999 H4, C/1999 H5, C/1999 H6, C/1999 H7, C/1999 H8, C/1999 H9, C/1999 J1, C/1999 J7, C/1999 J8, C/1999 J9, C/1999 J10, C/1999 J11, C/1999 J12, C/1999 J13, C/1999 K1, C/1999 K9, C/1999 K10, C/1999 K11, C/1999 K12, C/1999 K13, C/1999 K14, C/1999 K15, C/1999 K16, C/1999 K17, C/1999 L1, C/1999 L4, C/1999 L5, C/1999 L6, C/1999 L7, C/1999 L8, C/1999 L9, C/1999 M1, C/1999 M2, C/1999 M3, C/1999 M4, C/1999 M5, C/1999 N3, C/1999 N5, C/1999 N6, C/1999 O1, C/1999 O2, C/1999 O3, C/1999 O4, C/1999 P2, C/1999 P3, C/1999 P4, C/1999 P5, C/1999 P6, C/1999 P7, C/1999 P8, C/1999 P9, C/1999 Q1, C/1999 Q2, C/1999 Q3, C/1999 R3, C/1999 R4, C/1999 S1, C/1999 S5, C/1999 S6, C/1999 S7, C/1999 U2, C/1999 U5, C/1999 U6, C/1999 U7, C/1999 U8, C/1999 U9, C/1999 V2, C/1999 V3, C/1999 V4, C/1999 V5, C/1999 W1, C/1999 W2, C/1999 X1, C/1999 Y2, C/1999 Y3, C/2000 A2, C/2000 B1, C/2000 B5, C/2000 B6, C/2000 B7, C/2000 B8, C/2000 C2, C/2000 C3, C/2000 C4, C/2000 C5, C/2000 C6, C/2000 C7, C/2000 D1, C/2000 D3, C/2000 E1, C/2000 F1, C/2000 F2, C/2000 F3, C/2000 G3, C/2000 H2, C/2000 H3, C/2000 H4, C/2000 H5, C/2000 H6, C/2000 H7, C/2000 J2, C/2000 J3, C/2000 J4, C/2000 J5, C/2000 J6, C/2000 J7, C/2000 J8, C/2000 K3, C/2000 K4, C/2000 K5, C/2000 K6, C/2000 K7, C/2000 K8, C/2000 L1, C/2000 L2, C/2000 L3, C/2000 L4, C/2000 L5, C/2000 L6, C/2000 M1, C/2000 M2, C/2000 M3, C/2000 M4, C/2000 M5, C/2000 M6, C/2000 M7, C/2000 M8, C/2000 M9, C/2000 N1, C/2000 N2, C/2000 N3, C/2000 N4, C/2000 P1, C/2000 P2, C/2000 Q1, C/2000 S5, C/2000 S6, C/2000 T1, C/2000 T3, C/2000 T4, C/2000 T5, C/2000 T6, C/2000 U1, C/2000 U2, C/2000 U3, C/2000 U4, C/2000 V1, C/2000 V2, C/2000 V3, C/2000 V4, C/2000 W2, C/2000 W3, C/2000 W4, C/2000 W5, C/2000 X1, C/2000 X2, C/2000 X3, C/2000 X4, C/2000 X5, C/2000 X6, C/2000 X7, C/2000 X8, C/2000 X9, C/2000 Y4, C/2000 Y5, C/2000 Y6, C/2000 Y7, C/2000 Y8, C/2000 Y9, C/2001 A3, C/2001 A4, C/2001 B3, C/2001 C2, C/2001 C3, C/2001 C4, C/2001 C5, C/2001 C6, C/2001 C7, C/2001 D1, C/2001 E1, C/2001 F2, C/2001 G2, C/2001 G3, C/2001 H1, C/2001 H2, C/2001 H3, C/2001 H4, C/2001 H6, C/2001 H7, C/2001 H8, C/2001 J2, C/2001 J3, C/2001 J4, C/2001 J5, C/2001 K2, C/2001 K4, C/2001 K6, C/2001 K7, C/2001 K8, C/2001 K9, C/2001 K10, C/2001 K11, C/2001 L1, C/2001 L2, C/2001 L3, C/2001 L4, C/2001 L5, C/2001 L6, C/2001 L7, C/2001 L8, C/2001 L9, C/2001 L10, C/2001 L11, C/2001 M2, C/2001 M3, C/2001 M4, C/2001 M5, C/2001 M6, C/2001 M7, C/2001 M8, C/2001 M9, C/2001 M11, C/2001 N1, C/2001 O1, C/2001 P1, C/2001 P2, C/2001 Q3, C/2001 Q7, C/2001 Q8, C/2001 Q9, C/2001 R2, C/2001 R3, C/2001 R4, C/2001 R5, C/2001 R7, C/2001 R8, C/2001 R9, C/2001 S2, C/2001 S3, C/2001 T1, C/2001 T2, C/2001 T5, C/2001 T6, C/2001 T7, C/2001 U1, C/2001 U2, C/2001 U3, C/2001 U4, C/2001 U5, C/2001 U7, C/2001 U8, C/2001 U9, C/2001 U10, C/2001 V1, C/2001 V2, C/2001 V3, C/2001 V4, C/2001 V5, C/2001 V6, C/2001 W3, C/2001 W4, C/2001 X4, C/2001 X5, C/2001 X6, C/2001 X7, C/2001 X8, C/2001 X9, C/2001 X10, C/2001 Y2, C/2001 Y3, C/2001 Y4, C/2001 Y5, C/2002 A4, C/2002 C3, C/2002 C4, C/2002 D1, C/2002 E1, C/2002 E3, C/2002 F2, C/2002 F3, C/2002 G1, C/2002 G2, C/2002 G3, C/2002 G4, C/2002 G5, C/2002 H1, C/2002 H3, C/2002 H4, C/2002 H5, C/2002 H6, C/2002 H7, C/2002 H8, C/2002 J1, C/2002 J2, C/2002 J3, C/2002 J6, C/2002 J7, C/2002 J8, C/2002 K3, C/2002 K5, C/2002 K6, C/2002 K7, C/2002 K8, C/2002 K9, C/2002 K10, C/2002 K11, C/2002 L1, C/2002 L2, C/2002 L3, C/2002 L4, C/2002 L5, C/2002 L6, C/2002 L7, C/2002 L8, C/2002 M1, C/2002 M2, C/2002 M3, C/2002 M4, C/2002 M5, C/2002 M6, C/2002 M7, C/2002 M8, C/2002 N1, C/2002 N2, C/2002 O1, C/2002 O2, C/2002 O3, P/2002 P2, C/2002 P3, C/2002 Q6, C/2002 Q7, C/2002 Q8, C/2002 Q9, C/2002 Q10, C/2002 Q11, C/2002 Q12, C/2002 Q13, C/2002 Q14, C/2002 R1, C/2002 R4, C/2002 R6, C/2002 R7, C/2002 R8, C/2002 S2, C/2002 S3, C/2002 S4, C/2002 S5, C/2002 S6, C/2002 S8, C/2002 S9, C/2002 S10, C/2002 S11, C/2002 T2, C/2002 T3, C/2002 U1, C/2002 U3, C/2002 U4, C/2002 U5, C/2002 U6, C/2002 U7, C/2002 U8, C/2002 U9, C/2002 V3, C/2002 V4, C/2002 V5, C/2002 V6, C/2002 V7, C/2002 W1, C/2002 W2, C/2002 W3, C/2002 W4, C/2002 W5, C/2002 W6, C/2002 W7, C/2002 W8, C/2002 W9, C/2002 W10, C/2002 W11, C/2002 W12, C/2002 W13, C/2002 W14, C/2002 W15, C/2002 W16, C/2002 W17, C/2002 X3, C/2002 X4, C/2002 X6, C/2002 X7, C/2002 X8, C/2002 X9, C/2002 X10, C/2002 X11, C/2002 X12, C/2002 X13, C/2002 X14, C/2002 X15, C/2002 X16, C/2002 Y2, C/2002 Y3, C/2002 Y4, C/2003 A3, C/2003 A4, C/2003 A5, C/2003 B1, C/2003 B2, C/2003 B3, C/2003 C1, C/2003 C2, C/2003 C3, C/2003 C4, C/2003 C5, C/2003 C6, C/2003 D1, C/2003 E2, C/2003 E3, C/2003 E4, C/2003 F3, C/2003 F4, C/2003 F5, C/2003 G3, C/2003 G4, C/2003 G5, C/2003 H5, C/2003 H6, C/2003 H7, C/2003 H8, C/2003 H9, C/2003 H10, C/2003 H11, C/2003 H12, C/2003 J2, C/2003 J3, C/2003 J4, C/2003 J5, C/2003 J6, C/2003 J7, C/2003 J8, C/2003 J9, C/2003 K3, C/2003 K5, C/2003 K6, C/2003 K7, C/2003 K8, C/2003 K9, C/2003 K10, C/2003 K11, C/2003 K12, C/2003 K13, C/2003 L3, C/2003 L4, C/2003 L5, C/2003 L6, C/2003 L7, C/2003 L8, C/2003 M1, C/2003 M2, C/2003 M3, C/2003 M4, C/2003 M5, C/2003 M6, C/2003 M7, C/2003 M8, C/2003 M9, C/2003 M10, C/2003 M11, C/2003 M12, C/2003 N1, C/2003 N2, C/2003 O4, C/2003 O5, C/2003 O6, C/2003 O7, C/2003 O8, C/2003 P1, C/2003 P2, C/2003 P3, C/2003 Q1, C/2003 Q2, C/2003 Q3, C/2003 Q4, C/2003 Q5, C/2003 Q6, C/2003 Q7, C/2003 Q8, C/2003 Q9, C/2003 Q10, C/2003 R2, C/2003 R3, C/2003 R4, C/2003 S5, C/2003 S6, C/2003 S7, C/2003 S8, C/2003 S9, C/2003 T5, C/2003 T6, C/2003 T7, C/2003 T8, C/2003 T9, C/2003 T10, C/2003 T11, C/2003 U4, C/2003 U5, C/2003 U6, C/2003 U7, C/2003 U8, C/2003 U9, C/2003 V2, C/2003 V3, C/2003 V4, C/2003 V5, C/2003 V6, C/2003 V7, C/2003 V8, C/2003 W2, C/2003 W3, C/2003 W4, C/2003 W5, C/2003 W6, C/2003 W7, C/2003 W8, C/2003 X1, C/2003 X2, C/2003 X3, C/2003 X4, C/2003 X5, C/2003 X6, C/2003 X7, C/2003 X8, C/2003 X9, C/2003 X10, C/2003 X11, C/2003 Y1, C/2003 Y2, C/2003 Y3, C/2003 Y4, C/2003 Y5, C/2003 Y6, C/2003 Y7, C/2003 Y8, C/2003 Y9, C/2003 Y10, C/2003 Y11, C/2003 Y12, C/2003 Y13, C/2003 Y14, C/2003 Y15, C/2004 A2, C/2004 A3, C/2004 A4, C/2004 B2, C/2004 B3, C/2004 B4, C/2004 B5, C/2004 B6, C/2004 B7, C/2004 B8, C/2004 B9, C/2004 B10, C/2004 B11, C/2004 C2, C/2004 C3, C/2004 C4, C/2004 C5, C/2004 C6, C/2004 C7, C/2004 C8, C/2004 D2, C/2004 D3, C/2004 D4, C/2004 E1, C/2004 E3, C/2004 E4, C/2004 E5, C/2004 F5, C/2004 F6, C/2004 F7, C/2004 G2, C/2004 G3, C/2004 G4, C/2004 G5, C/2004 G6, C/2004 G7, C/2004 G8, C/2004 G9, C/2004 H4, C/2004 H5, C/2004 H7, C/2004 H8, C/2004 H9, C/2004 H10, C/2004 J1, C/2004 J2, C/2004 J3, C/2004 J4, C/2004 J5, C/2004 J6, C/2004 J7, C/2004 J8, C/2004 J9, C/2004 J10, C/2004 J11, C/2004 J12, C/2004 J13, C/2004 J14, C/2004 J15, C/2004 J16, C/2004 J17, C/2004 J18, C/2004 J19, C/2004 J20, C/2004 K4, C/2004 K5, C/2004 K6, C/2004 K7, C/2004 K8, C/2004 K9, C/2004 K10, C/2004 K11, C/2004 K12, C/2004 L3, C/2004 L4, C/2004 L5, C/2004 L6, C/2004 L7, C/2004 L8, C/2004 L9, C/2004 L10, C/2004 L11, C/2004 M1, C/2004 M2, C/2004 M3, C/2004 M4, C/2004 M5, C/2004 M6, C/2004 M7, C/2004 N1, C/2004 N2, C/2004 N3, C/2004 N4, C/2004 N5, C/2004 N6, C/2004 O1, C/2004 O2, C/2004 O3, C/2004 P2, C/2004 P3, C/2004 P4, C/2004 P5, C/2004 P6, C/2004 P7, C/2004 Q3, C/2004 Q4, C/2004 Q5, C/2004 Q6, C/2004 R4, C/2004 R5, C/2004 R6, C/2004 R7, C/2004 S2, C/2004 S3, C/2004 S4, C/2004 T2, C/2004 T4, C/2004 T5, C/2004 T6, C/2004 T7, C/2004 T8, C/2004 U2, C/2004 U3, C/2004 U4, C/2004 U5, C/2004 U6, C/2004 U7, C/2004 U8, C/2004 U9, C/2004 U10, C/2004 U11, C/2004 U12, C/2004 V6, C/2004 V7, C/2004 V8, C/2004 V10, C/2004 V11, C/2004 V12, C/2004 V14, C/2004 V15, C/2004 W1, C/2004 W2, C/2004 W3, C/2004 W4, C/2004 W5, C/2004 W6, C/2004 W7, C/2004 W8, C/2004 W9, C/2004 W10, C/2004 W11, C/2004 X4, C/2004 X5, C/2004 X6, C/2004 X8, C/2004 X9, C/2004 X10, C/2004 X11, C/2004 Y2, C/2004 Y3, C/2004 Y4, C/2004 Y5, C/2004 Y6, C/2004 Y7, C/2004 Y8, C/2004 Y9, C/2004 Y10, C/2004 Y11, C/2004 Y12, C/2005 A2, C/2005 A3, C/2005 A4, C/2005 A5, C/2005 B2, C/2005 B3, C/2005 B4, C/2005 B5, C/2005 B6, C/2005 C1, C/2005 C2, C/2005 C3, C/2005 C4, C/2005 D1, C/2005 D2, C/2005 D3, C/2005 D4, C/2005 D5, C/2005 E3, C/2005 E4, C/2005 E5, C/2005 E6, C/2005 E7, C/2005 E8, C/2005 E9, C/2005 F1, C/2005 F2, C/2005 F3, C/2005 F4, C/2005 F5, C/2005 G2, C/2005 G3, C/2005 G4, C/2005 G5, C/2005 G6, C/2005 G7, C/2005 H2, C/2005 H3, C/2005 H4, C/2005 H5, C/2005 H6, C/2005 H7, C/2005 H8, C/2005 H9, C/2005 J3, C/2005 J4, C/2005 J5, C/2005 J6, C/2005 J7, C/2005 J8, C/2005 J9, C/2005 J10, C/2005 J11, C/2005 J12, C/2005 K4, C/2005 K5, C/2005 K6, C/2005 K7, C/2005 K8, C/2005 K9, C/2005 K10, C/2005 L5, C/2005 L6, C/2005 L7, C/2005 L8, C/2005 L9, C/2005 L10, C/2005 L11, C/2005 L12, C/2005 L13, C/2005 L14, C/2005 L15, C/2005 M2, C/2005 M3, C/2005 M4, C/2005 M5, C/2005 M6, C/2005 M7, C/2005 M8, C/2005 M9, C/2005 M10, C/2005 N6, C/2005 N7, C/2005 N8, C/2005 N9, C/2005 N10, C/2005 O3, C/2005 O4, C/2005 O5, C/2005 O6, C/2005 P1, C/2005 P2, C/2005 P4, C/2005 P5, C/2005 P6, C/2005 Q2, C/2005 Q3, C/2005 Q4, C/2005 Q6, C/2005 Q7, C/2005 Q8, C/2005 Q9, C/2005 Q10, C/2005 R5, C/2005 R6, C/2005 R7, C/2005 S1, C/2005 S5, C/2005 S6, C/2005 S7, C/2005 S8, C/2005 S9, C/2005 S10, C/2005 S11, C/2005 S12, C/2005 S13, C/2005 T6, C/2005 T7, C/2005 T8, C/2005 T9, C/2005 T10, C/2005 T11, C/2005 T12, C/2005 U3, C/2005 U4, C/2005 U5, C/2005 U6, C/2005 U7, C/2005 U8, C/2005 V2, C/2005 V3, C/2005 V4, C/2005 V5, C/2005 V6, C/2005 V7, C/2005 V8, C/2005 V9, C/2005 W1, C/2005 W5, C/2005 W6, C/2005 W7, C/2005 W8, C/2005 W9, C/2005 W10, C/2005 W11, C/2005 W12, C/2005 W13, C/2005 W14, C/2005 W15, C/2005 W16, C/2005 W17, C/2005 X2, C/2005 X3, C/2005 X4, C/2005 X5, C/2005 X6, C/2005 X7, C/2005 X8, C/2005 X9, C/2005 Y1, C/2005 Y3, C/2005 Y4, C/2005 Y5, C/2005 Y6, C/2005 Y7, C/2005 Y8, C/2005 Y9, C/2005 Y10, C/2006 A4, C/2006 A5, C/2006 A6, C/2006 A7, C/2006 A8, C/2006 B2, C/2006 B3, C/2006 B4, C/2006 B5, C/2006 C1, C/2006 C2, C/2006 C3, C/2006 D2, C/2006 D3, C/2006 D4, C/2006 D5, C/2006 D6, C/2006 E2, C/2006 E3, C/2006 E4, C/2006 F3, C/2006 F5, C/2006 F6, C/2006 F7, C/2006 F8, C/2006 G2, C/2006 G3, C/2006 H2, C/2006 H3, C/2006 H4, C/2006 H5, C/2006 H6, C/2006 J1, C/2006 J2, C/2006 J3, C/2006 J4, C/2006 J5, C/2006 J6, C/2006 J7, C/2006 J8, C/2006 J9, C/2006 J10, C/2006 J11, C/2006 J12, C/2006 K5, C/2006 K6, C/2006 K7, C/2006 K8, C/2006 K9, C/2006 K10, C/2006 K11, C/2006 K12, C/2006 K13, C/2006 K14, C/2006 K15, C/2006 K16, C/2006 K17, C/2006 K18, C/2006 K19, C/2006 K20, C/2006 K21, C/2006 L3, C/2006 L4, C/2006 L5, C/2006 L6, C/2006 L7, C/2006 L8, C/2006 M5, C/2006 M6, C/2006 M7, C/2006 M8, C/2006 M9, C/2006 N1, C/2006 N2, C/2006 N3, C/2006 O3, C/2006 O4, C/2006 O5, C/2006 O6, C/2006 O7, C/2006 O8, C/2006 P2, C/2006 P3, C/2006 P4, C/2006 P5, C/2006 P6, C/2006 P7, C/2006 R3, C/2006 R4, C/2006 S7, C/2006 S8, C/2006 S9, C/2006 S10, C/2006 S11, C/2006 S12, C/2006 S13, C/2006 T2, C/2006 T3, C/2006 T4, C/2006 T5, C/2006 T6, C/2006 T7, C/2006 T8, C/2006 T9, C/2006 T10, C/2006 U8, C/2006 U9, C/2006 U10, C/2006 U11, C/2006 U12, C/2006 U13, C/2006 U14, C/2006 U15, C/2006 U16, C/2006 V2, C/2006 V3, C/2006 V4, C/2006 V5, C/2006 V6, C/2006 V7, C/2006 V8, C/2006 V9, C/2006 V10, C/2006 W5, C/2006 W6, C/2006 W7, C/2006 X2, C/2006 X3, C/2006 X4, C/2006 X5, C/2006 X6, C/2006 X7, C/2006 X8, C/2006 X9, C/2006 X10, C/2006 X11, C/2006 Y3, C/2006 Y4, C/2006 Y5, C/2006 Y6, C/2006 Y7, C/2006 Y8, C/2006 Y9, C/2006 Y10, C/2006 Y11, C/2006 Y12, C/2006 Y13, C/2006 Y14, C/2006 Y15, C/2006 Y16, C/2006 Y17, C/2007 A4, C/2007 A5, C/2007 A6, C/2007 A7, C/2007 B4, C/2007 B5, C/2007 B6, C/2007 C3, C/2007 C4, C/2007 C5, C/2007 C6, C/2007 C7, C/2007 C8, C/2007 C9, C/2007 C10, C/2007 C11, C/2007 C12, C/2007 C13, C/2007 D4, C/2007 D5, C/2007 E4, C/2007 E5, C/2007 F2, C/2007 F3, C/2007 F4, C/2007 F5, C/2007 G2, C/2007 H4, C/2007 H5, C/2007 H6, C/2007 H7, C/2007 H8, C/2007 H9, C/2007 J1, C/2007 J2, C/2007 J3, C/2007 J4, C/2007 J5, C/2007 J6, C/2007 J8, C/2007 J9, C/2007 J10, C/2007 J11, C/2007 J12, C/2007 K7, C/2007 K8, C/2007 K9, C/2007 K10, C/2007 K11, C/2007 K12, C/2007 K13, C/2007 K14, C/2007 K15, C/2007 K16, C/2007 K17, C/2007 K18, C/2007 K19, C/2007 K20, C/2007 K21, C/2007 L1, C/2007 L2, C/2007 L3, C/2007 L4, C/2007 L5, C/2007 L6, C/2007 L7, C/2007 L8, C/2007 L9, C/2007 L10, C/2007 L11, C/2007 L12, C/2007 L13, C/2007 M4, C/2007 M5, C/2007 M6, C/2007 M7, C/2007 M8, C/2007 M9, C/2007 M10, C/2007 N4, C/2007 N5, C/2007 N6, C/2007 N7, C/2007 N8, C/2007 O3, C/2007 O4, C/2007 Q4, C/2007 Q5, C/2007 Q6, C/2007 Q7, C/2007 Q8, C/2007 Q9, C/2007 R6, C/2007 R7, C/2007 R8, C/2007 R9, C/2007 R10, C/2007 S3, C/2007 S4, C/2007 S5, C/2007 S6, C/2007 S7, C/2007 S8, C/2007 S9, C/2007 S10, C/2007 S11, C/2007 T7, C/2007 T8, C/2007 T9, C/2007 T10, C/2007 T11, C/2007 T12, C/2007 T13, C/2007 T14, C/2007 U3, C/2007 U4, C/2007 U5, C/2007 U6, C/2007 U7, C/2007 U8, C/2007 U9, C/2007 U10, C/2007 U11, C/2007 U12, C/2007 U13, C/2007 V3, C/2007 V4, C/2007 V5, C/2007 V6, C/2007 V7, C/2007 V8, C/2007 V9, C/2007 V10, C/2007 V11, C/2007 V12, C/2007 V13, C/2007 V14, C/2007 W4, C/2007 W5, C/2007 W6, C/2007 W7, C/2007 W8, C/2007 W9, C/2007 W10, C/2007 W11, C/2007 W12, C/2007 X1, C/2007 X2, C/2007 X3, C/2007 X4, C/2007 X5, C/2007 X6, C/2007 X7, C/2007 X8, C/2007 X9, C/2007 X10, C/2007 X11, C/2007 X12, C/2007 X13, C/2007 X14, C/2007 X15, C/2007 Y3, C/2007 Y4, C/2007 Y5, C/2007 Y6, C/2007 Y7, C/2007 Y8, C/2007 Y9, C/2007 Y10, C/2008 A3, C/2008 B1, C/2008 B2, C/2008 B3, C/2008 B4, C/2008 C3, C/2008 C4, C/2008 C5, C/2008 C6, C/2008 C7, C/2008 C8, C/2008 C9, C/2008 D5, C/2008 D6, C/2008 D7, C/2008 D8, C/2008 D9, C/2008 E4, C/2008 E7, C/2008 E8, C/2008 E9, C/2008 F1, C/2008 G3, C/2008 G4, C/2008 G5, C/2008 G6, C/2008 H2, C/2008 H3, C/2008 H4, C/2008 H5, C/2008 H6, C/2008 H7, C/2008 H8, C/2008 H9, C/2008 J7, C/2008 J8, C/2008 J9, C/2008 J10, C/2008 J11, C/2008 J12, C/2008 J13, C/2008 J14, C/2008 J15, C/2008 J16
STEREOP/2016 J3, P/2016 J3, C/2008 D1, C/2008 D2, C/2008 D3, C/2008 D4, C/2008 E5, C/2008 E6, C/2009 G1, C/2014 C2
SWANC/2005 P3, C/2011 Q4, C/2021 D1, C/2004 H6, C/2004 V13, C/2006 M4, C/2012 E2[d], C/2015 P3
SandageC/1972 L1, C/1973 N1
SatoC/1975 X1
SchaeberleC/1880 G1, C/1881 N1
SchaerC/1905 W1
SchaumasseC/1917 H1
ScheithauerC/1824 O1
SchmidtC/1862 N1
SchusterC/1976 D2
SchwartzP/2013 T2, P/2013 T2, C/2014 B1
Schwartz-HolvorcemC/2011 K1
SchweizerC/1853 G1, C/1855 G1, C/1847 Q1
ScottiP/2010 C1, P/2010 H4, P/2010 H5, P/2013 A2, P/2010 C1, P/2010 H4, P/2010 H5, P/2013 A2, C/2010 F3
SecchiC/1853 E1
SekiC/1961 T1, C/1967 C1
Seki–LinesC/1962 C1
Shajn–SolàC/1925 F1
ShoemakerC/1984 U2, C/1986 E1, C/1983 R1, C/1984 K1, C/1987 H1, C/1988 B1, C/1989 A6
Shoemaker–Holt-RodriquezC/1988 L1
Shoemaker–LevyC/1993 K1
Siding SpringP/2004 V3, P/2012 US27, P/2004 V3, P/2012 US27, C/2006 HW51, C/2007 K3, C/2007 Q3, C/2013 A1
SkiffC/2001 S1, C/2007 H2, C/1999 J2, C/2005 K1
SkjellerupC/1919 Y1
Skoritchenko-GeorgeC/1989 Y1
SmithC/2019 K7
Snyder-MurakamiC/2002 E2
SolwindC/1979 Q1, C/1981 B1, C/1981 O1, C/1981 V1, C/1981 W1, C/1983 N2, C/1983 S2, C/1984 O2, C/1984 Q1, C/1984 R1
SpacewatchP/2010 UH55, P/2013 YG46, P/2010 UH55, P/2013 YG46, C/2003 K1, C/2004 HV60, C/2007 D2, C/2011 KP36, C/1997 P2, C/2000 OF8, C/2006 GZ2, C/2006 M2
Spacewatch-PANSTARRSP/2011 UA134, P/2014 MG4, P/2011 UA134, P/2014 MG4
SperraC/1896 R1
Star of Bethlehem(?)X/-5 E1
StattmayerX/1981 R1, X/1981 R1
Suzuki-Saigusa-MoriC/1975 T2
Suzuki–Sato–SekiC/1970 U1
SwiftC/1878 N1, C/1879 M1, C/1881 J1, C/1896 G1, C/1899 E1
TOTASP/2014 C1, P/2014 C1, C/2017 M5
TOTAS-GibbsP/2015 C1, P/2015 C1
TaburC/1997 N1
Takamizawa–LevyC/1994 G1-B
TempelC/1859 G1, C/1860 U1, C/1869 T1, C/1871 L1, C/1877 T1
TenagraP/2013 EW90, P/2013 EW90, C/2013 G9
TerasakoC/1987 B2
ThieleC/1906 V1, C/1985 T1
TilbrookC/1997 O1
TimmersC/1946 C1
TobaC/1971 E1
TorresC/1979 M3, C/1980 L1, C/1987 F1
Trujillo-SheppardP/2018 V5, P/2018 V5
TubbioloP/2005 E1, P/2005 E1, C/2000 Y1
TuttleC/1858 R1, C/1861 Y1
Utsunomiya-JonesC/2000 W1[d]
ValesP/2010 H2, P/2010 H2
Van BiesbroeckC/1925 W1, C/1935 Q1
Van NessC/2004 S1
VozarovaC/1954 O1
WISEP/2010 B2, P/2010 D2, P/2010 B2, P/2010 D2, C/2010 D4, C/2010 DG56, C/2010 KW7, C/2010 L4, C/2010 E3, C/2010 J4
WestC/1978 A1
WhippleC/1937 C1
Whipple-Bernasconi-KulinC/1942 C1
Whipple–ParaskevopoulosC/1940 O1
WhitakerC/1968 L1
White–Ortiz–BolelliC/1970 K1
WierzchosP/2021 R4, P/2021 R4, C/2020 H3
WildC/1967 C2, C/1968 U1
WilkC/1930 F1
Wilk-PeltierC/1925 V1
WilsonC/1986 P1, C/1986 P1-A, C/1986 P1-B
WinneckeC/1868 L1, C/1870 K1, C/1870 W1, C/1874 D1, C/1874 G1
WirtanenC/1947 O1, C/1948 T1, C/1956 F1-A
YanakaC/1988 Y1
ZTFP/2021 N1, P/2021 N1, C/2020 V2, C/2021 D2, C/2021 E3
Zanotta-BrewingtonC/1991 Y1
ZhaoP/2007 S1, P/2007 S1
ZlatinskyC/1914 J1
d’ArrestC/1844 Y2, C/1857 D1
de VicoC/1845 D1, C/1846 S1
de Vico–HindC/1846 O1
du ToitC/1945 L1, C/1945 X1
van ArsdaleC/1853 W1
van GentC/1941 K1, C/1944 K2
van Gent–Peltier-DamaicaC/1943 W1
van den BerghC/1974 V1
Comet names

List of names of other celestial objects

If you didn’t find the names you were looking for in this list, try our other lists of names for other celestial objects. Stars and constellations tend to have more interesting names than galaxies.


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