Naming a dog can be very difficult if you are the kind of person who will not settle for anything less than the perfect moniker for your furry friend.

This is why it is common to draw inspiration from sources like literature, mythology, or astronomy. Scientists have done in general a good job at naming celestial objects and having them sound inspiring.

In this article, I have compiled a list of 101 space names for dogs. Next to each name, you will find a small description of its meaning.

However, this is not a comprehensive list. I just picked a few that I think are the most interesting. If you want more name ideas, check out a few of these lists that contain all the proper names for each specific object class.

If you do decide to use one of these names, please send us a message via X with the photo and name of your dog.

Space names for dogs

AelianaDerived from “aelius,” meaning “sun”
AldebaranBright star in Taurus, also known as Alpha Tauri
AlnitakOne of the three main stars in Orion’s belt
AltairStar in the Aquila constellation
AnankeOne of Jupiter’s moons. Greek goddess of necessity and fate
AndromedaConstellation and Galaxy. Wife of Perseus in Greek mythology
ApolloMoon landing mission
ArcturusStar in the Boötes constellation
ArionGreek poet and musician associated with a star
AsimovFamous science fiction author
Astra / AstroLatin for “star”
Astraea / AstraiaGreek for “star-maiden”. Goddess of justice, purity, and innocence
AtlasTriple star system in the Taurus constellation. One of the Titans
AuroraPolar lights
BellatrixStar in Orion and “female warrior” in Latin
BellonaLarge asteroid in the main-belt
BetelgeuseRed bright star in Orion. Pronounce like the movie character “Beetlejuice”
CalliopeMoon of Jupiter. Muse of epic poetry
CallistoMoon of Jupiter. One of the nymphs
CalypsoMoon of Saturn and daughter of Atlas in Greek mythology
CassiniSpacecraft that studied Saturn
CassiopeiaOne of the 88 constellations. Queen of Aethiopia in mythology
CharonMoon of Pluto and mythological ferryman
CometIcy space object that orbits a star
CoronaOuter atmosphere of the Sun
CorvusConstellation and Latin for “raven”
DeimosMoon of Mars and Greek god of terror
DenebBright star in Cygnus and Arabic for “tail”
DespinaMoon of Neptune and Greek sea nymph
DioneMoon of Saturn and Titaness in Greek myth
Draco“Drake” or “dragon” constellation
EireneMoon of Jupiter. Greek goddess of peace
ElaraEight largest moon of Jupiter
EosLarge asteroid. Greek goddess of dawn
ErisDwarf planet. Greek goddess of discord and strife
GalateaMoon of Neptune and Greek myth figure
GaleneMain-belt asteroid. Greek goddess of calm seas
GanymedeLargest moon of Jupiter and mythological figure
Halcyon / AlcyoneStar in Taurus. Bird in Greek myth associated with calm
Hale-BoppBright comet visible from Earth every 29 years or so
HaumeaDwarf planet in the Kuiper belt
HeliaGreek name meaning “sun”
HeliosGreek god of the Sun
HubbleSpace telescope
HydraConstellation and mythological water serpent
HyperionOne of Saturn’s moons. Titan of light in Greek mythology
IcarusMythological character who flew too close to the Sun
IoMoon of Jupiter and mythological figure
JanusMoon of Saturn and god of beginnings
JunoA NASA spacecraft that is studying Jupiter
KausStars in Sagittarius meaning “bow”
LaikaThe first dog to orbit the planet
LarissaMoon of Neptune and sea nymph in Greek myth
Luna“Moon” in Spanish
LysitheaMoon of Jupiter and daughter of Oceanus in Greek myth
MakemakeDwarf planet in the Kuiper belt
MiraVariable star and Latin for “wonderful”
NaiadInner moon of Neptune
NebulaInterstellar cloud
NereidSea nymph in Greek mythology
NesoMoon of Neptune and a Nereid in Greek myth
NovaStellar explosion
NyxMoon of Pluto. Greek goddess of the night
OberonMoon of Uranus
OrionConstellation that represents a hunter
OsirisMission to collect a sample from an asteroid. Egyptian god of the afterlife
PandoraMoon of Saturn and mythological figure
PerseusConstellation of the the mythological hero
PhobosMoon of Mars. Personification of fear and panic
PolarisThe North star
PulsarRapidly rotating star
QuasarEnergetic cosmic object
RegulusBright star in Leo
RheaMoon of Saturn and one of the Titans
RigelBrightest star in in the Orion constellation
SeginStar in Cassiopeia and Arabic for “chest”
SeleneGreek goddess of the Moon
SeraphAngelic beings in religious texts
SiriusThe brightest star in the sky. Part of the Canis Major (“big dog”) constellation
SkathiMoon of Saturn and giantess in Norse myth
SolThe Sun
SpicaBright star in Virgo
SputnikFirst artificial satellite
StyxMoon of Pluto and river in Greek mythology
TethysMoon of Saturn and sea goddess in Greek myth
ThalassaNeptune’s second-closest moon
ThebeMoon of Jupiter and nymph in Greek myth
TitanMoon of Saturn. It means “of great importance, strength, intelligence”
TritonMoon of Neptune and Greek sea god
UlyssesNASA spacecraft that studied the Sun
UmbrielMoon of Uranus and literary reference
VardaTolkien’s deity associated with the stars
VarunaVedic deity associated with cosmic order
VegaStar in the Lyra constellation
Vesper“Evening star”
VestaOne of the largest main-belt asteroids
ZaraArabic name meaning “star”
ZenithHighest point
ZephyrNear-Earth asteroid. It means “gentle breeze”
Space Dog Name Ideas

Elena is a Canadian journalist and researcher. She has been looking at the sky for years and hopes to introduce more people to the wonderful hobby that is astronomy.