Space is awesome. Thinking about the vastness of the universe inspires us to create new things, research it and at the same time helps us ground ourselves and understand our personal purpose in the cosmic machine. That is why being reminded of the stars and planets every day is so important.

A space themed wearable is a good way to remember this. The beauty and purity of some metals and gems is a great match to create items that remind us of the universe so we have created this list with some of the coolest space jewelry items out there.

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Why buy space themed jewelry?

Have you wondered why some materials like gold, platinum and silver seem so connected to the universe? Well, in case you don’t remember your chemistry lessons, they are both heavy metals. That means their densities are very high and they can only be created under extreme pressures and temperatures, the kind of which can only be found in stars.

When stars explode — or go supernova to use the scientific term — these metal are released into the universe and some of the material eventually make it into planets thanks to gravity. We have no way to create gold or platinum from scratch here on Earth and that’s why they are considered precious metals as the supply is limited.

So, that gold necklace or those silver earring that look so pretty are actually little pieces of stars here on Earth. Isn’t that cool? maybe that’s why they can sometimes seem so mystical.

After that little lesson, let’s get to our list. Some of the items will be made out of materials that actually come from space — ok, technically all elements come from space, but you get the point — and others will be inspired by it in terms of design and shapes.

Jewelry Made From Meteorites

1. Starborn Moldavite Pendant

Moldavite pendant
Sterling silver moldavite pendant

Moldavite is a very interesting silica green rock found only in a small area on Earth, specifically, around southern Germany and the Czech Republic. Scientists believe moldavite is a byproduct of a meteorite impact that happened 15 million years ago, most likely the same impact that created the Nördlinger Ries crater in Germany.

The purest samples of moldavite are generally reserved for museums or research. They can be distinguished because their color is a brighter shade of green and is generally more translucent than other pieces. The chunks with the highest grade after that are the ones used for jewelry like this pendant.

It is estimated there’s only a few tons of moldavite on Earth and while it doesn’t have many practical uses, its rarity and beauty make it sought after by collectors.

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2. Muonionalusta Sterling Silver Pendant

Muonionalusta pendant

The Muonionalusta meteorite is one of the most know meteorite impacts. It is the oldest meteorite of the quaternary period that we know about and we believe it impacted Earth around one million years ago.

Muonionalusta crashed around the area that is now the border of Sweden and Finland and only 40 large pieces of it have been found, making it quite rare. It is mostly made out of iron and nickel, but it has some small percentages of rare elements like gallium, germanium, and iridium, making its rarity (and price) go up a quite bit in comparison to other similar meteorite pieces.

We like this pendant because they shape the meteorite piece into a sphere and enclose it into a beautiful design made of sterling silver.

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3. Campo del Cielo Meteorite Bracelet

Campo del Cielo bracelet

In Spanish, Campo del Cielo means Sky Field. This is the name of this place in the North of Argentina that is known for having been hit by multiple small iron meteorites only four or five thousand years ago. At least 26 craters exist in the area with the largest one having a radius close to the size of a football field.

Due to the smaller size of the pieces, fragments of these meteorites scattered across a vast area and have been found even 50 miles away from the impact zone.

As many other meteorites, the Campo del Cielo pieces are mostly made out of iron with a small percentage of nickel and then trace amounts of rare elements like Iridium and Germanium.

The smaller size of the pieces make the perfect to fit many of them into a jewelry piece design like in this bracelet. The chain is made of sterling silver and the loops are adjustable for multiple wrist sizes.

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4. Stainless Steel Gibeon Meteorite Watch

Gibeon Meteorite Watch

The Gibeon meteorite is one of the oldest meteorites that have been found on Earth. It fell in the prehistoric era in what is now Namibia, in Southern Africa. It was named Gibeon after the closest town to where it was found.

About 33 fragments of the meteorite were found in the early 1910’s and they weighted around half a ton. Some of it made it out of Namibia. This part of the story is important because even though newer pieces are still found to this day, in the 1970s the laws in Namibia changed to protect the asteroids as national monuments and it is now illegal to remove them for commercialization. That means only the pieces that had already left the country are available to collectors and jewelry manufacturers.

This watch has a minimalistic design which fits very well the texture of the face plate which is made out of a piece of the meteorite.

There is a women’s version of the same style with a lighter, thinner design.

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5. Moldavite Faceted Sterling Silver Earrings

Moldavite earrings

Here’s another piece of Moldavite jewelry that looks really cool and goes to show how it can be processed to create some beautiful jewelry pieces.

These 5mm earrings have a butterfly back. The small bubbles of gas and water trapped in the moldavite plus the faceted design give it a really original, lovely texture.

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Space Themed Jewelry

In the following items, we will go into jewelry where the design tries to inspire and bring up the theme of space so you will see depictions of stars, planets, galaxies and the Moon.

6. Sterling Forever Constellation Necklace

Constellation necklace

Just a heads up. We are not big believers in astrology around here as we like to focus on the science aspect of space. That being said, we do love constellations so here’s a beautiful set of necklaces by Sterling Forever that takes the star positioning of the major stars in the zodiac constellations to create a lovely gold plated necklace.

You can select the constellation/zodiac sign of your choice from the twelve available. The stars are made from cubic zirconia and it comes with a 2″ extender so you can adjust it.

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7. Moon and Celtic Triquetra Necklace

Moon triquetra

The triquetra or trinity not is a three-leaf symbol used in many traditions and mythologies around the world including Japan and norse mythology, but most notably it is recognized for its use in celtic artwork and in because in christianism it is associated with the holy trinity.

In this piece designed by artist Brigid Ashwood, the triquetra is intertwined with a textured crescent Moon. The carvings inside the Moon almost seem like runes, which adds to the design of the pendant.

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8. The Sun and the Moon Ring

Sun and Moon ring

There are few symbols that go so well together like the Sun and the Moon, but actually getting the design right can be tricky sometimes. We believe this ring gets the job done. The way the Moon seems to embrace the Sun symbolizes a lot of femininity. It is no wonder this piece has so many great reviews.

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9. Galaxy of Love Pendant

The design in this pendant is so creative. The way it uses the interlocking loops to represent orbits and the cubic zircon at the very center to remind us of a shining star is such a great design job. Despite all the elements it contains, it still manages to remain elegant and simple. Love it!

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10. Men’s Starry Night Goldstone Ring

Goldstone starry night ring

Most of the items in the list so far are for women so we thought adding something for the guys might be fair.

Goldstone is a type of glass that can be polished to get a beautiful glittering finish that looks just like a starry night. It has a certain elegance to it that goes well with the enclosing tungsten carbide band they chose for this ring.

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11. Oxidized Vintage Solar System Necklace

solar system necklace

If you are looking for something a bit with a bit less “bling”, but that is still gorgeous, look no further. It is really nice when a piece of jewelry manages to integrate many elements while remaining simple and the necklace does just that by having the Sun, a crescent Moon, a planet and an enclosing circle to represent orbits and the system that makes everything work together.

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12. Dangle Tassel Stars Pendant

If you need something more day to day to wear with a long sweater this tripe star long chain necklace is just perfect. There’s not much to add, it has a very delicate, simple style that would add up a lot to many outfits as a finishing touch.

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Elena is a Canadian journalist and researcher. She has been looking at the sky for years and hopes to introduce more people to the wonderful hobby that is astronomy.