List of Stars in the Vulpecula Constellation

The Vulpecula constellation is formed by 5 main stars. There are currently 124 discovered stars total in the region inside its perimeter.

The constellation of Vulpecula represents a “little fox”. It is found in the fourth quadrant of the northern sky.

Below you will find the full list of stars in the Vulpecula constellation and their names as well as some general information about each of them.

Here’s what each of the columns means.

Proper name: This is the common name we give to some of the most prominent stars in the sky. These names have been passed from ancient civilizations and they are usually of Greek or Arabic origin. Due to the number of stars in the universe, most stars discovered these days do not receive a proper name.

Name: The scientific, Latinized name for the star.

Designation: Abbreviation of the scientific name or designation if it doesn’t have one. It is based on the Bayer catalog of stars.

Distance: How far away from Earth the star is. Given in light-years.

Visible magnitude: The brightness of the star as seen from Earth. Also known as apparent magnitude.

Absolute magnitude: The true brightness of the star, regardless of the point of view.

Stellar classification: Classification of the star according to its electromagnetic characteristics.

Proper NameNameDesignationDistance (light-years)Visible magnitudeAbsolute magnitudeStellar classification
AnserAlpha Vulpeculaeα Vul291.004.40−0.36M1III
23 Vulpeculae23 Vul327.004.52−0.58K3- III Fe-1
31 Vulpeculae31 Vul228.004.560.77G7IIIa Fe-1 Ba
13 Vulpeculae13 Vul359.004.57−0.64B9.5III
15 Vulpeculae15 Vul222.004.660.49A4III
1 Vulpeculae1 Vul911.004.76−2.47B4IV
HR 7739HR 77391199.004.79−3.04B3V
29 Vulpeculae29 Vul213.004.810.73A0V
12 Vulpeculae12 Vul619.004.90−1.49B2.5V
30 Vulpeculae30 Vul365.004.92−0.32K2III
9 Vulpeculae9 Vul608.005.00−1.35B8IIIn
32 Vulpeculae32 Vul739.005.03−1.75K4III
28 Vulpeculae28 Vul493.005.06−0.84B5IV
17 Vulpeculae17 Vul488.005.08−0.80B3V
4 Vulpeculae4 Vul237.005.140.84K0III
22 Vulpeculae22 Vul4347.005.15−5.44G2Ib SB
3 Vulpeculae3 Vul402.005.18−0.24B6III
21 Vulpeculae21 Vul327.005.190.18A7IVn
16 Vulpeculae16 Vul211.005.231.17F2III
24 Vulpeculae24 Vul472.005.30−0.50G8III
33 Vulpeculae33 Vul397.005.30−0.13K4III
35 Vulpeculae35 Vul182.005.391.66A1V
2 Vulpeculae2 Vul1918.005.42−3.39B0.5IV
10 Vulpeculae10 Vul356.005.500.31G8III
25 Vulpeculae25 Vul1801.005.50−3.21B8IIIn
19 Vulpeculae19 Vul1614.005.51−2.96K3II-III
18 Vulpeculae18 Vul420.005.53−0.04A3III
HD 187982HD 1879821781.005.54−3.15A1Iab
HD 188485HD 188485472.005.56−0.25A0III
27 Vulpeculae27 Vul305.005.590.73B9V
5 Vulpeculae5 Vul218.005.601.47A0V
T VulpeculaeT Vul1672.005.66−2.89F5Ib
HD 194577HD 194577543.005.66−0.43G6III
HD 203925HD 203925220.005.671.53A8III
14 Vulpeculae14 Vul158.005.682.26F0
HD 203803HD 203803181.005.701.98F1IV
HD 178187HD 178187332.005.780.74A4III
8 Vulpeculae8 Vul484.005.82−0.04K0III
HD 182955HD 182955455.005.850.12M0III
HD 189944HD 189944672.005.88−0.69B4V
HD 184010HD 184010193.005.892.03K0III-IV
20 Vulpeculae20 Vul1140.005.91−1.81B7Ve…
HD 196753HD 1967531976.005.91−3.00K0II-III+..
HD 187193HD 187193400.006.000.56K0II-III
HD 179648HD 1796481006.006.02−1.43A2Vn
HD 196821HD 196821926.006.08−1.19A0III
HD 201051HD 201051348.006.130.99K0II-III
3 Cyg3 Cyg90.006.193.97F7V
HD 203858HD 203858612.006.20−0.17A2V
HD 178476HD 178476143.006.223.01F3V
HD 191877HD 1918776200.006.24−8.55B1Ib
HD 193094HD 193094367.006.240.98G9III
PS VulpeculaePS Vul4347.006.28−4.35B7V + G1:III
V387 VulpeculaeV387 Vul756.006.28−0.55M4III
HD 203206HD 203206539.006.290.2B6IV
HR 7556HR 75561698.006.29−2.13B5V
HD 182761HD 182761400.006.310.87A0V
HD 184961HD 184961571.006.330.11B9sp…
7 Vulpeculae7 Vul760.006.34−0.50B5Vn
HD 203886HD 203886508.006.350.39K0III
HD 195692HD 195692264.006.371.82Am
HD 182422HD 1824221132.006.40−1.30B9.5V
26 Vulpeculae26 Vul701.006.40−0.26A5III
HD 186021HD 1860211442.006.43−1.80K0Iab:
HD 176971HD 176971414.006.440.92A4V
HD 190322HD 190322513.006.450.46K2
HD 187614HD 187614475.006.460.64G8III
HD 189671HD 1896711475.006.49−1.79G8II
HD 196035HD 1960351475.006.49−1.79B3IV
HD 185436HD 185436572.006.500.28K0III
HD 190066HD 1900663663.006.50−3.75B1Iab
BW VulpeculaeBW Vul1772.006.54−2.13B2IIIvar
HR 7222HR 7222373.006.62F2III
HD 192913HD 1929131610.006.64A0p
SV VulpeculaeSV Vul4100.006.74G2.5:Iab
RS VulpeculaeRS Vul939.006.85B5V+G0III-IV
HIP 100963HIP 10096392.047.09G5
U VulpeculaeU Vul4900.007.15F5:Iabv
HD 190228HD 190228203.007.313.34G5IV
Z VulpeculaeZ Vul626.007.33B2V+B9V
ER VulpeculaeER Vul169.507.37G0V+G5V
HD 189733HD 18973362.907.676.26K1-K2
HD 188037HD 1880377.76A2
V VulpeculaeV Vul8.05G8:Iabv
HD 201626HD 201626738.008.16C-H2IV: C2 3.5 CH5 CN2.5
HD 188015HD 188015172.008.224.61G5IV
HD 203030HD 203030133.308.45G8V
S VulpeculaeS Vul8.69K0
DR VulpeculaeDR Vul8.71B8
X VulpeculaeX Vul23000.008.87K5
BD+23 3912BD+23 3912315.908.93G0V:
BE VulpeculaeBE Vul9.79A0
BP VulpeculaeBP Vul2000.009.95A7
BS VulpeculaeBS Vul10.08F2
BO VulpeculaeBO Vul10.12F0
HD 186943HD 18694310.23WN3+O9.5V
WW VulpeculaeWW Vul10.25A3
AW VulpeculaeAW Vul11.40F0
Wolf 1346Wolf 134650.6811.55DA2.4
PX VulpeculaePX Vul11.83F3
G 185-32G 185-3212.97DA
GD 385GD 385124.0015.11DA4.2
XTE J1859+226[3]XTE J1859+226[3]G5V-K0V
LV VulpeculaeLV Vul16.90
PW VulpeculaePW Vul16.90
VW VulpeculaeVW Vul17.00
QU VulpeculaeQU Vul17.90
NQ VulpeculaeNQ Vul18.00
GS 2000+25GS 2000+2518.20K3V-K6V
V458 VulpeculaeV458 Vul18.30
QV VulpeculaeQV Vul19.00
Anthelm’s StarCK VulpeculaeCK Vul20.00
PU VulpeculaePU VulA4II-F8Iab + M6IIIe
WR 125WR 125WCe+…
QQ VulpeculaeQQ VulM2
PSR B1919+21PSR B1919+212283.00
PSR B1930+22PSR B1930+22
PSR B1937+21PSR B1937+21
PSR B1953+29PSR B1953+29
PSR B2020+28PSR B2020+28
PSR J2007+2722PSR J2007+272217200.00
V407 VulpeculaeV407 Vul

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