List of Stars in the Virgo Constellation

The Virgo constellation is formed by 15 main stars. There are currently 212 discovered stars total in the region inside its perimeter.

The constellation of Virgo represents the sails of a ship. It is found in the third quadrant of the southern sky.

Below you will find the full list of stars in the Virgo constellation and their names as well as some general information about each of them.

Here’s what each of the columns means.

Proper name: This is the common name we give to some of the most prominent stars in the sky. These names have been passed from ancient civilizations and they are usually of Greek or Arabic origin. Due to the number of stars in the universe, most stars discovered these days do not receive a proper name.

Name: The scientific, Latinized name for the star.

Designation: Abbreviation of the scientific name or designation if it doesn’t have one. It is based on the Bayer catalog of stars.

Distance: How far away from Earth the star is. Given in light-years.

Visible magnitude: The brightness of the star as seen from Earth. Also known as apparent magnitude.

Absolute magnitude: The true brightness of the star, regardless of the point of view.

Stellar classification: Classification of the star according to its electromagnetic characteristics.

Proper NameNameDesignationDistance (light-years)Visible magnitudeAbsolute magnitudeStellar classification
SpicaAlpha Virginisα Vir262.000.98−3.55B1V
PorrimaGamma Virginis Aγ Vir A39.002.742.38F0V+…
VindemiatrixEpsilon Virginisε Vir102.002.850.37G8IIIvar
HezeZeta Virginisζ Vir73.003.381.62A3V
AuvaDelta Virginisδ Vir202.003.39−0.57M3III
ZavijavaBeta Virginisβ Vir36.003.593.4F8V
Gamma Virginis Bγ Vir B3.68
109 Virginis109 Vir129.003.730.75A0V
Rijl al AwwaMu Virginisμ Vir61.003.872.51F2III
ZaniahEta Virginisη Vir250.003.89−0.53A2IV
Nu Virginisν Vir313.004.04−0.87M0III
SyrmaIota Virginisι Vir70.004.072.42F7III
Omicron Virginisο Vir171.004.120.52G8III
KangKappa Virginisκ Vir223.004.180K3III
Tau Virginisτ Vir218.004.230.1A3V
Theta Virginisθ Vir415.004.38−1.14A1V
110 Virginis110 Vir183.004.390.64K0III
KhambaliaLambda Virginisλ Vir187.004.520.73A1V
Pi Virginisπ Vir356.004.65−0.54A5V
Chi Virginisχ Vir318.004.66−0.29K2III
74 Virginis74 Vir432.004.68−0.93M3III
61 Virginis61 Vir28.004.745.09G5V
69 Virginis69 Vir258.004.760.27K1IIICN…
Psi Virginisψ Vir417.004.77−0.76M3IIIvar
Sigma Virginisσ Vir541.004.78−1.32M2III
ElgafarPhi Virginisφ Vir135.004.811.72G2III
Xi Virginisξ Vir119.004.842.02A4V
Rho Virginisρ Vir120.004.882.04A0V
78 Virginis78 Vir183.004.921.17A1p SrCrEu
ET VirginisET Vir542.004.93−1.17M1III
89 Virginis89 Vir242.004.960.61K0III
Yèzhě16 Virginis16 Vir285.004.970.26K1III
70 Virginis70 Vir59.004.973.68G5V
CU VirginisCU Vir262.004.990.47B9p Si
82 Virginis82 Vir457.005.03−0.70M2III
53 Virginis53 Vir106.005.042.48F6V
244 G. Virginis244 G. Vir151.005.101.77A5V
Upsilon Virginisυ Vir274.005.140.52G9III
49 Virginis49 Vir306.005.150.29K2III
90 Virginis90 Vir254.005.160.7K2III
59 Virginis59 Vir59.005.193.92G0Vs
57 Virginis57 Vir127.005.212.26K1III
76 Virginis76 Vir264.005.210.67K0III
d2 Virginisd2 Vir244.005.220.85A8m
Omega Virginisω Vir479.005.24−0.60M4III
68 Virginis68 Vir505.005.27−0.68K5III
4 Virginis4 Vir192.005.311.46A1
55 Virginis55 Vir126.005.312.38G8III/IV
84 Virginis84 Vir217.005.351.23K1III
7 Virginis7 Vir276.005.360.72A1V
63 Virginis63 Vir320.005.360.4K0III
87 Virginis87 Vir635.005.41−1.04M2III
106 Virginis106 Vir479.005.42−0.41K5III
95 Virginis95 Vir179.005.461.76F2IV
21 Virginis21 Vir261.005.480.96A0V
86 Virginis86 Vir379.005.500.17G8III
1 Ser1 Ser295.005.510.73K1III
75 Virginis75 Vir660.005.52−1.01K1III
226 G. Virginis226 G. Vir261.005.531.01A0V
HD 104304HD 10430442.005.544.99K0IV
83 Virginis83 Vir780.005.55−1.34G1IV/V
31 Virginis31 Vir244.005.571.2A2V
g Virginisg Vir371.005.570.29K3III
6 Virginis6 Vir168.005.582.02K0III:
106 G. Virginis106 G. Vir93.005.583.29F7V
12 G. Virginis12 G. Vir216.005.621.12K0+IIIb:
LN VirginisLN Vir507.005.64−0.32M0III
33 Virginis33 Vir146.005.652.4K1III-IV
71 Virginis71 Vir272.005.651.04K0III
FW VirginisFW Vir501.005.68−0.25M3III
108 Virginis108 Vir614.005.68−0.69B9.5V
136 G. Virginis136 G. Vir213.005.691.62A2V
80 Virginis80 Vir370.005.700.42G6III
2 Ser2 Ser1022.005.71−1.77M2III
11 Virginis11 Vir143.005.722.51Am
66 Virginis66 Vir98.005.763.37F3V
44 Virginis44 Vir298.005.790.99A3V
12 Virginis12 Vir162.005.852.37A2m
CS VirginisCS Vir294.005.861.08Ap Si(Cr)
25 Virginis25 Vir224.005.881.69A3V
65 Virginis65 Vir1160.005.88−1.88K3III
64 Virginis64 Vir208.005.891.87A2m
224 G. Virginis224 G. Vir181.005.902.16F7Vw
13 Virginis13 Vir326.005.900.9A5Vn
92 Virginis92 Vir337.005.900.82A8V
79 G. Virginis79 G. Vir229.005.911.68G8IIIp
265 G. Virginis265 G. Vir724.005.91−0.82M1III
y Virginisy Vir507.005.92−0.04A0V
10 Virginis10 Vir273.005.951.34K3III
50 G. Virginis50 G. Vir210.005.951.9A1V
50 Virginis50 Vir656.005.95−0.57K5III
250 G. Virginis250 G. Vir249.005.961.55A5IV
146 G. Virginis146 G. Vir245.005.971.59A7III
46 Virginis46 Vir344.005.990.87K2III
92 G. Virginis92 G. Vir218.006.001.88A2V
194 G. Virginis194 G. Vir403.006.000.54K0
73 Virginis73 Vir234.006.011.73A7IV/V
252 G. Virginis252 G. Vir1079.006.01−1.59K4III
37 Virginis37 Vir582.006.02−0.24K4III:
183 G. Virginis183 G. Vir512.006.040.06K5III
5 G. Virginis5 G. Vir385.006.050.69G8III:
56 G. Virginis56 G. Vir795.006.05−0.89K5
257 G. Virginis257 G. Vir511.006.060.08M1III
72 Virginis72 Vir177.006.102.43F2V
41 G. Virginis41 G. Vir74.006.114.34F5V
34 Virginis34 Vir243.006.111.75A3V
38 Virginis38 Vir106.006.113.55F5V
9 G. Virginis9 G. Vir111.006.153.48F7V
230 G. Virginis230 G. Vir542.006.150.05A1V
271 G. Virginis271 G. Vir534.006.160.09K0III
1 G. Virginis1 G. Vir373.006.180.89K1III
19 G. Virginis19 G. Vir597.006.18−0.13K2IV
153 G. Virginis153 G. Vir803.006.18−0.78K5
85 Virginis85 Vir339.006.181.1A0V
239 G. Virginis239 G. Vir228.006.181.96A7V
104 Virginis104 Vir236.006.181.88A2IV
261 G. Virginis261 G. Vir454.006.180.46K3III
57 G. Virginis57 G. Vir402.006.190.74G9III:
199 G. Virginis199 G. Vir110.006.193.54F8V+…
135 G. Virginis135 G. Vir289.006.211.47A2/A3V
3 G. Virginis3 G. Vir373.006.220.93G9III
27 Virginis27 Vir223.006.222.04A7Vn
231 G. Virginis231 G. Vir382.006.220.87K0III
FT VirginisFT Vir299.006.231.42F2III
27 G. Virginis27 G. Vir710.006.24−0.45K5
209 G. Virginis209 G. Vir205.006.242.25F4V
41 Virginis41 Vir199.006.252.32A7III
243 G. Virginis243 G. Vir57.006.255.02G1V
54 Virginis54 Vir1294.006.26−1.73A0V
134 G. Virginis134 G. Vir409.006.260.77A3V
85 G. Virginis85 G. Vir216.006.272.16F7V
213 G. Virginis213 G. Vir398.006.280.85K0
20 Virginis20 Vir471.006.290.49G8III
208 G. Virginis208 G. Vir252.006.301.86F3IV
IQ VirginisIQ Vir430.006.310.71F0V
EP VirginisEP Vir523.006.310.28A0spe…
26 G. Virginis26 G. Vir614.006.32−0.05G8III:
112 G. Virginis112 G. Vir403.006.320.86K0
207 G. Virginis207 G. Vir484.006.320.46K2/K3III
68 G. Virginis68 G. Vir649.006.33−0.17A1V
98 G. Virginis98 G. Vir643.006.33−0.14K5
185 G. Virginis185 G. Vir100.006.333.9G0V
210 G. Virginis210 G. Vir472.006.350.54K1III+…
51 G. Virginis51 G. Vir718.006.36−0.35G8III
129 G. Virginis129 G. Vir242.006.362F0V
204 G. Virginis204 G. Vir253.006.361.91F8V
225 G. Virginis225 G. Vir135.006.363.27F9V
33 G. Virginis33 G. Vir498.006.370.45G8III:
29 G. Virginis29 G. Vir213.006.392.32F5
211 G. Virginis211 G. Vir295.006.391.61K0
FS VirginisFS Vir813.006.41−0.57M4III
35 Virginis35 Vir574.006.420.19M4III
150 G. Virginis150 G. Vir479.006.420.58K0III
221 G. Virginis221 G. Vir150.006.423.11F7V
240 G. Virginis240 G. Vir301.006.421.59G5
141 G. Virginis141 G. Vir472.006.440.63K1/K2III/IV
229 G. Virginis229 G. Vir170.006.442.86A9III
91 G. Virginis91 G. Vir339.006.451.36K0
96 Virginis96 Vir554.006.450.3G8III
254 G. Virginis254 G. Vir292.006.451.69F8
17 Virginis17 Vir97.006.464.09F8V
49 G. Virginis49 G. Vir455.006.470.75K0
233 G. Virginis233 G. Vir532.006.470.41K0
235 G. Virginis235 G. Vir107.006.473.89F9V
88 G. Virginis88 G. Vir386.006.481.11G8III
20 G. Virginis20 G. Vir860.006.49−0.62K2
94 Virginis94 Vir352.006.541.37A0
48 Virginis48 Vir408.006.621.14F0V
S VirginisS Vir6.68
62 Virginis62 Vir422.006.731.17K0
28 Virginis28 Vir1006.006.81−0.64K5
56 Virginis56 Vir661.006.950.41K5
77 Virginis77 Vir245.007.022.64F0
R VirginisR Vir2326.007.08−2.19M4.5IIIe
HD 106515 AHD 106515 A115.007.354.61G5
HD 106252HD 106252122.007.364.49G0V
HD 114783HD 11478367.007.576.02K0
HD 106270HD 106270277.007.733.08G5
HD 107148HD 107148167.008.024.47G5
HD 102329HD 102329515.008.042.05
HD 130322HD 13032297.008.055.68K0III
HD 109271HD 109271202.008.054.09G5V
FlegetonteHD 102195HD 10219595.008.065.75K0
HD 125612HD 125612172.008.334.72G3V
HD 126614HD 126614236.008.814.51K0
HD 106315HD 106315350.009.00F5V
EQ VirginisEQ Vir65.009.317.83K5V
DT VirginisDT Vir37.009.729.44M0.5V
HD 119130HD 119130373.009.90G3V
HW VirginisHW Vir590.0010.904.6sdB+MV
Ross 128Ross 12810.8911.1313.51M4V
FL VirginisFL Vir14.4012.5014.28M5V
Wolf 424Wolf 42414.3013.1814.97M5.5V
QS VirginisQS Vir156.0014.8011.39DA+dme
LichPSR 1257+12PSR 1257+12980.00neutron star

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