List of Stars in the Vela Constellation

The Vela constellation is formed by 5 main stars. There are currently 262 discovered stars total in the region inside its perimeter.

The constellation of Vela represents the sails of a ship. It is found in the second quadrant of the southern sky.

Below you will find the full list of stars in the Vela constellation and their names as well as some general information about each of them.

Here’s what each of the columns means.

Proper name: This is the common name we give to some of the most prominent stars in the sky. These names have been passed from ancient civilizations and they are usually of Greek or Arabic origin. Due to the number of stars in the universe, most stars discovered these days do not receive a proper name.

Name: The scientific, Latinized name for the star.

Designation: Abbreviation of the scientific name or designation if it doesn’t have one. It is based on the Bayer catalog of stars.

Distance: How far away from Earth the star is. Given in light-years.

Visible magnitude: The brightness of the star as seen from Earth. Also known as apparent magnitude.

Absolute magnitude: The true brightness of the star, regardless of the point of view.

Stellar classification: Classification of the star according to its electromagnetic characteristics.

Proper NameNameDesignationDistance (light-years)Visible magnitudeAbsolute magnitudeStellar classification
Suhail / Muliphein / RegorGamma2 Velorumγ2 Vel1120.001.83−5.84WC8 + O7.5
Koo She / AlsephinaDelta Velorumδ Vel81.001.960A1Va(n)
SuhailLambda Velorumλ Vel573.002.21−3.97K4Ib-II
MarkebKappa Velorumκ Vel539.002.47−3.62B2IV
Mu Velorumμ Vel116.002.69−0.06G5III SB
HD 82668HD 82668238.003.16−1.15K5III
Tseen KePhi Velorumφ Vel1929.003.52−5.34B5Ib
Omicron Velorumο Vel495.003.60−2.31B3IV
HD 78004HD 78004309.003.75−1.13K2III
HD 74180HD 741804900.003.81−7.06F3Ia
p Velorump Vel86.003.841.72A3m+…
HD 88955HD 88955103.003.851.36A2V
HD 75063HD 750631552.003.87−4.52A1III
Psi Velorum Aψ Vel A61.003.912.57F3VFe-0.7
HD 74772HD 74772228.004.05−0.18G5III
HD 73634HD 736341436.004.11−4.11A6II
Gamma1 Velorumγ1 Vel840.004.27−3.62B2III
HD 92449HD 92449901.004.29−2.92G2II
HD 83446HD 83446107.004.341.75A5V
HD 95370HD 95370204.004.370.39A3IV
HD 77258HD 77258201.004.470.52K0III+…
MV VelorumMV Vel1150.004.49−3.24B3III
HD 85622HD 856221083.004.58−3.03G5Ib
GZ VelorumGZ Vel1489.004.59−3.71K3II
HD 79940HD 79940166.004.631.1F3/F5V
H VelorumH Vel376.004.68−0.63B5V
HD 74272HD 742721895.004.74−4.08A5II
HD 70930HD 709301720.004.82−3.79B1V
HD 89998HD 89998200.004.820.88K1IIIvar
HY VelorumHY Vel479.004.83−1.01B3IV
HD 88206HD 882061083.004.85−2.76B3IV
HD 91324HD 9132471.004.893.19F6V
HD 79917HD 79917225.004.920.73K1III
HD 75710HD 75710827.004.94−2.08A2III
HD 72127HD 721272610.004.99−4.53B2IV
GX VelorumGX Vel4700.005.00−5.81B5Ia
HD 73155HD 73155876.005.01−2.14K1/K2II
HD 83058HD 83058931.005.01−2.27B1.5IV
HD 91504HD 91504964.005.02−2.34K4III
HD 67582HD 675821240.005.04−2.86K3III
HD 87783HD 87783258.005.060.57K0IV
GU VelorumGU Vel204.005.081.1A9/F0III/IV
KX VelorumKX Vel2694.005.09−4.50B0III
HD 81848HD 81848422.005.09−0.47B6V
HD 85355HD 85355856.005.09−2.01B7III
Psi Velorum Bψ Vel B61.005.123.75
HD 80108HD 801084025.005.12−5.34K3Ib
HD 82984HD 82984959.005.12−2.22B4IV
NO VelorumNO Vel970.005.14−2.23B2.5IV
HD 93563HD 93563548.005.14−0.99B8/B9III
HD 74753HD 747531516.005.15−3.19B0IIIn
FZ VelorumFZ Vel221.005.171.02Am
HD 71510HD 71510674.005.18−1.40B2V
NZ VelorumNZ Vel428.005.18−0.41B4IV
HD 68217HD 682171136.005.20−2.51B2IV-V
NY VelorumNY Vel280.005.200.53Ap (SiCr)
LN VelorumLN Vel2694.005.20−4.39B5Iab
IS VelorumIS Vel921.005.23−2.02B1IVe
OY VelorumOY Vel437.005.23−0.41Ap Si
HD 79735HD 79735556.005.24−0.92B4V+…
HD 79846HD 79846638.005.26−1.20G8II/III
HD 80456HD 80456431.005.26−0.34B7/B8III
LW VelorumLW Vel163.005.271.78A7V
HD 76360HD 76360261.005.310.79Am
HD 80170HD 80170355.005.310.12K2III
HD 72108HD 721081638.005.33−3.18B2IV
HD 82694HD 82694390.005.35−0.04G8III
OP VelorumOP Vel3293.005.43−4.59B3Ia
HD 83520HD 83520234.005.441.16A2/A3V
HD 82419HD 82419415.005.45−0.08B8V
HR 3440HR 3440451.005.46−0.24B5V
HD 75630HD 756301590.005.47−2.97A2/A3IV
HX VelorumHX Vel1689.005.48−3.09B1.5Vn
KT VelorumKT Vel483.005.49−0.36B8…
HD 83548HD 83548484.005.51−0.35G8II
HD 69194HD 69194753.005.51−1.29M1III
HD 74196HD 74196472.005.56−0.24B7Vn
HR 3600HR 3600471.005.56−0.24B5V
KL VelorumKL Vel623.005.56−0.85B8V
HD 81034HD 81034565.005.56−0.63M3Ib
HD 84461HD 84461355.005.560.38A0V
HD 84816HD 848161436.005.58−2.64B2.5IV
HD 90677HD 906771598.005.58−2.87K3II/III
HD 89062HD 89062544.005.59−0.52K4III
HD 81157HD 81157275.005.610.98A3IVs…
HD 85563HD 85563335.005.620.56K2III
NN VelorumNN Vel869.005.66−1.47B8Ib/II
HD 89736HD 897362694.005.66−3.93K5/M0III
HD 74167HD 74167950.005.67−1.65M0III
HD 96113HD 96113279.005.671.01A8III/IV
HD 72737HD 72737913.005.68−1.56G8III+…
HD 76653HD 7665379.005.703.79F6V
HD 75276HD 752763622.005.71−4.52F0Ib
HD 86087HD 86087319.005.710.76A0V
HD 85483HD 85483597.005.72−0.59K0IIICN…
HD 85980HD 85980845.005.72−1.35B+…
HD 81136HD 81136570.005.74−0.47G6/G8III
HD 91355HD 91355463.005.760B9
AH VelorumAH Vel1462.005.76−2.50F7p
HD 79275HD 792751144.005.78−1.95B2IV-V
HD 88842HD 88842318.005.780.83A3IV/V
HR 3413HR 3413466.005.790.01B8 Si
HD 76110HD 76110876.005.79−1.36K5/M0III
HD 89569HD 89569117.005.803.03F6V
HD 95347HD 95347290.005.811.07B8/B9V
HD 72067HD 720671598.005.82−2.63B2V
HD 68657HD 68657728.005.83−0.91B3V
LR VelorumLR Vel4200.005.83−4.77B7Iab
HD 79694HD 79694521.005.85−0.17B6IV
HD 79807HD 79807627.005.85−0.57K0/K1III+..
HD 69302HD 69302903.005.86−1.35B2IV-V
HD 77020HD 770201072.005.88−1.71G8/K0II
HD 71043HD 71043238.005.891.57A0V
HD 74273HD 742731606.005.90−2.56B1.5V
IW VelorumIW Vel317.005.900.96A7Vni
HD 91437HD 91437397.005.910.48G6/G8III
HD 72832HD 72832825.005.92−1.10B5III
HD 76161HD 761611087.005.92−1.69B3Vn
HD 79621HD 79621554.005.92−0.23B9V
V335 VelorumV335 Vel1707.005.95−2.64B2V
HD 67249HD 672491358.005.96−2.14G5II
HD 89461HD 89461551.005.97−0.17B9V
HD 72232HD 72232629.005.98−0.45B7IV
HD 88399HD 88399223.005.981.81K3III
HD 84228HD 842282694.005.99−3.60B4V
HD 68895HD 68895706.006.00−0.68B5V
HD 75759HD 757591906.006.00−2.84O9V
HD 80057HD 800574347.006.02−4.60A1Ib+…
IU VelorumIU Vel1000.006.04−1.39B3Vne
HD 80774HD 80774513.006.040.05K3/K4III
HD 91356HD 91356477.006.040.21B4
HD 71722HD 71722232.006.051.79A0V
HD 79241HD 792411278.006.05−1.92B5III
HD 81471HD 814715719.006.05−5.17A7Iab
HD 81411HD 81411518.006.050.04A6/A7III
HD 85250HD 85250332.006.051.01K0III
HD 86523HD 865233791.006.06−4.27B3V
HD 91805HD 91805901.006.09−1.12G8/K0II/III
HD 78548HD 785481185.006.10−1.70B2IV-V
HD 90798HD 90798921.006.10−1.15K4III
HD 92328HD 92328569.006.10−0.11Am+…
KQ VelorumKQ Vel489.006.110.23A0sp…
HD 87363HD 87363300.006.111.29A0V
HD 96224HD 96224514.006.110.12B9V
IV VelorumIV Vel3432.006.13−3.98B3IV
HD 90518HD 90518332.006.131.09K1III
IP VelorumIP Vel1364.006.15−1.96B6V
HD 95429HD 95429195.006.152.26A3III/IV
HD 88693HD 88693334.006.161.11K2IIICN…
HD 89104HD 891041424.006.16−2.04B2IV-V
MX VelorumMX Vel1929.006.18−2.68B3Vnp
HR 3831HR 3831236.006.181.88F0p
HD 83465HD 83465388.006.180.8K1III
HD 90393HD 90393586.006.18−0.09G8III
HD 79091HD 79091304.006.191.34K1III
HD 81780HD 81780300.006.191.37A7III
HD 87152HD 871521442.006.20−2.03B2.5V
HD 75081HD 75081720.006.21−0.51B9V
HD 81369HD 813691128.006.21−1.49B7III
HD 87652HD 87652532.006.230.17B8/B9III
HD 90170HD 90170232.006.241.98K0IV
HD 72900HD 729001976.006.25−2.66K3III
HD 77580HD 77580357.006.251.05K1IIICN…
HD 79900HD 799001811.006.25−2.47B8V
HR 3562HR 3562934.006.26−1.03B3IV
HD 79524HD 79524469.006.270.48K2III
HD 81347HD 813471393.006.27−1.88B5V
HD 80781HD 807813432.006.28−3.83B5V
HD 75466HD 75466464.006.290.52B8V
HD 93453HD 93453245.006.291.91A4IV
HD 72993HD 72993988.006.30−1.11M0III
GY VelorumGY Vel715.006.30−0.41M4/M5III
HD 72350HD 723502233.006.30−2.88B4V
HD 79523HD 79523715.006.31−0.40A0V
GK VelorumGK Vel789.006.31−0.61M5III
HD 80435HD 80435811.006.33−0.65K3III
HD 67621HD 676211370.006.34−1.78B3III
HD 72650HD 72650491.006.340.45K3III
HD 75289HD 7528994.006.354.04G0V
HD 72798HD 727982451.006.36−3.02B5III
HD 76004HD 760041283.006.38−1.60B3V
HZ VelorumHZ Vel254.006.391.93A5III
HD 72485HD 724851052.006.39−1.15B2.5V
HD 76230HD 76230453.006.390.67A0V
HD 77907HD 77907862.006.39−0.72B6V
HD 86211HD 86211840.006.39−0.67M1III
HD 86352HD 863524657.006.39−4.38B2IV-V
HD 88015HD 880151299.006.40−1.60B3III
HD 94724HD 94724320.006.401.44A0V
HD 76304HD 763041315.006.42−1.61K0II/III+..
HD 87122HD 87122867.006.42−0.70B8
HD 75387HD 753871698.006.43−2.15B2IV
HD 92155HD 921551655.006.43−2.10B3Vn
HD 69596HD 69596734.006.44−0.32K3/K4III
HD 73121HD 73121118.006.443.64G1V
HD 95509HD 95509415.006.440.92K3III
HD 69404HD 694041331.006.45−1.60B3Vnne
HD 70309HD 70309823.006.45−0.56B3V
HD 73952HD 73952505.006.450.5B8Vn
HD 94508HD 945084100.006.45K2III
HD 68478HD 684781630.006.46−2.03B3IV
HD 78005HD 780051144.006.46−1.27B4V
HD 81309HD 81309329.006.471.45A1m…
QZ VelorumQZ Vel2650.006.48−3.06B1IIIn
HD 68763HD 687636792.006.48−5.11K3III:
HD 72787HD 727871364.006.48−1.63B2/B3V
HD 79025HD 79025513.006.480.49A9Vn
HD 88862HD 88862821.006.48−0.53K2III
HD 89328HD 89328203.006.482.51A8V+…
V361 VelorumV361 Vel1762.006.48−2.18M4III
HD 69168HD 691681009.006.49−0.96B3V
HD 71805HD 71805176.006.492.82F5V…
HD 72752HD 72752651.006.49−0.01K2III
HD 75989HD 759891113.006.49−1.18Ap…
HD 87030HD 87030511.006.500.52K0III
R VelorumR Vel394.006.511.09K0III
HD 72436HD 724361500.006.52−1.80B5V
CV VelorumCV Vel1430.006.69B2V+…
AI VelorumAI Vel319.006.70A9IV/V
KK VelorumKK Vel1650.006.79B2II/III
Veloruma X-1Vela X-13500.006.87B0.5Iae
HD 72754HD 727542160.006.90B2Ia:pshe
RZ VelorumRZ Vel1770.007.13G1Ib
HD 73882HD 738821500.007.19O9III
V342 VelorumV342 Vel6000.007.23−6.4B0Iab
HD 93385HD 93385138.007.49G2V
HD 76534HD 765343200.007.50B2Vne
IGR J08408-4503IGR J08408-45037.55O8Ib(f)
HD 74438HD 74438500.007.58A3
HD 85512HD 8551236.007.67K5V
HD 80077HD 800777.68B2Ia+e
T VelorumT Vel7100.007.68G0II
S VelorumS Vel512.007.81A5m
SV VelorumSV Vel7.91F7II
AX VelorumAX Vel8.16F6II
KalausiHD 83443HD 83443142.008.245.05K0V
W VelorumW Vel967.008.30M8IIIe
SW VelorumSW Vel5300.008.32F9Ib
SX VelorumSX Vel3050.008.33F8II
NatashaHD 85390HD 85390111.008.545.9K1V
HD 95338HD 95338120.798.625.72K0.5V
AL VelorumAL Vel8.65K0III+A3III/V
WY VelorumWY Vel8.80M2pe
HD 73526HD 73526309.009.004.12G6V
IRAS 08544-4431IRAS 08544-44312600.009.18F3e
AO VelorumAO Vel9.37B9III
AP VelorumAP Vel4600.0010.16F9
AF VelorumAF Vel2250.0010.69F2.5
WR 12WR 1210.78WN8h+?
CS VelorumCS Vel11.24
LSS 2018LSS 201812.12O
GRS 1009-45GRS 1009-4514.71G5V-M0V
V382 VelorumV382 Vel16.60
RX J0925.7-4758RX J0925.7-475816.98
CU VelorumCU Vel17.00
2S 0918-5492S 0918-54921.00
PSR B1055-52PSR B1055-52
PSR J0855-4644PSR J0855-4644
Veloruma PulsarVela Pulsar959.0023.60
Luhman 16Luhman 166.60L7.5+T0.5

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