List of Stars in the Ursa Minor Constellation

The Ursa Minor constellation is formed by 7 main stars that make up the “little bear” shape in the sky. Inside the area of the constellation, there are currently 59 discovered stars. The main stars can be seen without the help of a telescope, but most of the rest require the help of a telescope or binoculars device to be observed.

This constellation is located in the NQ3 quadrant in the sky, which means it can only be seen in the Northern hemisphere of the planet.

The following list contains the data of the stars in the constellation. Here’s what each of the columns means.

Proper name: This is the common name we use to refer to the star. These names usually have a Greek or Arabic origin. Usually, only stars that can be seen with the naked eye received proper names. Stars discovered today no longer receive one because there are so many of them it wouldn’t be practical to do so.

Name: The star’s scientific name.

Abbr: Abbreviation of the scientific name or designation with the Greek alphabet.

Distance: How far away from Earth the star is. Given in light-years.

Apparent magnitude: The brightness of the star as seen from Earth

Absolute magnitude: The true brightness of the star, regardless of the point of view.

Stellar classification: Classification of the star according to its electromagnetic characteristics.

Proper NameNameAbbr.DistanceApparent MagnitudeAbsolute MagnitudeStellar classification
PolarisAlpha Ursae Minorisα Umi4311.97−3.64F7:Ib-IIv SB
KochabBeta Ursae Minorisβ UMi1262.07−0.87K4IIIvar
PherkadGamma Ursae Minorisγ UMi4803.04−2.84A3II-III
Epsilon Ursae Minorisε UMi3464.21−0.92G5IIIvar
5 Ursae Minoris5 UMi3454.25−0.87K4III
Ahfa al FarkadainZeta Ursae Minorisζ UMi3764.29−1.02A3Vn
YildunDelta Ursae Minorisδ UMi1834.350.61A1Vn
RR Ursae MinorisRR UMi3984.63−0.80M5III
4 Ursae Minoris4 UMi5004.8−1.13K3III
AlascoEta Ursae Minorisη UMi974.952.58F5V
Theta Ursae Minorisθ UMi8325−2.03K5III
Pherkad Minor11 Ursae Minoris11 UMi3895.02−0.37K4III
HD 136064835.153.13F9IV
HD 1247304455.18−0.50M2III
19 Ursae Minoris19 UMi6655.48−1.07B8V
HD 1189044005.50.05K2III
HD 1496811385.552.42F0V
HD 1330021415.632.45F9V
HD 1402278815.65−1.51M0III
HD 1456225815.73−0.53A3V
HD 1589969915.74−1.67K5III
24 Ursae Minoris24 UMi1565.782.38A2m
HD 11718710095.82−1.63M1III
HD 1200843185.910.96G7III:
HD 1523031175.993.21F4V
HD 1473217486.02−0.78A3V
VX Ursae MinorisVX UMi1466.172.91F0IVn
HD 1353845046.180.23A8Vn
HD 1339944646.220.45A2Vs
UY Ursae MinorisUY UMi1526.272.93F2V
HD 1292454616.270.52K3III
Lambda Ursae Minorisλ UMi8766.31−0.84M1III
HD 1071131296.333.34F4V
HD 1516234146.330.81G9III
HD 1502754086.350.87K1III
20 Ursae Minoris20 UMi7656.36−0.49K2IV
HD 1138893966.431.01F0V
3 Ursae Minoris3 UMi4386.430.79A7V
HD 59143216.461.49A3V
Pi Ursae Minorisπ1 UMi A726.574.85G8IV-V+…
9 Ursae Minoris9 UMi1106.644G0
Baekdu8 Ursae Minoris8 UMi4896.830.95K0
Pi Ursae Minorisπ2 UMi3846.891.54F2
HD 150706897.034.85G0
U Ursae MinorisU UMi8587.1M6-8e
Pi Ursae Minorisπ1 UMi B717.35.62G5
14 Ursae Minoris14 UMi1947.383.51F5
S Ursae MinorisS UMi24507.5M6.5-7.5e
V Ursae MinorisV UMi12807.81M…
W Ursae MinorisW UMi16008.65A2V
RU Ursae MinorisRU UMi10.24A2
X Ursae MinorisZ UMi11.4C
T Ursae MinorisT UMi11.46M6e
SS Ursae MinorisSS UMi12.6CV
WD 1337+70585.1412.77DA2.4
WISE 1506+702711.1T6