List of Stars in the Serpens Constellation

The Serpens constellation is formed by 11 main stars. There are currently 136 discovered stars total in the region inside its perimeter.

The constellation of Serpens represents a snake. It is visible from both hemispheres.

Below you will find the full list of stars in the Serpens constellation and their names as well as some general information about each of them.

Here’s what each of the columns means.

Proper name: This is the common name we give to some of the most prominent stars in the sky. These names have been passed from ancient civilizations and they are usually of Greek or Arabic origin. Due to the number of stars in the universe, most stars discovered these days do not receive a proper name.

Name: The scientific, Latinized name for the star.

Designation: Abbreviation of the scientific name or designation if it doesn’t have one. It is based on the Bayer catalog of stars.

Distance: How far away from Earth the star is. Given in light-years.

Visible magnitude: The brightness of the star as seen from Earth. Also known as apparent magnitude.

Absolute magnitude: The true brightness of the star, regardless of the point of view.

Stellar classification: Classification of the star according to its electromagnetic characteristics.

Proper NameNameDesignationDistance (light-years)Visible magnitudeAbsolute magnitudeStellar classification
UnukalhaiAlpha Serpentisα Ser732.630.87K2III
DonghaiEta Serpentisη Ser623.231.84K0III-IV
TiānrǔMu Serpentisμ Ser1563.540.14A0V
NanhaiXi Serpentisξ Ser1053.540.99F0IIIp
ChowBeta Serpentisβ Ser1533.650.29A3V
BaEpsilon Serpentisε Ser703.712.04A2m
AinalhaiGamma Serpentisγ Ser365.203.62F6V
GudjaKappa Serpentisκ Ser3484.09−1.05M1III
Delta Serpentis Aδ Ser A2103.80−0.24F0IV
Omicron Serpentisο Ser1684.240.68A2Va
Nu Serpentisν Ser1934.320.45A0/A1V
Lambda Serpentisλ Ser384.424.07G0Vvar
Iota Serpentisι Ser1924.510.66A1V
Zeta Serpentisζ Ser764.622.79F3V
AlyaTheta1 Serpentisθ1 Ser1324.621.59A5V
Rho Serpentisρ Ser3954.74−0.68K5III
Pi Serpentisπ Ser1774.821.15A3V
Sigma Serpentisσ Ser894.822.64F0V
Theta2 Serpentisθ2 Ser1434.981.77A5Vn
5 Serpentis5 Ser815.043.08F8III-IV
b Serpentisb Ser1595.091.65A3Vn
10 Serpentis10 Ser1225.152.28A8IV
Tau1 Serpentisτ1 Ser9185.16−2.09M1III
R SerpentisR Ser5.20
d Serpentis Bd Ser B5.20
d Serpentisd Ser4795.20−0.63G0III+…
Delta Serpentis Bδ Ser B2104.20F0IV
Omega Serpentisω Ser2635.210.68G8III
16 Serpentis16 Ser2355.260.97K0p
3 Serpentis3 Ser4675.32−0.46K0III
Chi Serpentisχ Ser2285.341.11A0p Sr
6 Serpentis6 Ser2445.350.98K3III
c Serpentisc Ser2365.381.08K0III
A2 SerpentisA2 Ser4085.39−0.10B8III
43 G. Serpentis Cap43 G. Ser Cap4945.39−0.51K4III
32 G. Serpentis Cau32 G. Ser Cau4705.39−0.41K3III
QY SerpentisQY Ser6015.45−0.88M0III
A1 SerpentisA1 Ser2705.500.91K0III
Phi Serpentisφ Ser2275.541.33K1IV
6 G. Serpentis Cau6 G. Ser Cau3775.540.23B8Vn
64 Serpentis64 Ser11015.56−2.08B9IIIp…
22 G. Serpentis Cap22 G. Ser Cap3845.570.21A1V
4 Serpentis4 Ser1615.622.15A4V
45 Serpentis45 Ser2695.631.05A7V
47 Serpentis47 Ser5685.69−0.52M3.5IIIa
Upsilon Serpentisυ Ser2525.711.27A3V
44 G. Serpentis Cau44 G. Ser Cau7395.71−1.07B8III-IV
10 G. Serpentis Cau10 G. Ser Cau4255.740.16K0III
20 G. Serpentis Cau20 G. Ser Cau1145.743.02K1IV
e Serpentise Ser6445.76−0.72A2V
Tau7 Serpentisτ7 Ser1745.802.17A2m
3 Her3 Her2395.821.49K0III:
66 G. Serpentis Cau66 G. Ser Cau7095.82−0.87A1V
19 G. Serpentis Cau19 G. Ser Cau5705.84−0.37B8III-IV
Psi Serpentisψ Ser485.865.03G5V
6 G. Serpentis Cap6 G. Ser Cap9795.88−1.51K5III
FL SerpentisFL Ser8305.90−1.13M4III
Tau5 Serpentisτ5 Ser1605.932.48F3V
41 G. Serpentis Cap41 G. Ser Cap4305.930.33K5III
42 G. Serpentis Cap42 G. Ser Cap995.933.51K1+…
13 G. Serpentis Cau13 G. Ser Cau5105.93−0.04B9V
16 G. Serpentis Cau16 G. Ser Cau2495.931.52A0V
61 Serpentis61 Ser5705.93−0.28A4III
9 G. Serpentis Cau9 G. Ser Cau26725.94−3.63F0IV
28 G. Serpentis Cau28 G. Ser Cau3295.990.97G3III
Tau6 Serpentisτ6 Ser4506.000.3G8III
39 Serpentis39 Ser576.074.86G0IV
43 Serpentis43 Ser3896.070.68G9III
Tau3 Serpentisτ3 Ser4146.100.58G8III:
8 Serpentis8 Ser1796.112.41F0V
NW SerpentisNW Ser33616.14−3.93B3Ve
73 G. Serpentis Cau73 G. Ser Cau5236.140.11G8III
Tau8 Serpentisτ8 Ser3216.151.18A0V
37 G. Serpentis Cau37 G. Ser Cau4326.150.54F1V
14 G. Serpentis Cau14 G. Ser Cau2736.171.56K1III:
47 Oph47 Oph1486.202.92F7V
67 G. Serpentis Cau67 G. Ser Cau8866.20−0.97K5
Tau2 Serpentisτ2 Ser4316.220.61B9V
38 G. Serpentis Cap38 G. Ser Cap4026.270.81A3m
40 Serpentis40 Ser2416.281.94A7Vn
7 Serpentis7 Ser4456.290.62A0V
29 G. Serpentis Cau29 G. Ser Cau4306.290.69A8V
23 G. Serpentis Cap23 G. Ser Cap6196.32−0.07K0III
21 G. Serpentis Cau21 G. Ser Cau5076.320.36G8IIp
10 G. Serpentis Cap10 G. Ser Cap1206.343.5K0V
27 G. Serpentis Cau27 G. Ser Cau4726.350.55A4V
12 G. Serpentis Cau12 G. Ser Cau1396.363.21F0V
36 G. Serpentis Cau36 G. Ser Cau2166.362.25F6III-IV
63 G. Serpentis Cau63 G. Ser Cau10876.36−1.25F8Ib-II
24 G. Serpentis Cau24 G. Ser Cau6696.38−0.18K1II
MV SerpentisMV Ser11946.41−1.41A0sp…
45 G. Serpentis Cap45 G. Ser Cap3246.451.46K0
2 G. Serpentis Cau2 G. Ser Cau1546.463.09F1III+…
4 G. Serpentis Cap4 G. Ser Cap12126.47−1.38K0
FQ SerpentisFQ Ser4686.470.69M4III
FR SerpentisFR Ser3356.471.41A2pvar
4 G. Serpentis Cau4 G. Ser Cau4666.480.7K0II/III
60 G. Serpentis Cau60 G. Ser Cau1636.493F9IV
5 G. Serpentis Cap5 G. Ser Cap4326.500.89K0
48 G. Serpentis Cap48 G. Ser Cap5986.500.18K0
Tau4 Serpentisτ4 Ser5206.510.5M5II-III
14 Serpentis14 Ser5146.510.52G8III+…
29 Serpentis29 Ser7806.70−0.19A3
46 Serpentis46 Ser3556.741.55A3
HD 168443HD 1684431246.924.03G5IV
HD 136118HD 1361181716.943.35F9V
HD 142245HD 1422453577.63K0
AlasiaHD 168746HD 1687461417.954.78G5V
KavehHD 175541HD 1755414178.032.49G8IV
Gliese 710Gliese 710639.668.26K7V
AO SerpentisAO Ser1,53011.041.88A2
Stepanian’s StarLX SerpentisLX Ser13.20

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