List of Stars in the Scorpius Constellation

The Scorpius constellation is formed by 18 main stars. There are currently 276 discovered stars in the region inside its perimeter.

The constellation of Scorpius represents a scorpion. It is one of the twelve zodiac constellations.

Below you will find the full list of stars in the Scorpion constellation and their names as well as some general information about each of them.

Here’s what each of the columns means.

Proper name: This is the common name we give to some of the most prominent stars in the sky. These names have been passed from ancient civilizations and they are usually of Greek or Arabic origin. Due to the number of stars in the universe, most stars discovered these days do not receive a proper name.

Name: The scientific, Latinized name for the star.

Designation: Abbreviation of the scientific name or designation if it doesn’t have one. It is based on the Bayer catalog of stars.

Distance: How far away from Earth the star is. Given in light-years.

Visible magnitude: The brightness of the star as seen from Earth. Also known as apparent magnitude.

Absolute magnitude: The true brightness of the star, regardless of the point of view.

Stellar classification: Classification of the star according to its electromagnetic characteristics.

Proper NameNameDesignationDistance (light-years)Visible magnitudeAbsolute magnitudeStellar classification
AntaresAlpha Scorpiiα Sco5530.91−5.24M1.5Iab-b
ShaulaLambda Scorpiiλ Sco7031.62−5.05B2IV+DA7.9
SargasTheta Scorpiiθ Sco2721.86−2.75F1II
DschubbaDelta Scorpiiδ Sco4012.29−3.16B0.2IVe
WeiEpsilon Scorpiiε Sco652.290.78K2IIIb
GirtabKappa Scorpiiκ Sco4642.39−3.38B1.5III
AcrabBeta1 Scorpiiβ1 Sco5302.62−3.44B0.5V
LesathUpsilon Scorpiiυ Sco5182.70−3.31B2IV
PaikauhaleTau Scorpiiτ Sco4302.82−2.78B0V
FangPi Scorpiiπ Sco4592.89−2.85B1V + B2V
AlnyatSigma Scorpiiσ Sco7342.90−3.86B1III
ApollyonIota1 Scorpiiι1 Sco17912.99−5.71F3Ia
XamidimuraMu1 Scorpiiμ1 Sco8213.00−4.01B1.5IV + B
FuyueG ScorpiiG Sco1273.190.24K0/K1III
Eta Scorpiiη Sco723.321.61F3p
PipirimaMu2 Scorpiiμ2 Sco5173.56−2.44B2IV
Zeta2 Scorpiiζ2 Sco1503.620.3K4III
IklilRho Scorpiiρ Sco4093.87−1.62B2IV/V
Jabhat al AkrabOmega1 Scorpiiω1 Sco4233.93−1.64B1V
JabbahNu Scorpiiν Sco4364.00−1.63B2IV
H ScorpiiH Sco3394.18−0.90K5III
N ScorpiiN Sco7464.24−2.56B2III-IV
Q ScorpiiQ Sco1444.261.03G8/K0III/IV
Omega2 Scorpiiω2 Sco2654.31−0.24G6/G8III
Omicron Scorpiiο Sco11774.55−3.24A4II/III
13 Scorpii13 Sco4684.58−1.20B2V
2 Scorpii2 Sco4344.59−1.03B2.5Vn
1 Scorpii1 Sco5224.63−1.39B1.5Vn
Zeta1 Scorpiiζ1 Sco2,6004.70−8.5B1Iae
Xi Scorpii Aξ Sco A924.77
Iota2 Scorpiiι2 Sco37054.78−5.50A6Ib
22 Scorpii22 Sco3934.79−0.61B3V
HD 161840HD 1618406074.79−1.56B8Ib/II
HD 146624HD 1466241404.801.63A0V:
V1073 ScorpiiV1073 Sco26724.83−4.74B2Iab
HD 163145HD 1631453474.85−0.29K2III
HD 163376HD 1633765474.88−1.24M0III
Beta2 Scorpiiβ2 Sco5304.90−2.80B2V
Psi Scorpiiψ Sco1654.931.41A3IV
HD 143787HD 1437872124.960.9K3III
HD 153613HD 1536134915.03−0.86B8V
HD 154948HD 1549483005.060.24G8/K0III+..
Xi Scorpii Bξ Sco B925.07F5IV
HD 145250HD 1452502555.090.62K0III
HD 157243HD 1572437565.10−1.73B7III
Antares BAntares B5535.20−0.9B2.5V
HD 151804HD 15180467925.23−6.36O8Iaf
Chi Scorpiiχ Sco4395.24−0.41K3III
HD 148688HD 14868885795.31−6.79B1Ia
HD 144690HD 1446904255.35−0.23M2III
HD 147513HD 147513425.374.82G3/G5V
HD 142165HD 1421654145.38−0.14B5V
HR 5907HR 59073935.410.01B2V
HD 147628HD 1476284685.42−0.36B8V
HD 142990HD 1429904885.43−0.45B5V
16 Scorpii16 Sco2505.431.01A4V
HD 149404HD 14940430475.46−4.39O9Ia
HD 152234HD 15223459275.46−5.84B0.5Ia
HD 151078HD 1510783695.480.21K0III
27 Scorpii27 Sco7245.48−1.25K5III
18 Scorpii18 Sco465.494.76G1V
HD 144987HD 1449874335.50−0.12B8V
HD 146836HD 1468361355.532.44F5IV
HD 156098HD 1560981655.532.01F6V
HD 160668HD 1606685425.53−0.57K5III
HD 155806HD 15580644665.53−5.13O8Ve
HD 162587HD 16258710555.58−1.97K3III
4 Scorpii4 Sco4325.630.02A3V
HD 150742HD 1507424925.64−0.26B3V
HD 155259HD 1552592115.661.61A0/A1V
12 Scorpii12 Sco2985.670.87B9V
HD 159176HD 15917633965.69−4.40O6V+…
11 Scorpii11 Sco4265.750.17B9V
HD 156293HD 1562933395.760.68B9V
HD 152408HD 15240895885.78−6.56WN9ha
HD 148247HD 1482473195.790.84K1IIICN…
HD 147723HD 1477231075.822.91F9IV
V1003 ScorpiiV1003 Sco6865.83−0.79B2.5IV
HD 142883HD 1428834555.840.11B3V
HD 150331HD 1503312925.841.08G1II
HD 152293HD 1522935.84F5Ib-II
HD 158799HD 1587999825.84−1.55B9Ib/II
HD 162391HD 1623917445.84−0.95G8/K0III
HD 145191HD 1451912265.861.66F0IV
HD 144844HD 1448444265.870.28B9V
3 Scorpii3 Sco4555.870.14B8III/IV
HD 160928HD 1609282695.871.29A2/A3IV/V
V957 ScorpiiV957 Sco8305.87−1.16B6Ib
V929 ScorpiiV929 Sco4875.900.03B8V
HD 145838HD 1458386435.91−0.56K0III
V923 ScorpiiV923 Sco2095.911.88F3V
Gliese 667 AGliese 667 A235.916.69K4V
HD 157097HD 1570974215.910.36K1III
HD 149886HD 1498864345.930.31B9.5V+…
HD 154783HD 1547832675.931.36Fm
HD 162189HD 1621897385.94−0.83M2III
V1068 ScorpiiV1068 Sco11605.95−1.81M3II/III
HD 153368HD 1533682925.951.19K2IIICN…
HD 155450HD 15545037475.95−4.35B1Ib
HD 155826HD 1558261005.953.52G0V
HD 146850HD 1468508655.97−1.15K3IIICNpvar
HD 154310HD 1543104225.980.42A2IV
HD 158105HD 1581056375.98−0.47K0III
HD 150894HD 1508947555.99−0.83A3IV
V906 ScorpiiV906 Sco10096.00−1.45B9V + B9V
BM ScorpiiBM Sco15316.01−2.35K3III + (G)
HD 162517HD 1625172096.031.99F2V
HD 150608HD 1506087036.05−0.62B9II/III
HD 153072HD 1530722696.051.47A3III
HD 162496HD 1624966976.05−0.60K1III
HD 162926HD 1629267486.05−0.75B9.5III
HD 146001HD 1460014626.060.3B8V
HD 152248HD 1522486.06O7e
HD 143619HD 1436194516.070.37K2/K3III
HD 148760HD 1487602256.071.87K1III
HD 146254HD 1462546146.09−0.28A0III
HD 155974HD 1559741056.093.55F6V
HD 159707HD 1597076926.09−0.54B8V
HD 151771HD 1517718536.10−0.99B8II/III
HD 162817HD 1628178426.10−0.96B9.5/A0III
RR ScorpiiRR Sco11506.10M6IIIe
HD 146954HD 1469544966.110.2B9V
HD 154368HD 15436820406.13−2.85O9.5Iab
HD 150591HD 1505914856.140.28B6/B7V
HD 157486HD 1574865056.140.19Ap…
HD 162586HD 1625868256.14−0.88B4III
HD 142250HD 1422505316.150.09B7V
HR 6522HR 65223416.161.06F2IV
HD 144927HD 1449273446.181.07K1III
V861 ScorpiiV861 Sco6.18B0Ia
HD 154153HD 1541532156.182.08A4III
HD 162396HD 1623961076.193.62F8V
HD 155940HD 1559403706.200.92B9/B9.5V
RS ScorpiiRS Sco5886.20−0.08M6-7e
HD 150573HD 1505734306.210.61A4V
HD 143900HD 1439005976.22−0.09K2/K3III
HD 159633HD 15963328356.26−3.44G2Ib
HD 154025HD 1540253196.281.33A2V
HD 163433HD 1634335136.280.29A0IV/V
V900 ScorpiiV900 Sco6.29B1Ia
HD 146834HD 1468344906.290.4K0III
HD 152636HD 1526365816.290.03K5III
Nu Scorpii Cν Sco C6.30
HD 152424HD 1524246.30O9Ia
HD 155276HD 1552763706.301.03K1IIICN…
HD 158042HD 15804215166.30−2.04B5III
HD 144585HD 144585946.324.02G5V
HD 144661HD 1446613846.320.97B8IV/V
HD 145997HD 1459972826.321.63K1III
HD 157038HD 1570386.33B4Ia+…
HD 152431HD 1524316316.34−0.09A5IIIm…
HD 151965HD 1519655886.350.07B9p Si
V1077 ScorpiiV1077 Sco12596.36−1.57B5III
HD 158156HD 1581563326.381.34A1V
HD 162678HD 1626789806.38B9V
HD 145792HD 1457924536.400.69B6IV
HD 146436HD 1464366316.40−0.03G8III
HD 145964HD 1459643456.411.29B9V
HD 161390HD 1613903816.411.07A0V
V951 ScorpiiV951 Sco9736.41−0.96Ap…
HR 6392HR 63926.42K0Ia
HD 157060HD 1570601216.423.58F8V
HD 145100HD 1451001616.432.96F3V
HD 149174HD 1491746146.430.06K2/K3III
HD 158619HD 1586194016.430.98K2III
HD 160748HD 16074826726.44−3.13M1III
HD 147553HD 1475533816.451.11A0V+…
HD 152249HD 15224959006.45O9Ib(f)
HD 150638HD 1506387846.46−0.44B8V
HD 155985HD 1559856.46B0.5Iab:
HD 163234HD 1632345766.460.22K3III
HD 150420HD 1504203886.471.09G3III
HD 153919HD 1539196.48O5f
HD 159312HD 1593123386.481.4A0V
HD 151932HD 1519326.49WN7h
HD 153234HD 1532341656.502.98F3V
4U 1700-374U 1700-3791006.51O7.5Iaf
HD 145102HD 1451025476.57B9p…
V453 ScorpiiV453 Sco84006.61−5.43B0Ia
RV ScorpiiRV Sco14406.61G0Ib
HD 160529HD 16052981506.66−8.9A3Iae
25 Scorpii25 Sco7556.72−0.10K0II
V636 ScorpiiV636 Sco6.74F7/F8Ib/II
+ B9.5V
V760 ScorpiiV760 Sco12807.05B4V
HR 5999HR 59995317.05A7IVe
HD 143567HD 1435675117.18B9V
Gliese 667 BGliese 667 B237.248.02K5
HD 159868HD 1598681727.273.66G5V
HD 147010HD 1470105337.37B9II/III
HD 153950HD 1539501627.393.91F8V
HD 153747HD 1537475887.42A0III
RY ScorpiiRY Sco7.51F6Ib
HD 152219HD 15221959007.57O9IV
V393 ScorpiiV393 Sco24007.59B3III
HD 152218HD 1522187.61O9.5IV(n)
V703 ScorpiiV703 Sco5567.85A9V
V482 ScorpiiV482 Sco7.91F9II
HD 147873HD 1478733427.96G1V
AH ScorpiiAH Sco120008.10M4-5Ia-Iab
HD 145377HD 1453771888.124.31G3V
HD 144432HD 1444325228.19F0IIIe+K7V
V1034 ScorpiiV1034 Sco59008.23O8V
RZ ScorpiiRZ Sco8.30M3e
HD 158393HD 1583939378.57G5:IIIe +F0/2IV/V
V500 ScorpiiV500 Sco10608.81K0
HD 142666HD 1426668.86A8Ve
V907 ScorpiiV907 Sco8.86B9V
V718 ScorpiiV718 Sco3838.86A8III/IV
V701 ScorpiiV701 Sco35008.97B5V
AK ScorpiiAK Sco3359.00F5Ve
HD 326823HD 3268239.03O+…
HD 162020HD 16202095.949.12K3V
GSC 06214-00210GSC 06214-002104739.15M1
KQ ScorpiiKQ Sco11209.33K7
HD 318107HD 3181079.34B8
WR 86WR 8617709.35WC7+B0III
CD -35 11760CD -35 117609.83B4Ibe
AI ScorpiiAI Sco9.98G4
Gliese 667 CGliese 667 C2310.2211M1.5
Pismis 24-1Pismis 24-1815010.43−7.3O3 If*
Gliese 682Gliese 68216.55710.95M3.5
CD -38 10980CD -38 1098042.8911.03DA2
Scorpiirpius X-1Scorpius X-11100011.10Oev
HIP 79431HIP 794314911.3410.47M3V
V921 ScorpiiV921 Sco11.43Bep
HK ScorpiiHK Sco11.70
T ScorpiiT Sco3260012.00
V866 ScorpiiV866 Sco12.05K5
V1094 ScorpiiV1094 Sco12.50K6
1RXS J160929.1−2105241RXS J160929.1−21052447012.977.17K7V
IRAS 17163−3907IRAS 17163−390713.10
CL ScorpiiCL Sco13.25M4
GRO J1655-40GRO J1655-4014.20B9V
XTE J1739-302XTE J1739-30214.80O8.5Iab(f)
Th 28Th 2816.42K0:
MXB 1735-44MXB 1735-4417.40
Wray 17-96Wray 17-961500017.80−10.9B3
V992 ScorpiiV992 Sco18.00
V1187 ScorpiiV1187 Sco18.00
V1186 ScorpiiV1186 Sco18.00
GX 349+2GX 349+218.60
U ScorpiiU Sco19.30
V745 ScorpiiV745 Sco19.30
V1280 ScorpiiV1280 Sco20.00
V1309 ScorpiiV1309 Sco20.40
PSR B1620−26PSR B1620−2621.30
FQ ScorpiiFQ Sco
V455 ScorpiiV455 Sco
V893 ScorpiiV893 Sco
V1018 ScorpiiV1018 Sco
IGR J17252-3616IGR J17252-3616B0-1Ia
OAO 1657-415OAO 1657-415B3:Ia-ab…
Rapid BursterRapid Burster
GX 340+0GX 340+0
OAO 1657-415OAO 1657-41523200Ofpe/WN9 + Q
IGR J17091-3624IGR J17091-3624B9V
4U 1702-424U 1702-42
4U 1705-444U 1705-44
4U 1722-3074U 1722-307
4U 1728-344U 1728-34
4U 1746-3714U 1746-371
XTE J1751-305XTE J1751-305
XTE J1720-318XTE J1720-318
GCRT J1745−3009GCRT J1745−3009B9V
OGLE-2007-BLG-368LOGLE-2007-BLG-368L19230late K?
U ScorpiiCTIO 108UScoCTIO 108M7
PSR B1706−44PSR B1706−44
PSR B1737−30PSR B1737−30
PSR J1614−2230PSR J1614−2230

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