List of Stars in the Sagittarius Constellation

The Sagittarius constellation is formed by 12 main stars. There are currently 231 discovered stars in the region inside its perimeter.

The constellation of Sagittarius represents and archer and is usually depicted as a centaur holding a bow. It is one of the twelve zodiac constellations.

Below you will find the full list of stars in the Sagittarius constellation and their names as well as some general information about each of them.

Here’s what each of the columns means.

Proper name: This is the common name we give to some of the most prominent stars in the sky. These names have been passed from ancient civilizations and they are usually of Greek or Arabic origin. Due to the number of stars in the universe, most stars discovered these days do not receive a proper name.

Name: The scientific, Latinized name for the star.

Designation: Abbreviation of the scientific name or designation if it doesn’t have one. It is based on the Bayer catalog of stars.

Distance: How far away from Earth the star is. Given in light-years.

Visible magnitude: The brightness of the star as seen from Earth. Also known as apparent magnitude.

Absolute magnitude: The true brightness of the star, regardless of the point of view.

Stellar classification: Classification of the star according to its electromagnetic characteristics.

Proper NameNameDesignationDistance (light-years)Visible magnitudeAbsolute magnitudeStellar classification
Kaus Australis / ThalithEpsilon Sagittariiε Sgr1451.79−1.44B9.5III
NunkiSigma Sagittariiσ Sgr2242.05−2.14B2.5V
AscellaZeta Sagittariiζ Sgr892.600.42A3IV
Kaus MediaDelta Sagittariiδ Sgr3062.72−2.14K3III
Kaus BorealisLambda Sagittariiλ Sgr772.820.95K1IIIb
Al BaldahPi Sagittariiπ Sgr4402.88−2.77F2II/III
AlnaslGamma2 Sagittariiγ2 Sgr962.980.63K0III
Rabi Al WaridaEta Sagittariiη Sgr1493.10−0.20M2III
Awal al SaridaPhi Sagittariiφ Sgr2313.17−1.08B8.5III
Rabi al SaridaTau Sagittariiτ Sgr1203.320.48K1/K2III
Xi2 Sagittariiξ2 Sgr3723.52−1.77G8/K0II/III
Omicron Sagittariiο Sgr1393.760.61K0III
PolisMu Sagittariiμ Sgr>30003.84B2III:
Rho1 Sagittariiρ1 Sgr1223.921.06F0III/IV
Arkab PriorBeta1 Sagittariiβ1 Sgr3783.96−1.36B9V
Rukbat / AlramiAlpha Sagittariiα Sgr1703.960.38B8V
Iota Sagittariiι Sgr1894.120.3K0III
Arkab PosteriorBeta2 Sagittariiβ2 Sgr1394.271.13F2III
Theta1 Sagittariiθ1 Sgr6174.37−2.02B2.5IV
62 Sagittarii62 Sgr4484.43−1.26M4III
Upsilon Sagittariiυ Sgr16724.52−4.03B2Vpe+A2IaS
X SagittariiX Sgr10764.53−3.06F7II
59 Sagittarii59 Sgr12074.54−3.30K3III
HD 165634HD 1656343484.55−0.59K0IIICNpvar
52 Sagittarii52 Sgr1894.590.77B8/B9V
NashGamma1 Sagittariiγ1 Sgr20764.66−4.36G0Ib/II
HD 167818HD 1678187004.66−2.00K3III
TerebellumOmega Sagittariiω Sgr784.702.82G3/G5III
4 Sagittarii4 Sgr4364.74−0.89B9V
HD 189831HD 1898314054.77−0.70K4III
21 Sagittarii21 Sgr5974.81−1.50A1/A2V
60 Sagittarii60 Sgr3404.84−0.25G8II/III
HD 172910HD 1729104514.86−0.84B2V
AinalramiNu1 Sagittariiν1 Sgr18524.86−3.91K1II
Psi Sagittariiψ Sgr3304.86−0.16K0/K1III+..
56 Sagittarii56 Sgr2054.870.88K0III
43 Sagittarii43 Sgr5354.88−1.20K0III
1 Sagittarii1 Sgr2444.960.59K0III
HD 190056HD 1900563244.990K1III/IV
14 G. Sagittarii14 G. Sgr9345.00−2.29K5/M0III
AinalramiNu2 Sagittariiν2 Sgr2705.000.41K1Ib/II
61 Sagittarii61 Sgr2925.010.25A2V
Xi1 Sagittariiξ1 Sgr50155.02−5.92B9.5Ib
NamalsadirahChi1 Sagittariiχ1 Sgr2215.020.87A4IV/V
55 Sagittarii55 Sgr1755.061.42F3IV/V
76 G. Sagittarii76 G. Sgr2135.121.04B9/B9.5V
29 Sagittarii29 Sgr7495.22−1.59K2III
77 G. Sagittarii77 G. Sgr22335.28−3.90B2III/IV
15 Sagittarii15 Sgr5.29B0/1Ia/ab
54 Sagittarii54 Sgr2455.300.92K1III
Theta2 Sagittariiθ2 Sgr1575.301.89A4/A5IV
V3961 SagittariiV3961 Sgr3395.320.24A0p
HR 7703HR 7703205.326.41K2V
V4050 SagittariiV4050 Sgr6195.33−1.06B7Ib/II
7 Sagittarii7 Sgr11055.37−2.28F2/F3II/III
75 G. Sagittarii75 G. Sgr3505.370.22A5V
28 Sagittarii28 Sgr12785.37−2.60K5III
Chi3 Sagittariiχ3 Sgr5055.45−0.50K3III
193 G. Sagittarii193 G. Sgr2545.461K1/K2III
212 G. Sagittarii212 G. Sgr1015.463.01F7V
14 Sagittarii14 Sgr5055.49−0.46K2III
24 Sagittarii24 Sgr34325.49−4.62K3III
134 G. Sagittarii134 G. Sgr5465.49−0.63A0V
226 G. Sagittarii226 G. Sgr1205.492.67F5V
126 G. Sagittarii126 G. Sgr5145.51−0.48B4V
153 G. Sagittarii153 G. Sgr5655.51−0.68K3III
228 G. Sagittarii228 G. Sgr5455.51−0.61B8III
32 G. Sagittarii32 G. Sgr2495.521.1K0III
60 G. Sagittarii60 G. Sgr3195.520.57K0III
37 G. Sagittarii37 G. Sgr3605.530.31K1III + (F)
114 G. Sagittarii114 G. Sgr1045.563.03F5/F6IV/V
V4024 SagittariiV4024 Sgr15315.56−2.80B2V
50 Sagittarii50 Sgr5565.57−0.59K1/K2III
18 Sagittarii18 Sgr6535.58−0.93K0III
162 G. Sagittarii162 G. Sgr18425.59−3.17B4III
165 G. Sagittarii165 G. Sgr1865.591.81A6:m…
Kappa1 Sagittariiκ1 Sgr2445.601.23A0V
74 G. Sagittarii74 G. Sgr2935.630.86K0III
131 G. Sagittarii131 G. Sgr2765.630.99K2III
51 Sagittarii51 Sgr2905.640.89A1m…
Kappa2 Sagittariiκ2 Sgr3705.640.36A3V
262 G. Sagittarii262 G. Sgr685.654.05F7V
186 G. Sagittarii186 G. Sgr2255.661.46B8/B9V
209 G. Sagittarii209 G. Sgr4425.660K0III
33 Sagittarii33 Sgr17345.68−2.95G8/K0II
63 Sagittarii63 Sgr3095.690.8A1IV
189 G. Sagittarii189 G. Sgr1875.701.91Am
187 G. Sagittarii187 G. Sgr8625.71−1.40B7IV
21 G. Sagittarii21 G. Sgr5.72B0Iab…
184 G. Sagittarii184 G. Sgr7235.72−1.01K2III
12 G. Sagittarii12 G. Sgr3655.740.49G8III
10 G. Sagittarii10 G. Sgr1645.762.25A7III/IV
Y SagittariiY Sgr12945.76−2.23F8II
84 G. Sagittarii84 G. Sgr4655.780.01B8III
152 G. Sagittarii152 G. Sgr21175.79−3.27K2III
259 G. Sagittarii259 G. Sgr3595.800.59A8III
50 G. Sagittarii50 G. Sgr10455.81−1.72K2III
94 G. Sagittarii94 G. Sgr7935.82−1.11B8III
Rho2 Sagittariiρ2 Sgr3595.840.63K0III
HD 172051HD 172051425.855.28G5V
296 G. Sagittarii296 G. Sgr5415.86−0.24G8II/III
57 Sagittarii57 Sgr3125.880.98K0III
9 Sagittarii9 Sgr49395.89−5.01O6Vf
V4089 SagittariiV4089 Sgr4355.890.26A5IV-III
HD 169830HD 1698301185.903.1F8V
116 G. Sagittarii116 G. Sgr8915.91−1.27B6III
180 G. Sagittarii180 G. Sgr2705.911.32K3III
83 G. Sagittarii83 G. Sgr3145.931.01A5IV
138 G. Sagittarii138 G. Sgr8695.93−1.20B8IIIsp…
29 G. Sagittarii29 G. Sgr575.944.74G3V
260 G. Sagittarii260 G. Sgr3165.951.02G8/K0III
16 Sagittarii16 Sgr5.96B0.5Ib/II
132 G. Sagittarii132 G. Sgr14825.96−2.33K0II/III
218 G. Sagittarii218 G. Sgr4155.970.45K0III
25 G. Sagittarii25 G. Sgr3555.980.79K2III
13 G. Sagittarii13 G. Sgr13315.99−2.06B3II/III
141 G. Sagittarii141 G. Sgr8936.00−1.19B7V
264 G. Sagittarii264 G. Sgr3136.011.1K0III
RS SagittariiRS Sgr8816.03−1.13B3/B4IV/V
179 G. Sagittarii179 G. Sgr13156.03−2.00B2Vnn
233 G. Sagittarii233 G. Sgr1496.042.75F3V
V4387 SagittariiV4387 Sgr39286.05−4.35Ap Si
140 G. Sagittarii140 G. Sgr9166.05−1.19K3III
295 G. Sagittarii295 G. Sgr3526.080.91K3III
121 G. Sagittarii121 G. Sgr4366.090.46K3III
163 G. Sagittarii163 G. Sgr5176.090.09K4III
148 G. Sagittarii148 G. Sgr3926.110.71K1III
197 G. Sagittarii197 G. Sgr12356.11−1.78A2V
232 G. Sagittarii232 G. Sgr2046.112.13A6:IIIm…
258 G. Sagittarii258 G. Sgr11016.11−1.53M0III
108 G. Sagittarii108 G. Sgr4936.120.22K1III
38 G. Sagittarii38 G. Sgr6.13B2II/III
178 G. Sagittarii178 G. Sgr5796.13−0.12M1/M2III
V4333 SagittariiV4333 Sgr2406.131.8F0V
62 G. Sagittarii62 G. Sgr4616.140.39K0III
123 G. Sagittarii123 G. Sgr2556.141.67A1V
224 G. Sagittarii224 G. Sgr8536.14−0.95B8IV/V
58 G. Sagittarii58 G. Sgr4756.150.33A3III
3 G. Sagittarii3 G. Sgr18116.18−2.54G3/G5Ib
63 Oph63 Oph6.18O7/O8III
49 G. Sagittarii49 G. Sgr3976.180.75A5V
70 Sagittarii70 Sgr11646.19−1.57M3III
71 G. Sagittarii71 G. Sgr5676.19−0.01B8III/IV
280 G. Sagittarii280 G. Sgr3446.201.08K2III
16 G. Sagittarii16 G. Sgr8586.22−0.88K0III
HD 165516HD 16551642346.22−4.35O+…
26 Sagittarii26 Sgr2086.222.2A3m…
V4200 SagittariiV4200 Sgr466.225.46K3/K4V
297 G. Sagittarii297 G. Sgr1296.243.25K1IV
128 G. Sagittarii128 G. Sgr15236.25−2.10K3III
GumalaV5652 SagittariiV5652 Sgr886.254.09F8V
V4199 SagittariiV4199 Sgr6796.25−0.34B5III
6 Sagittarii6 Sgr18526.27−2.50K2III
206 G. Sagittarii206 G. Sgr3466.271.14K0III
254 G. Sagittarii254 G. Sgr2146.272.18K1III
69 G. Sagittarii69 G. Sgr2696.281.69A3/A4V
109 G. Sagittarii109 G. Sgr3866.280.91G8/K0III
V4198 SagittariiV4198 Sgr7246.28−0.45B8V
150 G. Sagittarii150 G. Sgr5026.280.34B8/B9V
30 Sagittarii30 Sgr2456.291.91F2IV
17 G. Sagittarii17 G. Sgr7216.30−0.42B7/B8II/III
64 G. Sagittarii64 G. Sgr9626.30−1.05B7III
143 G. Sagittarii143 G. Sgr6726.30−0.27B9.5V
282 G. Sagittarii282 G. Sgr11486.30−1.43K4III
V4434 SagittariiV4434 Sgr8516.30−0.78M4III
V3894 SagittariiV3894 Sgr11366.31−1.40B3Vn
68 G. Sagittarii68 G. Sgr2526.311.87A7V
90 G. Sagittarii90 G. Sgr3576.311.11K0III
129 G. Sagittarii129 G. Sgr5596.310.14K0III
263 G. Sagittarii263 G. Sgr2806.311.64A2/A3V
V3879 SagittariiV3879 Sgr12216.32−1.55M4III
39 G. Sagittarii39 G. Sgr3656.331.09A2V
167 G. Sagittarii167 G. Sgr3216.331.36K1III
53 Sagittarii53 Sgr4066.330.85A0V
V4405 SagittariiV4405 Sgr7386.34−0.43M2/M3III
96 G. Sagittarii96 G. Sgr1856.352.58F5/F6V
127 G. Sagittarii127 G. Sgr8096.35−0.62K0III
48 G. Sagittarii48 G. Sgr976.364F8V
80 G. Sagittarii80 G. Sgr10586.36−1.20K1III
125 G. Sagittarii125 G. Sgr8306.37−0.66G5/G6II
133 G. Sagittarii133 G. Sgr2656.371.82F5V
36 G. Sagittarii36 G. Sgr3656.391.15K0III
151 G. Sagittarii151 G. Sgr4576.390.66K0III
34 G. Sagittarii34 G. Sgr30196.42−3.41A2/A3Iab
269 G. Sagittarii269 G. Sgr1886.442.64F7V
115 G. Sagittarii115 G. Sgr7316.45−0.30K2III
103 G. Sagittarii103 G. Sgr7956.46−0.48A1V + K1III
290 G. Sagittarii290 G. Sgr4446.460.79K3III
234 G. Sagittarii234 G. Sgr16386.47−2.04K5III
V505 SagittariiV505 Sgr3806.471.14A1V
244 G. Sagittarii244 G. Sgr12596.47−1.46K2/K3III
9 G. Sagittarii9 G. Sgr3636.481.25A1V
166 G. Sagittarii166 G. Sgr686.484.88G1/G2V
196 G. Sagittarii196 G. Sgr1376.483.37F6V
V4190 SagittariiV4190 Sgr3046.491.64F0IV/V
25 Sagittarii25 Sgr32286.53−3.45F2II
65 Sagittarii65 Sgr4026.531.07A0V
RY SagittariiRY Sgr90566.58−5.64Cp
17 Sagittarii17 Sgr6056.890.55A7:
HD 187085HD 1870851477.223.95G0V
Namalsadirah IVChi2 Sagittariiχ2 Sgr11857.27−0.53B7IV
HD 181342HD 1813423777.552.24K0III
HD 180902HD 1809023747.782.48K0III/IV
HD 190647HD 1906471777.784.11G5V
HD 181720HD 1817201827.864.12G1V
HD 169142HD 1691424738.16A7V
HD 171238HD 1712381448.665.44K0V
HD 165155HD 1651552129.36G8V
HD 164604HD 16460412410.047.14K2V
Ross 154Ross 1549.6810.4413.08M3.5V
Sakurai’s objectV4334V433411.60F2Ia C~
OGLE-TR-10OGLE-TR-10500014.93G or K
Pistol StarPistol Star25000LBV
LBV 1806-20LBV 1806-2028000LBV
Wolf-Rayet starWR 102eaWR 102ea26000
KW SagittariiKW Sgr9000-M1.5 Iab

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