List of Stars in the Puppis Constellation

The Puppis constellation is formed by 9 main stars. There are currently 259 discovered stars in the region inside its perimeter. It is located in the second quadrant of the southern sky.

The constellation of Puppis represents the upper deck of a ship.

Below you will find the full list of stars in the Puppis constellation and their names as well as some general information about each of them.

Here’s what each of the columns means.

Proper name: This is the common name we give to some of the most prominent stars in the sky. These names have been passed from ancient civilizations and they are usually of Greek or Arabic origin. Due to the number of stars in the universe, most stars discovered these days do not receive a proper name.

Name: The scientific, Latinized name for the star.

Designation: Abbreviation of the scientific name or designation if it doesn’t have one. It is based on the Bayer catalog of stars.

Distance: How far away from Earth the star is. Given in light-years.

Visible magnitude: The brightness of the star as seen from Earth. Also known as apparent magnitude.

Absolute magnitude: The true brightness of the star, regardless of the point of view.

Stellar classification: Classification of the star according to its electromagnetic characteristics.

Proper NameNameDesignationDistance (light-years)Visible magnitudeAbsolute magnitudeStellar classification
NaosZeta Puppisζ Pup1399.002.21−5.95O5Iaf
AhadiPi Puppisπ Pup1094.002.71−4.92K3Ib
TureisRho Puppisρ Pup63.002.831.41F2mF5IIp
Tau Puppisτ Pup183.002.94−0.80K0III…
Nu Puppisν Pup423.003.17−2.39B8III SB
Sigma Puppisσ Pup184.003.25−0.51K5III SB
AzmidiXi Puppisξ Pup1347.003.34−4.74G6Ia
c Puppisc Pup1387.003.62−4.52K4III
HD 64440HD 64440345.003.71−1.41G5III…
3 Puppis3 Pup2280.003.94−5.30A2Iab
HD 63922HD 639221964.004.10−4.80B0III
11 Puppis11 Pup502.004.20−1.74F7/F8II
HD 64760HD 647601940.004.22−4.65B0.5Ib
Omicron Puppisο Pup2470.004.40−5.00B1IV:nne
16 Puppis16 Pup472.004.40−1.41B5V
L2 PuppispisL2 Puppis198.004.420.5M5e
HD 69142HD 69142310.004.42−0.47K1II/III
NS PuppisNS Pup1874.004.44−4.36K4III
HD 70060HD 7006093.004.442.16A4m…
HD 60532HD 6053284.004.462.41F6V
V PuppisV Pup1164.004.47−3.29B1Vp + B2
QW PuppisQW Pup69.004.492.86F0IV
QZ PuppisQZ Pup640.004.49−1.98B2V
Markabk1 Puppisk1 Pup454.004.50−1.92B6V
HD 61330HD 61330358.004.53−0.67B8IV/V
HD 65810HD 65810238.004.610.29A1V
k2 Puppisk2 Pup462.004.62−1.81B5IV
1 Puppis1 Pup976.004.63−2.75K5III
HD 64740HD 64740720.004.63−2.09B1.5Vp
NV PuppisNV Pup847.004.65−2.42B2V+…
HD 59890HD 598901753.004.65−4.00G2Ib…
HD 60863HD 60863225.004.650.46B8V
PU PuppisPU Pup551.004.69−1.45B8IV
Q PuppisQ Pup227.004.690.48K0III
19 Puppis19 Pup185.004.720.95K0III
HD 68601HD 686014657.004.73−6.04A7Ib
HD 56456HD 56456354.004.75−0.43B8/B9V
Chi Puppisχ Pup1442.004.76−3.47A7III
MX PuppisMX Pup979.004.78−2.61B2ne
KQ PuppisKQ Pup3361.004.82−5.25A4Ia
A PuppisA Pup751.004.83−1.98B3IV/V
HD 70555HD 70555838.004.83−2.22K2/K3III
HD 61831HD 61831574.004.84−1.39B3V
HD 59612HD 596123228.004.85−5.13A6Ib/II
OU PuppisOU Pup181.004.871.14Ap
H PuppisH Pup192.004.921.07A4IV
HD 51799HD 517991062.004.94−2.62M1III
HD 61772HD 61772676.004.98−1.60K3III
HD 50235HD 50235906.004.99−2.23K2/K3III
20 Puppis20 Pup1230.004.99−2.89G5Ib/II
HR 3079HR 307959.005.013.73F3/F5V
HR 2770HR 2770959.005.03−2.31B3V
4 Puppis4 Pup236.005.030.73F2V
HR 2998HR 299879.005.043.13G5IV
HR 2462HR 2462436.005.05−0.58G8III
HD 60584HD 6058495.005.062.74F6V
HD 52092HD 52092760.005.07−1.77B4IV/V
HR 3035HR 30351240.005.07−2.83B2IV/V
N PuppisN Pup1283.005.08−2.90B2.5IV
12 Puppis12 Pup786.005.09−1.82G8II
OS PuppisOS Pup1177.005.09−2.70B2V:
NW PuppisNW Pup836.005.11−1.93A0V
HR 2719HR 2719313.005.120.21K2III
HR 3002HR 3002215.005.121.02K1III
HR 2548HR 254882.005.143.13F5III
O PuppisO Pup300.005.140.32K2III
9 Puppis9 Pup54.005.164.05G2V
6 Puppis6 Pup253.005.170.72K3III
HR 3283HR 32831630.005.18−3.31B2IV-V+…
C PuppisC Pup315.005.200.27Am
HR 3037HR 30371672.005.22−3.33B1V
HR 3140HR 3140189.005.221.41F3V
F PuppisF Pup469.005.24−0.55A0V
MZ PuppisMZ Pup2345.005.25−4.03M2II
HD 49591HD 49591331.005.270.24B8/B9V
HR 2384HR 2384169.005.281.71F2V
E PuppisE Pup434.005.30−0.32A3p…
HR 3043HR 3043365.005.310.35G1.5IIIFe-0.5
HR 3315HR 3315506.005.32−0.64K4/K5III
HR 3183HR 31831221.005.33−2.54A3Ib/II
171 G. Puppis171 G. Pup50.005.364.45G0V
HR 3114HR 31141120.005.36−2.32B2.5V
HD 59635HD 59635556.005.41−0.75B3V
HR 2981HR 2981617.005.41−0.98B3V
OW PuppisOW Pup1273.005.42−2.54B2Vne
HR 3085HR 3085756.005.44−1.39K1IIICN…
HR 3326HR 3326813.005.45−1.53B3V
5 Puppis5 Pup99.005.483.08F5+…
HR 3091HR 3091801.005.48−1.47B2V
V336 PuppisV336 Pup486.005.52−0.35Ap Si
HR 3324HR 3324268.005.520.95K1/K2III
18 Puppis18 Pup73.005.533.77F7V
HR 2863HR 2863674.005.55−1.03B9Vsp…
HD 53705HD 5370553.005.564.51G3V…
HR 3279HR 3279450.005.58−0.12A3V
HR 3266HR 3266413.005.590.08K2III
HR 2994HR 2994598.005.60−0.72B5V
HR 3052HR 3052691.005.61−1.02M0III
V390 PuppisV390 Pup1863.005.62−3.16B2II
HR 3068HR 3068274.005.621K0III
HR 2771HR 2771692.005.64−0.99K4III
HR 2899HR 2899292.005.640.88K0III
HR 2988HR 2988333.005.640.59K1III
V378 PuppisV378 Pup1655.005.66−2.87B2/3V(n)
HR 3194HR 3194921.005.66−1.59B4V
HR 3308HR 3308631.005.67−0.76A1III/IV
MY PuppisMY Pup5015.005.68−5.26F4Iab
PT PuppisPT Pup1698.005.69−2.89B2II
HD 61391HD 61391497.005.69−0.23B9V
10 Puppis10 Pup1185.005.69−2.11F2IV/V
HR 3281HR 3281286.005.710.99K0III
PR PuppisPR Pup425.005.720.14A0p
HD 61878HD 61878612.005.73−0.64B5V
G PuppisG Pup675.005.76−0.82B9V
HD 61899HD 618991116.005.76−1.91B3III
HR 3242HR 3242227.005.771.56K1III
HR 2873HR 28731144.005.78−1.95B2IV
HR 2913HR 2913313.005.780.87K1III
HD 61641HD 61641964.005.78−1.58B3III
D PuppisD Pup842.005.80−1.26B3V
HR 3007HR 3007142.005.802.61F0IV
HR 2769HR 2769679.005.81−0.78B4V
QS PuppisQS Pup1918.005.82−3.03B1.5IV
HR 3160HR 3160518.005.83−0.18K2/K3III
HR 2900HR 2900306.005.840.98A3III
M PuppisM Pup621.005.86−0.54B8II/III
HD 60585HD 605855.87
V392 PuppisV392 Pup632.005.87−0.57B5V
HR 3291HR 32915.88F2Iab
HR 3011HR 3011608.005.89−0.46B8V
HR 3071HR 3071259.005.891.39K2III
HR 2856HR 2856973.005.90−1.47B4V
HR 3023HR 3023988.005.90−1.51B1/B2V
HR 3154HR 3154595.005.90−0.41A3IV
HR 2960HR 2960720.005.92−0.80K0III
HD 41742HD 4174287.005.933.77F6V
HR 2558HR 2558180.005.942.23A3V
V363 PuppisV363 Pup903.005.94−1.27B4V
V397 PuppisV397 Pup478.005.940.11B9V
HR 2759HR 2759552.005.95−0.19B4III/IV
HD 69830HD 6983041.005.955.45K0V
HR 3320HR 3320333.005.960.91A3m…
V438 PuppisV438 Pup3105.005.97−3.92B3V
HR 2860HR 2860881.005.98−1.18B5III
HR 3137HR 31371076.005.98−1.61B4V
V468 PuppisV468 Pup1353.005.99−2.10B4III
HR 3148HR 3148377.006.010.7A2V
HR 3316HR 3316111.006.013.36F2/F3V
HR 3020HR 3020886.006.02−1.15B6IV
HR 3101HR 3101856.006.02−1.08B6V
HR 2868HR 2868111.006.053.39F5V
QU PuppisQU Pup1762.006.05−2.61B2IV
2 Puppis A2 Pup A359.006.060.85A6/A7
HR 3239HR 32391575.006.07−2.35B2V
NO PuppispisNO Puppis613.006.07−0.30B9IV/V
HR 2685HR 2685660.006.09−0.44G0III
HR 3111HR 3111703.006.09−0.58K3III
HR 2913HR 2913287.006.111.39A9IV
HR 3051HR 30511874.006.11−2.69K1III
HR 3241HR 32411482.006.11−2.18B2IV/V
14 Puppis14 Pup1575.006.12−2.30B3III
HR 3276HR 3276712.006.12−0.58G8/K0III
PY PuppisPY Pup1509.006.13−2.20A0p
22 Puppis22 Pup411.006.130.63K0III
V368 PuppisV368 Pup694.006.14−0.50A8V
T PuppisT Pup600.006.14−0.19M2III
HR 3092HR 3092678.006.14−0.45K4III
HR 2677HR 2677182.006.152.42F2V
HR 3177HR 31773396.006.15−3.94G1Ib
HR 3253HR 32531895.006.15−2.67K2III
HR 3286HR 3286219.006.152.01A4V
HR 2475HR 24751058.006.16−1.40B4V
HR 2976HR 2976860.006.16−0.95M0/M1III
V339 PuppisV339 Pup1449.006.19−2.05B3Vne
HR 2955HR 2955393.006.200.79G8III
HR 3118HR 31181009.006.21−1.24B5V
HR 3199HR 3199389.006.210.82G8III
HR 3251HR 3251349.006.221.07G6:III+…
HR 2612HR 2612141.006.233.05F5V
HR 2626HR 2626424.006.230.66A0V
HR 3042HR 30421874.006.23−2.57B8/B9II
HR 2594HR 2594175.006.242.59K0/K1III
HR 2187HR 2187751.006.26−0.55B8II
HR 2604HR 2604644.006.27−0.21K2III
V376 PuppisV376 Pup672.006.27−0.30B8IV (p Si)
HR 3205HR 3205979.006.27−1.12B+…
HR 2211HR 2211663.006.28−0.26A0V
HR 2482HR 2482298.006.281.48A+…
PX PuppisPX Pup1221.006.28−1.59M5/M6III
HR 3166HR 3166780.006.28−0.61G8II
V436 PuppisV436 Pup1399.006.28−1.88M2III
HR 2488HR 2488549.006.300.17A8:+…
HR 2794HR 2794734.006.31−0.45K2/K3III
QY PuppisQY Pup2280.006.31−2.91K3Iab/b
HR 3155HR 3155823.006.31−0.70M3III
NP PuppisNP Pup1364.006.32−1.79C3II
HR 2829HR 2829697.006.32−0.33B5V
HR 3057HR 3057329.006.321.3K0III
21 Puppis21 Pup858.006.32−0.78A1V
OX PuppisOX Pup685.006.33−0.28Ap Si
HR 2933HR 293340750.006.34−9.14F0Ib
HR 3074HR 30741583.006.34−2.09B2IV-V
HD 41700HD 4170087.006.354.22F7.5V
HR 2895HR 2895739.006.35−0.43B8V
HR 3142HR 31421283.006.35−1.63B2IV-V
PQ PuppisPQ Pup1772.006.36−2.32B3V
8 Puppis8 Pup244.006.372F3IV
HR 3143HR 3143838.006.37−0.68B2IV-V
HR 3190HR 31901449.006.37−1.87A3III
HR 2945HR 2945566.006.380.18K4III
HR 3027HR 30272397.006.38−2.95K5II/III
HR 2641HR 2641418.006.390.85G8II/III
HR 3019HR 3019962.006.39−0.96B9III
HD 61589HD 61589667.006.40−0.15K3III
HR 3233HR 3233561.006.400.22A3V
HR 2984HR 29841140.006.41−1.31B7IV/V
HR 2563HR 2563695.006.42−0.22K2/K3III
HR 3001HR 3001580.006.420.17B8IV
HR 3219HR 32192451.006.42−2.96B0III
4289.006.42−4.18M0III + A3/5
HR 3060HR 3060505.006.430.48B9.5V
HR 3261HR 3261466.006.430.65K0III
HR 2658HR 2658408.006.440.95A0V
HR 3275HR 3275815.006.44−0.55B8Ib/II
HR 3317HR 3317698.006.44−0.21K1III
HR 3069HR 3069561.006.450.27G6III
HR 2579HR 2579424.006.470.9B8V
HR 2178HR 2178372.006.481.19K1III
HR 2204HR 2204196.006.482.58F8V
V420 PuppisV420 Pup1299.006.49B3III/IV
HD 63734HD 63734417.006.490.96K2III
HR 2956HR 2956819.006.50−0.50B6V
R PuppispisR Puppis6.56G2Ia-0
2 Puppis B2 Pup B402.007.031.57A0/A1V
HD 70642HD 7064294.007.184.89G6V
HD 50499HD 50499154.007.22GIV
HD 55696HD 55696235.007.90G0V
NosaxaHD 48265HD 48265285.008.073.36G5IV/V
NGC 2423-3NGC 2423-32500.009.450.03
HIP 38594HIP 3859458.009.70M0

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