List of Stars in the Pisces Constellation

The Pisces constellation is formed by 18 main stars. There are currently 177 discovered stars in the region inside its perimeter. It is located in the first quadrant of the northern sky.

The constellation of Pisces represents a pair of fishes. It is one zodiac constellations.

Below you will find the full list of stars in the Pisces constellation and their names as well as some general information about each of them.

Here’s what each of the columns means.

Proper name: This is the common name we give to some of the most prominent stars in the sky. These names have been passed from ancient civilizations and they are usually of Greek or Arabic origin. Due to the number of stars in the universe, most stars discovered these days do not receive a proper name.

Name: The scientific, Latinized name for the star.

Designation: Abbreviation of the scientific name or designation if it doesn’t have one. It is based on the Bayer catalog of stars.

Distance: How far away from Earth the star is. Given in light-years.

Visible magnitude: The brightness of the star as seen from Earth. Also known as apparent magnitude.

Absolute magnitude: The true brightness of the star, regardless of the point of view.

Stellar classification: Classification of the star according to its electromagnetic characteristics.

Proper NameNameDesignationDistance (light-years)Visible magnitudeAbsolute magnitudeStellar classification
AlphergEta Pisciumη Psc294.003.62−1.16G8III
SimmahGamma Pisciumγ Psc131.003.700.68G7III
Cauda PiscisOmega Pisciumω Psc106.004.031.47F4IV
Iota Pisciumι Psc45.004.133.43F7V
TorcularOmicron Pisciumο Psc258.004.26−0.23K0III
KahtEpsilon Pisciumε Psc190.004.270.44K0III
Theta Pisciumθ Psc159.004.270.83K1III
AlreschaAlpha Piscium Aα Psc A139.004.33A0p
30 Piscium30 Psc415.004.37−1.15M3III
LinteumDelta Pisciumδ Psc305.004.44−0.42K5III
Nu Pisciumν Psc368.004.45−0.81K3III
Fumalsa makahBeta Pisciumβ Psc492.004.48−1.42B6Ve
Lambda Pisciumλ Psc101.004.492.04A7V
AnunitumTau Pisciumτ Psc162.004.511.03K0III-IV…
33 Piscium33 Psc128.004.611.63K1III
Xi Pisciumξ Psc191.004.610.78K0III SB
Chi Pisciumχ Psc439.004.66−0.99K0III
Phi Pisciumφ Psc377.004.67−0.65K0III…
Upsilon Pisciumυ Psc311.004.74−0.16A3V
Mu Pisciumμ Psc360.004.84−0.38K4III
27 Piscium27 Psc224.004.880.7G9III
Kappa Pisciumκ Psc162.004.951.47A0p
19 Piscium19 Psc760.004.95−1.89C5II
47 Piscium47 Psc490.005.01−0.88M3IIIvar
7 Piscium7 Psc341.005.05−0.05K2III
64 Piscium64 Psc78.005.073.18F8V…
29 Piscium29 Psc409.005.13−0.36B7III-IV
89 Piscium89 Psc220.005.130.99A3V
82 Piscium82 Psc560.005.15−1.03F0V
Zeta Piscium Aζ Psc A148.005.211.93A7IV
Alpha Piscium Bα Psc B5.23A3m
91 Piscium91 Psc344.005.230.12K5III
107 Piscium107 Psc24.005.245.87K1V
Psi¹ Piscium Aψ¹ Psc A238.005.331.01A1Vn
Rho Pisciumρ Psc85.005.353.27F2V:var
57 Piscium57 Psc587.005.36−0.92M4III
41 Piscium41 Psc395.005.38−0.04K3III
52 Piscium52 Psc257.005.380.9K0III
5 Piscium5 Psc280.005.420.75G8IV
2 Piscium2 Psc280.005.430.76K1III:
55 Piscium55 Psc433.005.43−0.14K2IIIa
68 Piscium68 Psc704.005.44−1.23G6III
20 Piscium20 Psc291.005.490.73G8III
Sigma Pisciumσ Psc414.005.50−0.02B9.5V
94 Piscium94 Psc307.005.500.63K1III
58 Piscium58 Psc262.005.510.99G8II
80 Piscium80 Psc117.005.512.73F0III-IV
34 Piscium34 Psc325.005.540.55B9V
Pi Pisciumπ Psc110.005.542.89F0V
Psi¹ Piscium Bψ¹ Psc B222.005.551.38A0Vn
Psi² Pisciumψ² Psc161.005.562.09A3V
Psi³ Pisciumψ³ Psc403.005.570.11G0III
22 Piscium22 Psc1181.005.59−2.21K4II
72 Piscium72 Psc178.005.641.95F4II-III
16 Piscium16 Psc101.005.683.22F6Vbwvar
51 Piscium51 Psc264.005.691.15B9.5V
32 Piscium32 Psc123.005.702.82F0V
HD 4628HD 462824.005.746.38K2V
44 Piscium44 Psc593.005.77−0.53G5III
21 Piscium21 Psc267.005.771.2A5m
XZ PisciumXZ Psc643.005.78−0.69M5IIb
66 Piscium66 Psc367.005.800.54A1Vn
67 G. Piscium67 G. Psc179.005.842.14K1III
11 G. Piscium11 G. Psc547.005.85−0.27K4III
54 Piscium54 Psc36.005.805.65K0V
53 Piscium53 Psc856.005.89−1.21B2.5IV
112 Piscium112 Psc101.005.893.43G2IV
40 G. Piscium40 G. Psc338.005.890.81A3Vn
131 G. Piscium131 G. Psc328.005.910.9G9III
14 Piscium14 Psc230.005.911.67A2m
62 Piscium62 Psc661.005.92−0.62G8III
24 Piscium24 Psc499.005.930G9III
87 Piscium87 Psc500.005.970.04B8III
60 Piscium60 Psc455.005.980.25G8III
105 Piscium105 Psc454.005.980.26K2III
97 Piscium97 Psc379.006.010.69A4IV
35 Piscium35 Psc261.006.021.5F0IV
73 Piscium73 Psc721.006.03−0.69K5III
88 Piscium88 Psc461.006.040.29G6III:
48 Piscium48 Psc1113.006.05−1.62K5III
88 G. Piscium88 G. Psc119.006.043.24F5V Sr
84 G. Piscium84 G. Psc541.006.08−0.02K1III
67 Piscium67 Psc273.006.081.47A5IV
59 Piscium59 Psc349.006.110.96F0Vn
1 Piscium1 Psc307.006.111.24A7III
36 Piscium36 Psc442.006.120.46G8II-III
WW PisciumWW Psc1062.006.14−1.42M2III
75 Piscium75 Psc366.006.140.89G8III
HD 217107HD 21710764.006.174.7G8IV
5 Cet5 Cet1003.006.18−1.26K2III
76 G. Piscium76 G. Psc330.006.191.17K0II
118 G. Piscium118 G. Psc367.006.220.96K1IIIvar
3 Piscium3 Psc639.006.22−0.24G4III
26 Piscium26 Psc403.006.220.76B9V
78 Piscium78 Psc137.006.233.12F5IV
101 Piscium101 Psc2296.006.23−3.01B9.5III
42 Piscium42 Psc545.006.250.13K3III
9 Piscium9 Psc407.006.260.78G7III
109 Piscium109 Psc106.006.273.71G5IV
WZ PisciumWZ Psc879.006.27−0.88M4
76 Piscium76 Psc582.006.280.02K0
5 G. Piscium5 G. Psc460.006.280.53K1III
25 Piscium25 Psc462.006.290.53A1V
121 G. Piscium121 G. Psc584.006.310.04K0
HD 6HD 6469.006.320.53G9III:
31 Piscium31 Psc432.006.330.72A6V
DT PisciumDT Psc1016.006.33−1.14M2S SB
24 G. Piscium24 G. Psc1436.006.33−1.89K2
124 G. Piscium124 G. Psc181.006.342.62F2
77 Piscium A77 Psc A149.006.353.05F3V
8 G. Piscium8 G. Psc313.006.351.44A1V
30 G. Piscium30 G. Psc924.006.35−0.91K0
7 G. Piscium7 G. Psc317.006.381.44F0V
98 G. Piscium98 G. Psc448.006.390.7K0III
CY PisciumCY Psc906.006.39−0.83M0
16 G. Piscium16 G. Psc409.006.390.9G9III
13 Piscium13 Psc801.006.39−0.56K1III
46 Piscium46 Psc533.006.400.33K0
15 G. Piscium15 G. Psc271.006.421.82F2V
4 Cet4 Cet487.006.430.56B8IIIsp…
92 G. Piscium92 G. Psc577.006.430.19K4III
Zeta Piscium Bζ Psc B195.006.442.55F7V
138 G. Piscium138 G. Psc479.006.440.6K0
13 G. Piscium13 G. Psc571.006.440.22G5
15 Piscium15 Psc310.006.471.58K0
45 G. Piscium45 G. Psc180.006.472.76F5III-IV
43 Piscium43 Psc535.006.480.4K0
112 G. Piscium112 G. Psc412.006.490.98G5
61 Piscium61 Psc187.006.512.71F8V
HR 515HR 515707.006.55−0.13A9III
40 Piscium40 Psc553.006.600.45K0
38 Piscium38 Psc213.006.662.58F5
104 Piscium104 Psc444.006.741.07K0
45 Piscium45 Psc979.006.77−0.62K0
65 Piscium65 Psc347.007.00F4III
95 Piscium95 Psc232.007.012.75G0V
65 Piscium65 Psc7.10F5III
HD 8574HD 8574144.007.113.89F8
77 Piscium B77 Psc B144.007.264.04F6V
100 Piscium100 Psc272.007.282.68A3V
HD 217786HD 217786179.007.80F8V
HD 4313HD 4313429.007.822.23K2IV
HD 12484HD 12484167.008.17F8
HD 5891HD 5891819.008.25G5
HD 1502HD 1502519.008.52K0
HD 218566HD 21856698.008.63K3V
HD 4203HD 4203250.008.68G5
HD 3167HD 3167149.008.94G
HD 224690HD 224690157.009.23K3V
Van Maanen’s starVan Maanen’s star14.0012.3614.14DG…

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