List of Stars in the Orion Constellation

The Orion constellation is formed by 7 main stars that form its shape in the sky. Inside its area, there are currently 305 discovered stars. It is one of the most recognizable and famous constellations in the sky.

The constellation of Orion represents the myth of a hunter in Greek mythology.

Below you will find the full list of stars in the Orion constellation and their names as well as some general information about each of them.

Here’s what each of the columns means.

Proper name: This is the common name we give to some of the most prominent stars in the sky. These names have been passed from ancient civilizations and they are usually of Greek or Arabic origin. Due to the number of stars in the universe, most stars discovered these days do not receive a proper name.

Name: The scientific, Latinized name for the star.

Designation: Abbreviation of the scientific name or designation if it doesn’t have one. It is based on the Bayer catalog of stars.

Distance: How far away from Earth the star is. Given in light-years.

Visible magnitude: The brightness of the star as seen from Earth. Also known as apparent magnitude.

Absolute magnitude: The true brightness of the star, regardless of the point of view.

Stellar classification: Classification of the star according to its electromagnetic characteristics.

Proper NameNameDesignationDistance (light-years)Visible magnitudeAbsolute magnitudeStellar classification
RigelBeta Orionisβ Ori773.000.18−6.69B8Ia + B9V + B9V
BetelgeuseAlpha Orionisα Ori643.000.42−6.02M2Ib
BellatrixGamma Orionisγ Ori243.001.64−2.72B2III
AlnilamEpsilon Orionisε Ori1342.001.69−6.38B0Ia
Alnitak AZeta Orionisζ Ori817.001.88-6O9.7Ib
SaiphKappa Orionisκ Ori721.002.07−4.65B0.5Ia
Mintaka ABDelta OrionisδOri916.002.20-5.8B0III+O9V
Iota Orionisι Ori1325.002.75−5.30O9III
Pi3 Orionisπ3 Ori26.003.193.67F6V
Eta Orionisη Ori901.003.35−3.86B1V + B2
Meissa ALambda Orionisλ Ori1055.003.47-4.25O8III
Tau Orionisτ Ori554.003.59−2.56B5III
Pi4 Orionisπ4 Ori1259.003.68−4.25B2III
Altinak BZeta Orionisζ Ori817.003.70-3.29B0III+B1IV
Pi5 Orionisπ5 Ori1342.003.71−4.36B2III
Sigma Orionis ABσ Ori AB1148.003.77−3.96O9.5V
Omicron2 Orionisο2 Ori169.004.060.48K2III
Phi2 Orionisφ2 Ori116.004.091.33G8III-IV
Mu Orionisμ Ori152.004.120.78Am…
29 Orionis29 Ori174.004.130.49G8III
32 Orionis32 Ori288.004.20−0.53B5V
Pi2 Orionisπ2 Ori194.004.350.48A1Vn
Phi1 Orionisφ1 Ori985.004.39−3.01B0IV…
Chi1 Orionisχ1 Ori28.004.394.67G0V
Nu Orionisν Ori534.004.42−1.65B3IV
Xi Orionisξ Ori634.004.45−2.00B3IV
Rho Orionisρ Ori344.004.46−0.65K3III…
Pi6 Orionisπ6 Ori953.004.47−2.86K2IIvar
Omega Orionisω Ori1622.004.50−3.98B3IIIe
HD 40657HD 40657420.004.53−1.02K2IIIvar
42 Orionis42 Ori786.004.58−2.33B2III…
Psi2 Orionisψ2 Ori1417.004.59−3.60B2IV
ThabitUpsilon Orionisυ Ori1545.004.62−3.76B0V
Pi1 Orionisπ1 Ori121.004.641.8A0V
Chi2 Orionisχ2 Ori1801.004.64-7.6B2Ia
11 Orionis11 Ori400.004.65−0.79A0p Si
Omicron1 Orionisο1 Ori542.004.71−1.39M3Sv
31 Orionis31 Ori456.004.71−1.02K5III
22 Orionis22 Ori1289.004.72−3.26B2IV-V
56 Orionis56 Ori1113.004.76−2.91K2IIvar
49 Orionis49 Ori153.004.771.41A4V
HD 36960HD 369601863.004.78−4.00B0.5V
15 Orionis15 Ori318.004.81−0.14F2IV
Psi1 Orionisψ1 Ori1109.004.89−2.77B1V:pe
51 Orionis51 Ori302.004.900.07K1III
HD 44131HD 44131506.004.91−1.05M1III
HD 37756HD 377562090.004.95−4.08B2IV-V
69 Orionis69 Ori774.004.95−1.93B5Vn
Theta2 Orionis Aθ2 Ori A1895.004.98−3.84O9.5Vpe
23 Orionis23 Ori962.005.00−2.35B1V
74 Orionis74 Ori64.005.043.58F5IV-V
27 Orionis27 Ori172.005.071.46K0III
Theta1 Orionis Cθ1 Ori C1600.005.13-4.9O6Vpe
64 Orionis64 Ori1069.005.14−2.44B8V
6 Orionis6 Ori241.005.180.84A3V
HD 33554HD 33554321.005.180.21K5III
71 Orionis71 Ori69.005.203.58F6V
60 Orionis60 Ori367.005.21−0.05A1Vs
45 Orionis45 Ori370.005.24−0.04F0III
52 Orionis52 Ori479.005.26−0.58A5V
38 Orionis38 Ori345.005.320.2A2V
5 Orionis5 Ori638.005.33−1.13M1III
HD 31296HD 31296441.005.33−0.33K1III
14 Orionis14 Ori194.005.331.46Am
21 Orionis21 Ori198.005.341.42F5IIvar
HD 36591HD 365912567.005.34−4.14B1IV
72 Orionis72 Ori479.005.34−0.50B7V
HD 30210HD 30210266.005.350.79Am…
VV OrionisVV Ori1852.005.36−3.41B1V
55 Orionis55 Ori1680.005.36−3.20B2IV-V
HD 30034HD 30034157.005.391.97F0V
75 Orionis75 Ori254.005.390.93A2V
U OrionisU Ori1420.005.40M8III
16 Orionis16 Ori176.005.431.77A2m
73 Orionis73 Ori1399.005.44−2.72B9II-III
33 Orionis33 Ori1567.005.46−2.95B1.5V
HD 34043HD 34043598.005.50−0.82K4III
18 Orionis18 Ori368.005.520.26A0V
HD 35536HD 35536635.005.60−0.85K5III
35 Orionis35 Ori513.005.60−0.39B3V
HD 36881HD 368811462.005.60−2.66B9IIIMNp…
Meissa BMeissa B1055.005.61-1.94B0.5V
HD 43318HD 43318116.005.622.86F6V
66 Orionis66 Ori2489.005.63−3.78G4III
HD 36959HD 369592694.005.67B1Vvar
63 Orionis63 Ori1101.005.67−1.97G7III:
HD 44033HD 44033548.005.67−0.46K3Ib
HD 35007HD 350071076.005.68−1.91B3V
HD 35299HD 35299809.005.69−1.28B1.5V
HD 40369HD 40369838.005.70−1.35K2III…
HD 42111HD 42111609.005.70−0.66A3Vn
HD 43587HD 4358763.005.704.27G0.5Vb
HD 37209HD 372091918.005.71−3.14B1V…
68 Orionis68 Ori970.005.76−1.61B9.5V
HD 36166HD 361661254.005.77−2.16B2V
HD 34989HD 34989736.005.78−0.99B1V…
HD 38527HD 38527300.005.780.96G8III
HD 31373HD 31373423.005.790.23B9V
HD 39007HD 39007334.005.790.74G8III
HD 36134HD 36134467.005.800.02K1III…
HD 43023HD 43023315.005.830.91G8III
HD 42954HD 42954452.005.860.15A6m
HD 37320HD 37320556.005.87−0.29B8III
HD 39910HD 39910304.005.871.02K2III:
HD 33646HD 33646916.005.88−1.36F5
HD 33608HD 33608125.005.892.97F5V
HD 40020HD 40020307.005.891.02K2III
59 Orionis59 Ori353.005.890.72A5me
HD 33833HD 33833446.005.900.22G7III
HD 32263HD 32263498.005.91−0.01K0
HD 43112HD 431121370.005.91−2.21B1V
HD 36780HD 36780842.005.92−1.14K5III
57 Orionis57 Ori1405.005.92−2.25B2V
HD 36162HD 36162344.005.930.81A3Vn
HD 37788HD 37788168.005.932.38F0IV
HD 38529HD 38529138.005.942.8G4V
HD 39421HD 39421379.005.950.62A2Vn
HD 37481HD 374811567.005.96−2.45B1.5IV
HD 39051HD 39051507.005.960K2III
HD 39286HD 392861370.005.96−2.16B9V + G
HD 37171HD 37171821.005.97−1.04K4II SB
HD 38089HD 38089163.005.972.47F3V
HD 38858HD 3885851.005.975.01G4V
HD 39118HD 391181128.005.97−1.73G8III+…
HD 39885HD 39885697.005.97−0.68A0IV
HD 31331HD 31331964.005.98−1.38B5V
HD 35281HD 35281493.005.990.09B8+…
HD 37594HD 37594135.005.992.91A8Vs
HD 39775HD 39775827.005.99−1.03K0III
HD 44497HD 44497205.006.002F0III
HD 37303HD 373031358.006.03−2.07B1Vvar
HD 30545HD 30545707.006.04−0.64K1III
HD 32686HD 326863075.006.04−3.83B5IV
V1031 OrionisV1031 Ori653.006.04−0.47A4V
HD 42477HD 42477430.006.040.44A0Vnn
HD 43285HD 43285743.006.07−0.72B6V
HD 33883HD 33883879.006.08−1.07A5V
HD 38309HD 38309165.006.092.57F0III:n
HD 41076HD 41076480.006.090.25A0Vs
W OrionisW Ori700.006.10−0.56C
HD 30870HD 30870704.006.11−0.56B5V
HD 33419HD 33419314.006.111.19K0III
HD 37232HD 37232867.006.11−1.01B2IV-V
HD 43683HD 43683637.006.12−0.33A3V
HD 35317HD 35317189.006.132.31F7V
HD 39632HD 396321475.006.13−2.15G9II
HD 31764HD 31764671.006.14−0.43B7V
13 Orionis13 Ori92.006.153.89G1IV
HD 34180HD 34180150.006.152.84F0IV
HD 36558HD 365581495.006.15−2.16K5
HD 37356HD 373561120.006.16−1.52B2IV-V
HD 35588HD 355881583.006.18−2.25B2.5V
HD 35693HD 35693461.006.180.43A1IV
CK OrionisCK Ori574.006.21−0.02K2III
HD 40347HD 40347400.006.210.77K0
HD 37744HD 377441680.006.22−2.34B1.5V
HD 40282HD 40282519.006.220.21M0III
HD 36430HD 364301762.006.23−2.43B2V
HD 33555HD 33555158.006.242.82G8III
HD 35640HD 35640667.006.24−0.31B9.5Vn
HD 36779HD 367791240.006.24−1.66B2.5V
HD 37016HD 370161128.006.24−1.46B2.5V
HD 38495HD 38495371.006.240.96K1III…
HD 43821HD 43821346.006.241.11K0
HD 31623HD 31623274.006.251.63F2
HD 36840HD 368401230.006.25−1.63G5
HD 39927HD 39927321.006.281.32A2III
HD 30869HD 30869136.006.303.19F5
HD 39685HD 39685552.006.300.16K0
BL OrionisBL Ori1299.006.30−1.70C
HD 32115HD 32115162.006.312.83A8IV
V1197 OrionisV1197 Ori679.006.31−0.28K4III
HD 43819HD 43819631.006.32−0.11B9IIIsp…
HD 30321HD 30321277.006.331.68A2V
HD 33946HD 33946832.006.33−0.70M0V
HD 34648HD 346481863.006.33−2.45B1.5Vn
HD 35407HD 354071226.006.33−1.55B4IVn
HD 36285HD 362851216.006.33−1.53B2IV-V
HD 31739HD 31739454.006.340.62A2V
V1649 OrionisV1649 Ori245.006.341.96A2V
HD 35909HD 35909322.006.351.38A4V
HD 44867HD 44867385.006.350.99G9III
HD 35775HD 35775425.006.360.78K0
HD 42351HD 423512650.006.37−3.18K1II
HD 43358HD 43358303.006.371.53F5IV:
HD 36058HD 36058762.006.39−0.45A0Vn
Theta2 Orionis Bθ2 Ori B1895.006.38B2-B5
HD 43335HD 43335728.006.39−0.35K5II
HD 34880HD 34880679.006.40−0.19B8III
V1377 OrionisV1377 Ori2608.006.40−3.12B3IV
HD 35656HD 35656305.006.411.55A0Vn
HD 35912HD 359121160.006.41−1.35B2V
HD 37904HD 37904273.006.411.8A9IV-V
HD 31423HD 31423192.006.422.57F5
HD 34317HD 34317608.006.420.07A0V
HD 34878HD 34878415.006.430.91G8IV
V1357 OrionisV1357 Ori59.006.445.15G8V
HD 35575HD 35575791.006.44−0.49B3V
HD 32273HD 32273508.006.450.49B8V
HD 36814HD 36814637.006.450K0
V1389 OrionisV1389 Ori709.006.45−0.24M…
HD 37808HD 37808536.006.460.38B9.5IIIp Si
V1369 OrionisV1369 Ori1244.006.49−1.42B5Vp
HD 36150HD 36150391.006.491.09A2
HD 37635HD 37635566.006.490.29B7V
HD 31411HD 31411489.006.500.62A0V
HD 37150HD 371501270.006.51B3Vv
HD 37808HD 37808793.006.52B9.5IIIsp…
HD 37017HD 370171240.006.56B1.5V
Sigma Orionis Eσ Ori E1148.006.61B2Vp
HD 43317HD 433171200.006.62B3IV
Sigma Orionis Dσ Ori D1148.006.62B2V
Theta1 Orionis Dθ1 Ori D1600.006.71B1.5Vp
Theta1 Orionis Aθ1 Ori A1600.006.73B0.5V
HD 35155HD 35155939.006.77S4,1
Mintaka CMintaka C916.006.83B2V
HD 42618HD 4261877.006.84G4V
Orion variableKX OrionisKX Ori6.90B3V
Gliese 205Gliese 20519.006.97M1.5V
V901 OrionisV901 Ori1080.006.97B2IV
HD 33636HD 3363692.007.06G0VCH-0.3
HD 31253HD 31253175.507.13F8
S OrionisS Ori3662.007.20M6.5-7.5e
HD 37824HD 37824446.007.20G5
HD 34137HD 341372300.007.24−0.34K2III
HD 37058HD 370587.30B3Vp
HD 34445HD 34445152.007.313.97G0
HD 37151HD 37151627.007.37B8V
V1192 OrionisV1192 Ori721.007.50K2III
HD 36629HD 366297.65B2Vv
HD 37903HD 37903970.007.83B1.5V
SX Ari variableHD 35298HD 352981730.007.89B7IV
HD 37806HD 378061600.007.90A2Vpe
Theta1 Orionis Bθ1 Ori B1600.007.96B1V
HD 38677HD 38677202.008.00F8V
V372 OrionisV372 Ori8.03A0V
HD 36668HD 36668811.008.06B8V
HD 38801HD 38801296.008.263.47K0IV
HD 39392HD 39392307.008.38F8
RS OrionisRS Ori4020.008.42F4Ib
Sigma Orionis Cσ Ori C1148.008.79A2V
HD 37605HD 37605140.008.695.53K0
V351 OrionisV351 Ori547.008.87A7IIIe
V2689 OrionisV2689 Ori37.008.90K7-M0V
HD 290327HD 290327179.008.965.26G5IV
DN OrionisDN Ori942.009.15A2e
V1355 OrionisV1355 Ori9.19K0-2IV
FT OrionisFT Ori9.29A0
ER OrionisER Ori1340.009.46G1V:
HD 250550HD 2505509.48B9e
UX OrionisUX Ori913.009.48A4IVe
EY OrionisEY Ori9.49A7V
BN OrionisBN Ori9.60F4e
FU OrionisFU Ori9.60F0Iab
BF OrionisBF Ori9.69A7III
Gliese 221Gliese 22166.009.69K7V/M0V
V586 OrionisV586 Ori9.77A3V
HD 37411HD 374119.79B9Ve
BD +03 740BD +03 740371.009.81sd:F0
HD 34282HD 34282622.009.84A0
EW OrionisEW Ori9.90F8
V1162 OrionisV1162 Ori9.90A6mF2
Z OrionisZ Ori9.98B4V…
GW OrionisGW Ori896.0010.10G5/8Ve
V1005 OrionisV1005 Ori84.0010.11M0Ve
V346 OrionisV346 Ori1570.0010.17A
CO OrionisCO Ori1060.0010.30F7Ve
FZ OrionisFZ Ori10.70G0
V380 OrionisV380 Ori10.70A1e
GG OrionisGG OriA2
HK OrionisHK Ori11.20A2?e+G0?e
T OrionisT Ori11.25A3IVeb
DY OrionisDY Ori11.29
LkHAlpha 208LkHα 2081000.0011.30F0Ve
GJ 3379GJ 337917.0011.31M4.0V
FH OrionisFH Ori11.37A2
Theta1 Orionis Eθ1 Ori E1600.0011.40G2IV+G2IV
Wachmann’s flare starV371 OrionisV371 Ori51.0011.50M2.5V
Ross 87Ross 8719.0011.51M4.0V
Gliese 179Gliese 17940.0011.967.41M3.5
GP OrionisGP Ori12.20SC7/8
RX J0529.4+0041RX J0529.4+004112.30K2
GU OrionisGU Ori
YY OrionisYY Ori13.20K2IVe
LV 2LV 21600.0013.68K0.7
G 99-47G 99-4726.0014.10DA8P
V1118 OrionisV1118 Ori14.43M1e
LP 658-2LP 658-221.0014.45DZ11
G 99-37G 99-3736.0014.60DQ8P
V1159 OrionisV1159 Ori
VY OrionisVY Ori14.90
V1309 OrionisV1309 Ori15.20WD+M0V
CN OrionisCN Ori16.20
CZ OrionisCZ Ori17.60
V1647 OrionisV1647 Ori18.10
4U 0614+0914U 0614+09118.50
Becklin–Neugebauer ObjectBecklin–Neugebauer ObjectB
2MASS J05352184-05460852MASS J05352184-0546085M7
Orionison Source IOrion Source I
Reipurth 50Reipurth 50
S Orionis 70S Ori 70T6
WISE J0521+1025WISE J0521+102516.00