List of Stars in the Ophiucus Constellation

The Ophiucus constellation is a small group formed by 10 main stars that form its shape in the sky. Inside its area, there are currently 203 discovered stars.

The constellation of Ophiucus represents a “serpent-bearer” (a man grasping a snake).

Below you will find the full list of stars in the Ophiucus constellation and their names as well as some general information about each of them.

Here’s what each of the columns means.

Proper name: This is the common name we give to some of the most prominent stars in the sky. These names have been passed from ancient civilizations and they are usually of Greek or Arabic origin. Due to the number of stars in the universe, most stars discovered these days do not receive a proper name.

Name: The scientific, Latinized name for the star.

Designation: Abbreviation of the scientific name or designation if it doesn’t have one. It is based on the Bayer catalog of stars.

Distance: How far away from Earth the star is. Given in light-years.

Visible magnitude: The brightness of the star as seen from Earth. Also known as apparent magnitude.

Absolute magnitude: The true brightness of the star, regardless of the point of view.

Stellar classification: Classification of the star according to its electromagnetic characteristics.

Proper NameNameDesignationDistance (light-years)Visible magnitudeAbsolute magnitudeStellar classification
Ras AlhagueAlpha Ophiuchiα Oph47.002.081.3A5III
SabikEta Ophiuchiη Oph84.002.430.37A2.5Va
HanZeta Ophiuchiζ Oph458.002.54−3.20O9.5V
Yed PriorDelta Ophiuchiδ Oph170.002.73−0.86M1III
CebalraiBeta Ophiuchiβ Oph82.002.760.76K2III
Kappa Ophiuchiκ Oph86.003.191.09K2IIIvar
Yed PosteriorEpsilon Ophiuchiε Oph107.003.230.64G8III
Theta Ophiuchiθ Oph563.003.27−2.92B2IV
SinistraNu Ophiuchiν Oph153.003.32−0.03K0III
72 Ophiuchi72 Oph83.003.711.69A4IVs
MuliphenGamma Ophiuchiγ Oph95.003.751.43A0V
MarfikLambda Ophiuchiλ Oph166.003.820.28A2V
67 Ophiuchi67 Oph1417.003.93−4.26B5Ib
70 Ophiuchi70 Oph17.004.035.5K0V SB
44 Ophiuchi44 Oph84.004.162.11A3IV:m
Chi Ophiuchiχ Oph489.004.22−1.66B2Vne
45 Ophiuchi45 Oph111.004.281.61F3III
Phi Ophiuchiφ Oph210.004.290.25G8/K0III
36 Ophiuchi B36 Oph B20.004.335.44K1V
Sigma Ophiuchiσ Oph1173.004.34−3.44K3IIvar
Iota Ophiuchiι Oph234.004.390.11B8V
Xi Ophiuchiξ Oph57.004.393.19F2/F3V
68 Ophiuchi68 Oph265.004.42−0.13A2Vn
Omega Ophiuchiω Oph175.004.450.8Ap
Psi Ophiuchiψ Oph178.004.480.79K0III
HD 157950HD 15795098.004.532.14F3V
Rho Ophiuchi Aρ Oph A361.004.57−0.84B2V
Mu Ophiuchiμ Oph549.004.58−1.55B8II-IIIMNp
Upsilon Ophiuchiυ Oph122.004.621.75A3m
20 Ophiuchi20 Oph121.004.641.8F7IV
71 Ophiuchi71 Oph238.004.640.33G8III-IV
41 Ophiuchi41 Oph218.004.720.6K2III
Tau Ophiuchi Bτ Oph B167.004.771.19F5V
51 Ophiuchi51 Oph426.004.78−0.80A0V
66 Ophiuchi66 Oph676.004.79−1.79B2Ve
30 Ophiuchi30 Oph402.004.82−0.63K4III
74 Ophiuchi74 Oph269.004.850.27G8III
58 Ophiuchi58 Oph57.004.863.64F6/F7V
24 Sco24 Sco391.004.91−0.48G8II/III
66 Her66 Her691.005.03−1.60K4II-III
Gubiibuu36 Ophiuchi A36 Oph A20.005.07K0V
Omicron Ophiuchiο Oph363.005.14−0.09K:…
23 Ophiuchi23 Oph248.005.230.82K2III
17 G. Ophiuchi17 G. Oph507.005.24−0.72M2 comp
Tau Ophiuchi Aτ Oph A167.005.24F2V
43 Ophiuchi43 Oph599.005.30−1.02K4/K5III
Gliese 678Gliese 67854.005.314.23G8IV-V
37 Ophiuchi37 Oph776.005.32−1.56M2III
21 G. Ophiuchi21 G. Oph422.005.41−0.15K4IIIp
146 G. Ophiuchi146 G. Oph206.005.411.41A8V
208 G. Ophiuchi208 G. Oph147.005.412.15K2III
88 G. Ophiuchi88 G. Oph132.005.432.4F5IV
183 G. Ophiuchi183 G. Oph426.005.44−0.14G9III
202 G. Ophiuchi202 G. Oph412.005.50−0.01K2III
21 Ophiuchi21 Oph345.005.510.39A2Vs
40 G. Ophiuchi40 G. Oph139.005.552.41F3V
24 Ophiuchi24 Oph363.005.570.34A0V
152 G. Ophiuchi152 G. Oph373.005.570.28G8III
153 G. Ophiuchi153 G. Oph158.005.612.19A5V
82 G. Ophiuchi82 G. Oph765.005.63−1.22B1V
HR 6902HR 6902807.005.64−1.33G8III-IV+..
22 G. Ophiuchi22 G. Oph268.005.661.09G5III/IV
201 G. Ophiuchi201 G. Oph153.005.672.31F5V
73 Ophiuchi73 Oph166.005.712.17F2V
14 Ophiuchi14 Oph165.005.742.21F2.7III-IV
26 Ophiuchi26 Oph108.005.743.13F3V
12 Ophiuchi12 Oph32.005.775.82K2V
134 G. Ophiuchi134 G. Oph1076.005.77−1.82K1III
180 G. Ophiuchi180 G. Oph102.005.773.29F4IV-V
53 Ophiuchi53 Oph342.005.800.7A2V
132 G. Ophiuchi132 G. Oph302.005.820.99K0III
V2052 OphiuchiV2052 Oph830.005.82−1.21B2IV-V
54 G. Ophiuchi54 G. Oph91.005.863.63G5IV
187 G. Ophiuchi187 G. Oph553.005.86−0.29K5III
66 G. Ophiuchi66 G. Oph482.005.880.03M1/M2III
U OphiuchiU Oph606.005.89−0.46B5Vnn
179 G. Ophiuchi179 G. Oph351.005.910.75K5III
Rho Ophiuchi Bρ Oph B361.005.92B2V
184 G. Ophiuchi184 G. Oph312.005.951.05A3V
164 G. Ophiuchi164 G. Oph1240.005.97−1.93G7III
85 G. Ophiuchi85 G. Oph401.005.980.53K0III
105 G. Ophiuchi105 G. Oph307.005.981.11K1III
140 G. Ophiuchi140 G. Oph599.005.98−0.34B9.5IV
V2213 OphiuchiV2213 Oph66.006.004.45F9V
142 G. Ophiuchi142 G. Oph825.006.01−1.01A0…
16 Ophiuchi16 Oph477.006.020.2B9.5III
46 G. Ophiuchi46 G. Oph447.006.030.35A0IV/V
119 G. Ophiuchi119 G. Oph373.006.030.74A0V
30 G. Ophiuchi30 G. Oph412.006.050.54A0pe…
151 G. Ophiuchi151 G. Oph436.006.050.42B9II/III
16 G. Ophiuchi16 G. Oph466.006.060.28G8III
86 G. Ophiuchi86 G. Oph272.006.061.46A3V
36 G. Ophiuchi36 G. Oph262.006.071.54A7III
19 Ophiuchi19 Oph492.006.070.17A3V
109 G. Ophiuchi109 G. Oph407.006.080.6K0
162 G. Ophiuchi162 G. Oph544.006.08−0.03K2.5Ib
V2392 OphiuchiV2392 Oph706.006.10−0.58M4III
95 G. Ophiuchi95 G. Oph546.006.120B9Vn…
V986 OphiuchiV986 Oph6.14B0IIIn
63 G. Ophiuchi63 G. Oph251.006.151.72G8III-IV
61 Ophiuchi61 Oph460.006.160.41A1IV-V
V2368 OphiuchiV2368 Oph588.006.17−0.11A2V
33 Sco33 Sco424.006.170.6K0III
8 G. Ophiuchi8 G. Oph155.006.182.79A9Vn
V1010 OphiuchiV1010 Oph242.006.181.83A3V
Y OphiuchiY Oph2860.006.18−3.54G3Ibv SB
2 Sgr2 Sgr337.006.191.11G6III/IV
173 G. Ophiuchi173 G. Oph2470.006.22−3.18B9.5V
10 G. Ophiuchi10 G. Oph407.006.240.76B9V
V2388 OphiuchiV2388 Oph221.006.242.08F5Vn
34 G. Ophiuchi34 G. Oph424.006.250.68K0III
41 G. Ophiuchi41 G. Oph154.006.252.88A7III
V2542 OphiuchiV2542 Oph238.006.251.93F0V
159 G. Ophiuchi159 G. Oph387.006.250.88F4IV…
5 G. Ophiuchi5 G. Oph557.006.260.1A1V
80 G. Ophiuchi80 G. Oph1294.006.26−1.73B8/B9II
62 G. Ophiuchi62 G. Oph682.006.27−0.33B7/8III
29 Ophiuchi29 Oph450.006.280.58K1III
115 G. Ophiuchi115 G. Oph805.006.28−0.68M0/M1III
131 G. Ophiuchi131 G. Oph63.006.284.83G5IV
185 G. Ophiuchi185 G. Oph681.006.28−0.32B9III
77 G. Ophiuchi77 G. Oph397.006.290.86B7IV/V
28 Sco28 Sco321.006.291.33A1m…
167 G. Ophiuchi167 G. Oph1393.006.30−1.85B1.5V
122 G. Ophiuchi122 G. Oph174.006.312.67G9V
51 G. Ophiuchi51 G. Oph195.006.322.43F1III-IV
33 G. Ophiuchi33 G. Oph142.006.333.14F3V
60 G. Ophiuchi60 G. Oph132.006.333.3K0/K1III/IV
72 G. Ophiuchi72 G. Oph379.006.331A4V
36 Ophiuchi C36 Oph C20.006.337.45K5V
176 G. Ophiuchi176 G. Oph445.006.330.66K0
84 G. Ophiuchi84 G. Oph286.006.341.62A9V
97 G. Ophiuchi97 G. Oph402.006.340.89K0III
133 G. Ophiuchi133 G. Oph695.006.34−0.30B8V
2 G. Ophiuchi2 G. Oph254.006.351.89F2IV
19 G. Ophiuchi19 G. Oph547.006.350.23K5
87 G. Ophiuchi87 G. Oph115.006.353.61G8IV-V
32 Sco32 Sco643.006.36−0.11K3III
147 G. Ophiuchi147 G. Oph235.006.362.07K0III
V2126 OphiuchiV2126 Oph395.006.360.94A3spe…
192 G. Ophiuchi192 G. Oph1502.006.36−1.96B2IV
144 G. Ophiuchi144 G. Oph297.006.371.57F5IV
83 G. Ophiuchi83 G. Oph604.006.380.04K5
3 G. Ophiuchi3 G. Oph347.006.391.25K0
42 G. Ophiuchi42 G. Oph767.006.40−0.46K0
X OphiuchiX Oph6.40K0
163 G. Ophiuchi163 G. Oph2937.006.40−3.37F0III/IV
136 G. Ophiuchi136 G. Oph423.006.420.86B9.5/A0V
V2114 OphiuchiV2114 Oph823.006.42−0.59M4III
V2393 OphiuchiV2393 Oph1583.006.42−2.01B8IIIp SiSr:
123 G. Ophiuchi123 G. Oph599.006.430.11M5III
205 G. Ophiuchi205 G. Oph1173.006.43−1.35K2
31 G. Ophiuchi31 G. Oph881.006.44−0.72K5
138 G. Ophiuchi138 G. Oph201.006.442.49F3V
174 G. Ophiuchi174 G. Oph342.006.441.34K0III
23 G. Ophiuchi23 G. Oph1874.006.46−2.34A7Ib
38 G. Ophiuchi38 G. Oph499.006.470.54K0
52 Ophiuchi52 Oph883.006.47−0.69Ap Si
64 G. Ophiuchi64 G. Oph158.006.483.06F3IV/V
20 G. Ophiuchi20 G. Oph151.006.493.16F2V
HD 156846HD 156846160.006.513.06G1V
GJ 688GJ 68835.006.526.07K2V
Omicron Ophiuchiο Oph481.006.590.75G8/K0II
29 Sco29 Sco304.006.651.8F2/F3V
HD 154088HD 15408858.006.735.47K0V
HD 155233HD 155233245.006.80K1III
38 Ophiuchi38 Oph438.006.811.17B9.5V
TimirHD 148427HD 148427193.006.903.04K0IV
18 Ophiuchi18 Oph7.10A1m…
HD 150433HD 15043397.007.22G0
Gl 673Gl 67325.007.548.1K5
HD 157172HD 157172104.007.86G8.5V
HD 149143HD 149143207.007.903.89G0
HD 170469HD 170469212.008.214.15G5IV
HD 164509HD 164509170.008.24G5V
HD 171028HD 171028294.008.31G0V
MahsatiHD 152581HD 152581607.008.54K0
HD 159243HD 159243226.008.65G0V
Barnard’s StarBarnard’s Star5.949.5413.24M4Ve
Wolf 1061Wolf 106113.9110.1211.97M3.5
GJ 1214GJ 121442.0014.6714.1M4.5
Kepler’s starSN 1604SN 1604S