List of Stars in the Monoceros Constellation

The Monoceros constellation is formed by 4 main stars that form its shape in the sky. Inside its area, there are currently 226 discovered stars.

The constellation of Monoceros represents a unicorn.

Below you will find the full list of stars in the Monoceros constellation and their names as well as some general information about each of them.

Here’s what each of the columns means.

Proper name: This is the common name we give to some of the most prominent stars in the sky. These names have been passed from ancient civilizations and they are usually of Greek or Arabic origin. Due to the number of stars in the universe, most stars discovered these days do not receive a proper name.

Name: The scientific, Latinized name for the star.

Designation: Abbreviation of the scientific name or designation if it doesn’t have one. It is based on the Bayer catalog of stars.

Distance: How far away from Earth the star is. Given in light-years.

Visible magnitude: The brightness of the star as seen from Earth. Also known as apparent magnitude.

Absolute magnitude: The true brightness of the star, regardless of the point of view.

Stellar classification: Classification of the star according to its electromagnetic characteristics.

Proper NameNameDesignationDistance (light-years)Visible magnitudeAbsolute magnitudeStellar classification
Alpha Monocerotisα Mon144.003.940.71K0III
Gamma Monocerotisγ Mon644.003.99−2.49K3III
Delta Monocerotisδ Mon375.004.15−1.15A2V
Zeta Monocerotisζ Mon1852.004.36−4.41G2Ib
Epsilon Monocerotis Aε Mon A128.004.391.41A5IV
13 Monocerotis13 Mon1509.004.47−3.86A0Ib
18 Monocerotis18 Mon373.004.48−0.81K0III
Beta Monocerotis Aβ Mon A691.004.60−2.03B3Ve
S MonocerotisS Mon1022.004.66−2.82O7V + O9.5V
28 Monocerotis28 Mon472.004.68−1.12K4III
17 Monocerotis17 Mon484.004.77−1.09K4III
20 Monocerotis20 Mon211.004.910.85K0III
3 Monocerotis3 Mon979.004.92−2.47B5III
27 Monocerotis27 Mon250.004.930.51K2III
19 Monocerotis19 Mon1116.004.99−2.68B1V
2 Monocerotis2 Mon328.005.040.02A6m
HD 42690HD 426901203.005.06−2.78B2V
10 Monocerotis10 Mon1353.005.06−3.03B2V
HD 49331HD 493311309.005.08−2.94M1II
HD 46487HD 46487536.005.09−0.99B5Vn
25 Monocerotis25 Mon202.005.131.18F6III
HR 2142HR 2142918.005.19−2.06B2Vne+
77 Ori77 Ori950.005.19−2.13K1II
HD 48217HD 48217378.005.21−0.11M0III
HD 52666HD 52666682.005.21−1.38M2III
HD 46089HD 46089211.005.221.16A3V
7 Monocerotis7 Mon823.005.27−1.74B2.5V
HD 43993HD 43993511.005.36−0.62K1III
HD 41692HD 416922131.005.37−3.71B5IV
Beta Monocerotis Bβ Mon B5.40
HD 46229HD 46229869.005.43−1.70K2III
21 Monocerotis21 Mon261.005.440.92F2V
HD 50747HD 50747484.005.45−0.42A4IV
HD 62902HD 62902238.005.491.17K5III
HD 47054HD 47054834.005.52−1.52B8V
78 Ori78 Ori749.005.55−1.26K5III
HD 45415HD 45415292.005.550.79G9III
Beta Monocerotis Cβ Mon C5.60
HD 46304HD 46304141.005.602.42F0Vnn+…
HD 59311HD 593111630.005.60−2.89K5III
HD 63752HD 637521405.005.60−2.57K3III
HD 53208HD 532081304.005.63−2.38K3III
HD 49147HD 49147535.005.66−0.42B9.5V
HD 49434HD 49434131.005.752.74F1V
HD 49643HD 49643558.005.75−0.42B8IIIn
HD 50277HD 50277204.005.751.77F0Vn
HD 59381HD 59381926.005.75−1.52K5III
HD 64235HD 64235133.005.762.7F5IVs
HD 46769HD 467692860.005.78−3.94B8Ib
HD 49933HD 4993397.005.783.4F2V
HD 53510HD 53510562.005.78−0.40M0III
HD 47964HD 479641156.005.79−1.96B8III
HD 55775HD 55775613.005.80−0.57K5III
U MonocerotisU Mon2248.005.82K0Ibpvar
HD 43157HD 43157617.005.83−0.56B5V
HD 57749HD 57749908.005.83−1.39F3IV
HD 59380HD 5938091.005.863.64F8V
HD 45320HD 45320229.005.871.64A3Vn
12 Monocerotis12 Mon517.005.87−0.12K0V
HD 41547HD 41547192.005.882.03F4V:
HD 45067HD 45067108.005.883.28F8V
HD 48434HD 484342850.005.88B0III
HD 51104HD 51104561.005.90−0.28B8Vn
HD 55832HD 558322345.005.90−3.38K3III
HD 59984HD 5998498.005.903.52F5V
HD 45976HD 459766269.005.92−5.50K0
16 Monocerotis16 Mon1116.005.92−1.75B2.5V
HD 46709HD 467091583.005.93−2.50K4III
HD 52312HD 523121098.005.95−1.69B9III
HD 56207HD 56207401.005.950.5K0
HD 51814HD 51814926.005.96−1.31G8III
HD 52913HD 52913259.005.961.46A3Vs
HD 58526HD 585261895.005.98−2.84G3Ib
T MonocerotisT Mon7762.005.98K1Iabv SB
HD 43319HD 43319217.005.991.87A5IVs
HD 61749HD 61749310.006.011.12A3IV
HD 55879HD 558792433.006.02−3.34B0III
HD 50890HD 508901259.006.03−1.90G6III:
Plaskett’s starPlaskett’s star6618.006.05−5.49O8I + O7.5III
HD 46178HD 46178834.006.08−0.96K0III
HD 43362HD 43362763.006.09−0.76B9III
HD 53929HD 53929709.006.10−0.59B9.5III
V721  MonocerotisV721 Mon2050.006.11−2.88K5
HD 47420HD 47420738.006.14−0.63K2
1 Monocerotis1 Mon316.006.151.22F2IV
HD 42536HD 42536552.006.150.01A0sp…
HD 42278HD 42278199.006.162.23F3IVw
HD 45321HD 453211212.006.16−1.69B2.5V
HD 45512HD 45512249.006.161.74K2III-IV
HR 2517HR 25171976.006.16−2.75B3II-III
HD 63894HD 63894411.006.160.66K0
HD 45724HD 45724851.006.17−0.91M1
HD 45995HD 459955525.006.17−4.98B2V:nne
HD 47220HD 47220475.006.170.35K1III
V638 MonocerotisV638 Mon591.006.18−0.11B9MNp…
HD 48348HD 48348827.006.18−0.84K0
HD 47886HD 478862547.006.19−3.27M1III
HD 50820HD 508204592.006.20−4.54B3IVe+…
HD 52611HD 52611424.006.200.63K0
V731 MonocerotisV731 Mon4803.006.20B1Ib
HD 44037HD 44037399.006.220.78B9V
V689 MonocerotisV689 Mon3396.006.23−3.86O9.5II
HD 54662HD 546625821.006.23−5.03O7III
HD 57708HD 57708591.006.23−0.06F5
HD 44783HD 44783842.006.24−0.82B8Vn
HD 59669HD 596698359.006.24−5.80K0
HD 51693HD 51693238.006.251.93A3V
HD 67159HD 67159793.006.25−0.68B9V
HD 60853HD 60853620.006.27−0.13K2
HD 50931HD 50931335.006.281.22A0V
HD 56614HD 566141689.006.29−2.28K2
HD 52265HD 5226591.006.304.05G0V
HD 44333HD 44333334.006.301.25A4.5V
HD 50282HD 50282477.006.300.48K0
HD 50371HD 50371416.006.300.77K0III
HD 49976HD 49976330.006.311.29A2p SrCrEu
HD 51424HD 51424913.006.31−0.93A2V+…
HD 67725HD 67725729.006.31−0.44A0Vn
HD 45168HD 451681035.006.33−1.18G9III
HD 51892HD 518921264.006.34−1.60B7III
HD 66242HD 66242355.006.341.15G0III
HD 45380HD 45380409.006.350.86A0Vn
HD 48099HD 480992750.006.36O5.5V((f)) + O9V
HD 50062HD 50062298.006.371.57A2Vs
HD 45090HD 45090454.006.390.67A0
HD 47156HD 47156883.006.39−0.77K0
HD 50700HD 50700562.006.390.21A6Vn
HD 45239HD 45239556.006.400.24A4V
HD 66950HD 66950712.006.40−0.30K0
HD 44700HD 447001098.006.41−1.23B3V
V695 MonocerotisV695 Mon3105.006.42−3.48B2.5Ve
HD 45215HD 45215536.006.420.34G5
24 Monocerotis24 Mon530.006.420.36G5III
HD 57682HD 576824009.006.42−4.03O9V
14 Monocerotis14 Mon362.006.441.21A0Vs
HD 53240HD 532401273.006.44−1.52B9IIIn
HD 65938HD 65938217.006.452.33G5
HD 42132HD 42132363.006.461.23G5
HD 45563HD 45563489.006.480.6B9V
HD 52382HD 523822937.006.49−3.28B1Ib
9 Monocerotis9 Mon1079.006.50−1.10B4V
V569 MonocerotisV569 Mon3543.006.50−3.68B0.5IVn
IM MonocerotisIM Mon991.006.54B5V
HD 50281AHD 50281A28.396.57K3.5V
V926 MonocerotisV926 Mon1920.006.62M1Ib
HD 50138HD 501381280.006.67B9e
Epsilon Monocerotis Bε Mon B79.006.724.79F5V
HD 46150HD 461505200.006.75O5V((f))
6 Monocerotis6 Mon1094.006.76−0.87F0e…
AX MonocerotisAX Mon12000.006.85B2IIIe
HD 46966HD 469666.87O8V
V MonocerotisV Mon2194.006.87M6e
V644 MonocerotisV644 Mon4900.006.93Ape
HD 53367HD 53367932.006.96B0IV:e
Gliese 282 AGliese 282 A46.337.18K2V
V505 MonocerotisV505 Mon2170.007.22B5Ib
V614 MonocerotisV614 Mon1550.007.27C…
HD 46223HD 462235200.007.28O5e
HD 46149HD 461495200.007.61O8.5V+B
HD 44219HD 44219164.007.704.19G5
HD 46375HD 46375109.007.845.22K1V
HD 59435HD 594351210.007.97A5p
HD 45583HD 45583962.007.97B9
HD 46380HD 463801480.008.00B2Vne
HD 45652HD 45652118.008.135.34G8-K0
HD 46202HD 462025200.008.18O9V
HD 66428HD 66428180.008.254.55G5
V753 MonocerotisV753 Mon605.008.27A8V
V723 MonocerotisV723 Mon1700.008.28G0II
SV MonocerotisSV Mon8.28G7II…
HD 50064HD 500649500.008.30B6:Ia
HD 47755HD 477558.41B4
UX MonocerotisUX Mon5500.008.42A3
AU MonocerotisAU Mon8.43B5IV + F8-G0III-II
HD 47732HD 477322190.008.46B3Vnn…
V578 MonocerotisV578 Mon8.55B1:V:n
HD 259431HD 259431564.008.72B6ep
AR MonocerotisAR Mon962.008.79K0II
Gliese 282 BGliese 282 B46.338.93K7V +
HD 44179HD 441791245.008.94B8V
HD 49330HD 493301460.008.95B0.5IVe
HD 50169HD 501691489.008.991.69A4p
FU MonocerotisFU Mon2490.009.06S6.5/7.5
TU MonocerotisTU Mon1960.009.24B5V + F3
RW MonocerotisRW Mon738.009.32B8V + G5IV
VV MonocerotisVV Mon434.009.40G0
BX MonocerotisBX Mon9.50M5IIIpe
PZ MonocerotisPZ Mon2080.009.60K2Ve
V694 MonocerotisV694 Mon1550.009.70C…
AO MonocerotisAO Mon9.72B3 + B5
V588 MonocerotisV588 Mon9.75A7III/IV
V372 MonocerotisV372 Mon9.81SC7/7.5
CV MonocerotisCV Mon9.90
G 112-29G 112-2946.219.99M:
HD 50281BHD 50281B10.05M2
V589 MonocerotisV589 Mon10.27F2III
BE MonocerotisBE Mon10.50G5
RU MonocerotisRU Mon10.51B9pv + B7V + B7.2V
CL MonocerotisCL Mon11.00C…
Ross 614Ross 61413.4011.0813.01M4.5V + M8V
DD MonocerotisDD MonG0
CS MonocerotisCS Mon11.25
R MonocerotisR Mon11.85B0
BN MonocerotisBN Mon12.70Nv…
V396 MonocerotisV396 Mon
V590 MonocerotisV590 Mon12.88B7
VY MonocerotisVY Mon13.70B8
BT MonocerotisBT Mon15.40G5V
V838 MonocerotisV838 Mon20000.0015.74M6I/III + B3V
CW MonocerotisCW Mon5500.0017.20A3
WISE 0720-0846WISE 0720-084619.6518.3019.4M9.5+T5C
Monocerotisoceros R2 IRS 3Monoceros R2 IRS 3
NGC 2264 IRS 1NGC 2264 IRS 1B2
UGPS J072227.51-054031.2UGPS J072227.51-054031.213.00T9