List of Stars in the Lynx Constellation

The Lynx constellation is formed by 4 main stars that form its shape in the sky. Inside its area, there are currently 135 discovered stars.

The constellation of Lynx represents a lynx.

Below you will find the full list of stars in the Lynx constellation and their names as well as some general information about each of them.

Here’s what each of the columns means.

Proper name: This is the common name we give to some of the most prominent stars in the sky. These names have been passed from ancient civilizations and they are usually of Greek or Arabic origin. Due to the number of stars in the universe, most stars discovered these days do not receive a proper name.

Name: The scientific, Latinized name for the star.

Designation: Abbreviation of the scientific name or designation if it doesn’t have one. It is based on the Bayer catalog of stars.

Distance: How far away from Earth the star is. Given in light-years.

Visible magnitude: The brightness of the star as seen from Earth. Also known as apparent magnitude.

Absolute magnitude: The true brightness of the star, regardless of the point of view.

Stellar classification: Classification of the star according to its electromagnetic characteristics.

Proper NameNameDesignationDistance (light-years)Visible magnitudeAbsolute magnitudeStellar classification
Alpha Lyncisα Lyn222.003.14−1.02K7IIIvar
38 Lyncis38 Lyn122.003.820.96A1V
10 UMa10 UMa54.003.962.88F5V
Alsciaukat31 Lyncis31 Lyn389.004.25−1.13K4.5III
15 Lyncis15 Lyn170.004.350.76G5III-IV
2 Lyncis2 Lyn149.004.441.14A2Vs
HD 77912HD 77912678.004.56−2.03G8Ib-II
21 Lyncis21 Lyn249.004.610.2A1V
27 Lyncis27 Lyn218.004.780.65A2V
HD 82741HD 82741229.004.810.58K0III
12 Lyncis12 Lyn229.004.860.63A3V
Psi10 Aurψ10 Aur225.004.900.71A2Vn
24 Lyncis24 Lyn237.004.930.62A3IVn
1 Lyncis1 Lyn590.004.95−1.34M3III
HD 56169HD 56169297.005.000.2A4IIIn
35 Lyncis35 Lyn274.005.150.53K0III
DU LyncisDU Lyn326.005.180.18M3III
18 Lyncis18 Lyn193.005.201.34K2III
5 Lyncis5 Lyn682.005.21−1.39K4III
42 Lyncis42 Lyn125.005.282.36F0V
50 Cam50 Cam689.005.31−1.32A0IIIn
36 Lyncis36 Lyn573.005.32−0.90B8IIIMNp
13 Lyncis13 Lyn208.005.341.32K0III
14 Lyncis A14 Lyn A441.005.34−0.31G4III…
22 Lyncis22 Lyn65.005.353.86F6V
34 Lyncis34 Lyn180.005.351.64G0IV
UY LyncisUY Lyn773.005.47−1.40M3III
26 Lyncis26 Lyn508.005.47−0.49K4III
HD 70313HD 70313168.005.521.97A3V
RR LyncisRR Lyn271.005.530.93A3m
HD 48766HD 48766153.005.542.18F5V:+…
HD 55575HD 5557555.005.544.41G0V
HD 61363HD 61363326.005.580.58K0III
43 Lyncis43 Lyn340.005.610.52G8III
29 Lyncis29 Lyn304.005.630.78A7IV
HD 60437HD 60437518.005.66−0.35M0III
HD 58661HD 58661410.005.700.2B9MNp…
HD 76291HD 76291229.005.721.48K1IV
HD 56963HD 56963112.005.743.05A7s
33 Lyncis33 Lyn321.005.760.8A2Vnn
HD 61294HD 61294815.005.77−1.22M0III
HD 65301HD 65301142.005.782.58F2:V:
19 Lyncis19 Lyn468.005.800.01B8V
HD 57646HD 576461148.005.80−1.93K5III
6 Lyncis6 Lyn186.005.862.08K0IV
11 Lyncis11 Lyn322.005.870.9A2V
HD 68077HD 68077495.005.88−0.03G9III
HD 72184HD 72184210.005.881.84K2III
30 Lyncis30 Lyn103.005.893.39F4V
HD 76292HD 76292236.005.901.6F3III
HD 67224HD 67224560.005.91−0.27K4III:
HD 55866HD 55866609.005.93−0.43K1III:
HD 60294HD 60294280.005.931.26K2III
HD 60652HD 60652262.005.931.4A5m
8 Lyncis8 Lyn173.005.942.31G8IV-V
HD 80024HD 80024505.005.94−0.01A8V
HD 78366HD 7836662.005.954.54F9V
HD 75523HD 75523538.005.96−0.13K0III
HD 75556HD 75556479.005.980.14K0III
19 UMa19 UMa455.005.980.26G6III
HD 70647HD 706471045.006.02−1.51K5III
HD 50551HD 50551669.006.03−0.53K3III
HD 63332HD 6333298.006.033.64F6V
4 Lyncis4 Lyn422.006.050.49A3V
HD 70771HD 70771713.006.08−0.62K0
23 Lyncis23 Lyn698.006.09−0.56K5III
HD 80441HD 80441156.006.122.72F3V+…
CY LyncisCY Lyn950.006.14−1.18A4III
HD 52859HD 52859347.006.171.04A3Vs
HD 71906HD 71906789.006.18−0.74A0V
32 Lyncis32 Lyn122.006.203.34F5Vbwvar
HD 76944HD 76944842.006.21−0.85K5
5 LMi5 LMi94.006.223.93F7Vn
HD 64491HD 64491197.006.232.32A3p
HD 71952HD 71952196.006.232.34K0IV
25 Lyncis25 Lyn615.006.25−0.13K2III:
HD 67370HD 67370613.006.26−0.11K3III:
HD 69149HD 691491065.006.26−1.31K5
HD 47979HD 47979246.006.281.89K0
HD 71148HD 7114871.006.324.63G5V
HD 60654HD 60654639.006.34−0.12M1
HD 65801HD 65801657.006.34−0.18K0
28 Lyncis28 Lyn472.006.350.54A1V
HD 63586HD 63586440.006.360.81A0Vn
HD 64958HD 64958517.006.360.36K0
HD 52860HD 528601381.006.37−1.77B9IIIn
CC LyncisCC Lyn393.006.370.96F0
HD 77093HD 77093214.006.392.3A9Vn
HD 52708HD 52708349.006.401.25G8III:
HD 59826HD 59826529.006.400.35K0
HD 58681HD 58681337.006.421.35K0
HD 59721HD 59721874.006.44−0.70K0
7 Lyncis7 Lyn1552.006.45−1.94K0III:
HD 44061HD 44061458.006.470.73K1III
HD 67539HD 67539555.006.480.32G5
54 Cam54 Cam331.006.491.45F8V
HD 63588HD 63588393.006.491.08K2
HD 63630HD 63630340.006.501.41A3
HD 65392HD 65392813.006.50−0.48K5
HD 69682HD 69682205.006.502.51F0IV
17 Lyncis17 Lyn428.006.641.05K0
52 Cam52 Cam939.006.72−0.58A2IV
HD 71866HD 71866434.006.72A0pv
46 Cam46 Cam1810.006.73−1.99K2
HD 82780HD 82780278.006.79A3m
19 Lyncis19 Lyn365.006.861.62B9V
Y LyncisY Lyn825.006.98M6S
3 Lyncis3 Lyn201.007.203.25F0
48 Cam48 Cam896.007.230.04A2
R LyncisR Lyn7.56S4-6.5/5-6e
44 Cam44 Cam312.007.572.66F0
45 Cam45 Cam282.007.622.93F8
HD 80715HD 8071581.007.72K2.5Vke
20 Lyncis20 Lyn7.72F0
T LyncisT Lyn879.008.80C5,2e-C71e
BE LyncisBE Lyn8.80A3
SZ LyncisSZ Lyn3260.009.08F2
TT LyncisTT Lyn9.51A9.2
UV LyncisUV Lyn389.009.56G0
SW LyncisSW Lyn1220.009.65F1V
AN LyncisAN Lyn10.58A7IV/V
IRC +60169IRC +6016910.90M9
14 Lyncis B14 Lyn B11.10
U LyncisU Lyn11.52M7e
TV LyncisTV Lyn11.54A6
UU LyncisUU Lyn11.54A4
BK LyncisBK Lyn14.49CV
BH LyncisBH LynCV
PG 0859+415PG 0859+415CV
HS 0702+6043HS 0702+6043sdB