List of Stars in the Lupus Constellation

The Lupus constellation is formed by 9 main stars that form its shape in the sky. Inside its area, there are currently 148 discovered stars.

The constellation of Lupus represents a Wolf.

Below you will find the full list of stars in the Lupus constellation and their names as well as some general information about each of them.

Here’s what each of the columns means.

Proper name: This is the common name we give to some of the most prominent stars in the sky. These names have been passed from ancient civilizations and they are usually of Greek or Arabic origin. Due to the number of stars in the universe, most stars discovered these days do not receive a proper name.

Name: The scientific, Latinized name for the star.

Designation: Abbreviation of the scientific name or designation if it doesn’t have one. It is based on the Bayer catalog of stars.

Distance: How far away from Earth the star is. Given in light-years.

Visible magnitude: The brightness of the star as seen from Earth. Also known as apparent magnitude.

Absolute magnitude: The true brightness of the star, regardless of the point of view.

Stellar classification: Classification of the star according to its electromagnetic characteristics.

Proper NameNameDesignationDistance (light-years)Visible magnitudeAbsolute magnitudeStellar classification
MenAlpha Lupiα Lup548.002.30−3.83B1.5III
KekouanBeta Lupiβ Lup523.002.68−3.35B2III
Gamma Lupiγ Lup567.002.80−3.40B2IV
Delta Lupiδ Lup510.003.22−2.75B1.5IV
Epsilon Lupiε Lup504.003.37−2.58B2IV-V
Zeta Lupiζ Lup116.003.410.65G8III
Eta Lupiη Lup493.003.42−2.48B2.5IV
Iota Lupiι Lup352.003.55−1.61B2.5IV
Phi1 Lupiφ1 Lup326.003.57−1.43K5III
Kappa1 Lupiκ1 Lup182.003.880.14B9V
Pi Lupiπ Lup497.003.91−2.01B5
Chi Lupiχ Lup206.003.97−0.03B9.5III-IV
Rho Lupiρ Lup310.004.05−0.84B5V
Lambda Lupiλ Lup406.004.07−1.41B3V
Theta Lupiθ Lup411.004.22−1.28B2.5Vn
Mu Lupiμ Lup291.004.27−0.48B8V
Omicron Lupiο Lup408.004.32−1.16B5IV
Tau2 Lupiτ2 Lup314.004.33−0.59A7:+…
Omega Lupiω Lup230.004.340.1K4.5III
2 Lupi2 Lup308.004.35−0.53K1II/III
Sigma Lupiσ Lup574.004.44−1.79B2III
Phi2 Lupiφ2 Lup606.004.54−1.81B4V
KT LupiKT Lup434.004.55−1.07B3IVp
Tau1 Lupiτ1 Lup1035.004.56−2.95B2IV
HD 137058HD 137058374.004.60−0.70A0V
HD 139664HD 13966457.004.643.42F5IV-V
Psi1 Lupiψ1 Lup245.004.660.28G8/K0III
Psi2 Lupiψ2 Lup396.004.75−0.67B5V
HD 125442HD 125442149.004.781.49F0IV
HD 134687HD 134687454.004.83−0.89B3IV
HD 143699HD 143699527.004.90−1.14B6III/IV
1 Lupi1 Lup1140.004.91−2.81F3III
Nu1 Lupiν1 Lup111.004.992.32F8V
HD 143009HD 143009380.004.99−0.34G8III
HD 133340HD 133340367.005.13−0.13G8III
Xi1 Lupiξ1 Lup199.005.141.21A3V
HD 135345HD 1353451283.005.15−2.83F:+…
HD 129893HD 129893259.005.220.72G6III
HD 139980HD 139980271.005.230.63G8/K0III
HD 137709HD 137709886.005.26−1.91K4III
Upsilon Lupiυ Lup384.005.360Ap…
HD 126983HD 126983222.005.381.21A1V
HD 131562HD 131562216.005.381.27A2III
HD 128266HD 1282661336.005.39−2.67K0III
HD 138816HD 138816659.005.44−1.09M0III
HD 132955HD 132955350.005.450.3B3V
HD 134270HD 1342702025.005.45−3.52G2Ib/II
HD 137432HD 137432418.005.46−0.08B5V
HD 126981HD 126981477.005.51−0.31B8Vn
HD 128068HD 128068637.005.54−0.90K3III
HD 125383HD 125383384.005.550.19G8III
GG LupiGG Lup514.005.59−0.40B9V
Xi2 Lupiξ2 Lup196.005.591.7B9V
HD 140784HD 140784388.005.610.23B8V
HD 131657HD 131657626.005.62−0.80B+…
Nu2 Lupiν2 Lup47.005.654.83G2V
Kappa2 Lupiκ2 Lup193.005.701.84A3IV
HD 144415HD 144415170.005.722.14F0/F2V
HD 129858HD 129858340.005.740.65A1V
HD 133880HD 133880413.005.790.24B8IV Si
HD 133631HD 133631349.005.770.62G8III
HD 142691HD 142691929.005.78−1.49K0/K1III+..
HD 138505HD 1385051655.005.82−2.71M2III
HD 126504HD 126504190.005.832Am
HD 133937HD 133937444.005.850.18B7V
HD 127501HD 127501341.005.860.76K0III
HD 127486HD 127486285.005.861.15F6IV-V
HD 143928HD 143928130.005.912.91F3V
HD 140285HD 140285461.005.930.18A0V + B
HD 135235HD 135235169.005.962.39A3m
HD 133652HD 133652312.005.961.06Ap Si
HD 134255HD 134255467.005.980.2G6III
HD 125869HD 125869348.005.990.85K1III
HD 143790HD 143790178.006.002.31F5IV/V
HD 140901HD 14090150.006.015.09G6IV
HD 125810HD 125810803.006.03−0.93K2III
HD 142448HD 142448632.006.04−0.40B9V
HD 135348HD 135348893.006.05−1.14B3IV
HD 139271HD 139271626.006.05−0.37A4:m…
HD 128582HD 128582117.006.063.28F7V
HX LupiHX Lup2415.006.06−3.25B1III
HD 129932HD 1299322415.006.07−3.28A1III/IV
HD 134837HD 134837362.006.090.86B8V
HD 132242HD 1322421801.006.10−2.61F5III
HD 137465HD 1374651495.006.10−2.21G2Ib
HD 143902HD 143902400.006.120.65F3III
HD 135896HD 135896997.006.18−1.25G6/G8III
HD 136014HD 136014385.006.190.83G8III/IV
HD 136334HD 136334319.006.211.26A1V
HD 139599HD 139599883.006.21−0.95K5/M0III
HD 142407HD 142407396.006.210.79K4III
HD 143248HD 143248370.006.210.93A0V
HD 137919HD 137919503.006.230.29B9V
HD 138204HD 138204175.006.232.58A3III
HD 138923HD 138923367.006.261B8/B9V
HD 133550HD 1335501364.006.27−1.84K5III
HD 142542HD 142542165.006.292.77F3/F5V
HD 130073HD 130073609.006.30−0.06K1III
HD 135730HD 135730262.006.301.78Am
HD 142889HD 142889612.006.31−0.06K0III
HD 134597HD 134597471.006.320.52K2III
HD 143404HD 143404550.006.330.2K4III
HD 131923HD 13192380.006.344.39G5V
HD 139613HD 139613635.006.35−0.10K3III
HD 138564HD 138564364.006.361.12B9V
HD 128617HD 128617182.006.372.64F3IV
GM LupiGM Lup640.006.38−0.18M6III
HD 141832HD 141832263.006.381.86K0III
HD 126759HD 126759491.006.400.51Ap…
HD 133518HD 1335181016.006.40−1.07B3III
HD 138395HD 138395610.006.400.04K0III
HD 125809HD 1258093228.006.41−3.57G5Ib
HD 140861HD 140861414.006.410.89G8III/IVp..
HD 126093HD 126093494.006.430.53K0/K1III
HD 129624HD 1296241116.006.44−1.23K4III
HD 134444HD 134444389.006.441.06K1III
HD 135468HD 135468174.006.442.81F6V
HD 137785HD 137785205.006.442.44F2V
HD 135430HD 135430565.006.460.27G8III
HD 133469HD 133469104.006.483.96F6V
HD 133399HD 1333991707.006.48−2.11B3V
HD 128154HD 128154710.006.49−0.20K2/K3III
HD 136607HD 136607495.006.490.58G8III
HD 138221HD 138221453.006.490.77B6/B7V
HIP 74890HIP 74890299.007.05K1III
HD 126525HD 126525124.007.85G4V
HD 141943HD 1419437.98G2
HD 142527HD 142527760.008.34F6III
EX LupiEX Lup8.50M0
SAO 206462SAO 2064628.71F8V
HD 135778HD 135778375.009.00F3V
FW LupiFW Lup2080.009.05F5IV
Gliese 588Gliese 58819.339.31M2.5V
FT LupiFT Lup9.82F0+K2V
RY LupiRY Lup422.0010.20G0V:
HIP 70849HIP 7084978.0010.408.5K7Vk
RU LupiRU Lup393.0010.51G5V:e
GQ LupiGQ Lup500.0011.40K7V
He 2-113He 2-11311.88WC10
NY LupiNY Lup14.50K+DA:…
SSSPM J1549-3544SSSPM J1549-3544350.0014.78sdK5
4U 1543-474U 1543-4714.90A2V
IM LupiIM LupM0
BR LupiBR Lup
IRAS 15194-5115IRAS 15194-5115C