List of Stars in the Leo Constellation

The Leo constellation is formed by 9 main stars that form its shape in the sky. Inside its area, there are currently 160 discovered stars.

The constellation of Leo represents a Lion.

Below you will find the full list of stars in the Leo constellation and their names as well as some general information about each of them.

Here’s what each of the columns means.

Proper name: This is the common name we give to some of the most prominent stars in the sky. These names have been passed from ancient civilizations and they are usually of Greek or Arabic origin. Due to the number of stars in the universe, most stars discovered these days do not receive a proper name.

Name: The scientific, Latinized name for the star.

Designation: Abbreviation of the scientific name or designation if it doesn’t have one. It is based on the Bayer catalog of stars.

Distance: How far away from Earth the star is. Given in light-years.

Visible magnitude: The brightness of the star as seen from Earth. Also known as apparent magnitude.

Absolute magnitude: The true brightness of the star, regardless of the point of view.

Stellar classification: Classification of the star according to its electromagnetic characteristics.

Proper NameNameDesignationDistance (light-years)Visible magnitudeAbsolute magnitudeStellar classification
RegulusAlpha Leonisα Leo77.001.36−0.52B7V
DenebolaBeta Leonisβ Leo36.002.141.92A3Vvar
AlgiebaGamma1 Leonisγ1 Leo126.002.37−0.92K0III
ZosmaDelta Leonisδ Leo58.002.561.32A4V
Ras ElasedEpsilon Leonisε Leo251.002.97−1.46G0II
ChertanTheta Leonisθ Leo178.003.33−0.35A2V
AdhaferaZeta Leonisζ Leo260.003.43−1.08F0III
Al JabhahEta Leonisη Leo2131.003.48−5.60A0Ib
SubraOmicron Leonis Aο Leo A135.003.520.43A5V+…
Omicron Leonis Bο Leo B3.7
Gamma2 Leonisγ2 Leo3.8
ShirRho Leonisρ Leo5719.003.84−7.38B1Ib SB
RasalasMu Leonisμ Leo133.003.880.83K0III
Tsze TseangIota Leonisι Leo79.0042.08F2IV SB
Shang TseangSigma Leonisσ Leo214.004.05−0.04B9.5Vs
54 Leonis54 Leo289.004.3−0.44A1
Upsilon Leonisυ Leo178.004.30.61G9III
AlterfLambda Leonisλ Leo336.004.32−0.75K5IIIvar
31 Leonis31 Leo274.004.39−0.23K4III
60 Leonis60 Leo124.004.421.53A1m
Phi Leonisφ Leo195.004.450.56A7IVn
Kappa Leonisκ Leo213.004.470.39K2III
Taizi93 Leonis93 Leo226.004.50.29A comp SB
Huben72 Leonis72 Leo6653.004.56−6.99M3III
Chi Leonisχ Leo94.004.622.31F2III-IVvar
Pi Leonisπ Leo525.004.68−1.35M2III
61 Leonis61 Leo514.004.73−1.26K5III
87 Leonis87 Leo604.004.77−1.57K4III
40 Leonis40 Leo69.004.783.15F6IV
58 Leonis58 Leo342.004.84−0.26K1III
Tau Leonisτ Leo621.004.95−1.45G8II-III
59 Leonis59 Leo151.004.981.65A5III
Xi Leonisξ Leo238.004.990.67K0IIIvar
10 Leonis10 Leo226.0050.8K1IIIvar
6 Leonis6 Leo482.005.07−0.78K3III
48 Leonis48 Leo319.005.070.12G8II-III
75 Leonis75 Leo408.005.18−0.31M0III comp
Nu Leonisν Leo529.005.26−0.79B9IV
Congguan92 Leonis92 Leo232.005.261K1III
22 Leonis22 Leo131.005.292.27A5IV
73 Leonis73 Leo478.005.31−0.52K3III
53 Leonis53 Leo334.005.320.27A2V
Psi Leonisψ Leo713.005.36−1.34M2III
79 Leonis79 Leo365.005.390.14G8IIICN…
Omega Leonisω Leo112.005.42.72F9V
69 Leonis69 Leo477.005.4−0.42A0V
37 Leonis37 Leo499.005.42−0.51M1III
46 Leonis46 Leo1083.005.43−2.18M2III
HD 94402HD 94402312.005.450.55G8III
52 Leonis52 Leo287.005.490.76G4III:
51 Leonis51 Leo178.005.51.81K3III
65 Leonis65 Leo203.005.521.55G9IIICN…
95 Leonis95 Leo560.005.53−0.65A3V
86 Leonis86 Leo325.005.540.55K0III
81 Leonis81 Leo154.005.582.21F2V
44 Leonis44 Leo704.005.61−1.06M2IIIs
15 Leonis15 Leo159.005.642.2A2IV
18 Leonis18 Leo701.005.67−0.99K4III
49 Leonis49 Leo462.005.67−0.09A2V
EO LeonisEO Leo1583.005.68−2.75B2.5IV
67 Leonis67 Leo408.005.70.21A3IV
3 Leonis3 Leo518.005.72−0.29K0III
8 Leonis8 Leo953.005.73−1.60K1III
85 Leonis85 Leo435.005.740.11K4III
89 Leonis89 Leo87.005.763.64F5V
36 G. Leonis36 G. Leo223.005.791.61K3III
5 G. Leonis5 G. Leo1042.005.8−1.72M1III
39 Leonis39 Leo74.005.814.03F8Vw
10 Sex10 Sex674.005.85−0.73K2III:
DR LeonisDR Leo942.005.9−1.40K6III
76 Leonis76 Leo311.005.91K0III:
55 Leonis55 Leo143.005.912.7F2III
56 Leonis56 Leo325.005.910.92M5IIIvar
35 Leonis35 Leo99.005.953.54G2IV
62 Leonis62 Leo557.005.95−0.21K3III
90 Leonis90 Leo1988.005.95−2.98B4V
45 Leonis45 Leo385.006.010.65A0sp…
R LeonisR Leo6.02
11 Sex11 Sex539.006.05−0.04K3III
50 G. Leonis50 G. Leo675.006.05−0.53K3
43 Leonis43 Leo229.006.061.82K3III
20 Leonis20 Leo514.006.10.11A8IV
20 G. Leonis20 G. Leo261.006.121.61K0III+…
30 G. Leonis30 G. Leo178.006.122.43F0V
42 Leonis42 Leo476.006.160.34A1V
59 G. Leonis59 G. Leo522.006.230.21K2III:
13 Leonis13 Leo541.006.260.16K2III:
HD 97658HD 9765869.006.27K1V
88 Leonis88 Leo75.006.274.46G0V
54 Leonis54 Leo6.3
19 G. Leonis19 G. Leo830.006.31−0.72K5III
7 Leonis7 Leo510.006.320.35A1V
80 Leonis80 Leo200.006.352.41F3IV
18 G. Leonis18 G. Leo1045.006.37−1.16A3V
37 Sex37 Sex351.006.381.22K1III:
6 LMi6 LMi679.006.41−0.18G5III-IV
34 Leonis34 Leo225.006.432.24F7V
67 G. Leonis67 G. Leo616.006.430.05K0
19 Leonis19 Leo293.006.441.67A7Vn
23 Leonis23 Leo1852.006.45−2.32M0III
FormosaHD 100655HD 100655459.006.450.71G9III
HN LeonisHN Leo218.006.482.36F3V
64 Leonis64 Leo246.006.482.09A5m
83 Leonis A83 Leo A58.006.495.25K0IV
18 LMi18 LMi165.006.553.02F2
9 Leonis9 Leo225.006.612.41G0III
11 Leonis11 Leo210.006.632.58F2
57 Leonis57 Leo746.006.65−0.15K0
52 LMi52 LMi181.006.863.14F8IV
71 Leonis71 Leo773.007.030.16K1III
HD 89307HD 89307101.007.064.61G0V
38 Sex38 Sex311.007.132.23A2
49 LMi49 LMi631.007.250.82G5
83 Leonis B83 Leo B59.007.576.29K2V
HD 94834HD 94834264.007.6K1
HD 81040HD 81040106.007.745.18G2/G3
HD 87646HD 87646486.007.952.08K0D
HD 95089HD 950898G1IV
HD 83225HD 83225345.008.042.92F2
HD 88133HD 88133243.008.063.7G5IV
DingolayHD 96063HD 96063515.008.37K0
SagarmathaHD 100777HD 100777172.008.424.81K0V
HD 98736HD 98736101.008.52G5
HD 102272HD 1022721200.008.710.93K0III
ShamaHD 99109HD 99109197.009.1K4V
HD 89345HD 89345413.009.4G5V
Gl 436Gl 43633.0010.6810.63M2.5
CW LeonisCW Leo200.0011(B)C…
Wolf 359Wolf 3597.7813.4516.64M6 V
SDSS J102915+172927SDSS J102915+1729274469.0016.92
DP LeonisnisDP Leonis1304.0017.59.49DA/M5V?
2MASS J10475385+21242342MASS J10475385+2124234T6.5