List of Stars in the Lacertae Constellation

The Lacertae constellation is formed by 5 main stars that form its shape in the sky. Inside its area, there are currently 105 discovered stars.

The constellation of Lacertae represents a lizard.

Below you will find the full list of stars in the Lacertae constellation and their names as well as some general information about each of them.

Here’s what each of the columns means.

Proper name: This is the common name we give to some of the most prominent stars in the sky. These names have been passed from ancient civilizations and they are usually of Greek or Arabic origin. Due to the number of stars in the universe, most stars discovered these days do not receive a proper name.

Name: The scientific, Latinized name for the star.

Designation: Abbreviation of the scientific name or designation if it doesn’t have one. It is based on the Bayer catalog of stars.

Distance: How far away from Earth the star is. Given in light-years.

Visible magnitude: The brightness of the star as seen from Earth. Also known as apparent magnitude.

Absolute magnitude: The true brightness of the star, regardless of the point of view.

Stellar classification: Classification of the star according to its electromagnetic characteristics.

Proper NameNameDesignationDistance (light-years)Visible magnitudeAbsolute magnitudeStellar classification
Alpha Lacertaeα Lac1023.761.28A1V
1 Lacertae1 Lac6274.14−2.28K3III
5 Lacertae5 Lac11644.34−3.42M0II
Beta Lacertaeβ Lac1704.420.84G9III
HD 211073HD 2110735634.50−1.69K3III
11 Lacertae11 Lac3024.50−0.33K3III
6 Lacertae6 Lac13704.52−3.60B2IV
2 Lacertae2 Lac5094.55−1.42B6V
4 Lacertae4 Lac21174.55−4.51B9Iab
9 Lacertae9 Lac1724.641.03A8IV
10 Lacertae10 Lac10584.89−2.67O9V
15 Lacertae15 Lac3264.95−0.05M0III
V424 LacertaeV424 Lac18744.99−3.81K5Ibvar
HD 209945HD 2099456195.09−1.30K5III
V416 LacertaeV416 Lac4305.11−0.49M4III
13 Lacertae13 Lac2745.110.49K0III
12 Lacertae12 Lac13935.25−2.90B2IIIv SB
EW LacertaeEW Lac10985.34−2.30B4IIIpe
HD 210715HD 2107151795.381.69A5V
HD 216174HD 2161743715.430.15K1III
HD 211096HD 2110962515.531.1A0III
16 Lacertae16 Lac12035.60−2.24B2IV
HD 211211HD 2112112795.721.06A2Vnn
HD 213930HD 2139303405.720.63G8III-IV
8 Lacertae A8 Lac A6395.73−0.73B1Ve
HD 216831HD 2168318365.73−1.31B7III
HD 216608HD 2166081705.792.21A3m
HD 215943HD 2159433645.820.58G8III:
HD 216646HD 2166463395.820.74K0III
HD 215664HD 2156641735.842.21F0III-IV
HD 213660HD 2136606285.88−0.54A6V
14 Lacertae14 Lac10875.91−1.70B3IV:var
HD 216756HD 2167561345.912.83F5II
HD 215030HD 2150303235.930.95G9III
HD 215359HD 2153596475.93−0.56K5III+…
HD 214878HD 2148783445.940.83B8V
HD 214714HD 2147149036.03−1.18G3Ib-IICNe.
AR LacertaeAR Lac1376.112.99K2III comp
HD 215159HD 21515911906.14−1.67K2
HD 216057HD 2160576016.14−0.19B5Vn
HR 8421HR 84219626.16−1.19M4III
HD 212978HD 21297813646.16−1.95B2V
V399 LacertaeV399 Lac6.17A3Ib
HD 217101HD 21710113646.17−1.94B2IV-V
HD 212487HD 2124871706.182.59F5IV:
HD 209993HD 2099933236.191.21A3V
HD 211797HD 2117972156.192.1A9IIIp
HD 216206HD 21620616386.23−2.28G4Ib
HD 209961HD 20996119646.26−2.64B2V SB
HD 214313HD 2143137006.28−0.38K5
HD 214240HD 21424016556.29−2.24B3V
V377 LacertaeV377 Lac12686.33−1.62B7III-IV
HD 214279HD 2142793516.371.21A3V
V405 LacertaeV405 Lac7156.38−0.33B5V
HD 214558HD 2145585226.380.36G2III+…
HD 215242HD 21524237056.39−3.89A1V+…
HD 212071HD 21207116466.40−2.12K2
HD 210289HD 21028911136.41−1.26K5III
V350 LacertaeV350 Lac3996.410.97K2III SB
HD 213720HD 2137206336.41−0.03G8III
HD 215191HD 21519112036.43−1.41B1V
HD 215518HD 2155189536.43−0.90K2
HD 212334HD 2123344366.450.82K0
HD 211660HD 2116608986.46−0.74K0
HD 212883HD 21288319296.46−2.40B2V
HD 216523HD 2165237916.46−0.47B8V
HD 215473HD 2154736956.47−0.17K5
HD 209932HD 2099326986.50−0.15A0V
8 Lacertae B8 Lac B2526.602.16B2V
HK LacertaeHK Lac5316.96K0III
S LacertaeS Lac16407.60M4-6.5e
CM LacertaeCM Lac7418.21A3m
EV LacertaeEV Lac16.6998.28M4.5V
V364 LacertaeV364 Lac14108.36A3
X LacertaeX Lac39008.42G5
SW LacertaeSW Lac236.48.51K0Vv
Z LacertaeZ Lac17308.57F6Ib…
SAO 51891SAO 518918.57K1V
BG LacertaeBG Lac8.59G0.7
HD 213918HD 2139188.68Ap
HD 215441HD 21544151008.81A0p
RT LacertaeRT Lac8258.84G9+K1IVIV
RR LacertaeRR Lac20908.87K0
V LacertaeV Lac8.89G5
IRAS 22272+5435IRAS 22272+54359.00G5Ia
Y LacertaeY Lac8500 ± 8009.13-3.2 ± 0.2F8
HD 216536HD 2165369.23K0
U LacertaeU Lac28809.40M4Iab:e
IRAS 22223+4327IRAS 22223+43279.69F9Ia
ADS 16402 BADS 16402 B4539.874.68F8
SS LacertaeSS Lac330010.12B9V
VY LacertaeVY Lac10.13A2
CO LacertaeCO Lac10.40B9V
DE LacertaeDE Lac249010.43F6.5
VX LacertaeVX Lac10.51F0
CZ LacertaeCZ Lac10.77F1
RW LacertaeRW Lac10.81F2
AW LacertaeAW Lac10.95B2
V345 LacertaeV345 Lac11.32B5
PP LacertaePP Lac11.85G5
DI LacertaeDI Lac14.90sd:Be+…
CP LacertaeCP Lac17.70G5
DK LacertaeDK Lac19.40
PSR B2217+47PSR B2217+47