List of Stars in the Hydra Constellation

The Hydra constellation is formed by 17 main stars that form its shape in the sky. Inside its area, there are currently 277 discovered stars. It is the longest constellation as it occupies over 100 degrees of the night sky.

The constellation of Hydra represents the creature in Greek mythology that is a hybrid of a serpent, lion, and bird.

Below you will find the full list of stars in the Aquila constellation and their names as well as some general information about each of them.

Here’s what each of the columns means.

Proper name: This is the common name we give to some of the most prominent stars in the sky. These names have been passed from ancient civilizations and they are usually of Greek or Arabic origin. Due to the number of stars in the universe, most stars discovered these days do not receive a proper name.

Name: The scientific, Latinized name for the star.

Designation: Abbreviation of the scientific name or designation if it doesn’t have one. It is based on the Bayer catalog of stars.

Distance: How far away from Earth the star is. Given in light-years.

Visible magnitude: The brightness of the star as seen from Earth. Also known as apparent magnitude.

Absolute magnitude: The true brightness of the star, regardless of the point of view.

Stellar classification: Classification of the star according to its electromagnetic characteristics.

Proper NameNameDesignationDistance (light-years)Visible magnitudeAbsolute magnitudeStellar classification
Alphard / AlfardAlpha Hydraeα Hya177.001.99−1.69K3III
Dhanab al ShudjaGamma Hydraeγ Hya132.002.99−0.05G8III
HydrobiusZeta Hydraeζ Hya151.003.11−0.21G8III-IV
Nu Hydraeν Hya138.003.11−0.03K0/K1III
Pi Hydraeπ Hya101.003.250.79K2III
AshleshaEpsilon Hydraeε Hya135.003.380.29G0III-IV
Xi Hydraeξ Hya129.003.540.55G8III
Lambda Hydraeλ Hya115.003.610.88K0III
Mu Hydraeμ Hya248.003.83−0.58K4III
Theta Hydraeθ Hya129.003.890.91B9.5V
UkdahIota Hydraeι Hya276.003.90−0.74K3IIIvar
30 Mon30 Mon125.003.910.99A0V
ZhangUpsilon1 Hydraeυ1 Hya273.004.11−0.51G6/G8III
Lisan al ShudjaDelta Hydraeδ Hya179.004.140.44A1Vnn
Beta Hydraeβ Hya365.004.29−0.96Ap Si
Minazal IIEta Hydraeη Hya466.004.30−1.48B3V…
12 Hydrae12 Hya227.004.320.11G8III
Minazal IVRho Hydraeρ Hya337.004.35−0.72A0Vn
58 Hydrae58 Hya305.004.42−0.44K3III
Sigma Hydraeσ Hya352.004.45−0.72K2III
Tau2 Hydraeτ2 Hya459.004.54−1.20A3V
Tau1 Hydraeτ1 Hya56.004.593.43F6V
Upsilon2 Hydraeυ2 Hya277.004.60−0.05B8V
31 Mon31 Mon604.004.63−1.71G2Ib
2 Sex2 Sex274.004.680.06K3III
Omicron Hydraeο Hya495.004.70−1.21B9V
HD 81799HD 81799176.004.721.06K1III
HD 83953HD 83953497.004.76−1.16B5V
26 Hydrae26 Hya320.004.77−0.19G8III
51 Hydrae51 Hya175.004.781.14K3III
27 Hydrae27 Hya243.004.800.43G8III-IV+…
9 Hydrae9 Hya204.004.870.89K0IIICN…
HD 85859HD 85859336.004.87−0.19K2III
HD 92036HD 92036479.004.87−0.97M1III
U HydraeU Hya528.004.89−1.16C
Phi Hydraeφ Hya225.004.910.72G8III
Chi1 Hydraeχ1 Hya142.004.921.73F3IV/V
HD 84117HD 8411749.004.934.07G0V
17 Crt17 Crt87.004.932.8F8V
FelisHD 85951HD 85951706.004.94−1.74K5III
Psi Hydraeψ Hya231.004.940.69K0III
52 Hydrae52 Hya415.004.97−0.56B7/B8V
6 Hydrae6 Hya419.004.98−0.57K3III
Omega Hydraeω Hya1212.004.99−2.86K2II-III
160 G. Hydrae160 G. Hya334.005.02−0.03K0III
Al SharasifKappa Hydraeκ Hya515.005.07−0.92B4IV/V
50 Hydrae50 Hya229.005.070.83K2III
44 Hydrae44 Hya633.005.08−1.36K5III
II HydraeII Hya477.005.10−0.72M4III
HD 100393HD 100393453.005.13−0.58M1/M2III
54 Hydrae54 Hya99.005.152.73F0V + G/K
HD 101666HD 101666430.005.20−0.40K5III
47 Hydrae47 Hya339.005.200.11B8V
HD 94388HD 94388102.005.232.75F6V
56 Hydrae56 Hya331.005.230.19G8/K0III
23 Hydrae23 Hya279.005.240.58K2III
303 G. Hydrae303 G. Hya295.005.260.48G8III
61 G. Hydrae61 G. Hya339.005.280.19A3V
14 Hydrae14 Hya438.005.30−0.34B9MNp…
200 G. Hydrae200 G. Hya89.005.303.12F2/F3IV/V
1 G. Hydrae1 G. Hya316.005.360.43G8III
142 G. Hydrae142 G. Hya102.005.382.91G2V
328 G. Hydrae328 G. Hya113.005.412.72F0V
HD 96819HD 96819189.005.431.61A1V
HD 93397HD 93397219.005.441.3A3V
330 G. Hydrae330 G. Hya397.005.460.03K3III
20 Hydrae20 Hya642.005.47−1.00G8II
HD 122430HD 122430434.005.47−0.15K2/K3III
24 Hydrae24 Hya689.005.49−1.14B9III
15 Hydrae15 Hya488.005.55−0.33A4m
33 Hydrae33 Hya681.005.56−1.04K1III
323 G. Hydrae323 G. Hya511.005.56−0.42B9V
224 G. Hydrae224 G. Hya387.005.580.21K3III
195 G. Hydrae195 G. Hya343.005.590.48K4III
225 G. Hydrae225 G. Hya487.005.59−0.28B8/B9IV/V
2 Hydrae2 Hya173.005.601.97A5III-IV
19 Hydrae19 Hya898.005.60−1.60B9.5III
28 Hydrae28 Hya675.005.60−0.98K5III
1 Hydrae1 Hya89.005.613.44F3V
55 Hydrae55 Hya613.005.61−0.76B9IV/V
92 G. Hydrae92 G. Hya613.005.64−0.73K0III
333 G. Hydrae333 G. Hya304.005.650.8G8III
59 Hydrae59 Hya350.005.650.5A6IV
148 G. Hydrae148 G. Hya913.005.66−1.58K4/K5III
Chi2 Hydraeχ2 Hya799.005.69−1.26B8V
350 G. Hydrae350 G. Hya214.005.691.61A0/A1V
56 G. Hydrae56 G. Hya278.005.701.04K0III:
193 G. Hydrae193 G. Hya255.005.701.23F0V
259 G. Hydrae259 G. Hya159.005.702.27F2V
236 G. Hydrae236 G. Hya80.005.713.76F7V
HD 100893HD 100893352.005.710.54K0III
3 Hydrae3 Hya268.005.721.14A1spe…
107 G. Hydrae107 G. Hya300.005.720.9G8III
102 G. Hydrae102 G. Hya260.005.731.22A0/A1V
351 G. Hydrae351 G. Hya386.005.730.36A7V+…
17 G. Hydrae17 G. Hya601.005.74−0.59K5III
156 G. Hydrae156 G. Hya351.005.740.58A4III
80 G. Hydrae80 G. Hya425.005.750.17K2/K3III
101 G. Hydrae101 G. Hya460.005.760.01G6III
57 Hydrae57 Hya434.005.760.14B9.5V
48 Hydrae48 Hya187.005.771.98F6V
121 G. Hydrae121 G. Hya400.005.790.34K1/K2III
272 G. Hydrae272 G. Hya342.005.790.69A1V
33 G. Hydrae33 G. Hya326.005.800.8A1V
88 G. Hydrae88 G. Hya70.005.804.16F7/F8IV/V
354 G. Hydrae354 G. Hya160.005.812.36F3V
357 G. Hydrae357 G. Hya287.005.811.08A0V
118 G. Hydrae118 G. Hya389.005.830.44K0III
60 Hydrae60 Hya325.005.830.84A4IV
300 G. Hydrae300 G. Hya102.005.853.36F8V
150 G. Hydrae150 G. Hya249.005.861.45K2III
329 G. Hydrae329 G. Hya547.005.86−0.26K2/K3III
252 G. Hydrae252 G. Hya426.005.870.29A1V
374 G. Hydrae374 G. Hya58.005.874.62F7Vw
HD 72561HD 725615433.005.89−5.22G5III
14 G. Hydrae14 G. Hya832.005.92−1.11M1III
162 G. Hydrae162 G. Hya297.005.921.12B9.5V
HD 103596HD 103596477.005.930.11K4III
84 G. Hydrae84 G. Hya738.005.95−0.82K3III
158 G. Hydrae158 G. Hya823.005.95−1.06K4III
HD 100623HD 10062331.005.966.06K0V
27 G. Hydrae27 G. Hya985.006.01−1.39F2III
HD 76151HD 7615156.006.014.85G3V
136 G. Hydrae136 G. Hya876.006.01−1.14K3III
209 G. Hydrae209 G. Hya217.006.011.89A8III
Phi2 Hydraeφ2 Hya967.006.01−1.35M1III
16 G. Hydrae16 G. Hya211.006.031.98F2V
6 G. Hydrae6 G. Hya579.006.04−0.21G8III
227 G. Hydrae227 G. Hya138.006.042.9F6/F7V
243 G. Hydrae243 G. Hya359.006.040.83A0Vn
361 G. Hydrae361 G. Hya206.006.052.04K2III
260 G. Hydrae260 G. Hya102.006.063.59F8V
90 G. Hydrae90 G. Hya789.006.08−0.84F3IV+…
179 G. Hydrae179 G. Hya395.006.080.66K0III
65 G. Hydrae65 G. Hya667.006.09−0.46K0
322 G. Hydrae322 G. Hya643.006.09−0.38K3III
21 Hydrae21 Hya269.006.101.51A3m
231 G. Hydrae231 G. Hya207.006.102.09F6V
372 G. Hydrae372 G. Hya695.006.10−0.54A1V
155 G. Hydrae155 G. Hya416.006.110.58F7IV-V
OY Hydrae (188 G. Hydrae)OY Hya (188 G. Hya)628.006.11−0.31B5V
9 G. Hydrae9 G. Hya516.006.120.12K2III
73 G. Hydrae73 G. Hya338.006.121.04K1III
154 G. Hydrae154 G. Hya358.006.120.92K0
157 G. Hydrae157 G. Hya393.006.120.72K0
217 G. Hydrae217 G. Hya704.006.12−0.55A0V
10 Hydrae10 Hya207.006.132.12A6V
81 G. Hydrae81 G. Hya1016.006.13−1.34G8II-III
153 G. Hydrae153 G. Hya177.006.132.46F0Vn
13 G. Hydrae13 G. Hya212.006.142.07A8IV
105 G. Hydrae105 G. Hya376.006.140.83A0V
146 G. Hydrae146 G. Hya475.006.140.32F0III
MO HydraeMO Hya196.006.142.24A0III
363 G. Hydrae363 G. Hya596.006.14−0.17K2/K3III
HD 100307HD 100307728.006.15−0.59M2III
NS HydraeNS Hya991.006.16−1.25M1III
315 G. Hydrae315 G. Hya329.006.161.14A0V
302 G. Hydrae302 G. Hya246.006.171.78A2V
8 G. Hydrae8 G. Hya133.006.183.13F9V
37 G. Hydrae37 G. Hya391.006.180.79K0
89 G. Hydrae89 G. Hya129.006.193.2F5IV/V
359 G. Hydrae359 G. Hya361.006.190.97A0V
LV HydraeLV Hya378.006.200.88B9.5V
HD 95698HD 95698173.006.212.59A9III/IV
356 G. Hydrae356 G. Hya706.006.21−0.47K3III
58 G. Hydrae58 G. Hya3835.006.22−4.13K5III
182 G. Hydrae182 G. Hya457.006.230.5A2/A3III
205 G. Hydrae205 G. Hya409.006.230.74A9m…
311 G. Hydrae311 G. Hya728.006.23−0.51B7V
371 G. Hydrae371 G. Hya709.006.23−0.46K0III
199 G. Hydrae199 G. Hya259.006.241.74A5m
245 G. Hydrae245 G. Hya738.006.24−0.53K3/K4III:
147 G. Hydrae147 G. Hya177.006.252.57G6IV
159 G. Hydrae159 G. Hya421.006.250.7K0
197 G. Hydrae197 G. Hya578.006.250.01A0V
149 G. Hydrae149 G. Hya1646.006.26−2.26K2/K3III
144 G. Hydrae144 G. Hya297.006.271.47F0Vn
185 G. Hydrae185 G. Hya227.006.272.06A4V
391 G. Hydrae391 G. Hya557.006.280.12B8/B9V
235 G. Hydrae235 G. Hya143.006.293.07F5V
126 G. Hydrae126 G. Hya158.006.302.88F6V
192 G. Hydrae192 G. Hya477.006.300.47B8V
HQ HydraeHQ Hya353.006.311.14F3IIIp
37 Hydrae37 Hya1098.006.31−1.33A0Vn
337 G. Hydrae337 G. Hya407.006.310.83K0III
111 G. Hydrae111 G. Hya348.006.321.18A0V
HD 100953HD 100953234.006.322.04F5V
165 G. Hydrae165 G. Hya283.006.331.63A0V
71 G. Hydrae71 G. Hya547.006.340.22A5V
104 G. Hydrae104 G. Hya166.006.342.81A9IVe…
V335 HydraeV335 Hya911.006.34−0.89M4/M5Ib/II:
317 G. Hydrae317 G. Hya406.006.340.86A0V
34 G. Hydrae34 G. Hya551.006.350.21G9III
275 G. Hydrae275 G. Hya676.006.35−0.23M2/M3III
369 G. Hydrae369 G. Hya484.006.350.49K2III
373 G. Hydrae373 G. Hya834.006.35−0.69K5III
206 G. Hydrae206 G. Hya1336.006.36−1.70M1III
50 G. Hydrae50 G. Hya738.006.37−0.40B9.5III-IV
172 G. Hydrae172 G. Hya838.006.37−0.68A2V
29 G. Hydrae29 G. Hya231.006.382.13A7IV/V
320 G. Hydrae320 G. Hya803.006.39−0.57K5III
34 Hydrae34 Hya375.006.401.1A1V
R HydraeR Hya2012.006.40−2.55M6/M7e
55 G. Hydrae55 G. Hya283.006.411.71F2+…
LO Hydrae (25 G. Hydrae)LO Hya (25 G. Hya)278.006.421.77A5m
66 G. Hydrae66 G. Hya458.006.420.68K0
308 G. Hydrae308 G. Hya891.006.42−0.76A1IV/V
364 G. Hydrae364 G. Hya579.006.420.17K1III
26 G. Hydrae26 G. Hya849.006.43−0.65K0
74 G. Hydrae74 G. Hya417.006.430.89K1III
274 G. Hydrae274 G. Hya427.006.430.84K0III
332 G. Hydrae332 G. Hya853.006.43−0.66B8V
360 G. Hydrae360 G. Hya65.006.434.93G5V
263 G. Hydrae263 G. Hya753.006.44−0.38M2/M3III
279 G. Hydrae279 G. Hya152.006.443.09F3V
281 G. Hydrae281 G. Hya1264.006.44−1.50K4/K5III
294 G. Hydrae294 G. Hya135.006.443.35G2III/IV
54 G. Hydrae54 G. Hya414.006.450.93K0
117 G. Hydrae117 G. Hya368.006.451.19K0
166 G. Hydrae166 G. Hya452.006.450.74K0
204 G. Hydrae204 G. Hya137.006.453.33F7V
258 G. Hydrae258 G. Hya637.006.450K1III
349 G. Hydrae349 G. Hya154.006.453.08F5IV
48 G. Hydrae48 G. Hya379.006.461.13A5m
109 G. Hydrae109 G. Hya567.006.460.26G6/G8III/IV
325 G. Hydrae325 G. Hya568.006.460.25A3V
82 G. Hydrae82 G. Hya813.006.47−0.51K2III
213 G. Hydrae213 G. Hya373.006.471.18A4IV/V
270 G. Hydrae270 G. Hya457.006.470.74A1V
3 G. Hydrae3 G. Hya519.006.480.47K0
63 G. Hydrae63 G. Hya762.006.48−0.36A2V
100 G. Hydrae100 G. Hya394.006.481.07K0IIICN…
297 G. Hydrae297 G. Hya58.006.485.23G5V
299 G. Hydrae299 G. Hya495.006.480.57G8III
348 G. Hydrae348 G. Hya284.006.481.78A1V
378 G. Hydrae378 G. Hya251.006.482.05K0III
233 G. Hydrae233 G. Hya235.006.492.2A5IV/V
312 G. Hydrae312 G. Hya167.006.492.94G0V
342 G. Hydrae342 G. Hya367.006.491.23A5V
346 G. Hydrae346 G. Hya1087.006.49−1.12K5III
210 G. Hydrae210 G. Hya189.006.502.68F3IV
318 G. Hydrae318 G. Hya461.006.500.75K0III
HD 96700HD 9670083.006.50G0V
29 Hydrae29 Hya1304.006.53−1.48A2V
HD 82943HD 8294390.006.544.35G0V
HD 94046HD 94046471.006.560.76A3V
17 Hydrae17 Hya319.006.671.72A3
14 Lib14 Lib391.006.951.56A2/A3V
HD 90156HD 9015672.006.955.23G5V
V HydraeV Hya7.00C
25 Hydrae25 Hya424.007.071.5K0
HD 86264HD 86264237.007.423.12F7V
HD 86950HD 86950551.007.46K1 III
HD 72659HD 72659168.007.483.93G0
HD 74156HD 74156211.007.623.57G0V
Phi1 Hydraeφ1 Hya244.007.623.25G2V
HD 86226HD 86226139.007.934.79G2V
HD 128356HD 12835685.008.29K3V
V478 HydraeV478 Hya149.008.705.4G1-1.5V
HD 72892HD 72892237.008.83G5V
Gliese 433Gliese 43329.009.7910.01M1.5
GJ 357GJ 35731.0010.9111.13M2.5V
TW HydraeTW Hya184.0011.107.3K8Ve
LHS 3003LHS 300320.9017.14M7.0V
Gliese 3634Gliese 363465.0019.80M2.5
G 161-71G 161-71M4.5