List of Stars in the Gemini Constellation

The Gemini constellation is formed by 8 main stars that form its shape in the sky. Inside its area, there are currently 183 discovered stars.

The name of the Gemini constellation means “twins”.

Below you will find the full list of stars in the Gemini constellation and their names as well as some general information about each of them.

Here’s what each of the columns means.

Proper name: This is the common name we give to some of the most prominent stars in the sky. These names have been passed from ancient civilizations and they are usually of Greek or Arabic origin. Due to the number of stars in the universe, most stars discovered these days do not receive a proper name.

Name: The scientific, Latinized name for the star.

Designation: Abbreviation of the scientific name or designation if it doesn’t have one. It is based on the Bayer catalog of stars.

Distance: How far away from Earth the star is. Given in light-years.

Visible magnitude: The brightness of the star as seen from Earth. Also known as apparent magnitude.

Absolute magnitude: The true brightness of the star, regardless of the point of view.

Stellar classification: Classification of the star according to its electromagnetic characteristics.

Proper NameNameDesignationDistance (light-years)Visible magnitudeAbsolute magnitudeStellar classification
PolluxBeta Geminorumβ Gem34.001.161.09K0III
Alpha Geminorumα Gem52.001.901.05A2Vm
AlhenaGamma Geminorumγ Gem105.001.93−0.60A0IV
TejatMu Geminorumμ Gem232.002.87−1.39M3.0III
Castor BCastor B2.88
MebsutaEpsilon Geminorumε Gem903.003.06−4.15G8Ib
PropusEta Geminorumη Gem349.003.31−1.84M3III
AlzirXi Geminorumξ Gem57.003.352.13F5IV
WasatDelta Geminorumδ Gem59.003.502.22F0IV…
JixinKappa Geminorumκ Gem143.003.570.35G8III
Lambda Geminorumλ Gem94.003.581.27A3V…
Theta Geminorumθ Gem197.003.60−0.30A3III
PropusIota Geminorumι Gem126.003.780.85G9III+…
MekbudaZeta Geminorumζ Gem1168.004.01−3.76G1Ib
Upsilon Geminorumυ Gem240.004.06−0.28K5III
NucataiNu Geminorum Aν Gem A502.004.13−1.81B6III
1 Geminorum1 Gem151.004.160.84G7III
Rho Geminorumρ Gem60.004.162.82F0V…
Sigma Geminorumσ Gem122.004.231.36K1III SB
Tau Geminorumτ Gem302.004.41−0.42K2III
30 Geminorum30 Gem276.004.49−0.15K1III
38 Geminorum38 Gem91.004.712.48F0Vp
JishuiOmicron Geminorumο Gem158.004.891.46F3III
81 Geminorum81 Gem341.004.89−0.21K5III
Chi Geminorumχ Gem258.004.940.45K2III
Phi Geminorumφ Gem254.004.970.51A3V
65 Geminorum65 Gem383.005.01−0.34K2III
57 Geminorum57 Gem154.005.041.67G8III
74 Geminorum74 Gem532.005.04−1.02M0III
51 Geminorum51 Gem700.005.07−1.59K3V
64 Geminorum64 Gem163.005.071.58A4V
56 Geminorum56 Gem428.005.09−0.50M0III
HD 52960HD 52960743.005.14−1.65K3III
Pi Geminorumπ Gem562.005.14−1.04M0III
26 Geminorum26 Gem139.005.202.05A2V
Omega Geminorumω Gem1655.005.20−3.33G5II
63 Geminorum63 Gem111.005.202.54F5IV-V…
68 Geminorum68 Gem375.005.27−0.03A1Vn
36 Geminorum36 Gem529.005.28−0.77A2V
76 Geminorum76 Gem595.005.30−1.01K5III
HD 60318HD 60318302.005.340.5K0III
85 Geminorum85 Gem339.005.380.29A0Vs
28 Geminorum28 Gem570.005.42−0.79K4III
HD 59686HD 59686302.005.450.62K2III
45 Geminorum45 Gem305.005.470.61G8III
HD 53329HD 53329305.005.550.69G8IV
NZ GeminorumNZ Gem1022.005.55−1.93M3S
HD 46374HD 46374256.005.571.1K2III:
70 Geminorum70 Gem306.005.580.72K0III
35 Geminorum35 Gem1502.005.68−2.64K3III
HD 49968HD 49968513.005.68−0.30K5III
IS GeminorumIS Gem307.005.720.85K3II
41 Geminorum41 Gem5821.005.73−5.53K3Ib
37 Geminorum37 Gem56.005.734.56G0V
3 Geminorum3 Gem5.75B2.5Ib
47 Geminorum47 Gem390.005.750.36A4IV
53 Geminorum53 Gem1079.005.75−1.85M1III
59 Geminorum59 Gem209.005.771.73F0:III:
HD 52556HD 52556644.005.78−0.70K1III:
HD 61885HD 61885786.005.79−1.12M2III
5 Geminorum5 Gem753.005.83−0.99K0III
52 Geminorum52 Gem337.005.840.77M1III
48 Geminorum48 Gem349.005.850.7F5IV
33 Geminorum33 Gem926.005.85−1.38B7III
HD 52609HD 526091918.005.86−2.99M2III
HD 51000HD 51000385.005.910.55G5III
HD 42049HD 420496151.005.93−5.45K4III
HD 52711HD 5271162.005.934.53G4V
HD 61603HD 616031523.005.93−2.42K5
HD 53686HD 53686681.005.94−0.66K4III
61 Geminorum61 Gem405.005.940.47F2Vn
NP GeminorumNP Gem1353.005.96−2.13M1.5
HD 47575HD 47575289.005.991.25A2V
44 Geminorum44 Gem478.006.000.17B8Vn
HD 52976HD 529761264.006.01−1.93K5
HD 63889HD 63889415.006.030.5K1III:
HD 40589HD 405894657.006.04−4.73B9Iab
HD 44927HD 44927578.006.05−0.19A2Vn
HD 61859HD 61859178.006.052.36F7V
HD 63589HD 63589208.006.062.04A2m
HD 63352HD 63352660.006.07−0.46K0
8 Geminorum8 Gem436.006.090.46G8III
HD 47358HD 47358419.006.090.54G9III
HD 61295HD 61295275.006.161.53F6II
58 Geminorum58 Gem312.006.171.27A1V
HD 45951HD 459516.18K2III…
HD 61219HD 61219435.006.180.56A2V
82 Geminorum82 Gem1052.006.18−1.36G2III+…
HD 56386HD 56386612.006.19−0.18A0Vn
39 Geminorum39 Gem155.006.202.82F7V
16 Geminorum16 Gem538.006.220.13A2Vs
HD 59059HD 59059769.006.23−0.63B9IV
HD 61630HD 616301035.006.23−1.28K0
9 Geminorum9 Gem2090.006.24−2.79B3Ia
HD 45506HD 45506210.006.242.19G5
HD 62141HD 62141307.006.251.38K0III
20 Geminorum20 Gem354.006.261.08F6V…
HD 51330HD 513303070.006.26F2Ib-II
HD 47863HD 47863786.006.28−0.63A1V
HD 53899HD 53899840.006.31−0.75K1
HD 44234HD 44234417.006.320.78G9:III:
HD 44780HD 44780832.006.35−0.68K2III
HD 49059HD 49059431.006.350.74A2V
141 Tau141 Tau584.006.360.09B8V
HD 58898HD 58898321.006.361.39K2III
HD 61035HD 61035153.006.373.01F0
19 Geminorum19 Gem334.006.381.33A8V
HD 56176HD 56176296.006.381.59G7IV
40 Geminorum40 Gem1199.006.40−1.43B8III
OT GeminorumOT Gem3170.006.41−3.53B2Ve
HD 47415HD 47415115.006.433.7F8IV
HD 54563HD 54563150.006.433.11G9V
HD 47020HD 47020543.006.440.33A3V
25 Geminorum25 Gem1411.006.45−1.73G5Ib
HD 57049HD 570491094.006.45−1.18A2Vn
50 Geminorum50 Gem144.006.463.24F8V
32 Geminorum32 Gem1140.006.47−1.25A9III
HD 53744HD 53744549.006.470.34B9V
HD 54986HD 549861098.006.50−1.14K5
6 Geminorum6 Gem4289.006.51−4.09M1Ia-ab
79 Geminorum79 Gem460.006.530.78A1V
15 Geminorum A15 Gem A575.006.540.31K0
W GeminorumW Gem6.54F5-G1
TV GeminorumTV Gem3100.006.56M1Iab
10 Geminorum10 Gem789.006.58−0.34G5
HD 45314HD 453146.64O9:pe
2 Geminorum2 Gem867.006.67−0.45K0
23 Geminorum23 Gem257.006.732.25F5
OU GeminorumOU Gem48.026.76K3Vk
HD 60848HD 608481960.006.85O8V:pev
HD 50554HD 50554101.006.864.4F8V
4 Geminorum4 Gem853.006.88−0.21B9
11 Geminorum11 Gem2248.006.91−2.28B0II
12 Geminorum12 Gem2530.006.95A0II
HD 63433HD 6343373.127.00
49 Geminorum49 Gem842.007.05−0.01A0
HD 52961HD 529617.37A0
WY GeminorumWY Gem7.38M2Iabep+B
R GeminorumR Gem525.007.681.65S3.5-6.5/6e
Nu Geminorum Bν Gem B8.00
HD 67087HD 67087290.008.05F8V
HD 59643HD 596432860.008.01C6,2eV
V345 GeminorumV345 Gem528.008.20F0
15 Geminorum B15 Gem B59.008.597.31G0
SS GeminorumSS Gem8.67G2/5I
CR GeminorumCR Gem1140.008.67Cv+…
RY GeminorumRY Gem1330.008.68A2V+
RX GeminorumRX Gem1520.009.24A2
TU GeminorumTU Gem9.40C6,4
Castor CCastor C52.009.648.79dM1e+dM1e
RW GeminorumRW Gem438.009.79B6V
AD GeminorumAD Gem9.80F5
AL GeminorumAL Gem9.89F6V
Gliese 251Gliese 25118.2110.11M4.0V
AF GeminorumAF Gem10.58A0
DX GeminorumDX Gem10.73
HD 262389HD 2623891013.0010.91F
HD 51585HD 5158511.20Bpe
ZZ GeminorumZZ Gem11.20Ce
BM GeminorumBM Gem2590.0011.50N
RR GeminorumRR Gem11.92A8
BG GeminorumBG Gem
PQ GeminorumPQ Gem13.70CV
U GeminorumU Gem413.0014.90sd:Be+…
DN GeminorumDN Gem15.00
DM GeminorumDM Gem17.40
2MASSW J0746425+2000322MASSW J0746425+20003237.8017.70L0.5
IR GeminorumIR Gem18.70
WD J0651+2844WD J0651+2844
AW GeminorumAW Gem19.40
PSR B0656+14PSR B0656+1424.90
PSR J0751+1807PSR J0751+1807
WISEP J060738.65+242953.4WISEP J060738.65+242953.425.40L9
CXOU J061705.3+222127CXOU J061705.3+222127
PSR B0611+22PSR B0611+22