List of Stars in the Eridanus Constellation

The Eridanus constellation is formed by 24 main stars that form its shape in the sky. Inside its area, there are currently 224 discovered stars.

The constellation of Eridanus represents a River.

Below you will find the full list of stars in the Eridanus constellation and their names as well as some general information about each of them.

Here’s what each of the columns means.

Proper name: This is the common name we give to some of the most prominent stars in the sky. These names have been passed from ancient civilizations and they are usually of Greek or Arabic origin. Due to the number of stars in the universe, most stars discovered these days do not receive a proper name.

Name: The scientific, Latinized name for the star.

Designation: Abbreviation of the scientific name or designation if it doesn’t have one. It is based on the Bayer catalog of stars.

Distance: How far away from Earth the star is. Given in light-years.

Visible magnitude: The brightness of the star as seen from Earth. Also known as apparent magnitude.

Absolute magnitude: The true brightness of the star, regardless of the point of view.

Stellar classification: Classification of the star according to its electromagnetic characteristics.

Proper NameNameDesignationDistance (light-years)Visible magnitudeAbsolute magnitudeStellar classification
AchernarAlpha Eridaniα Eri144.000.45−2.77B3Vp
CursaBeta Eridaniβ Eri89.002.780.6A3IIIvar
AcamarTheta1 Eridaniθ1 Eri161.002.88−0.59A4III+…
ZaurakGamma Eridaniγ Eri221.002.97−1.19M1IIIb Ca-1
RanaDelta Eridaniδ Eri29.003.523.74K0IV
Upsilon4 Eridaniυ4 Eri178.003.55−0.14B9V
Phi Eridaniφ Eri155.003.560.18B8IV-V
Chi Eridaniχ Eri57.003.692.48G5IV
Tau4 Eridaniτ4 Eri258.003.70−0.79M3/M4III
RanEpsilon Eridaniε Eri10.003.726.18K2V
BeeminUpsilon2 Eridaniυ2 Eri209.003.81−0.22G8III
Sceptrum53 Eridani53 Eri109.003.861.23K1III
AzhaEta Eridaniη Eri133.003.890.83K1III-IV
Nu Eridaniν Eri586.003.93−2.34B2III SB
Upsilon3 Eridaniυ3 Eri273.003.97−0.64K4III
Mu Eridaniμ Eri532.004.01−2.05B5IV
BeidOmicron1 Eridaniο1 Eri125.004.041.11F2II-III
Tau3 Eridaniτ3 Eri86.004.081.97A4V
Iota Eridaniι Eri145.004.110.86K0III
HD 24160HD 24160210.004.170.13G8III
Tau6 Eridaniτ6 Eri58.004.222.95F3/F5V
Kappa Eridaniκ Eri528.004.24−1.81B5IV
Lambda Eridaniλ Eri1753.004.25−4.40B2IVn
82 G. Eridani[3]82 G. Eri[3]
Tau5 Eridaniτ5 Eri296.004.26−0.53B9V
HD 24071HD 24071161.004.300.83A+…
54 Eridani54 Eri361.004.32−0.90M3/M4III
Theta2 Eridaniθ2 Eri161.004.35
Rabah al NahrOmega Eridaniω Eri227.004.360.15A9IV
Pi Eridaniπ Eri497.004.43−1.49M1III
Keid40 Eridani A40 Eri A16.004.435.92K1V
32 Eridani A32 Eri A345.004.46−0.66G8III
Tau1 Eridaniτ1 Eri46.004.473.74F5/F6V
TheeminUpsilon1 Eridaniυ1 Eri124.004.491.58K0III
HD 22663HD 22663219.004.570.43K0III
HD 23319HD 23319178.004.590.91K2IIICN…
Tau9 Eridaniτ9 Eri331.004.62−0.41Ap Si
Tau8 Eridaniτ8 Eri385.004.64−0.72B5V
HD 24072HD 240724.73B9V
HD 16754HD 16754130.004.741.74A2V
17 Eridani17 Eri380.004.74−0.60B9Vs
AngetenarTau2 Eridaniτ2 Eri183.004.761.02K0III
64 Eridani64 Eri291.004.780.03F0V
32 Eridani B32 Eri B345.004.79−0.33A2V
ZibalZeta Eridaniζ Eri120.004.801.97A5m
Psi Eridaniψ Eri956.004.80−2.54B3V
15 Eridani15 Eri255.004.860.39K0III
39 Eridani39 Eri206.004.870.86K3III
45 Eridani45 Eri830.004.91−2.12K3II-III
HD 29573HD 29573227.004.990.77A0V
60 Eridani60 Eri243.005.030.67K0III
HD 10939HD 10939186.005.041.26A1V
HD 24626HD 24626355.005.11−0.07B6/B7V
68 Eridani68 Eri82.005.113.12F2V
66 Eridani66 Eri280.005.120.45B9.5V
40 G. Eridani40 G. Eri189.005.161.35A3Vn
Xi Eridaniξ Eri208.005.171.14A2V
47 Eridani47 Eri805.005.20−1.76M3III
43 G. Eridani43 G. Eri320.005.220.26A2IV
51 Eridani51 Eri97.005.222.85F0V
61 G. Eridani61 G. Eri534.005.23−0.84M3III
20 Eridani20 Eri473.005.24−0.57B8/B9III
24 Eridani24 Eri653.005.24−1.27B7V
Tau7 Eridaniτ7 Eri272.005.240.63A1V
242 G. Eridani242 G. Eri657.005.24−1.28K4III
Rho3 Eridaniρ3 Eri140.005.262.09A8V
35 Eridani35 Eri453.005.28−0.43B5V
Rho2 Eridaniρ2 Eri258.005.320.83K0II-III
164 G. Eridani164 G. Eri63.005.383.96F5V
212 G. Eridani212 G. Eri462.005.38−0.38A0V
63 Eridani63 Eri178.005.391.7G4V
4 Eridani4 Eri159.005.442A5IV/V
37 Eridani37 Eri377.005.440.13G8III
GU EridaniGU Eri726.005.45−1.29B5IV
257 G. Eridani257 G. Eri199.005.461.54K0III
30 Eridani30 Eri502.005.48−0.46B8+…
58 Eridani58 Eri43.005.494.87G3V
83 G. Eridani83 G. Eri421.005.50−0.05G8III
62 Eridani62 Eri739.005.50−1.28B6V
HD 10647HD 1064757.005.524.32F8V
22 Eridani22 Eri739.005.53−1.25B9IIIp Si
264 G. Eridani264 G. Eri295.005.530.75A1V
5 Eridani5 Eri334.005.560.51B9.5V
106 G. Eridani106 G. Eri379.005.560.23G7III:
25 Eridani25 Eri351.005.560.4K4III
258 G. Eridani258 G. Eri315.005.560.63G6/G8III
94 G. Eridani94 G. Eri420.005.570.02A5III/IV
122 G. Eridani122 G. Eri140.005.592.43A5m
174 G. Eridani174 G. Eri141.005.592.41F0IV/V
160 G. Eridani160 G. Eri891.005.61−1.57K4III
DU EridaniDU Eri1575.005.61−2.81B2V:ne
169 G. Eridani169 G. Eri401.005.620.17K1III
153 G. Eridani153 G. Eri516.005.70−0.30K0III…
184 G. Eridani184 G. Eri324.005.700.71G9III:
46 Eridani46 Eri780.005.71−1.18B9p Si
278 G. Eridani278 G. Eri476.005.71−0.11G8/K0III
R EridaniR Eri288.005.710.98G6/G8III
80 G. Eridani80 G. Eri119.005.722.9F3V
267 G. Eridani267 G. Eri627.005.72−0.70K4III
91 G. Eridani91 G. Eri340.005.740.65K2III
Rho1 Eridaniρ1 Eri304.005.750.9K0II
HD 10360HD 1036027.005.766.21K0V
HD 10361HD 1036127.005.766.21K5V
99 G. Eridani99 G. Eri203.005.761.79A5V
DZ EridaniDZ Eri428.005.760.17B9III
59 Eridani59 Eri135.005.762.67F8V
HD 30562HD 3056286.005.773.65F8V
56 Eridani56 Eri1342.005.78−2.29B2Ve
GW EridaniGW Eri250.005.801.38A1V + (F/G)
291 G. Eridani291 G. Eri760.005.80−1.04B8V
58 G. Eridani58 G. Eri821.005.81−1.20K2/K3III
132 G. Eridani132 G. Eri830.005.81−1.22K5III
216 G. Eridani216 G. Eri454.005.810.09K5III
6 Eridani6 Eri653.005.82−0.69K2III
53 G. Eridani53 G. Eri282.005.841.15G6III:
159 G. Eridani159 G. Eri142.005.852.65G9V
EM EridaniEM Eri756.005.85−0.98B5III
109 G. Eridani109 G. Eri390.005.860.47G5III:
211 G. Eridani211 G. Eri467.005.860.08K2
287 G. Eridani287 G. Eri311.005.860.96K3
15 G. Eridani15 G. Eri200.005.901.96A5V
129 G. Eridani129 G. Eri495.005.910K3III
71 G. Eridani71 G. Eri143.005.922.71F3V+…
35 G. Eridani35 G. Eri304.005.931.08G8/K0III
163 G. Eridani163 G. Eri359.005.930.72A1V
202 G. Eridani202 G. Eri551.005.95−0.19G8III:
227 G. Eridani227 G. Eri323.005.950.97K2III
233 G. Eridani233 G. Eri365.005.950.7K0II
21 Eridani21 Eri115.005.973.24K1V
55 Eridani A55 Eri A405.005.980.51F4IIIp (Sr)
DO EridaniDO Eri160.005.992.54Ap SrEu(Cr)
GZ EridaniGZ Eri1045.006.00−1.53M4III
93 G. Eridani93 G. Eri374.006.010.71G5
HD 17925HD 1792534.006.055.97K1V
236 G. Eridani236 G. Eri945.006.06−1.25K0
64 G. Eridani64 G. Eri784.006.08−0.82M1III
214 G. Eridani214 G. Eri177.006.082.4F2V
20 G. Eridani20 G. Eri133.006.093.03G8IV
205 G. Eridani205 G. Eri300.006.091.27A3m…
240 G. Eridani240 G. Eri513.006.090.11K2III
10 G. Eridani10 G. Eri86.006.104F8V
7 Eridani7 Eri782.006.11−0.79M2III
222 G. Eridani222 G. Eri362.006.110.88A3V
256 G. Eridani256 G. Eri578.006.11−0.13K0
100 G. Eridani100 G. Eri111.006.123.46F7V
171 G. Eridani171 G. Eri448.006.120.43K1II
247 G. Eridani247 G. Eri330.006.121.09K2IIICN…
45 G. Eridani45 G. Eri293.006.141.37A2m
14 Eridani14 Eri111.006.143.47F5V
EK EridaniEK Eri206.006.152.15G8IV:
281 G. Eridani281 G. Eri994.006.15−1.27B2V
74 G. Eridani74 G. Eri616.006.17−0.21B9V
Gliese 86Gliese 8636.006.175.98K1V
DL EridaniDL Eri346.006.181.05F1V
EX EridaniEX Eri187.006.182.38A2IV/V
113 G. Eridani113 G. Eri376.006.190.88G5
54 G. Eridani54 G. Eri106.006.203.64G0IV-V
86 G. Eridani86 G. Eri120.006.203.36G2V
133 G. Eridani133 G. Eri529.006.210.16B8V
147 G. Eridani147 G. Eri698.006.21−0.44K0/K1III+..
112 G. Eridani112 G. Eri335.006.221.16G5
229 G. Eridani229 G. Eri432.006.220.61K0III
HR 1614HR 161429.006.226.49K3V
67 G. Eridani67 G. Eri539.006.250.16K2III
104 G. Eridani104 G. Eri518.006.250.24A2V
232 G. Eridani232 G. Eri400.006.250.81A2/A3V
172 G. Eridani172 G. Eri266.006.271.71A3V
272 G. Eridani272 G. Eri115.006.273.53F3/F5V
253 G. Eridani253 G. Eri394.006.280.87Ap…
59 G. Eridani59 G. Eri425.006.300.72K0
75 G. Eridani75 G. Eri1055.006.30−1.25K5
33 G. Eridani33 G. Eri328.006.311.3A7IV
89 G. Eridani89 G. Eri441.006.330.67A1V
173 G. Eridani173 G. Eri311.006.341.44G8/K0III
248 G. Eridani248 G. Eri874.006.34−0.80B7III
21 G. Eridani21 G. Eri548.006.350.22B9V
114 G. Eridani114 G. Eri644.006.35−0.13G8/K0III+..
31 G. Eridani31 G. Eri325.006.361.36A0V
66 G. Eridani66 G. Eri1032.006.36−1.14F6III
168 G. Eridani168 G. Eri453.006.360.65K2/K3III/IV
207 G. Eridani207 G. Eri379.006.361.04A+…
9 G. Eridani9 G. Eri635.006.37−0.08B8/B9V
65 G. Eridani65 G. Eri274.006.371.74K0III
246 G. Eridani246 G. Eri432.006.370.76K1III
218 G. Eridani218 G. Eri840.006.38−0.68K1III
189 G. Eridani189 G. Eri343.006.411.3K0III
188 G. Eridani188 G. Eri1185.006.43−1.37K2IIIp…
12 G. Eridani12 G. Eri154.006.453.08F2V
126 G. Eridani126 G. Eri303.006.451.61K1III
186 G. Eridani186 G. Eri535.006.450.37G5
GY EridaniGY Eri1399.006.45−1.71B5IV
213 G. Eridani213 G. Eri498.006.450.53A0
27 G. Eridani27 G. Eri125.006.473.56F2V
134 G. Eridani134 G. Eri147.006.473.2F2
166 G. Eridani166 G. Eri956.006.47−0.87B3V
26 G. Eridani26 G. Eri147.006.483.21F3IV/V
105 G. Eridani105 G. Eri780.006.49−0.40K0
117 G. Eridani117 G. Eri300.006.491.67F2III
55 Eridani B55 Eri B405.006.701.22G8III
HD 19467HD 19467101.007.00G3V
HD 28185HD 28185128.007.814.82G5
HIP 8541HIP 8541551.007.90K2III
HD 18015HD 180157.90G6IV
AyeyarwadyHD 18742HD 18742440.007.97G9IV
MouhounHD 30856HD 30856385.008.07K0III
HD 13808HD 1380893.008.38K2V
HD 25015HD 25015122.008.90K2V
40 Eridani B40 Eri B16.009.5011.01DA VII
KoeiaHIP 12961HIP 1296178.009.707.8M0
EF EridaniEF Eri13.70