List of Stars in the Cetus Constellation

The Cetus constellation is formed by 14 main stars that form its shape in the sky. Inside its area, there are currently 232 discovered stars.

The constellation of Cetus is named after a whale-like sea monster in Greek mythology.

Below you will find the full list of stars in the Cetus constellation and their names as well as some general information about each of them.

Here’s what each of the columns means.

Proper name: This is the common name we give to some of the most prominent stars in the sky. These names have been passed from ancient civilizations and they are usually of Greek or Arabic origin. Due to the number of stars in the universe, most stars discovered these days do not receive a proper name.

Name: The scientific, Latinized name for the star.

Designation: Abbreviation of the scientific name or designation if it doesn’t have one. It is based on the Bayer catalog of stars.

Distance: How far away from Earth the star is. Given in light-years.

Visible magnitude: The brightness of the star as seen from Earth. Also known as apparent magnitude.

Absolute magnitude: The true brightness of the star, regardless of the point of view.

Stellar classification: Classification of the star according to its electromagnetic characteristics.

Proper NameNameDesignationDistance (light-years)Visible magnitudeAbsolute magnitudeStellar classification
Deneb KaitosBeta Cetiβ Cet96.002.04−0.30K0III
MenkarAlpha Cetiα Cet220.002.54−1.61M2III
Mira CetiMiraMira418.003.04−2.60M5e-M9e
Deneb AlgenubiEta Cetiη Cet118.003.460.67K2III
KaffaljidhmaGamma Cetiγ Cet82.003.471.47A3V
Thalath al NaamatTau Cetiτ Cet12.003.495.68G8V
SchemaliIota Cetiι Cet290.003.56−1.18K2III
Thanih al NaamatTheta Cetiθ Cet114.003.600.87K0III
Baten KaitosZeta Cetiζ Cet259.003.74−0.76K2III
Upsilon Cetiυ Cet301.003.99−0.83K5/M0III
Al Kaff al Jidhmah IIIDelta Cetiδ Cet647.004.08−2.41B2IV
Al Sadr al KaitosPi Cetiπ Cet441.004.24−1.41B7IV
Al Kaff al Jidhmah IVMu Cetiμ Cet84.004.272.21F1III-IV
Al Kaff al Jidhmah IIXi2 Cetiξ2 Cet176.004.300.64B9III
Al Kaff al JidhmahXi1 Cetiξ1 Cet362.004.36−0.87G8II:
7 Ceti7 Cet492.004.44−1.46M1III
2 Ceti2 Cet228.004.550.33B9IVn
Chi Ceti Aχ Cet A77.004.662.79F3III
MenkarLambda Cetiλ Cet424.004.71−0.86B6III
Al Sadr al Kaitos IISigma Cetiσ Cet84.004.742.68F5V
Phi1 Cetiφ1 Cet210.004.770.73K0IIIvar
20 Ceti20 Cet519.004.78−1.23M0III
Al Sadr al Kaitos IIIEpsilon Cetiε Cet88.004.832.67F5V
Kappa1 Cetiκ1 Cet30.004.845.03G5Vvar
Nu Cetiν Cet372.004.87−0.42G8III
Al Sadr al Kaitos IRho Cetiρ Cet528.004.88−1.17A0V
6 Ceti6 Cet62.004.893.51F5V
46 Ceti46 Cet288.004.900.17K2III
56 Ceti56 Cet399.004.92−0.52K3III
175 G. Ceti175 G. Cet1203.004.98−2.86K3II-III
3 Ceti3 Cet1606.004.99−3.47K3Ibvar
94 Ceti94 Cet73.005.073.32F8V
48 Ceti48 Cet221.005.110.95A0V
AD CetiAD Cet626.005.13−1.29M3IIIvar
37 Ceti37 Cet79.005.143.2F5V
49 G. Ceti49 G. Cet180.005.171.46A3V
Phi2 Cetiφ2 Cet50.005.174.22F7IV-V
13 Ceti13 Cet69.005.203.58F8V…
73 G. Ceti73 G. Cet91.005.223F0V
259 G. Ceti259 G. Cet476.005.27−0.55K3III
18 G. Ceti18 G. Cet612.005.29−1.08K4III
69 Ceti69 Cet1309.005.29−2.73M2III
Phi3 Cetiφ3 Cet522.005.35−0.67K4III
75 Ceti75 Cet266.005.360.8G3III:
179 G. Ceti179 G. Cet509.005.37−0.60K4III
25 Ceti25 Cet410.005.40−0.10K0III-IV
50 Ceti50 Cet549.005.41−0.72K1III
39 Ceti39 Cet256.005.420.95G5III-IVe
60 Ceti60 Cet288.005.420.69A5III
70 Ceti70 Cet279.005.420.76F0Vn
57 Ceti57 Cet668.005.43−1.13M0/M1III
AR CetiAR Cet593.005.43−0.87M3III
238 G. Ceti238 G. Cet97.005.433.05F0V
88 G. Ceti88 G. Cet500.005.47−0.46K1III
77 G. Ceti77 G. Cet333.005.490.44G8/K0III
47 Ceti47 Cet118.005.512.71F0V
67 Ceti67 Cet340.005.510.42G8III
80 Ceti80 Cet517.005.53−0.47M0III
EL CetiEL Cet780.005.55−1.34K1IIIpe+…
59 G. Ceti59 G. Cet51.005.574.61K1V+…
79 G. Ceti79 G. Cet485.005.57−0.29B9V
28 Ceti28 Cet595.005.58−0.73A1V
172 G. Ceti172 G. Cet229.005.581.34F0V
81 G. Ceti81 G. Cet325.005.590.59K3III
232 G. Ceti232 G. Cet81.005.603.61G0.5IV
T CetiT Cet774.005.61−1.27M5/M6Ib/II
203 G. Ceti203 G. Cet655.005.61−0.90K5Iab:
Phi4 Cetiφ4 Cet315.005.620.69G7III
49 Ceti49 Cet200.005.621.68A1V
93 Ceti93 Cet445.005.62−0.06B7V
95 Ceti95 Cet222.005.621.45K1IV
64 Ceti64 Cet139.005.642.5G0IV
66 Ceti66 Cet150.005.652.33F8V
81 Ceti81 Cet317.005.650.71G5III:
78 G. Ceti78 G. Cet402.005.700.25K3III
38 Ceti38 Cet143.005.702.49F5V
97 Ceti97 Cet290.005.700.95G8.5III
30 Ceti30 Cet155.005.712.32F7IV
12 Ceti12 Cet853.005.72−1.37M0III
84 Ceti84 Cet71.005.724.05F7IV
77 Ceti77 Cet549.005.74−0.39K4III
165 G. Ceti165 G. Cet97.005.753.39G2IV
174 G. Ceti174 G. Cet122.005.752.89F5V+…
27 G. Ceti27 G. Cet347.005.770.64B9V
7 G. Ceti7 G. Cet289.005.781.04K0III
BK CetiBK Cet330.005.780.75F0V
268 G. Ceti268 G. Cet24.005.796.5K3V
286 G. Ceti286 G. Cet70.005.794.12F6V
272 G. Ceti272 G. Cet292.005.811.05K0III:
14 G. Ceti14 G. Cet212.005.841.77K0III
226 G. Ceti226 G. Cet399.005.860.42K0III
42 Ceti42 Cet394.005.870.46A7V…
202 G. Ceti202 G. Cet329.005.870.85K0II/III
93 G. Ceti93 G. Cet498.005.88−0.04K5III
AB CetiAB Cet214.005.881.79Ap SrCrEu
239 G. Ceti239 G. Cet504.005.89−0.06K2III
250 G. Ceti250 G. Cet284.005.891.19K2III
65 G. Ceti65 G. Cet576.005.90−0.34K0III
HD 4732HD 4732184.005.902.14K0III
137 G. Ceti137 G. Cet146.005.922.66F4V
11 G. Ceti11 G. Cet262.005.931.41A1V
34 Ceti34 Cet441.005.930.28K4III
14 Ceti14 Cet181.005.942.21F5IV
63 Ceti63 Cet354.005.940.76G9III:
61 Ceti61 Cet330.005.960.94G5V…
33 Ceti33 Cet898.005.97−1.23K4III
305 G. Ceti305 G. Cet145.005.972.73F7IV
290 G. Ceti290 G. Cet161.005.982.52F5V
12 G. Ceti12 G. Cet333.005.990.94G8III:
219 G. Ceti219 G. Cet163.006.002.51F5V
256 G. Ceti256 G. Cet275.006.001.37A7III-IVs
71 G. Ceti71 G. Cet174.006.012.38K1III
189 G. Ceti189 G. Cet127.006.013.06F7V+…
297 G. Ceti297 G. Cet167.006.042.49F0III:
313 G. Ceti313 G. Cet338.006.050.97K0III
BG CetiBG Cet162.006.062.58A5m…
26 Ceti26 Cet185.006.062.29F1V
213 G. Ceti213 G. Cet1299.006.07−1.93M1III
289 G. Ceti289 G. Cet726.006.07−0.67G9III:
27 Ceti27 Cet308.006.091.21K0III
254 G. Ceti254 G. Cet286.006.091.37K2III
CF CetiCF Cet1347.006.11−1.97M0/M1IIICNp
106 G. Ceti106 G. Cet350.006.120.96K1III
149 G. Ceti149 G. Cet356.006.130.94K0
64 G. Ceti64 G. Cet93.006.143.86G3/G5V
47 G. Ceti47 G. Cet138.006.153.02F2/F3V
74 G. Ceti74 G. Cet1113.006.15−1.52M0III
18 Ceti18 Cet104.006.153.63G2V
21 Ceti21 Cet379.006.150.82G5IV
EH CetiEH Cet556.006.15−0.01M4III
10 Ceti10 Cet486.006.160.29G8III
128 G. Ceti128 G. Cet382.006.160.81K1III
139 G. Ceti139 G. Cet334.006.171.12G8III/IV
138 G. Ceti138 G. Cet268.006.171.6G8III
258 G. Ceti258 G. Cet448.006.170.48M0III
264 G. Ceti264 G. Cet383.006.170.82G6III:
9 G. Ceti9 G. Cet127.006.193.23F2IV
263 G. Ceti263 G. Cet365.006.190.94K1III
10 G. Ceti10 G. Cet522.006.200.18A2IV/V
176 G. Ceti176 G. Cet716.006.20−0.51K0
131 G. Ceti131 G. Cet838.006.21−0.84M0III
44 Ceti44 Cet220.006.212.07F0V
279 G. Ceti279 G. Cet437.006.210.57G9III
240 G. Ceti240 G. Cet388.006.220.84G8/K0III
39 G. Ceti39 G. Cet758.006.24−0.59M1III
170 G. Ceti170 G. Cet125.006.243.33F7V
309 G. Ceti309 G. Cet492.006.240.34K0
4 G. Ceti4 G. Cet202.006.252.29F6/F7V
127 G. Ceti127 G. Cet528.006.260.21K1III
285 G. Ceti285 G. Cet129.006.263.27F3V:
82 G. Ceti82 G. Cet858.006.27−0.83A3IV
314 G. Ceti314 G. Cet468.006.280.5G9III
1 Ceti1 Cet486.006.280.41K1IIICN…
207 G. Ceti207 G. Cet545.006.290.17K0
1 G. Ceti1 G. Cet502.006.310.37G8III/IV
71 Ceti71 Cet646.006.34−0.14A0III
133 G. Ceti133 G. Cet194.006.352.48F5/F6V
108 G. Ceti108 G. Cet234.006.362.08A3III
9 Ceti9 Cet66.006.394.84G3V
209 G. Ceti209 G. Cet271.006.391.79K1III
32 Ceti32 Cet365.006.401.16K0III
276 G. Ceti276 G. Cet269.006.401.82F6IV
168 G. Ceti168 G. Cet991.006.41−1.00K2III
144 G. Ceti144 G. Cet694.006.42−0.22K0IV
186 G. Ceti186 G. Cet542.006.420.31K0
HD 11964HD 11964111.006.423.76G5IV
38 G. Ceti38 G. Cet1009.006.43−1.02M0III
148 G. Ceti148 G. Cet387.006.431.06K0/K1III
171 G. Ceti171 G. Cet896.006.43−0.76K5
205 G. Ceti205 G. Cet1052.006.43−1.11K4III
227 G. Ceti227 G. Cet1259.006.43−1.50K0
43 G. Ceti43 G. Cet105.006.443.9G3V
90 G. Ceti90 G. Cet243.006.442.08F3V
29 Ceti29 Cet151.006.443.11K0IV
166 G. Ceti166 G. Cet819.006.44−0.56K0
187 G. Ceti187 G. Cet805.006.44−0.52M2III
57 G. Ceti57 G. Cet464.006.450.68K0III
178 G. Ceti178 G. Cet535.006.450.37G0
25 Ari25 Ari119.006.453.65F5V
252 G. Ceti252 G. Cet950.006.45−0.87K0III
2 G. Ceti2 G. Cet456.006.450.72G8/K0III
5 G. Ceti5 G. Cet481.006.460.62K1III
29 G. Ceti29 G. Cet159.006.463.02F3V
193 G. Ceti193 G. Cet409.006.460.97G5
HD 1461HD 146176.006.474.62G0V
76 G. Ceti76 G. Cet286.006.471.75F0IV
101 G. Ceti101 G. Cet277.006.471.82K2/K3III
293 G. Ceti293 G. Cet475.006.480.66K0
63 G. Ceti63 G. Cet503.006.490.55G8III
221 G. Ceti221 G. Cet499.006.490.56G5
28 G. Ceti28 G. Cet612.006.500.13B6III/IV
43 Ceti43 Cet544.006.500.39K0III:
142 G. Ceti142 G. Cet330.006.501.47K0
234 G. Ceti234 G. Cet545.006.500.38A3V
40 Ceti40 Cet97.006.524.16F8
58 Ceti58 Cet491.006.520.63A0
35 Ceti35 Cet170.006.552.96F8
15 Ceti15 Cet731.006.64−0.11K2III
Chi Ceti Bχ Cet B74.946.744.91G0
79 Ceti79 Cet117.006.834.05G5IV
HD 4747HD 474761.007.15G9V
HD 984HD 984154.007.30F7V
HD 7449HD 7449127.007.50F8V
HD 11506HD 11506176.007.543.89G0V
HD 5319HD 5319326.008.053.05K0III
HD 12039HD 12039138.008.114.98G4V
HD 1666HD 1666361.008.17F7V
AxolotlHD 224693HD 224693306.008.233.36G2IV
HD 9174HD 9174257.008.40G8IV
HD 6718HD 6718179.008.454.75G0
58 Ceti58 Cet1523.008.890.54A0
HD 1690HD 16901040.009.17K1III
HD 2638HD 2638175.009.445.79G5
HD 16031HD 16031362.009.76F2V
HIP 5158HIP 5158146.0010.216.95K5
HIP 11915HIP 11915185.008.584.81G5V
Cayrel’s starBD -16°251BD -16°25113000.0011.70
YZ CetiYZ Cet11.7412.0714.25M4.5V
UV CetiUV Cet8.7312.5415.4M5.5Ve
BL CetiBL Cet8.7312.9915.85M6.0Ve