List of Stars in the Cepheus Constellation

The Cepheus constellation is formed by 7 main stars that form its shape in the sky. Inside its area, there are currently 228 discovered stars.

The constellation of Cepheus is named after the king of Aethiopia in Greek mythology.

Below you will find the full list of stars in the Cepheus constellation and their names as well as some general information about each of them.

Here’s what each of the columns means.

Proper name: This is the common name we give to some of the most prominent stars in the sky. These names have been passed from ancient civilizations and they are usually of Greek or Arabic origin. Due to the number of stars in the universe, most stars discovered these days do not receive a proper name.

Name: The scientific, Latinized name for the star.

Designation: Abbreviation of the scientific name or designation if it doesn’t have one. It is based on the Bayer catalog of stars.

Distance: How far away from Earth the star is. Given in light-years.

Visible magnitude: The brightness of the star as seen from Earth. Also known as apparent magnitude.

Absolute magnitude: The true brightness of the star, regardless of the point of view.

Stellar classification: Classification of the star according to its electromagnetic characteristics.

Proper NameNameDesignationDistance (light-years)Visible magnitudeAbsolute magnitudeStellar classification
AlderaminAlpha Cepheiα Cep492.451.58A7IV-V
ArraiGamma Cepheiγ Cep453.212.51K1IV
AlfirkBeta Cepheiβ Cep5953.23−3.08B2IIIv SB
Zeta Cepheiζ Cep7263.39−3.35K1Ibv SB
Al KidrEta Cepheiη Cep473.412.63K0IV
Iota Cepheiι Cep1153.500.76K0III
Delta Cephei Aδ Cep A8874.07−3.47F5Iab + B7-8
Epsilon Cepheiε Cep844.182.13F0IV
Theta Cepheiθ Cep1364.211.11A7III
Garnet starMu Cepheiμ Cep52584.23−6.81M2Ia
2 UMi2 UMi3134.24−0.67K2II-III
Nu Cepheiν Cep50944.25−6.72A2Ia
Kappa Cepheiκ Cep3274.38−0.63B9III
Pi Cepheiπ Cep2204.410.27G2III
KurhahXi Cephei Aξ Cep A964.45Am
HR 7955HR 7955884.522.35F8IV-V
11 Cephei11 Cep1764.550.89K0III
HD 217382HD 2173823904.70−0.69K4III
Omicron Cepheiο Cep2114.750.7K0III
9 Cephei9 Cep45284.76−5.95B2Ib
HD 216446HD 2164463244.77−0.22K3III
24 Cephei24 Cep3774.79−0.53G8III
16 Cephei16 Cep1225.042.17F5V
OV CepheiOV Cep4995.05−0.88M2III
Lambda Cepheiλ Cep16465.05−3.47O6If(n)
HD 223274HD 2232742975.050.25A1Vn
19 Cephei19 Cep54335.07−6.04O9.5Ib
31 Cephei31 Cep1845.081.32F3III-IV
HD 30338HD 303383455.09−0.03K3III
HD 25007HD 250073455.10−0.03G8III+…
VV CepheiVV Cep83595.11−6.93M2 + B0
78 Dra78 Dra2475.180.78K0III
6 Cephei6 Cep10795.19−2.41B3IVe
30 Cephei30 Cep3205.190.23A3IV
HD 210855HD 2108551215.242.4F8V
HD 218029HD 2180293845.25−0.11K3III
18 Cephei18 Cep4485.26−0.43M5III
20 Cephei20 Cep3185.270.32K4III
HD 212710HD 2127102565.270.8B9.5Vn
HD 210939HD 2109393735.370.08K1III
HD 26836HD 268369375.42−1.87G6III:
7 Cephei7 Cep7715.42−1.45B7V
HD 19978HD 199782645.440.9A6V
Al Kalb al RaiRho2 Cepheiρ2 Cep2375.451.14A3V
HD 26659HD 266593045.470.63G8III
HD 213022HD 2130225205.47−0.54K2III
HD 18438HD 184386955.49−1.15M1III
V408 CepheiV408 Cep6855.51−1.10B5V
V381 CepheiV381 Cep36635.51−4.74M1Ibep
HD 210884HD 2108841075.522.95F2V
26 Cephei26 Cep25275.52−3.93B0.5Ib
HD 205139HD 20513923975.53−3.80B1II
12 Cephei12 Cep4675.53−0.25M1III
HD 200205HD 2002055865.54−0.73K4III
14 Cephei14 Cep46575.55−5.22O9V
V388 CepheiV388 Cep3565.560.36F0IV
HD 221525HD 2215253075.560.69A7IV
HD 4853HD 48532455.591.21A4V
4 Cephei4 Cep1395.592.44A8V
HD 6798HD 67982725.600.99A3V
HD 220974HD 2209742065.601.59A6IV
HD 216380HD 2163802275.611.39G2IV+…
HD 20084HD 200843555.620.43G3IIp…
HD 202214HD 20221490565.64−6.58B0V
HD 225216HD 2252163175.680.74K1III
HD 208095HD 2080956435.70−0.77B6IV-V
HD 214035HD 2140357365.70−1.07A2V
HD 206267HD 20626711735.74−2.04O6V((f))+O9V
13 Cephei13 Cep25275.74−3.71B8Ibvar
25 Cephei25 Cep6895.75−0.88K3III
HD 211029HD 2110298655.76−1.36M3III
HR 774HR 7744985.80−0.12G8p…
HD 214710HD 2147106235.80−0.61M1III
HD 192781HD 1927815945.81−0.49K5III
HD 200614HD 2006147295.83−0.92B8III
Rho1 Cepheiρ1 Cep2045.831.85A2m
HD 22701HD 227011335.842.78F5IV
HD 208682HD 20868212035.84−2.00B2.5Ve
HD 221861HD 22186128605.86−3.86K0Ib
HD 201636HD 2016361605.882.42F3IV
HD 211554HD 2115547285.88−0.86G8III
HD 217157HD 2171574575.890.16K5
HD 219485HD 2194854555.890.16A0V
V414 CepheiV414 Cep9645.91−1.45M3III
77 Dra77 Dra4125.910.4B8Vn
HD 18778HD 187782025.921.96A7III-IV
HD 203399HD 2033998365.92−1.12K5III
HD 207198HD 20719820125.94−3.01O9II
HD 222386HD 2223862635.951.42A3V
HD 223128HD 22312817345.95−2.68B2IV
HD 209112HD 20911212835.96−2.02M3III
HD 205072HD 2050723555.970.78G6III:
HD 222387HD 2223874195.980.43G8III
HD 200039HD 2000394345.990.37G5III
HD 202987HD 20298714756.00−2.28K3III
HD 431HD 4313816.010.67A7IV
HD 213973HD 2139732496.011.6A9III
HD 216595HD 21659512996.01−1.99K2V:
HD 197373HD 1973731086.023.41F6IV
HD 12005HD 1200510766.04−1.55K0
HD 212495HD 2124957126.04−0.66A1V
HD 12467HD 124672236.051.87A1V
HD 8065HD 8065326006.07−8.93A0Iab
HD 216102HD 2161026396.07−0.39K0
HD 206842HD 20684224336.10−3.26K1III
HD 203574HD 2035744296.110.51G5III
V426 CepheiV426 Cep9826.11−1.28M3II-III…
HD 211300HD 2113008816.11−1.05A3V+…
HD 203501HD 2035015126.120.14A3IV
HD 211242HD 2112429676.13−1.23B8Vn
HD 204754HD 2047549296.14−1.13B8III
HD 36905HD 3690513366.17−1.89M0III
HD 197734HD 1977347246.17−0.56A2IV
HD 208606HD 20860690566.17−6.05G8Ib…
HD 207780HD 2077808726.18−0.96M1II-III
HD 212454HD 2124548516.18−0.90B8III-IV
HD 216172HD 2161722046.192.21F5
HD 6319HD 63193266.201.2K2III:
HD 218560HD 21856010656.21−1.36K0
HD 199661HD 1996617956.23−0.71B2.5IV
HD 6473HD 64734686.240.46K0
HD 218537HD 21853712216.25−1.62B3V
HD 214019HD 2140194006.260.82A0V
HD 7238HD 72382366.271.98F5Vs
HD 210905HD 2109053456.291.16K0III
HD 213232HD 2132323776.300.99K0
V398 CepheiV398 Cep9856.31−1.09M4
Delta Cephei Cδ Cep C8876.30B7IV
HD 209258HD 20925811136.32−1.35K5
V379 CepheiV379 Cep62696.32−5.10B2III
HD 215907HD 2159079566.33−1.01B9.5IV
Xi Cephei Bξ Cep B966.34F8V
HD 210220HD 2102205606.340.16G6III
HD 1141HD 11416176.35−0.04B9Vn
HD 219841HD 2198416286.35−0.07A2Vs
80 Dra80 Dra5116.360.38B9MNp…
HR 9038HR 9038356.366.19K3V
HD 208132HD 2081322606.371.86Am+…
HD 3440HD 34401056.383.83F6V:
HD 202582HD 2025821356.383.3G2IV+…
V444 CepheiV444 Cep5766.380.14A0III
HD 25904HD 259049456.39−0.92K0
HD 208947HD 20894716146.41−2.06B2V
V421 CepheiV421 Cep25276.42−3.03B2III
V422 CepheiV422 Cep16066.43−2.03M3
V438 CepheiV438 Cep8256.43−0.59M3
RW CepheiRW Cep27396.44−3.18G8Ia
HD 12918HD 129184286.450.86K0
HD 198781HD 19878125676.45−3.03B0.5V
HD 207636HD 2076364926.450.55A0V
HD 215588HD 2155881176.453.68F5
HD 12927HD 129274106.460.96A3
HD 212136HD 2121365976.460.15G8III
HD 217348HD 21734811566.46−1.29B9III
V431 CepheiV431 Cep6176.470.08Ap Si
HD 207826HD 2078263146.491.57F3IV
HD 224890HD 2248902146.502.41Am…
HD 32196HD 321963246.501.51A5m
HD 198236HD 1982364316.500.89G8III
V CepheiV Cep3016.571.75A3V
V419 CepheiV419 Cep52006.62M2Ib
79 Dra79 Dra2766.652.21A2V
15 Cephei15 Cep13706.69−1.43B1V
AH CepheiAH Cep33306.88B0.5V+…
U CepheiU Cep6746.900.32G8III
HD 12648HD 126485176.98G5
HD 202432HD 2024325257.00K2 D
EM CepheiEM Cep16107.03B1Vn
SS CepheiSS Cep8477.16M5III
DQ CepheiDQ Cep5797.26F1IV
HD 204521HD 204521867.29G0V_Fe-08
HD 207538HD 2075387.30O9.7IV
T CepheiT Cep6127.33M6-9e
V380 CepheiV380 Cep17207.36B2Ve
VW CepheiVW Cep907.38G8V+K0V
S CepheiS Cep13307.40C7,4e
HD 1HD 11,1907.42-0.01G9-K0IIIa
NY CepheiNY Cep7.44B0IV
V368 CepheiV368 Cep637.54G9V
W CepheiW Cep7.59K0Iapev…
EI CepheiEI Cep6577.61F3V+F1m
CW CepheiCW Cep20807.67B0.5V+B1V
IR CepheiIR Cep22007.86G0
EK CepheiEK Cep5287.89A0V
HD 204827HD 2048277.94O9V+B0.5III
XZ CepheiXZ Cep17308.51O9.5V
HD 211810HD 2118101998.59G5
ZZ CepheiZZ Cep4308.60B7v+…
DH CepheiDH Cep50008.61O5.5V+O6V
CQ CepheiCQ Cep8.80WN6+O9II-Ib
WX CepheiWX Cep15209.00A5V+A2V
HD 211853HD 21185314509.00WN6o+O6I
XX CepheiXX Cep7999.18A7V
RZ CepheiRZ Cep9.19A0-F2
IL CepheiIL Cep27909.31B3IVe+A3
EG CepheiEG Cep9.49A7V
Kruger 60 AKruger 60 A13.19.5911.58M2.0V
HIP 109384HIP 1093841839.63G5
CR CepheiCR Cep17609.64G0
PQ CepheiPQ Cep9.82C6-,3e
HD 219460HD 2194609.89WN5+B1III
4U 2206+544U 2206+549.90O9.5Vep
SV CepheiSV Cep10.35A2IVe
V354 CepheiheiV354 Cephei900010.90M2.5 Iab
DO CepheiDO Cep13.110.30M4.0V
CP CepheiCP Cep136010.58F5Ib
AK CepheiAK Cep71310.86F8
EE CepheiEE Cep10.90B5:nev
BH CepheiBH Cep11.01F5IIIe
GW CepheiGW Cep11.21G3
WZ CepheiWZ Cep11.23F5
BO CepheiBO Cep11.55F5Ve
WR 152WR 15211.61WN3
DI CepheiDI Cep79711.95G8IVe
CX CepheiCX Cep12.12WN4+O5V
Wolf 1106Wolf 11067913.23sdM1.5
Cepheiheus X-4Cepheus X-4B1.5Ve
V350 CepheiV350 CepM2…16.20WN4+O5V
PV CepheiPV Cep17.46A5
IV CepheiIV Cep
Cepheiheus A HW 2Cepheus A HW 2B0.5
S140 IRS 1S140 IRS 1
IRAS 21391+5802IRAS 21391+5802
NGC 7538 IRS 1NGC 7538 IRS 1O
NGC 7538 IRS 9NGC 7538 IRS 9
OH 104.9+2.4OH 104.9+2.4
PSR B2224+65PSR B2224+65
PSR J2229+6114PSR J2229+6114