List of Stars in the Centaurus Constellation

The Centaurus constellation is formed by 11 main stars that form its shape in the sky. Inside its area, there are currently 326 discovered stars.

The constellation of Centaurus is named after the half-human, half-horse creature of Greek mythology.

Below you will find the full list of stars in the Centaurus constellation and their names as well as some general information about each of them.

Here’s what each of the columns means.

Proper name: This is the common name we give to some of the most prominent stars in the sky. These names have been passed from ancient civilizations and they are usually of Greek or Arabic origin. Due to the number of stars in the universe, most stars discovered these days do not receive a proper name.

Name: The scientific, Latinized name for the star.

Designation: Abbreviation of the scientific name or designation if it doesn’t have one. It is based on the Bayer catalog of stars.

Distance: How far away from Earth the star is. Given in light-years.

Visible magnitude: The brightness of the star as seen from Earth. Also known as apparent magnitude.

Absolute magnitude: The true brightness of the star, regardless of the point of view.

Stellar classification: Classification of the star according to its electromagnetic characteristics.

Proper NameNameDesignationDistance (light-years)Visible magnitudeAbsolute magnitudeStellar classification
Rigil KentaurusAlpha Centauri Aα Cen A4.36−0.014.34G2V
HadarBeta Centauriβ Cen525.000.61−5.42B1III
TolimanAlpha Centauri Bα Cen B4.361.355.7K1V
MenkentTheta Centauriθ Cen61.002.060.7K0IIIb
(5 Centauri)(5 Cen)
MuhlifainGamma Centauriγ Cen130.002.2−0.81A1IV
Epsilon Centauriε Cen376.002.29−3.02B1III
Eta Centauriη Cen308.002.33−2.55B1Vn + A
AlnairZeta Centauriζ Cen384.002.55−2.81B2.5IV
Delta Centauriδ Cen395.002.58−2.84B2IVne
Iota Centauriι Cen59.002.751.48A2V
Lambda Centauriλ Cen410.003.11−2.39B9II:
Kappa Centauriκ Cen539.003.13−2.96B2IV
Nu Centauriν Cen475.003.41−2.41B2IV
Mu Centauriμ Cen527.003.47−2.57B2IV-Ve
Phi Centauriφ Cen465.003.83−1.94B2IV
Tau Centauriτ Cen132.003.850.82A2V
Upsilon1 Centauriυ1 Cen417.003.87−1.67B2IV-V
Pi Centauriπ Cen321.003.9−1.07B5Vn
d Centaurid Cen1254.003.9−4.03G8II/III
Sigma Centauriσ Cen443.003.91−1.76B3V
Rho Centauriρ Cen342.003.97−1.13B3V
b Centaurib Cen305.004.01−0.85B2.5V
Psi Centauriψ Cen247.004.05−0.35A0IV
c1 Centauric1 Cen205.004.060.07K3III
HD 102350HD 102350434.004.11−1.51G0II
2 Centauri2 Cen177.004.190.51M5III
1 Centauri1 Cen63.004.232.81F3V
n Centaurin Cen155.004.250.86A4IV
Xi2 Centauriξ2 Cen412.004.27−1.24B1.5V
j Centaurij Cen459.004.3−1.44B3V
v Centauriv Cen1185.004.3−3.50B6Ib
3 Centauri A3 Cen A297.004.32−0.48B5
e Centaurie Cen303.004.33−0.51K3/K4III
Upsilon2 Centauriυ2 Cen448.004.34−1.35F6II
Chi Centauriχ Cen446.004.36−1.32B2V
V761 CentauriV761 Cen418.004.41−1.13B2V
V863 CentauriV863 Cen376.004.46−0.85B2IIIne
B CentauriB Cen464.004.47−1.30K4III
J CentauriJ Cen354.004.52−0.66B3V
m Centaurim Cen257.004.520.04G5III-IV
V831 CentauriV831 Cen346.004.58−0.55B8V
A CentauriA Cen463.004.62−1.14B9V
l Centauril Cen355.004.63−0.55B8II/III
M CentauriM Cen257.004.640.16G8/K0III
w Centauriw Cen188.004.660.85K0III
f Centaurif Cen414.004.71−0.81B5V
294 G. Centauri294 G. Cen209.004.710.68K4III
321 G. Centauri321 G. Cen182.004.741.01G8III
4 Centauri4 Cen669.004.75−1.81B4IV
340 G. Centauri340 G. Cen282.004.760.07G8/K1 + F/G
G CentauriG Cen400.004.82−0.62B3Vn
Xi1 Centauriξ1 Cen218.004.830.71A0V
185 G. Centauri185 G. Cen67.004.853.29G3IV
HR 4523HR 452330.004.895.06G3/G5V
p Centaurip Cen389.004.9−0.48B9V
191 G. Centauri191 G. Cen59.004.93.62F7IV
c2 Centauric2 Cen207.004.920.91A0V
58 G. Centauri58 G. Cen729.004.93−1.82G3Ib
Q CentauriQ Cen271.004.990.39B8Vn+…
26 G. Centauri26 G. Cen858.005−2.10K4III
V810 CentauriV810 Cen2567.005−4.48F9Ia
F CentauriF Cen381.005.01−0.33M1III
V1019 CentauriV1019 Cen384.005.02−0.34B7II/III
V795 CentauriV795 Cen486.005.03−0.84B4Vne
K CentauriK Cen504.005.04−0.91A0V
Omicron1 Centauriο1 Cen3228.005.07−4.91G0Ia
r Centaurir Cen247.005.10.7K0III
217 G. Centauri217 G. Cen207.005.111.09Kp…
Omicron2 Centauriο2 Cen3396.005.12−4.97A3Ia
128 G. Centauri128 G. Cen113.005.122.43A7III
34 G. Centauri34 G. Cen625.005.14−1.27B9V
52 G. Centauri52 G. Cen231.005.140.89K1III
V815 CentauriV815 Cen283.005.150.45Ap SrCrEu
54 G. Centauri54 G. Cen297.005.150.35B9IV
88 G. Centauri88 G. Cen79.005.153.23F6V
z Centauriz Cen428.005.15−0.44A0V
H CentauriH Cen479.005.17−0.67B8V
31 G. Centauri31 G. Cen89.005.182.99F7V
29 G. Centauri29 G. Cen280.005.210.54K0III
33 G. Centauri33 G. Cen1552.005.22−3.17B3IV
334 G. Centauri334 G. Cen158.005.221.8Am
182 G. Centauri182 G. Cen221.005.241.09K1/K2III
C2 CentauriC2 Cen189.005.261.44A7m
N CentauriN Cen363.005.260.03B9Vn
64 G. Centauri64 G. Cen782.005.28−1.62B6III
D CentauriD Cen566.005.31−0.89K3III
x1 Centaurix1 Cen409.005.32−0.17B8/B9V
215 G. Centauri215 G. Cen128.005.322.35F2III
381 G. Centauri381 G. Cen247.005.320.92A0V
E CentauriE Cen590.005.34−0.95A1V
9 G. Centauri9 G. Cen163.005.371.88A2III
251 G. Centauri251 G. Cen647.005.38−1.11B9IV
41 G. Centauri41 G. Cen368.005.390.13A2IV/V
V918 CentauriV918 Cen821.005.42−1.59K5III
u Centauriu Cen427.005.45−0.13B8/B9V
C3 CentauriC3 Cen363.005.460.23K2III
152 G. Centauri152 G. Cen601.005.46−0.87M0III
269 G. Centauri269 G. Cen454.005.46−0.26K2III
V964 CentauriV964 Cen396.005.470.05B6V
43 G. Centauri43 G. Cen207.005.51.48K1III/IV
V817 CentauriV817 Cen2090.005.51−3.52B3IV
HD 120987HD 120987163.005.532.03F3V
324 G. Centauri324 G. Cen2608.005.53−3.99K5III+…
59 G. Centauri59 G. Cen209.005.541.5A0V
74 G. Centauri74 G. Cen341.005.560.46B4III
341 G. Centauri341 G. Cen1230.005.57−2.31B8V
172 G. Centauri172 G. Cen339.005.590.51K0II/III
248 G. Centauri248 G. Cen522.005.61−0.41K2/K3III
330 G. Centauri330 G. Cen449.005.61−0.09G8III
176 G. Centauri176 G. Cen229.005.631.39A0V
235 G. Centauri235 G. Cen116.005.632.88F6V
39 G. Centauri39 G. Cen544.005.64−0.47M1III
C1 CentauriC1 Cen652.005.64−0.87M3III
288 G. Centauri288 G. Cen342.005.660.56B8V
367 G. Centauri367 G. Cen588.005.67−0.61Ap Si
70 G. Centauri70 G. Cen3075.005.68−4.19A3Iab
221 G. Centauri221 G. Cen2012.005.69−3.26K3III
142 G. Centauri142 G. Cen382.005.70.35A5V
177 G. Centauri177 G. Cen324.005.70.71B8V
x2 Centaurix2 Cen420.005.710.16B9IV/V
V744 CentauriV744 Cen543.005.74−0.37M8III
359 G. Centauri359 G. Cen419.005.740.19B8V
13 G. Centauri13 G. Cen446.005.750.07K2III
V788 CentauriV788 Cen326.005.750.75A3III
127 G. Centauri127 G. Cen92.005.763.5G4IV
205 G. Centauri205 G. Cen377.005.760.44K1III
11 G. Centauri11 G. Cen840.005.77−1.29K5/M0III
102 G. Centauri102 G. Cen2037.005.77−3.21B4III
278 G. Centauri278 G. Cen1173.005.77−2.01B2Vp
129 G. Centauri129 G. Cen219.005.781.65A0V
181 G. Centauri181 G. Cen299.005.780.97F7IV
114 G. Centauri114 G. Cen342.005.790.68B8/B9V
243 G. Centauri243 G. Cen226.005.791.59F3III-IV
32 G. Centauri32 G. Cen625.005.8−0.61K0III+…
209 G. Centauri209 G. Cen5175.005.81−5.19B2.5Ib
27 G. Centauri27 G. Cen653.005.82−0.69A4:p
196 G. Centauri196 G. Cen190.005.821.99Am
293 G. Centauri293 G. Cen284.005.821.12K0IV
V767 CentauriV767 Cen5.83B2IIIe
50 G. Centauri50 G. Cen1462.005.84−2.42B2.5IV
133 G. Centauri133 G. Cen797.005.84−1.10K3II
193 G. Centauri193 G. Cen259.005.841.34K0IV
380 G. Centauri380 G. Cen801.005.85−1.10K2III
30 G. Centauri30 G. Cen541.005.87−0.23M3III
140 G. Centauri140 G. Cen384.005.870.52K3III
283 G. Centauri283 G. Cen1203.005.87−1.97B5III
357 G. Centauri357 G. Cen358.005.880.68B6V
388 G. Centauri388 G. Cen387.005.880.51K2/K3III
79 G. Centauri79 G. Cen2567.005.89−3.59A3Ib
151 G. Centauri151 G. Cen130.005.892.89G2IV
375 G. Centauri375 G. Cen449.005.890.19M5III
189 G. Centauri189 G. Cen329.005.90.88B9V
373 G. Centauri373 G. Cen554.005.9−0.25K3III
148 G. Centauri148 G. Cen379.005.910.59K3III
190 G. Centauri190 G. Cen344.005.910.8K0/K1III
239 G. Centauri239 G. Cen389.005.910.52B8V
268 G. Centauri268 G. Cen196.005.922.03A3m…
298 G. Centauri298 G. Cen335.005.920.86G8/K0III
305 G. Centauri305 G. Cen530.005.93−0.13K2III
337 G. Centauri337 G. Cen223.005.931.75A1V
V914 CentauriV914 Cen1065.005.95−1.62M1III
236 G. Centauri236 G. Cen376.005.960.65G8/K0III
256 G. Centauri256 G. Cen352.005.960.79K0III
258 G. Centauri258 G. Cen1590.005.96−2.48B8III
V869 CentauriV869 Cen548.005.96−0.17B9IV
60 G. Centauri60 G. Cen598.005.98−0.34K3III
174 G. Centauri174 G. Cen1235.005.98−1.91B9IV+…
145 G. Centauri145 G. Cen465.005.990.22B7/B8V
351 G. Centauri351 G. Cen346.005.990.86K1III
V928 CentauriV928 Cen918.006−1.25M2II/III
203 G. Centauri203 G. Cen6B0.5Ia
242 G. Centauri242 G. Cen1235.006−1.89G5Ib
253 G. Centauri253 G. Cen3047.006−3.85B0.5III
291 G. Centauri291 G. Cen124.0063.09G8V
162 G. Centauri162 G. Cen131.006.013F3V
85 G. Centauri85 G. Cen849.006.04−1.04K1/K2II
361 G. Centauri361 G. Cen627.006.04−0.38K3III
76 G. Centauri76 G. Cen1370.006.05−2.07A0/A1III
V824 CentauriV824 Cen343.006.050.94Ap
3 Centauri B3 Cen B6.06
383 G. Centauri383 G. Cen551.006.06−0.08K3III
97 G. Centauri97 G. Cen234.006.071.79A5V
352 G. Centauri352 G. Cen412.006.070.56K0III
V828 CentauriV828 Cen552.006.08−0.06B8 Si
V716 CentauriV716 Cen1101.006.09−1.55B5V
25 G. Centauri25 G. Cen344.006.10.99G8III
62 G. Centauri62 G. Cen396.006.10.68A2III/IV
HD 108063HD 108063172.006.12.49F9.5IV
282 G. Centauri282 G. Cen175.006.112.46F5/F6V
10 G. Centauri10 G. Cen760.006.12−0.72G8II/III
302 G. Centauri302 G. Cen805.006.12−0.84K1III
28 G. Centauri28 G. Cen3075.006.13−3.74B2IV-V
80 G. Centauri80 G. Cen484.006.130.27K0III
358 G. Centauri358 G. Cen400.006.130.69K1III
229 G. Centauri229 G. Cen363.006.140.91K1III
290 G. Centauri290 G. Cen466.006.140.37A1V
106 G. Centauri106 G. Cen488.006.150.27A0V
67 G. Centauri67 G. Cen475.006.160.34G8III
192 G. Centauri192 G. Cen351.006.161K5II
194 G. Centauri194 G. Cen464.006.170.4K1III
213 G. Centauri213 G. Cen731.006.17−0.58M2III
HD 121056HD 121056215.006.172.13K0III
384 G. Centauri384 G. Cen365.006.170.92K1III
V790 CentauriV790 Cen6.18B2.5Vn
186 G. Centauri186 G. Cen130.006.183.18G0V
198 G. Centauri198 G. Cen644.006.18−0.30A0V
211 G. Centauri211 G. Cen994.006.18−1.24A4V
306 G. Centauri306 G. Cen125.006.183.27F6V
312 G. Centauri312 G. Cen561.006.180G8III
187 G. Centauri187 G. Cen629.006.19−0.24K0III
319 G. Centauri319 G. Cen713.006.19−0.51B9V
200 G. Centauri200 G. Cen392.006.20.8F3/F5II
V992 CentauriV992 Cen425.006.20.62A5III/IV
389 G. Centauri389 G. Cen393.006.210.81A8/A9III/IV
15 G. Centauri15 G. Cen1725.006.22−2.40K4III
100 G. Centauri100 G. Cen174.006.232.59G6III+…
20 G. Centauri20 G. Cen234.006.241.96A1V
104 G. Centauri104 G. Cen347.006.241.1K0III
116 G. Centauri116 G. Cen498.006.240.32K2/K3III
V789 CentauriV789 Cen1173.006.24−1.54M3/M4III
120 G. Centauri120 G. Cen87.006.254.12G5IV-V
63 G. Centauri63 G. Cen521.006.260.24K1III
81 G. Centauri81 G. Cen176.006.262.6F3IV-V
141 G. Centauri141 G. Cen571.006.260.04A0V
147 G. Centauri147 G. Cen1090.006.26−1.36G8Ib/II
7 G. Centauri7 G. Cen322.006.271.29A1V
222 G. Centauri222 G. Cen2312.006.27−2.98B3IV
2 G. Centauri2 G. Cen412.006.280.77G6IV
V809 CentauriV809 Cen4657.006.28−4.49A3Iae
V765 CentauriV765 Cen1120.006.29−1.39M3/M4III
19 G. Centauri19 G. Cen181.006.32.58F3V
49 G. Centauri49 G. Cen432.006.30.69A1V
365 G. Centauri365 G. Cen1006.006.3−1.15K0/K1II
377 G. Centauri377 G. Cen130.006.33.29G0/G1V
3 G. Centauri3 G. Cen367.006.311.05K2II
144 G. Centauri144 G. Cen479.006.310.48A0IV
220 G. Centauri220 G. Cen1069.006.31−1.27A0III/IV
332 G. Centauri332 G. Cen69.006.314.69F9V
180 G. Centauri180 G. Cen6.32F0II
232 G. Centauri232 G. Cen726.006.32−0.42B8III
347 G. Centauri347 G. Cen314.006.331.41K3III
279 G. Centauri279 G. Cen195.006.342.45F6V
V883 CentauriV883 Cen1069.006.34−1.24B5IV
84 G. Centauri84 G. Cen487.006.360.49B8/B9V
348 G. Centauri348 G. Cen458.006.360.62B9V
382 G. Centauri382 G. Cen393.006.360.96A0/A1V
210 G. Centauri210 G. Cen1791.006.37−2.33B6IV
126 G. Centauri126 G. Cen220.006.382.24F5IV-V
138 G. Centauri138 G. Cen973.006.38−0.99B8/B9V
369 G. Centauri369 G. Cen1079.006.38−1.22Asp…
112 G. Centauri112 G. Cen389.006.391.01F2V
310 G. Centauri310 G. Cen6.39B0Ia
313 G. Centauri313 G. Cen384.006.391.03G8/K0III
R CentauriR Cen6.39
350 G. Centauri350 G. Cen1048.006.39−1.15K3III
354 G. Centauri354 G. Cen609.006.390.03K2III
130 G. Centauri130 G. Cen359.006.41.19A0V
223 G. Centauri223 G. Cen452.006.40.69G8/K0III
V766 CentauriV766 Cen11643.006.4−6.36A7V
329 G. Centauri329 G. Cen979.006.4−0.99K3III
238 G. Centauri238 G. Cen472.006.410.6K1III
263 G. Centauri263 G. Cen337.006.421.35A1V
137 G. Centauri137 G. Cen235.006.432.15A7III
V1154 CentauriV1154 Cen1101.006.43−1.21M1III
254 G. Centauri254 G. Cen948.006.43−0.89M0III
HD 120457HD 120457367.006.431.17K1III
317 G. Centauri317 G. Cen330.006.431.41B9V
5 G. Centauri5 G. Cen553.006.440.29K3III
168 G. Centauri168 G. Cen364.006.441.2F5III
V827 CentauriV827 Cen367.006.441.18A0p
V808 CentauriV808 Cen4939.006.45−4.45B2Ia
316 G. Centauri316 G. Cen132.006.453.42G3V
386 G. Centauri386 G. Cen626.006.450.03B8V
22 G. Centauri22 G. Cen401.006.461.01A0V
V871 CentauriV871 Cen6.46O8var
77 G. Centauri77 G. Cen152.006.463.12F7V
233 G. Centauri233 G. Cen903.006.46−0.75K2III
349 G. Centauri349 G. Cen6.46A0II/III
90 G. Centauri90 G. Cen388.006.481.1B9V
155 G. Centauri155 G. Cen329.006.481.46A0p
237 G. Centauri237 G. Cen519.006.480.47K0III
299 G. Centauri299 G. Cen213.006.492.42F1III-IV
89 G. Centauri [1]89 G. Cen [1]152.006.513.17F7V
T CentauriT Cen2063.006.58−2.43M3e
HD 114729HD 114729114.006.693.97G3V
HD 117253HD 117253444.006.75K0III
HD 115470HD 115470408.006.8B9.5V
HD 116434HD 11643436.007.01A2V
DofidaHD 117618HD 117618124.007.184.28G2V
HD 117207HD 117207108.007.264.67G8IV-V
UklunHD 102117HD 102117137.007.474.35G6V
HD 121504HD 121504145.007.544.29G2V
Przybylski’s StarPrzybylski’s Star410.008.02B5p
HD 109749HD 109749192.008.14.24G3V
HD 101930HD 10193099.008.215.79K1V
HD 114386HD 11438691.008.736.49K3V
HD 113538HD 11353852.009.02K9V
HD 125595HD 12559589.009.03K4V
HD 108236HD 108236211.009.2K4V
HD 103197HD 103197161.009.415.94K1Vp…
HD 120411HD 120411415.009.9
Popper’s starHD 124448HD 1244481531.009.99B3p
PSR B1259-63PSR B1259-6310.08B2e
WASP-167WASP-1671243.0010.5F1 V
WASP-87 AWASP-87 A783.0010.7F5
Proxima CentauritauriProxima Centauri4.2211.0515.49M5.5V
1A 1118-611A 1118-6112.12O9.5III/Ve
GJ 3737GJ 373720.8012.74M4.5V
Krzeminski’s StarKrzeminski’s Star26000.0013.25O6.5II
BPM 37093BPM 3709350.0013.9613.02DA