List of Stars in the Cassiopeia Constellation

The Cassiopeia constellation is formed by 5 main stars that form its shape in the sky. Inside its area, there are currently 316 discovered stars.

The constellation of Cassiopeia is named after the queen of Aethopia in Greek mythology.

Below you will find the full list of stars in the Cassiopeia constellation and their names as well as some general information about each of them.

Here’s what each of the columns means.

Proper name: This is the common name we give to some of the most prominent stars in the sky. These names have been passed from ancient civilizations and they are usually of Greek or Arabic origin. Due to the number of stars in the universe, most stars discovered these days do not receive a proper name.

Name: The scientific, Latinized name for the star.

Designation: Abbreviation of the scientific name or designation if it doesn’t have one. It is based on the Bayer catalog of stars.

Distance: How far away from Earth the star is. Given in light-years.

Visible magnitude: The brightness of the star as seen from Earth. Also known as apparent magnitude.

Absolute magnitude: The true brightness of the star, regardless of the point of view.

Stellar classification: Classification of the star according to its electromagnetic characteristics.

Proper NameNameDesignationDistance (light-years)Visible magnitudeAbsolute magnitudeStellar classification
SchedarAlpha Cassiopeiaeα Cas228.002.24−1.99K0II-IIIvar
CaphBeta Cassiopeiaeβ Cas54.002.281.17F2III-IV
Tsih / NaviGamma Cassiopeiaeγ Cas613.002.47−4.22B0IV:evar
RuchbahDelta Cassiopeiaeδ Cas99.002.680.26A5Vv SB
SeginEpsilon Cassiopeiaeε Cas442.003.35−2.31B2pvar
AchirdEta Cassiopeiaeη Cas19.003.464.59G0V SB
FuluZeta Cassiopeiaeζ Cas597.003.69−2.62B2IV
50 Cassiopeiae50 Cas162.003.950.47A2V
Kappa Cassiopeiaeκ Cas4127.004.17−6.34B1Ia
MarfakTheta Cassiopeiaeθ Cas137.004.341.22A7Vvar
Iota Cassiopeiaeι Cas141.004.461.27A5p Sr
Omicron Cassiopeiaeο Cas906.004.48−2.74B5III
48 Cassiopeiae48 Cas117.004.491.72A3IV
Rho Cassiopeiaeρ Cas8500.004.51−9.5F8Ia0-M2I
CastulaUpsilon2 Cassiopeiaeυ2 Cas206.004.620.62G8III-IV
Chi Cassiopeiaeχ Cas204.004.680.7K0III
Psi Cassiopeiaeψ Cas193.004.720.86K0III
Lambda Cassiopeiaeλ Cas354.004.74−0.44B8Vn
Xi Cassiopeiaeξ Cas1109.004.80−2.86B2.5V
HR 244HR 24461.004.803.46F8V
R CassiopeiaeR Cas410.004.80M6.5-9e
Upsilon1 Cassiopeiaeυ1 Cas406.004.83−0.65K2III
1 Cassiopeiae1 Cas1105.004.84−2.81B0.5IV
HD 19275HD 19275162.004.851.37A2Vnn
Tau Cassiopeiaeτ Cas173.004.881.26K1III
Sigma Cassiopeiaeσ Cas1523.004.88−3.47B1V…
AR CassiopeiaeAR Cas575.004.89−1.34B3IV
Nu Cassiopeiaeν Cas389.004.90−0.49B9III
Pi Cassiopeiaeπ Cas174.004.951.31A5V
Phi Cassiopeiaeφ Cas2329.004.95−4.32F0Ia
4 Cassiopeiae4 Cas771.004.96−1.91M1III
Omega Cassiopeiaeω Cas701.004.97−1.69B8III
HD 3240HD 3240505.005.08−0.87B7III
V509 CassiopeiaeV509 Cas7723.005.10−6.77F80
MarfakMu Cassiopeiaeμ Cas25.005.175.78G5VIp/M5V
HD 15920HD 15920256.005.170.69G8III
42 Cassiopeiae42 Cas281.005.180.51B9V
49 Cassiopeiae49 Cas426.005.22−0.36G8III
47 Cassiopeiae47 Cas109.005.272.64F0Vn
40 Cassiopeiae40 Cas447.005.28−0.40G8II-III
HD 11946HD 11946257.005.290.81A0Vn
31 Cassiopeiae31 Cas318.005.320.38A0Vnn
HD 4775HD 4775813.005.35−1.63A4V comp SB
12 Cassiopeiae12 Cas763.005.38−1.47B9III
HD 4222HD 4222351.005.410.25A2Vs
23 Cassiopeiae23 Cas803.005.42−1.54B8III
6 Cassiopeiae6 Cas6150.005.43−8.06A3Ia comp
HD 3474HD 34741331.005.45−2.60K5III
HD 9900HD 99001140.005.55−2.17G5II
HD 223173HD 2231731672.005.55−3.00K3II
HD 5408HD 5408614.005.56−0.81B8V
HD 6960HD 6960410.005.560.06B9.5V
HD 220369HD 2203691482.005.56−2.73K3II
10 Cassiopeiae10 Cas982.005.57−1.82B9III
32 Cassiopeiae32 Cas363.005.570.34B9IV
43 Cassiopeiae43 Cas444.005.57−0.10A0p SiSr
HR 8832HR 883221.005.576.5K3Vvar
HR 9059HR 9059218.005.571.45G8Ib
HD 224893HD 2248933791.005.58−4.75F0III
HD 1976HD 19761370.005.58−2.54B5IV
HD 219623HD 21962366.005.584.04F7V
HD 2774HD 2774393.005.590.18K2III
53 Cassiopeiae53 Cas3468.005.59−4.54B8Ib
HD 17948HD 1794886.005.593.48F4V
HR 511HR 51133.005.635.64K0V
YZ CassiopeiaeYZ Cas290.005.640.89A2IV
68 Cassiopeiae68 Cas760.005.66−1.18B5V…
2 Cassiopeiae2 Cas1976.005.68−3.23A5III
HD 9352HD 93521952.005.69−3.20K0Ib+…
HD 2054HD 2054528.005.72−0.33B9IV
HD 1239HD 1239642.005.74−0.73G8III
HD 6676HD 6676567.005.77−0.43B8V
HD 3283HD 32833361.005.78−4.29A4III
44 Cassiopeiae44 Cas913.005.78−1.46B8IIIn
HD 225289HD 225289724.005.80−0.93B8MNp…
HD 16024HD 16024815.005.80−1.19K5III
38 Cassiopeiae38 Cas95.005.823.49F6V
HD 3856HD 3856503.005.83−0.11G9III-IV
HR 297HR 297261.005.831.31F6V
HD 1279HD 1279953.005.86−1.47B7III
HD 4440HD 4440223.005.861.69K0IV
HD 225009HD 2250092076.005.87−3.15G8III
V762 CassiopeiaeV762 Cas2760.005.87−7.42M3
HD 19065HD 19065557.005.89−0.27B9V
9 Cassiopeiae9 Cas3663.005.90−4.35A1III
HD 6130HD 61301509.005.92−2.41F0II
HD 2952HD 2952376.005.930.62K0III
HD 2626HD 2626718.005.94−0.77B9IIIn
SU CassiopeiaeSU Cas1411.005.94−2.24F5:Ib-II
HD 16769HD 16769406.005.950.47A5III
HD 5550HD 5550376.005.970.66A0III
HR 5HR 570.005.984.44G5V
HD 6211HD 6211991.005.99−1.42K2
52 Cassiopeiae52 Cas284.006.001.3A1Vn
HD 11857HD 11857721.006.02−0.70B5III
V373 CassiopeiaeV373 Cas6.03B0.5IIv SB
HD 4817HD 48172489.006.04−3.37K5Ib
55 Cassiopeiae55 Cas738.006.05−0.72B9V+…
AO CassiopeiaeAO Cas5719.006.11−5.11O9IIInn
HD 12173HD 12173363.006.120.89A5III
HD 9030HD 9030282.006.151.46A2Vs
HD 17958HD 179581278.006.17−1.80K3Ibvar
HD 224784HD 224784427.006.180.59G9III-IV
HD 2589HD 2589128.006.183.2K0IV
13 Cassiopeiae13 Cas716.006.18−0.53B6V
HD 3924HD 39241016.006.18−1.29B9.5III
V773 CassiopeiaeV773 Cas258.006.181.69A3V
HD 5343HD 5343497.006.200.28K3III
HD 224870HD 224870724.006.22−0.51G7II-III
HD 4881HD 48811148.006.22−1.51B9.5V
HD 225094HD 2250943505.006.24−3.92B3Ia
HD 217673HD 2176731181.006.24−1.56K2II
HD 222618HD 222618886.006.24−0.93G8III
HD 10587HD 10587560.006.250.07A2V
HD 13222HD 13222438.006.250.61G8III
HD 21970HD 21970429.006.250.65G9III-IV
RZ CassiopeiaeRZ Cas204.006.262.28A3V
HD 222570HD 222570778.006.26−0.63A4V
HD 5128HD 5128278.006.271.61A5m
HD 5273HD 5273803.006.28−0.68M2.5IIIa
HD 6540HD 65401358.006.31−1.79K0
HD 7732HD 7732379.006.310.98G5III…
35 Cassiopeiae35 Cas238.006.332.01A2Vnn
HD 10362HD 103621022.006.33−1.15B7II
HD 223386HD 223386344.006.331.22A0V
HD 8424HD 8424514.006.340.35A0Vnn
HD 10293HD 102931455.006.35−1.90B8III
HD 8272HD 8272188.006.362.56F4V
HD 223421HD 223421250.006.361.94F2IV
HD 7925HD 7925250.006.371.95F0IVn
V805 CassiopeiaeV805 Cas856.006.37−0.73M2III
HD 4818HD 4818217.006.382.26F2IV
HD 4295HD 4295132.006.393.35F3V
HD 5357HD 5357195.006.392.51F0m
V465 CassiopeiaeV465 Cas874.006.39−0.75M5
HD 220074HD 220074942.006.39−0.91K1V
HD 5715HD 5715355.006.401.21A4IV
V761 CassiopeiaeV761 Cas652.006.40−0.11B9V
HD 222682HD 222682459.006.400.66K2III
HD 371HD 3711502.006.41−1.91G3II
HD 2904HD 2904528.006.410.36A0Vn
HD 4362HD 43626.41G0Ib
HD 6497HD 6497318.006.411.47K2III…
HD 218440HD 2184401336.006.41−1.65B2.5IV
HD 220130HD 2201301753.006.41−2.24K2III
HR 9017HR 9017718.006.41−0.30A0sp…
HD 1142HD 1142566.006.430.23G8III…
HD 217944HD 217944286.006.431.71G8IV
HD 5459HD 5459575.006.440.21G8IV
HD 222748HD 222748559.006.440.27K0
HD 1601HD 1601950.006.46−0.86G0
HD 17581HD 17581285.006.461.75A1m
HD 222932HD 222932473.006.460.65G4III:
16 Cassiopeiae16 Cas565.006.470.28B9III
V801 CassiopeiaeV801 Cas2012.006.47−2.48B1V:e
HD 223552HD 223552132.006.473.43F3V
HD 224404HD 2244041144.006.47−1.26B9III-IV
HD 5927HD 5927921.006.48−0.77G5
HD 6028HD 6028632.006.480.04A3V
HD 9811HD 98112964.006.49−3.30A6Iab
HR 8770HR 8770723.006.50B9IIIwe…
HD 19439HD 19439256.006.502.03A4V
V649 CassiopeiaeV649 Cas3500.006.53B0Vn
54 Cassiopeiae54 Cas89.006.574.39F8
V816 CassiopeiaeV816 Cas942.006.58M2III
V764 CassiopeiaeV764 Cas1900.006.61B2IIIne
V784 CassiopeiaeV784 Cas335.006.64F5II
V772 CassiopeiaeV772 Cas1220.006.69B8IIIsp…
V809 CassiopeiaeV809 Cas1960.006.74K4.5Ib
V779 CassiopeiaeV779 Cas626.006.78A0
HD 11755HD 11755755.006.87G5
TU CassiopeiaeTU Cas6.88F3II…
HD 223960HD 2239606.90A0.1Ia
V CassiopeiaeV Cas1520.006.90M5-7.5e
V486 CassiopeiaeV486 Cas6.95B1III
HD 14817HD 14817695.007.02B8V
V777 CassiopeiaeV777 Cas959.007.02B2Vne
HD 17505HD 175052860.007.08O7V((f))+O9I
CC CassiopeiaeCC Cas1860.007.08O8.5III
HD 698HD 6983500.007.08B7:Ib-IIe
V989 CassiopeiaeV989 Cas60.607.13K2V
V636 CassiopeiaeV636 Cas1640.007.19G0Ib
HD 7924HD 792455.007.196.06K0V
TV CassiopeiaeTV Cas516.007.22B9V
V755 CassiopeiaeV755 Cas3700.007.29A1Ia
RV CassiopeiaeRV Cas7.30M5-6.5Se
HD 108HD 1083800.007.40O4-8f?p
HD 221585HD 2215857.47G8IV
HD 13908HD 13908232.007.51F8V
Gliese 83.3Gliese 83.3906.007.52K5III
Osawa’s starHD 221568HD 221568709.007.55A0p
HD 19557HD 195571590.007.57C4,5J
V487 CassiopeiaeV487 Cas7.60G4Ia
HD 16429HD 164297.65O9.5III+F4V
WZ CassiopeiaeWZ Cas2860.007.70C9,2JLi
HD 12288HD 122881010.007.74A2
W CassiopeiaeW Cas7.80C9,1e
HD 15558HD 155587.87O4.5III
S CassiopeiaeS Cas7.90S3-5/4-8
HD 220842HD 220842204.007.99F8
U CassiopeiaeU Cas8.00S4.5-6/3-5e
HD 15570HD 155702100.008.11O4If+
V745 CassiopeiaeV745 Cas8.11B0V+B1.5III
HD 220147HD 2201471060.008.12B9p
NushagakHD 17156HD 17156255.008.173.7G0IV
HD 240237HD 2402378.17K2
HD 17520HD 175208.24O8V+O9:V
V641 CassiopeiaeV641 Cas8.30M0
V368 CassiopeiaeV368 Cas8.32B8II-III
HD 240210HD 240210468.008.332.55K3III
V605 CassiopeiaeV605 Cas1570.008.36M2Iab
TW CassiopeiaeTW Cas849.008.38A0V
HD 15629HD 156291330.008.42O4.5V
HD 5797HD 57971490.008.47Am
Z CassiopeiaeZ Cas8.50M7e
HD 217850HD 217850199.008.50G8V
DO CassiopeiaeDO Cas533.008.54A2II
HD 12098HD 12098F0
RW CassiopeiaeRW Cas8.58G2
DL CassiopeiaeDL Cas1480.008.63G1Ib-II_Hdel-1
RX CassiopeiaeRX Cas8.64K1III+A5eIII
Y CassiopeiaeY Cas8.70M7.5e
BD+60 2522BD+60 2522300.008.70O6.5III
T CassiopeiaeT Cas8.87M7-9e
PZ CassiopeiaePZ Cas8.90M3Iab:
BM CassiopeiaeBM Cas1850.008.91F0Ia
HD 219415HD 2194158.94K0III
SX CassiopeiaeSX Cas771.008.87B5+K3III
WW CassiopeiaeWW Cas9.10C5,5
FM CassiopeiaeFM Cas9.16F7.5Ib
TZ CassiopeiaeTZ Cas9.18M3Iab
AZ CassiopeiaeAZ Cas9.22M0Ib:ep+B
TX CassiopeiaeTX Cas9.33B1V
X CassiopeiaeX Cas942.009.45C5,4e
XX CassiopeiaeXX Cas9.57B4Vn
SZ CassiopeiaeSZ Cas1210.009.60G5III
SW CassiopeiaeSW Cas1520.009.74K0
UU CassiopeiaeUU Cas9.74B1Iab:
DD CassiopeiaeDD Cas9.84F7
PV CassiopeiaePV Cas9.86B6V
SY CassiopeiaeSY Cas1210.009.92F5
DN CassiopeiaeDN Cas9.93O8Vv
RY CassiopeiaeRY Cas9.95F9Ib
XY CassiopeiaeXY Cas1190.009.97F6Iab-b:…
OX CassiopeiaeOX Cas1230.0010.06B1V
RS CassiopeiaeRS Cas10.06F7-G1Ib
QQ CassiopeiaeQQ Cas10.20B2
V381 CassiopeiaeV381 Cas10.22B
QX CassiopeiaeQX Cas10.25B1V+B1V
V547 CassiopeiaeV547 Cas32.8010.29M2V+M3V
AQ CassiopeiaeAQ Cas10.31B3
AB CassiopeiaeAB Cas888.0010.32A3Vv+…
V459 CassiopeiaeV459 Cas10.36B9
BY CassiopeiaeBY Cas10.41F5
VX CassiopeiaeVX Cas10.50A0Vep
WR 1WR 110.54WN4-s
MWC 419MWC 419657.0010.60B8eq
CE CassiopeiaeCE Cas10800.0010.63F9Ib+F8Ib
CD CassiopeiaeCD Cas1230.0010.64F6-G5
VW CassiopeiaeVW Cas10.67K0
WR 3WR 310.69WN3h-w
VV CassiopeiaeVV Cas10.73F6
DF CassiopeiaeDF Cas10.74F8
V364 CassiopeiaeV364 Cas10.75A7
WY CassiopeiaeWY Cas10.76S6-6.5/6-e
ZZ CassiopeiaeZZ Cas1290.0010.79B3
CH CassiopeiaeCH Cas10.79F3Ibp
CF CassiopeiaeCF Cas10800.0010.80B3
BP CassiopeiaeBP Cas10.80F6
LS I +61 303LS I +61 30310.80B0Ve
V523 CassiopeiaeV523 Cas10.87K4V
CW CassiopeiaeCW Cas1340.0011.08G8V
2S 0114+6502S 0114+65011.09B1Iae
IR CassiopeiaeIR Cas11.14F4…
IT CassiopeiaeIT Cas11.23F6
WR 2WR 211.33WN2-w
CG CassiopeiaeCG Cas11.28F5
RX J0146.9+6121RX J0146.9+612111.34B1III-Ve
IV CassiopeiaeIV Cas11.34A2
IX CassiopeiaeIX Cas637.0011.36F7
UZ CassiopeiaeUZ Cas1840.0011.45G2
GP CassiopeiaeGP Cas11.50M2Iab
MWC 1080MWC 108011.58B0eq
CY CassiopeiaeCY Cas11.67G1-2Ib
UV CassiopeiaeUV Cas11.80F0/5Ib
BS CassiopeiaeBS Cas11.84A-F
Gliese 82Gliese 8239.9012.04M4Ve
V627 CassiopeiaeV627 Cas12.40M2eII-III
TY CassiopeiaeTY CasM6
V592 CassiopeiaeV592 Cas12.79OB
HV CassiopeiaeHV Cas12.90Ce
BH CassiopeiaeBH Cas13.00B3
IRAS 23304+6147IRAS 23304+614713.10G2Ia
LkHAlpha 198LkHα 19813.79B9e
V664 CassiopeiaeV664 Cas14.56
V425 CassiopeiaeV425 Cas
V709 CassiopeiaeV709 Cas
4U 0115+6344U 0115+63415.19B0.2Ve
V376 CassiopeiaeV376 CasA3/F2e
IGR J00234+6141IGR J00234+614116.10
V705 CassiopeiaeV705 Cas16.40
Tycho GTycho G17.00G2IV
V723 CassiopeiaeV723 Cas18.00A7
HT CassiopeiaeHT Cas19.32M5.5e
4U 0142+614U 0142+6125.62
IGR J00291+5934IGR J00291+5934
1E 2259+5861E 2259+586
PSR B2319+60PSR B2319+60
PSR B2334+61PSR B2334+61
PSR J0205+6449PSR J0205+6449
OH 127.8+0.0OH 127.8+0.0M9III
W3 IRS 5W3 IRS 5B1
IRAS 00338+6312IRAS 00338+6312