List of Stars in the Carina Constellation

The Carina constellation is formed by 9 main stars that form its shape in the sky. Inside its area, there are currently 320 discovered stars.

The constellation of Carina represents the keel of a ship.

Below you will find the full list of stars in the Carina constellation and their names as well as some general information about each of them.

Here’s what each of the columns means.

Proper name: This is the common name we give to some of the most prominent stars in the sky. These names have been passed from ancient civilizations and they are usually of Greek or Arabic origin. Due to the number of stars in the universe, most stars discovered these days do not receive a proper name.

Name: The scientific, Latinized name for the star.

Designation: Abbreviation of the scientific name or designation if it doesn’t have one. It is based on the Bayer catalog of stars.

Distance: How far away from Earth the star is. Given in light-years.

Visible magnitude: The brightness of the star as seen from Earth. Also known as apparent magnitude.

Absolute magnitude: The true brightness of the star, regardless of the point of view.

Stellar classification: Classification of the star according to its electromagnetic characteristics.

Proper NameNameDesignationDistance (light-years)Visible magnitudeAbsolute magnitudeStellar classification
CanopusAlpha Carinaeα Car313.00−0.72−5.53F0Ib
MiaplacidusBeta Carinaeβ Car111.001.67−0.99A2IV
AviorEpsilon Carinaeε Car632.001.86−4.58K3III+B2V
AspidiskeIota Carinaeι Car692.002.23−4.43A8Ib
Theta Carinaeθ Car439.002.74−2.91B0Vp
Upsilon Carinaeυ Car1622.002.92−5.56A9
Omega Carinaeω Car370.003.29−1.99B8III
p Carinaep Car497.003.3−2.62B4Vne
V337 CarinaeV337 Car736.003.39−3.38K3II
a Carinaea Car418.003.43−2.11B2IV
Chi Carinaeχ Car387.003.46−1.91B3IVp
l Carinael Car1509.003.69−4.64G5Iab/Ib
HD 94510HD 9451097.003.781.42K0III-IV…
HD 90853HD 908531042.003.81−3.71F2II
HD 76728HD 76728312.003.84−1.06B8III
V382 CarinaeV382 Car5927.003.93−7.37G0Ia0
HD 79447HD 79447499.003.96−1.97B3IV
HD 90589HD 9058953.003.992.94F2IV
HD 83183HD 831831976.004.08−4.83B5II
V343 CarinaeV343 Car1411.004.31−3.87B1.5III
HD 80230HD 80230536.004.34−1.74M1III
HD 47306HD 473061762.004.35−4.31B9III
HR 2554HR 2554553.004.39−1.74G6II
HD 91942HD 919421376.004.45−3.68K3/K4II
Eta Carinaeη Car7500.004.47LBV
HR 3643HR 3643454.004.47−1.25F6II-III
V344 CarinaeV344 Car546.004.5−1.62B3Vne
HD 83944HD 83944224.004.510.33B9V
V520 CarinaeV520 Car1065.004.58−2.99K3Ib
V533 CarinaeV533 Car12538.004.59−8.34A6Ia
HD 96566HD 96566370.004.62−0.65G8III
V399 CarinaeV399 Car4.65A6Ia
V345 CarinaeV345 Car1079.004.67−2.94B2IVe
HD 92397HD 923971852.004.69−4.08K4/K5III:
HD 91375HD 91375259.004.720.22A2III
HR 3220HR 322070.004.743.09F5V
V518 CarinaeV518 Car456.004.76−0.97B3V
HD 81101HD 81101223.004.790.62G6III
HD 93194HD 93194484.004.8−1.06B5Vn
HD 66591HD 66591542.004.81−1.29B3V
HD 73389HD 73389229.004.840.6K0III
HD 93607HD 93607449.004.87−0.83B3IV
HD 61248HD 61248394.004.93−0.48K3III
V376 CarinaeV376 Car621.004.93−1.47B2IV-V
HD 91496HD 91496964.004.94−2.42K4/K5III
HD 90264HD 90264430.004.97−0.63B8V
HD 92063HD 92063269.005.080.5K1III
HD 59219HD 59219562.005.09−1.09K0III
HD 96919HD 969195525.005.12−6.03B9Ia
HD 53047HD 53047617.005.14−1.25M1III
V386 CarinaeV386 Car282.005.140.45A0p:
HD 88981HD 88981304.005.150.31Am
HD 69863HD 69863242.005.160.81A+…
HD 77370HD 7737085.005.173.08F3V
HR 3153HR 31531045.005.19−2.34M0II
HD 97583HD 97583314.005.220.3B9V
HD 93549HD 93549429.005.23−0.37B7IV
HD 88323HD 88323341.005.260.16K0III
V524 CarinaeV524 Car6037.005.26−6.08B9Ia
HD 73390HD 73390962.005.27−2.08B3V+…
HD 91056HD 910563135.005.27−4.64K3Ib
HD 80951HD 80951721.005.28−1.44A1V
HD 84121HD 84121220.005.31.16A3IV
HD 93540HD 93540466.005.33−0.45B7:V
HD 92964HD 929646792.005.36−6.23B2.5Ia
HD 57917HD 57917493.005.38−0.52B9V
HD 80671HD 80671109.005.382.75F4V
HD 49689HD 49689906.005.39−1.83K1II/IIIp+G:
HD 73887HD 73887335.005.450.39K0III
HD 82350HD 82350201.005.461.51K2III
HD 83095HD 83095791.005.46−1.47K4III
HD 92207HD 922078150.005.47−6.52A0Ia
V450 CarinaeV450 Car482.005.5−0.35B9IV
HD 92664HD 92664466.005.51−0.26B9p Si
HD 67364HD 67364393.005.520.11K3/K4III
HD 79698HD 79698475.005.54−0.28G6II
HD 85656HD 85656959.005.56−1.78K1IIICN…
HD 64067HD 64067934.005.57−1.72G5II
HD 46569HD 46569121.005.582.73F8V
HD 96706HD 967061128.005.58−2.12B2V
HD 65907HD 6590753.005.594.54G2V…
HD 76113HD 76113716.005.59−1.12B8III
V448 CarinaeV448 Car598.005.6−0.72K5III
HD 65273HD 65273343.005.620.51K3/K4III
HD 68434HD 68434380.005.660.33A3m…
HD 89715HD 89715292.005.660.9A1V
V372 CarinaeV372 Car1462.005.69−2.56B1.5IV
HD 88661HD 886611294.005.7−2.29B2IVnpe
S CarinaeS Car1780.005.71K5-M6e
HD 97670HD 976701821.005.73−3.00B1.5V
HD 65662HD 656621244.005.74−2.17K4II
HD 93163HD 931631009.005.75−1.71B3:V
HD 66194HD 661941028.005.77−1.72B2IVnpe
HD 81830HD 81830236.005.771.47A4V+…
HD 64185HD 64185114.005.783.06F1V
HD 76538HD 765381376.005.78−2.35B5III
HD 85655HD 85655746.005.79−1.01K2IIICNp…
HD 77615HD 776151259.005.8−2.13G8II
HD 84152HD 84152362.005.80.57K0/K1III
HD 88473HD 88473583.005.8−0.46A0IV
HD 49517HD 495171376.005.81−2.32K3III
HD 93943HD 93943853.005.85−1.24B9.5IV/V
HD 80950HD 80950264.005.861.32A0V
HD 60060HD 60060330.005.870.84K0III
HD 66441HD 66441700.005.87−0.79B5Vn
V482 CarinaeV482 Car1058.005.88−1.68M2III
V514 CarinaeV514 Car1278.005.89−2.08B3IV
HD 82406HD 82406268.005.91.33A0V
HD 82347HD 82347482.005.910.06K1III
HD 87283HD 872833196.005.93−4.03A9IV
HD 90454HD 90454297.005.931.13F2III
T CarinaeT Car306.005.931.07K0III
HD 60228HD 60228433.005.950.33M1III
HD 94683HD 946831663.005.95−2.59K4III
HD 54732HD 54732564.005.96−0.23K0III
HD 56705HD 56705389.005.960.58K0V
HD 70839HD 708392380.005.96−3.36B1.5III
HD 92436HD 92436648.005.96−0.53M1III
HD 91533HD 9153311241.005.98−6.71A2Iab
V522 CarinaeV522 Car5.98A0Ia
HD 81613HD 81613337.005.990.92K0III
HD 94650HD 94650776.005.99−0.89B6V
HD 98560HD 98560122.005.993.12F6IV
HD 90874HD 90874229.0061.76A2V
HD 53349HD 53349175.006.012.36F0V
HD 76346HD 76346296.006.021.23A0V
HD 80094HD 80094522.006.020B7IV
HD 56239HD 56239598.006.03−0.29A0IV/V
HD 57852HD 57852113.006.05F5V
HD 82068HD 82068223.006.051.88A3Vn
V390 CarinaeV390 Car544.006.06−0.05B9IV-Vp…
V535 CarinaeV535 Car1698.006.06−2.52M2III
HD 88825HD 888251976.006.07−2.84B4Ve
HD 96544HD 965441226.006.07−1.81K2II/III
HD 92682HD 926821105.006.08−1.57K3II
HD 63382HD 63382942.006.1−1.20F0II
R CarinaeR Car416.006.1M6.5 IIIpev
HD 91619HD 9161913583.006.11−6.99B7Ia
U CarinaeU Car6.11G3Ia
HD 70982HD 70982464.006.110.34G6/G8III
V461 CarinaeV461 Car1320.006.12−1.92B2IV-V
HD 65908HD 65908464.006.140.37B8V
V478 CarinaeV478 Car1358.006.14−1.96K2III
HD 87543HD 875431734.006.14−2.49B4:Vne
HD 95208HD 952082345.006.16−3.12K1II
HD 95324HD 95324363.006.160.93B8IV
HD 96088HD 960882964.006.16−3.63B3III
HD 47001HD 47001607.006.18−0.17G8III
V492 CarinaeV492 Car1087.006.18−1.43B3V
HD 87436HD 874363228.006.18−3.80A6II/III
HD 90630HD 90630441.006.180.53A2/A3V
V655 CarinaeV655 Car1235.006.19−1.70B4IV
HD 62897HD 62897629.006.2−0.23K0III
HD 75086HD 75086997.006.2−1.23B7III
HD 87238HD 87238753.006.2−0.62K1II
HD 84850HD 84850264.006.221.68F5IV
HD 89263HD 89263270.006.221.63A5V
V532 CarinaeV532 Car736.006.24−0.53M4III
HD 91767HD 91767830.006.25−0.78K2/K3III
HD 65750HD 65750967.006.25M0III
HD 93344HD 93344346.006.251.12A5IV/V
HD 52603HD 52603280.006.261.59K2III
HD 74622HD 74622331.006.261.23K2III
Upsilon Carinae Bυ Car B1623.006.26A8 Ib
HD 93372HD 93372104.006.263.74F6V
HD 93502HD 93502365.006.261.01A0IV
HD 94491HD 944911575.006.26−2.16B5V
HD 82858HD 82858703.006.27−0.40K1III
HD 66607HD 66607668.006.28−0.28B4V
V375 CarinaeV375 Car1249.006.29B2.5Vn
HD 61031HD 610311331.006.29−1.76A1III/IV
HD 93662HD 936622763.006.29−3.35M1II
HD 94275HD 94275604.006.29−0.05A6III
HD 63926HD 639262264.006.3−2.91K0III+…
HD 66341HD 663411364.006.3−1.81B8III
HD 81502HD 815022264.006.3−2.91K1/K2II/III
HD 86606HD 866062050.006.3−2.69B1Ib
HD 68423HD 68423782.006.32−0.58B6V
HD 80126HD 801261098.006.32−1.32G8II
QZ CarinaeQZ Car2650.006.32−3.23B0Ib:
HD 82458HD 82458184.006.332.57F3/F5V
V486 CarinaeV486 Car592.006.330.04A0V
HD 92536HD 92536479.006.330.49B8V
HD 74341HD 74341227.006.342.13A3V
HD 90074HD 90074343.006.341.23G6III
HD 90289HD 90289793.006.34−0.59K5Ib-II
HD 93649HD 936491545.006.34−2.04A2IV
HD 97472HD 97472583.006.340.08K2/K3III
HD 74148HD 74148437.006.350.71A0V
HD 89805HD 898052000.006.35−2.59K2II
WR 22WR 225344.006.35−4.72WN7 + A(SB1)
HD 93739HD 937391249.006.35−1.57B2IV
HD 65189HD 651891003.006.36−1.08B8III
HD 72322HD 72322721.006.36−0.36G0V
V473 CarinaeV473 Car869.006.36−0.77B5V
HD 79699HD 79699553.006.360.21B9V
HD 78632HD 78632590.006.370.08K3III
HD 61394HD 61394601.006.390.06K1/K2IIICN.
HD 96568HD 96568473.006.390.58A3V
HD 44267HD 44267858.006.4−0.70K2/K3III
HD 62758HD 627581069.006.4−1.18B2.5V
V368 CarinaeV368 Car801.006.4M3III
HD 51210HD 51210470.006.410.62A3m…
HD 87438HD 874382763.006.41−3.23K3Ib
HD 91270HD 91270811.006.41−0.57M2III
HD 84046HD 84046623.006.420.01B8/B9III/IVw…
HD 88907HD 889071022.006.42−1.06B2V
V507 CarinaeV507 Car2037.006.42−2.56B2/B3III:ne
HD 91094HD 91094627.006.420M1III
HD 98025HD 98025583.006.420.16A3V
HD 78293HD 782931101.006.43−1.21A8III
HD 93359HD 93359354.006.431.25A6IV
HD 65867HD 65867518.006.440.43A8/A9IV
V469 CarinaeV469 Car720.006.44−0.28Ap Si
HD 49705HD 49705414.006.450.93G6III
HD 81896HD 81896617.006.450.06K1III
V495 CarinaeV495 Car817.006.45−0.55Ap Si
WR 24WR 246520.006.46−5.05WN7 + A
HD 52622HD 52622326.006.461.46F2II
HD 54967HD 549671455.006.46−1.79B3V
HD 93738HD 93738469.006.460.67B9.5V
HD 49219HD 49219736.006.47−0.30B5/B6V
HD 70267HD 70267254.006.472.01F5V
V487 CarinaeV487 Car869.006.47−0.66B8III/IV
HD 93695HD 936951230.006.47−1.41B5Vvar
HD 95122HD 95122832.006.48−0.55B7V
HD 92399HD 923991502.006.5−1.82B4/B5III/IV
HD 96248HD 962483700.006.58B1Iab
HD 57853HD 57853113.006.63F9V
QX CarinaeQX Car1610.006.64B2V
HD 96446HD 964461540.006.68B2k
HD 53143HD 5314359.746.68G9V
VY CarinaeVY Car9100.006.91F7Iab/Ib
AG CarinaeAG Car17000.006.96B2-3Ib/WN11
BO CarinaeBO Car7.18M4Iab:
HD 93403HD 934032670.007.3O5.5I+O7V
HD 93129AHD 93129A7500.007.31O2If*+O3.5
V CarinaeV Car5600.007.31G2Iab:
HD 93843HD 938437.33O5III(f)v
HD 95086HD 95086295.007.36A8III
HD 93250HD 932507500.007.5O4IIIfc
HR CarinaeHR Car17700.007.57B3Iaep
WR 40WR 405900.007.7WN8h
HD 93205HD 932057500.007.75O3.5V((f+))
IW CarinaeIW Car7.9A4Iab/II:
HD 65216HD 65216112.007.98G5V
HD 97152HD 971524000.008.07WC7+O7V
HD 63765HD 63765106.008.15.53G9V
Y CarinaeY Car3050.008.16F2
HD 51608HD 51608114.008.17K0IV
HD 85628 AHD 85628 A559.008.19A3V
YZ CarinaeYZ Car5900.008.24G5
WR 16WR 168.32WN8h
EM CarinaeEM Car8.52O8V
RT CarinaeRT Car1430.008.55M2Iab:
HD 85567HD 855676900.008.57B2
UX CarinaeUX Car2530.008.62F2II
XZ CarinaeXZ Car8.67B2:pe
GG CarinaeGG Car8.7B0/2eq
V403 CarinaeV403 Car8400.008.74B1III
Tr 16-104Tr 16-1047500.008.75O7V((f))+
V348 CarinaeV348 Car8.78B1III
WR 25WR 257500.008.8O2.5If*/WN6
HD 60435HD 60435739.008.89Ap…
WR 23WR 233400.009.03WC6
HD 92024HD 920248400.009.04B1III
GH CarinaeGH Car9.2G0
WZ CarinaeWZ Car4700.009.37F8
CPD -59° 2635CPD -59° 26357500.009.43O8V+O9.5V
V392 CarinaeV392 Car9.49A2Vp…
XY CarinaeXY Car9.49G5
HD 87643HD 876439.5B2e
CPD -59 2628CPD -59 26287500.009.52O9.5V+B0.3V
HD 90657HD 906573500.009.69WN5+O4-6
GL CarinaeGL Car9.7B3:V
DW CarinaeDW Car9.85B2:pe
SS73 17SS73 179.99M3pe+OB
CPD -57 2874CPD -57 287410.16sgB1[e]
GZ CarinaeGZ Car2400.0010.2G5
HH CarinaeHH Car10.31B
EY CarinaeEY Car10.35B2:pe
HD 307938HD 30793810.57G2V
WR 18WR 186300.0010.6WN4-s
HD 94546HD 9454610.7WN4+O8V
He 3-519He 3-51910.85WN11
NGC 3603-A1NGC 3603-A120000.0011.12WN6ha+O3V
CR CarinaeCR Car11.3B2:pe
NGC 3603-BNGC 3603-B11.33WN6h+abs
Innes’ starInnes’ star41.3111.52M3.5
QU CarinaeQU Car1290.0011.54B+…
WR 30WR 3011.73WC6+O7.5V
Wray 15-751Wray 15-75111.79WR:
NGC 3603-CNGC 3603-C11.89WN6h+abs
FO 15FO 157500.0012.09O5.5V+O9.5V
Sher 25Sher 2512.27B1.5Iab
WR 30aWR 30a12.73WR+…
GJ 1128GJ 112812.78M4.0V
He 2-38He 2-3812.92M5-7.5
BPM 6502BPM 650213.09DA2.2+M
WR 20aWR 20a13.5O3If*/WN6+
LHS 288LHS 28815.6013.92M4
2S 0921-6302S 0921-63015.3K0IIIe
OY CarinaeOY Car277.0016.2M5/M6:…
1E 1048.1-59371E 1048.1-5937Be
DENIS J081730.0-615520DENIS J081730.0-61552016.10T6
PSR J1048-5832PSR J1048-5832
PSR J1119-6127PSR J1119-6127