List of Stars in the Capricornus Constellation

The Capricornus constellation is formed by 13 main stars that form its shape in the sky. However, inside the area of the constellation, there are currently 106 discovered stars. The main stars can be seen without the help of a telescope, but most of the rest require some help from an optical device to be seen. A few of them have only been detected thanks to modern imaging techniques at professional observatories.

Here’s the full list of stars in the Capricornus constellation and their names and some general information about each of them.

Here’s what each of the columns means.

Proper name: This is the common name we give to some of the most prominent stars in the sky. These names have been passed from ancient civilizations and they are usually of Greek or Arabic origin. Due to the number of stars in the universe, most stars discovered these days do not receive a proper name.

Name: The scientific, Latinized name for the star.

Abbr: Abbreviation of the scientific name or designation if it doesn’t have one.

Distance: How far away from Earth the star is. Given in light-years.

Apparent magnitude: The brightness of the star as seen from Earth

Absolute magnitude: The true brightness of the star, regardless of the point of view.

Stellar classification: Classification of the star according to its electromagnetic characteristics.

Proper NameNameAbbr.Distance (light years)Apparent magnitudeAbsolute magnitudeStellar classification
Deneb AlgediDelta Capricorniδ Cap392.852.49A5mF2 (IV)
DabihBeta Capricorniβ1 Cap3283.05−2.07A5:n
AlgediAlpha Capricorniα2 Cap1093.580.97G6/G8III
NashiraGamma Capricorniγ Cap1393.690.54A7III:mp…
MarakkZeta Capricorniζ Cap3983.77−1.66G4Ibp…
DorsumTheta Capricorniθ Cap1584.080.65A1V
Baten AlgiediOmega Capricorniω Cap6284.12−2.30K4III
PazhanPsi Capricorniψ Cap484.133.3F5V
Iota Capricorniι Cap2154.270.18G8III
Algedi PrimaAlpha Capricorniα1 Cap6864.3−2.32G3Ib
24 Capricorni24 Cap5224.49−1.53K5/M0III
36 Capricorni36 Cap1794.50.8K0III
CastraEpsilon Capricorniε Cap1,0604.51−2.03B2.5Vpe
Kappa Capricorniκ Cap2914.72−0.03G8III
AlshatNu Capricorniν Cap2724.770.16B9IV
BosRho Capricorniρ Cap994.772.37F3V
ArmusEta Capricorniη Cap1584.821.39A5V
KuhMu Capricorniμ Cap905.072.87F3IV
OkulPi Capricorniπ Cap6655.08−1.47B4V
46 Capricorni46 Cap7995.1−1.85G8II-III
Upsilon Capricorniυ Cap7555.15−1.67M1III
42 Capricorni42 Cap1065.162.6G2V
Phi Capricorniφ Cap6915.17−1.46K0II/III
Tau Capricorniτ2 Cap17535.24−3.41B7III
41 Capricorni41 Cap2475.240.84K0III
Sigma Capricorniσ Cap6975.28−1.37K2III
Chi Capricorniχ Cap1915.31.46A0V
29 Capricorni29 Cap6285.31−1.11M2III
33 Capricorni33 Cap2285.381.16K0III
30 Capricorni30 Cap5795.4−0.85B5II/III
Lambda Capricorniλ Cap2945.570.8A1V
HD 2034756675.63−0.92M0III
HD 195564795.663.74G3V
HD 199260685.74.09F7V
37 Capricorni37 Cap885.73.53F5V
HD 192310295.736K3V
19 Capricorni19 Cap3955.780.36K0III
35 Capricorni35 Cap4625.780.02K3III
HD 1968573295.790.77K0III
Xi Capricorniξ2 Cap915.843.6F5V
4 Capricorni4 Cap3415.860.76G8III
HD 1981749115.86−1.37B8II
44 Capricorni44 Cap4095.880.39A9/F0V
HD 1994431855.892.12A2/A3III
17 Capricorni17 Cap2705.911.32A1V
Omicron Capricorniο Cap A2395.941.62A1V
45 Capricorni45 Cap1715.962.36A7IV/V
47 Capricorni47 Cap12356−1.89M3III
HD 2000522986.041.24A3V
HD 2022613686.050.78K0III
BW Cap28356.06−3.64M2III
21 Capricorni21 Cap5456.07−0.05K3III
HD 2060053196.071.12K0
Beta Capricorniβ2 Cap3286.091.18B9.5III/IV
HD 1953303186.11.15K1/K2III+..
HD 1958381076.113.53G0V
HD 1950065316.130.07K5III
HD 1911105246.180.15B9.5III
HD 2010574326.180.57B9.5V
HD 1960782356.191.91A5II/III
HD 2077602106.192.15F0V
HD 19820811246.2−1.49K3III
HD 2065463606.231.02A0m…
27 Capricorni27 Cap1766.252.59F2IV/V
20 Capricorni20 Cap4306.260.66Ap Si
HD 1938964356.290.66G5II-III
HD 1969476446.29−0.19K2III
3 Capricorni3 Cap5276.30.26B9IV
HD 2075035066.310.35A1/A2III
HD 1987322456.321.94K0III
Xi Capricorniξ1 Cap4836.340.49K0III
HD 1955493506.351.19A0V
HD 196761486.365.53G8/K0V
HD 1963851646.382.87A9V
HD 2036394766.380.56K0III
HD 2075527396.38−0.40K3III
BE Cap23306.39B1V
HD 2053423856.391.03K1III
HD 1949186176.410.02G8III
HD 2049432266.432.22A7V
HD 2036078886.47−0.71K1III
HD 1975404706.50.7G8III
HD 2068931256.67F5V
Omicron Capricorniο Cap B1366.743.63A7/A8V
Tau Capricorniτ1 Cap8836.76−0.40K1III
50 Capricorni50 Cap2037.013.04F6V
31 Capricorni31 Cap3387.071.99F0V
HD 2052496107.69K0IIIp
HD 2043131547.994.61G5V
HD 2022061518.084.75G6V
HD 202772 A4808.32
RS Cap25908.36M6/M7III
HD 204941888.45K2V
AT Cap45008.87G6III/IV
HD 197027253.99.15G3V
AD Cap10109.77K0IV/V
HD 35862310.48K6Ve+M2
HD 19333410.68G2
TW Cap10.7A5Ib…
RV Cap10.97A8
YZ Cap79311.09F5
Wolf 92227.04911.99M4.5e
PSR B2045-16