List of Stars in the Canis Major Constellation

The Aquila constellation is formed by 8 main stars that form its shape in the sky. Inside its area, there are currently 172 discovered stars.

The constellation of Canis represents a (big) Dog. It is also home to Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky.

Below you will find the full list of stars in the Canis Major constellation and their names as well as some general information about each of them.

Here’s what each of the columns means.

Proper name: This is the common name we give to some of the most prominent stars in the sky. These names have been passed from ancient civilizations and they are usually of Greek or Arabic origin. Due to the number of stars in the universe, most stars discovered these days do not receive a proper name.

Name: The scientific, Latinized name for the star.

Designation: Abbreviation of the scientific name or designation if it doesn’t have one. It is based on the Bayer catalog of stars.

Distance: How far away from Earth the star is. Given in light-years.

Visible magnitude: The brightness of the star as seen from Earth. Also known as apparent magnitude.

Absolute magnitude: The true brightness of the star, regardless of the point of view.

Stellar classification: Classification of the star according to its electromagnetic characteristics.

Proper NameNameDesignationDistance (light-years)Visible magnitudeAbsolute magnitudeStellar classification
SiriusAlpha Cmaα Cma8.6−1.461.42A0m…
AdharaEpsilon Canis Majorisε CMa4311.5−4.10B2II
WezenDelta Canis Majorisδ CMa17911.83−6.87F8Ia
Mirzam / MurzimBeta Canis Majorisβ CMa4991.98−3.95B1II/III
AludraEta Canis Majorisη CMa31962.45−7.51B5Ia
FurudZeta Canis Majorisζ CMa3363.02−2.05B2.5V
Thanih al AdzariOmicron2 Canis Majorisο2 CMa25673.02−6.46B3Ia
UnurguniteSigma Canis Majorisσ CMa12163.49−4.37K4III
Kappa Canis Majorisκ CMa7893.5−3.42B1.5IVne
Omicron1 Canis Majorisο1 CMa19763.89−5.02K3Iab
YejiNu2 Canis Majorisν2 CMa653.952.46K1III+…
Omega Canis Majorisω CMa9244.01−3.25B2IV/Ve
Theta Canis Majorisθ CMa2524.08−0.36K4III
MulipheinGamma Canis Majorisγ CMa4024.12−1.34B8II
Xi1 Canis Majorisξ1 CMa20504.34−4.65B1III
Iota Canis Majorisι CMa30754.36−5.51B3Ib/II
Tau Canis Majorisτ CMa31964.37−5.59O9Ib
Nu3 Canis Majorisν3 CMa4644.42−1.35K0II/III
27 Canis Majoris27 CMa15754.42−4.00B3IIIe
Lambda Canis Majorisλ CMa4064.47−1.01B4V
Xi2 Canis Majorisξ2 CMa4124.54−0.97A0III
Pi Canis Majorisπ CMa954.662.33F2IV/V
HD 56618HD 566184534.66−1.05M2III
HD 47667HD 4766715754.82−3.60K2III
15 Canis Majoris15 CMa16144.82−3.65B1IV
HD 56577HD 5657762694.83−6.59K4III
UW Canis MajorisUW CMa29914.88−4.93O7Ia:fp
HD 57821HD 578215174.94−1.06B5II/III
HD 43445HD 434453755−0.30B9V
IsisMu Canis Majorisμ CMa9085−2.22B9.5V
HD 43827HD 438275675.15−1.05K1III
HD 46184HD 461843435.160.05K1III
HD 58343HD 583439455.18−2.13B2Vne
HD 44951HD 449514205.21−0.34K3III
10 Canis Majoris10 CMa26085.23−4.29B2V
HD 47536HD 475363965.25−0.17K1III
11 Canis Majoris11 CMa6425.28−1.19B8/B9III
HD 51283HD 5128321595.28−3.82B2/B3III
HD 57146HD 5714613535.29−2.80G2II
HD 49048HD 490483985.3−0.13A1IV/V
HD 58535HD 585355525.35−0.79K1III
HD 56342HD 563426465.36−1.12B2V
HD 58215HD 582155495.37−0.76K4III
HD 49662HD 496626075.39−0.96B7IV
NO Canis MajorisNO CMa14305.4−2.81B3V
FN Canis MajorisFN CMa28355.41−4.29B0.5IV
HD 58286HD 5828611565.41−2.34B2/B3II/III
HD 51733HD 517331265.452.52F3V
HD 55070HD 550706435.46−1.01G8III
HD 56405HD 564052775.460.82A1V
FR Canis MajorisFR CMa16725.48−3.07B1Vpe SB
HD 43955HD 439559945.51−1.91B2/B3V
HD 56160HD 561602735.580.97K3III
HD 52018HD 5201810425.59−1.93B2V
HD 57478HD 574785565.59−0.57G8/K0III
NR Canis MajorisNR CMa2805.60.93F2V
HD 45018HD 450186975.61−1.04K5III
HD 46936HD 469364875.62−0.25B9V
HR 2501HR 250115835.62−2.81B+…
LS Canis MajorisLS CMa10285.64−1.85B2/B3III/IV
HD 50644HD 506443295.650.63A9/F0III
FY Canis MajorisFY CMa14175.65−2.54B1II
LZ Canis MajorisLZ CMa18315.69−3.06B2V
HD 47946HD 479462415.71.36K1III
R Canis MajorisR CMa1445.72.48F2III/IV
Nu1 Canis Majorisν1 CMa2775.711.07G8III/F3V…
HD 46547HD 465478385.73−1.32B2V
IY Canis MajorisIY CMa8235.74−1.27B5IV
HD 50123HD 501237185.74−0.97B3V
FV Canis MajorisFV CMa29645.75−4.04B2V:nn
HD 45765HD 457654245.760.19K0III
HD 49980HD 4998015525.77−2.62K3III
HD 55589HD 555896615.77−0.77K0
HD 44081HD 4408118425.79−2.97B3II/III
HD 58461HD 584611145.793.08F3V
HD 58612HD 5861232285.79−4.19B5III
HD 59067HD 5906710095.79−1.66B8Vv comp VB
17 Canis Majoris17 CMa6055.8−0.54A2V
HD 55344HD 553444895.84−0.04A0IV/V
MZ Canis MajorisMZ CMa7235.87−0.86M3III
HD 43396HD 433969295.88−1.39K2III
26 Canis Majoris26 CMa7185.91−0.80B2IV/V
HD 46189HD 4618911285.92−1.78B3IV/V
HD 49095HD 49095795.923.99F7V
HD 47182HD 471827695.95−0.91K4/K5III
HD 55762HD 557627805.96−0.90K4III
HD 43544HD 435448365.97−1.07B2/B3V
HD 43429HD 434292085.991.96K1III
OS Canis MajorisOS CMa6B1Ib/II
HR 2800HR 280018016−2.71B3V
HD 47561HD 475614606.010.26A0IV
HD 56578HD 565782586.021.53A5m…
HD 44021HD 440217386.04−0.73M1III:
HD 49001HD 490014926.040.15K2III
HD 58585HD 5858531656.04−3.90A6II
HD 43745HD 437451306.053.04F8/G0V
HD 45588HD 45588976.053.67F8/G0V
HD 47827HD 478276146.05−0.32A0V
HD 50806HD 50806846.053.99G3/G5V
HD 57118HD 571186.11F2Ia
12 Canis Majoris12 CMa6686.07−0.49B7II/III
HD 53629HD 536293306.091.07K2IIICN…
HD 54173HD 541739706.09−1.28K2III
HD 55568HD 555681556.12.71A8III/IV
HD 47366HD 473662776.111.46K1III:
HD 44996HD 4499619186.12−2.73B4V
GY Canis MajorisGY CMa51756.12−4.88B2II
HD 50643HD 506434586.130.39A3III
HD 46064HD 4606411486.16−1.57B2III
HD 58346HD 583466526.2−0.31B8/B9V
HD 51823HD 5182310196.22−1.25B2/B3V
HD 50853HD 508534726.230.43A0V
HD 54958HD 549581626.232.74F3V
HD 58439HD 5843917816.24−2.45A2Ib/II
HD 48501HD 485011596.262.81F2V
HD 52273HD 5227313996.26−1.90B2III
HD 44891HD 4489115756.27−2.15K2/K3III
HD 52619HD 526192226.282.11F3/F5V
HD 44225HD 442257846.29−0.61K3III
HD 46407HD 464073956.30.88K0III:…
HD 56731HD 567314816.30.46A9II
HD 44956HD 449563326.311.27G8III
KM Canis MajorisKM CMa9886.31−1.10M4III
HD 49891HD 498915846.310.04A0/A1V
HD 44394HD 4439413096.32−1.70K5
HD 45420HD 454205606.320.14K0/K1III
HD 47012HD 470125136.320.33K0III
HD 50093HD 5009312036.32−1.52B2III/IV
HD 52348HD 5234811946.32−1.50B3V
HD 55985HD 5598514496.32−1.92B2III
HD 58766HD 587669886.32−1.09B2/B3III
KX Canis MajorisKX CMa8306.33−0.70M6III
HR 2680HR 26808306.34−0.69B3V
HD 55856HD 5585615756.34−2.08B2IV
HD 56341HD 563419116.34−0.89A0V
V415 Canis MajorisV415 CMa7516.35−0.46B3V
HD 51411HD 5141114176.36−1.83B3V
HD 51925HD 5192514556.36−1.89B2V
V352 Canis MajorisV352 CMa546.375.26G5V
HD 45184HD 45184726.374.65G2V
HD 46602HD 466023686.391.12K0III+…
HD 52140HD 521407716.41−0.46B3V
HD 48938HD 48938876.434.31F7V
HD 46037HD 4603712596.44−1.49M0/M1III
HD 56876HD 568769216.45−0.80B5Vn
HD 47579HD 475796676.48−0.07A2V
HD 53975HD 5397549396.48−4.42B7Iab…
HD 44379HD 443796396.490.03K0III
HD 42927HD 429279086.49B5II/III
FU Canis MajorisFU CMa21006.51B3Vnn
W Canis MajorisW CMa84006.56C
GU Canis MajorisGU CMa14506.59B2Vne
HR 2724HR 27248056.61A5IV-V
Wolf-RayetEZ Canis MajorisEZ CMa45006.91WN4-s
HD 47186HD 471861237.84.9G6V
VY Canis MajorisVY CMa39007.95−9.4M2.5–M5e Ia
GZ Canis MajorisGZ CMa12907.97A0III/IV
HD 45364HD 453641068.075.5G8V
FZ Canis MajorisFZ CMa13508.14B2IVn
HD 45677HD 456779088.5Bpshe
Z Canis MajorisZ CMa26308.8Bpe
AmadiohaHD 43197HD 431971798.955.25G9IV-V
SW Canis MajorisSW CMa22309.16A3IV
HD 56925HD 56925370011.4WN4-s
DZ Canis MajorisDZ CMa11.6G0
EUVE J0720-317EUVE J0720-31714.64DA.9
RX J0720.4-3125RX J0720.4-3125117426.6
PSR B0628-28PSR B0628-28
CX Canis MajorisCX CMa6000-70009.6B5V
NN Canis MajorisNN CMa33977.19-12.85B1/B2Ib/IIn