List of Stars in the Cancer Constellation

The Aquila constellation is formed by 5 main stars that form its shape in the sky. Inside its area, there are currently 191 discovered stars.

The constellation of Cancer represents a Crab.

Below you will find the full list of stars in the Cancer constellation and their names as well as some general information about each of them.

Here’s what each of the columns in the table means.

Proper name: This is the common name we give to some of the most prominent stars in the sky. These names have been passed from ancient civilizations and they are usually of Greek or Arabic origin. Due to the number of stars in the universe, most stars discovered these days do not receive a proper name.

Name: The scientific, Latinized name for the star.

Designation: Abbreviation of the scientific name or designation if it doesn’t have one. It is based on the Bayer catalog of stars.

Distance: How far away from Earth the star is. Given in light-years.

Visible magnitude: The brightness of the star as seen from Earth. Also known as apparent magnitude.

Absolute magnitude: The true brightness of the star, regardless of the point of view.

Stellar classification: Classification of the star according to its electromagnetic characteristics.

Proper NameNameDesignationDistance (light-years)Visible magnitudeAbsolute magnitudeStellar classification
TarfBeta Cancriβ Cnc290.003.53−1.22K4III
Asellus AustralisDelta Cancriδ Cnc136.003.940.84K0III
Iota Cancri Aι Cnc A298.004.03−0.77G8Iab:
AcubensAlpha Cancriα Cnc173.004.260.63A5m
Asellus BorealisGamma Cancriγ Cnc181.004.661.23A1IV
TegmineZeta Cancriζ Cnc83.004.672.63F7V+F9V
HD 71115HD 71115359.005.13−0.08G8II
8 Cancri8 Cnc210.005.141.09A1V
Chi Cancriχ Cnc59.005.143.84F6V
NahnXi Cancriξ Cnc380.005.16−0.18K0III
Omicron1 Cancriο1 Cnc160.005.221.77A5III
Rho2 Cancriρ2 Cnc574.005.23−1.00G8II-III
Sigma3 Cancriσ3 Cnc320.005.230.27G9III
Kappa Cancriκ Cnc484.005.23−0.63B8IIImnp
Mu2 Cancriμ2 Cnc76.005.303.46G2IV
Theta Cancriθ Cnc494.005.33−0.57K5III
Eta Cancriη Cnc312.005.330.43K3III
82 Cancri82 Cnc701.005.36−1.30K1III
57 Cancri57 Cnc365.005.400.15G7III
Tau Cancriτ Cnc260.005.420.91G8III
60 Cancri60 Cnc582.005.44−0.82K5III
Sigma2 Cancriσ2 Cnc195.005.441.56A7IV
Nu Cancriν Cnc457.005.45−0.28A0pSi
27 Cancri27 Cnc1052.005.56−1.98M3III
Phi1 Cancriφ1 Cnc398.005.580.15K5III
3 Cancri3 Cnc721.005.60−1.12K3III
15 Cancri15 Cnc872.005.62−1.52B9p SiCr
45 Cancri45 Cnc1028.005.62−1.87A3V+…
49 Cancri49 Cnc408.005.630.15A1p…
Sigma1 Cancriσ1 Cnc204.005.671.69A8Vms
Omicron2 Cancriο2 Cnc161.005.682.22F0IV
Upsilon1 Cancriυ1 Cnc237.005.711.4F0IIIn
Psi2 Cancriψ2 Cnc137.005.732.61G8IV
1 Cancri1 Cnc462.005.800.04K3III
HD 69994HD 69994510.005.80−0.17K1III
HD 77445HD 77445664.005.85−0.69K3III:
Omega1 Cancriω1 Cnc660.005.87−1.82G8III:
50 Cancri50 Cnc199.005.891.96A1V
66 Cancri66 Cnc509.005.89−0.08A2V
HD 72945HD 7294587.005.913.79F8V
PiautosLambda Cancriλ Cnc419.005.920.37B9.5V
36 Cancri36 Cnc461.005.920.17A3V
20 Cancri20 Cnc395.005.940.52A9V
29 Cancri29 Cnc308.005.941.07A5V
75 Cancri75 Cnc102.005.953.47G5IV
1 LMi1 LMi367.005.960.7K2III:
Copernicus55 Cancri55 Cnc41.005.965.47G8V
Mu1 Cancriμ1 Cnc626.005.97−0.45M3III
5 Cancri5 Cnc472.005.990.19B9.5Vn
HD 68461HD 68461528.006.03−0.02G8III
HD 72617HD 72617189.006.042.22F3IV
79 Cancri79 Cnc420.006.040.49G8III
RS CancriRS Cnc397.006.040.61M6S
HD 65257HD 652571399.006.05−2.11K0
HD 65522HD 65522301.006.051.22K2
28 Cancri28 Cnc271.006.051.45F0Vn
67 Cancri67 Cnc191.006.072.23A8Vn
HD 68099HD 68099872.006.08−1.06B6III
21 Cancri21 Cnc1113.006.11−1.56M2III
25 Cancri25 Cnc147.006.112.85F6V
46 Cancri46 Cnc477.006.120.3G5III
Phi2 Cancri Aφ2 Cnc A276.006.141.5A3V
HD 80546HD 80546317.006.161.22K3III
HD 76508HD 76508384.006.170.82K1III
Phi2 Cancri Bφ2 Cnc B276.006.191.55A6V
HD 76629HD 76629956.006.19−1.15G8III
HD 66552HD 66552299.006.211.4B9V
HD 66684HD 66684934.006.21−1.08A0V
4 LMi4 LMi350.006.211.05F5III
HD 67959HD 67959581.006.22−0.04A1V
12 Cancri12 Cnc278.006.251.59F3V
53 Cancri53 Cnc886.006.25−0.92M3III
61 Cancri61 Cnc164.006.252.75F6V
HD 72505HD 72505306.006.261.4K0III
HD 69478HD 694781062.006.28−1.28G8III
MelephEpsilon Cancriε Cnc548.006.290.16Am
HD 65735HD 65735345.006.301.18K1III
FZ CancriFZ Cnc697.006.30−0.35M4IIIvar
4 Cancri4 Cnc598.006.320A1V
HD 72943HD 72943267.006.331.77F0IV
HD 65757HD 65757276.006.341.7K1III-IV
Upsilon2 Cancriυ2 Cnc421.006.350.8G9III
54 Cancri54 Cnc130.006.363.35G2IV
HD 68776HD 68776776.006.39−0.49G8III
39 Cancri39 Cnc587.006.390.11K0III
HD 78175HD 78175192.006.392.54F5V
X CancriX Cnc3622.006.40−3.95C6,4
HD 80064HD 80064542.006.400.3A2IV
HD 75469HD 75469762.006.41−0.43A2Vs
HD 69629HD 69629485.006.420.56K0
HD 73710HD 73710756.006.42−0.41K0III
Psi1 Cancriψ1 Cnc1032.006.44−1.06K0
HD 73599HD 73599551.006.460.32K1III
HD 77660HD 77660259.006.461.96A8V
HD 67542HD 675423928.006.47−3.93G0II
HD 68703HD 68703329.006.471.45A0Vne…
HD 78234HD 78234349.006.471.32F2V
34 Cancri34 Cnc541.006.480.38A1V
HD 78661HD 78661123.006.483.6F2p
HD 79248HD 79248496.006.480.57A2V
HD 76908HD 769081294.006.49−1.50K5III
81 Cancri81 Cnc67.006.494.93G9V
HD 72115HD 721151025.006.50−0.99K0
24 Cancri A24 Cnc A248.006.512.11F0III
37 Cancri37 Cnc373.006.541.25A1V
35 Cancri35 Cnc585.006.550.28G0III
Iota Cancri Bι Cnc B188.006.582.77G8II…
40 Cancri40 Cnc570.006.610.4A1V
83 Cancri83 Cnc128.006.613.64F5
38 Cancri38 Cnc531.006.660.59F0III
70 Cancri70 Cnc605.006.670.33A1V
2 LMi2 LMi1220.006.69−1.18K5
3 LMi3 LMi528.006.710.66K0
EP CancriEP Cnc556.006.760.6A6Vn
42 Cancri42 Cnc506.006.830.87A9III
7 Cancri7 Cnc668.006.840.28K0
80 Cancri80 Cnc470.006.871.08A0
11 Cancri11 Cnc944.006.880.15K0III
78 Cancri78 Cnc706.007.180.5K3III
VZ CancriVZ Cnc509.007.181.21A9III
ADS 7284ADS 728456.287.216.03K3V
52 Cancri52 Cnc607.007.381.03G5
68 Cancri68 Cnc620.007.38A2Vn
V CancriV Cnc7.50S0-6/6e
T CancriT Cnc7.60C
BU CancriBU Cnc577.007.681.44A7Vn
BN CancriBN Cnc577.007.801.56A9V
HD 72490HD 72490405.007.80G5
24 Cancri B24 Cnc B7.81
BY CancriBY Cnc451.007.912.21A7Vn
HD 74028HD 74028577.007.961.72A7V
44 Cancri44 Cnc726.008.031.29K0
HD 79498HD 79498150.008.034.72G5
71 Cancri71 Cnc672.008.101.53A2
CY CancriCY Cnc582.008.141.88F0V
BQ CancriBQ Cnc577.008.191.95F2Vn
HD 73534HD 73534316.008.243.3G5IV
BR CancriBR Cnc608.008.261.91F0Vn
S CancriS Cnc950.008.351.03B9.5V+
BW CancriBW Cnc577.008.482.24F0Vn
TW CancriTW Cnc8.49G8III+…
U CancriU Cnc8.50M2e
BS CancriBS Cnc577.008.592.35A9V
R CancriR Cnc2060.008.64-0.36M6.5-9e
BV CancriBV Cnc577.008.652.41F0V
RZ CancriRZ Cnc1420.008.670.48K2III
HD 74721HD 747218.72A0V
HD 77065HD 77065103.008.806.3G5
UU CancriUU Cnc8.85K4III…
HIP 41378HIP 41378378.008.903.58
RX CancriRX Cnc931.009.201.92M8
HD 80653HD 80653358.009.50G5
WY CancriWY Cnc264.609.605.05G5V
TX CancriTX Cnc626.009.973.55G0-G1V
RU CancriRU Cnc911.0010.202.97F9V:+…
TU CancriTU Cnc10.53A2
SY CancriSY Cnc10.60G8V
EX CancriEX Cnc2720.0010.951.34A7
TT CancriTT Cnc11.10F0
ES CancriES Cnc2720.0011.161.55F4
CU CancriCU Cnc36.0711.8011.58M5Ve
SS CancriSS Cnc12.11A8.5
EW CancriEW Cnc2720.0012.272.66F0
HV CancriHV Cnc2720.0012.733.12
EV CancriEV Cnc2720.0012.783.17F3
AD CancriAD Cnc13.10K0V
Gliese 299Gliese 29922.0013.24M4.5 Ve
AH CancriAH Cnc2720.0013.413.8F7V
HU CancriHU Cnc2720.0013.614G8IV
AC CancriAC Cnc13.80K1-3V
G 9-38G 9-3817.20M5.5V
YBP 1194YBP 11942720.0014.615G5V
DX CancriDX Cnc11.8214.8117.01M6.5V
AT CancriAT Cnc15.20DAe…
LHS 2090LHS 209020.7816.1017.08M6.5V
YZ CancriYZ Cnc16.30
EG CancriEG Cnc17.00
DW CancriDW Cnc17.50O…
AZ CancriAZ Cnc45.7017.5916.86M6.0V
GY CancriGY Cnc17.80
AR CancriAR Cnc18.70
RX J0806.3+1527RX J0806.3+1527160.00
AK CancriAK Cnc
CC CancriCC CncK0V
PSR B0823+26PSR B0823+26