List of Stars in the Camelopardalis Constellation

The Camelopardalis constellation is formed by 8 main stars that form its shape in the sky. Inside its area, there are currently 167 discovered stars.

The constellation of Camelopardalis represents a Giraffe.

Below you will find the full list of stars in the Camelopardalis constellation and their names as well as some general information about each of them.

Here’s what each of the columns means.

Proper name: This is the common name we give to some of the most prominent stars in the sky. These names have been passed from ancient civilizations and they are usually of Greek or Arabic origin. Due to the number of stars in the universe, most stars discovered these days do not receive a proper name.

Name: The scientific, Latinized name for the star.

Designation: Abbreviation of the scientific name or designation if it doesn’t have one. It is based on the Bayer catalog of stars.

Distance: How far away from Earth the star is. Given in light-years.

Visible magnitude: The brightness of the star as seen from Earth. Also known as apparent magnitude.

Absolute magnitude: The true brightness of the star, regardless of the point of view.

Stellar classification: Classification of the star according to its electromagnetic characteristics.

Beta Camelopardalisβ Cam9974.03−3.40G0Ib
CS CamelopardalisCS Cam42894.21−6.39B9Ia
ShaoweiAlpha Camelopardalisα Cam69364.26−7.38O9.5Ia SB:
BE CamelopardalisBE Cam9644.39−2.97M1III
7 Camelopardalis7 Cam3764.43−0.88A1V
CE CamelopardalisCE Cam24704.55−4.85A0Ia SB:
HD 49878HD 498781874.550.76K4III
Gamma Camelopardalisγ Cam3354.59−0.47A2IVn
BK CamelopardalisBK Cam8014.74−2.21B2.5Vne
HD 42818HD 428181764.761.1A0Vn
HD 23089HD 230897994.78−2.17A3V…
VZ CamelopardalisVZ Cam4734.92−0.89M4IIIa
HD 24479HD 244793384.95−0.13B9.5V
HD 24480HD 2448018524.99−3.78K3I-II
HD 25291HD 2529117345.00−3.63F0II
BD CamelopardalisBD Cam5205.06−0.95S5.3 SB:
3 Camelopardalis3 Cam4955.07−0.84K0III SB
HD 33564HD 33564685.083.47F6V
HD 21447HD 214471915.091.25A1V
43 Camelopardalis43 Cam10005.11−2.32B7III
CQ CamelopardalisCQ Cam12495.13−2.79M0II
42 Camelopardalis42 Cam8675.14−1.98B4IV
HD 106112HD 1061121105.142.5A5m
HD 26764HD 267643535.200.03A2Vn
31 Camelopardalis31 Cam4055.20−0.27A2V
11 Camelopardalis11 Cam6715.22−1.35B2.5Ve
16 Camelopardalis16 Cam3405.240.15A0Vn
HD 90089HD 90089705.253.59F2V
HD 27022HD 270223335.260.22G5III
4 Camelopardalis4 Cam1625.291.81A3m
37 Camelopardalis37 Cam3495.350.2G8III
2 Camelopardalis2 Cam2775.360.71A8V
36 Camelopardalis36 Cam6425.36−1.11K2II-III
40 Camelopardalis40 Cam4985.37−0.55K3III
HD 64307HD 643077005.37−1.29K3III
Σ 1694 AΣ 1694 A3035.380.54A1IIIsh
HD 64486HD 644863305.390.36B9IVs
HD 23277HD 232773255.400.4A2m
HD 27245HD 272454275.40−0.18M0III
17 Camelopardalis17 Cam9315.43−1.85M1III
BN CamelopardalisBN Cam3745.440.14B9p Si
HD 46588HD 46588585.444.18F7V
HD 30442HD 304424995.47−0.46M2III
5 Camelopardalis5 Cam6615.52−1.02B9.5V
HD 89571HD 895711335.522.47F0IV
HD 68375HD 683752925.550.79G8III
HD 37289HD 372892795.620.96K5III
HD 58425HD 584254535.63−0.08K2III
HD 34255HD 3425519765.64−3.27K4Iab:
HD 26670HD 266704095.690.2B5Vn
HD 50885HD 508854575.69−0.04K4III
HD 26755HD 267552635.721.18K1III
HD 22764HD 2276422035.74−3.41K3.5IIIb + K3V
HD 117566HD 1175662925.740.98G2.5IIIb
HD 31134HD 311344785.75−0.08A2Vs
HD 45866HD 458665795.75−0.50K5III
DL CamelopardalisDL Cam5.78B0III SB
TonatiuhHD 104985HD 1049853335.780.74G9III
HD 23005HD 230051815.792.07F0IV
HD 24141HD 241411705.802.21A5m
HD 35541HD 355413595.810.6A0V
HD 23523HD 235232315.821.57A5Vn
HD 25274HD 252746235.88−0.53K2III
HD 46509HD 465096635.88−0.66K0III
HD 27322HD 273223105.911.02A3V
HD 28780HD 287804435.910.24A1V
Σ 1694 BΣ 1694 B2225.921.75A0V
HD 120565HD 1205653645.920.68G9III
26 Camelopardalis26 Cam1935.932.07A4Vn
51 Camelopardalis51 Cam3325.930.89K2III:
HD 28204HD 282043735.940.65A8m
HD 29678HD 296781495.962.66A9IV
HD 21819HD 218192225.981.82A3V
HD 32356HD 323565636.00−0.19K5II
HD 105943HD 10594311016.00−1.64K5III:
53 Camelopardalis53 Cam3216.021.05A3Vp…
HD 31662HD 316621206.033.19F4V + M0V
HD 44472HD 444725536.03−0.12A4V + G1V
HD 26076HD 260763656.050.8K1III
HD 31312HD 313126286.05−0.37K5III
24 Camelopardalis24 Cam2006.052.11K0III
HD 26553HD 2655313096.06−1.96G2-3II
12 Camelopardalis12 Cam6256.08−0.33K0III
HD 26553HD 265534316.090.48B9Vnn
8 Camelopardalis8 Cam7676.09−0.77K4III
HD 65448HD 654485226.090.07G1III
HD 31590HD 315905376.100.02A1V
HD 99945HD 999451956.122.24A2m
15 Camelopardalis15 Cam8796.13−1.02B5V
HD 21427HD 214273376.141.07A0V + A2V
HD 25425HD 254254576.140.41A4Vm
30 Camelopardalis30 Cam5456.140.02A0Vs
HD 33618HD 336183076.151.28K2III-IV
19 Camelopardalis19 Cam3726.150.86A0V
HD 72582HD 725823556.160.97G7III
HD 33266HD 332664776.170.34A2III
23 Camelopardalis23 Cam3186.171.23G5III:
HD 27402HD 274023786.180.86A4V + F6V
HD 38284HD 382844126.180.67A4V
HD 36384HD 363845796.19−0.06M0III
HD 31675HD 31675916.203.97F6V:
HD 31563HD 3156313316.21−1.84M0III
FR CamelopardalisFR Cam8196.21−0.79M2III
HD 38645HD 386454156.220.7G9III
HD 39429HD 394294276.240.66K3III
HD 25948HD 259481556.252.87F5V
HD 115337HD 1153376866.25−0.37K0Ib
HD 36496HD 364962596.261.76A8Vn
HD 45947HD 459471166.263.51F4V
HD 104904HD 1049042496.271.86F9III
HD 27855HD 278557556.28−0.54A0III + A9V?
HD 40055HD 400557206.28−0.44K4III
HD 67934HD 679346796.28−0.31A2Vn
KZ CamelopardalisKZ Cam5576.290.13B9p
HD 25877HD 2587710726.29−1.30G8II
HD 55075HD 550758326.30−0.73A0III
HD 76990HD 769902946.301.53F0IV
HD 23662HD 236628216.31−0.70B9IVp
HD 24164HD 241641966.312.42A5Vm
HD 25602HD 256023196.311.36K0III-IV
HD 71973HD 719732736.311.69A5IV-V + G6V
HD 86321HD 863218836.31−0.85K5III
HD 30144HD 301441666.322.78F2V
HD 40827HD 408274716.320.52K0+IIICN1-
HD 26101HD 261013876.330.96K1III
HD 111112HD 1111124626.330.57A5m
HD 30085HD 300856476.36−0.13B9III
HD 32781HD 327814216.360.81A0III:
HD 54070HD 540703966.360.94K0.5III
47 Camelopardalis47 Cam2296.362.13A8Vm
HD 21794HD 217942346.372.09F7V
HD 32715HD 327151296.373.38F3V:
HD 77246HD 772462526.371.93F2IV
HD 34200HD 342003846.391.04G6III
HD 30752HD 307525236.400.37A2V
HD 69054HD 690544666.400.63K0III + G2V
HD 20104HD 201045966.410.1A2V + A4V
HD 40956HD 409564146.420.9G9III
HD 79517HD 795173706.421.14G8III
HD 21903HD 219031836.432.69F3V
MagoHD 32518HD 325183836.441.09K1III
18 Camelopardalis18 Cam1436.443.23F8V
HD 21769HD 217697636.45−0.40A4III
HD 65299HD 652995686.450.24A3IV
HD 23594HD 235945316.460.4B9V
HD 29329HD 293291056.463.92F7V
HD 118686HD 11868610256.46−1.03K5III:
HD 57742HD 577428936.47−0.72B9V
HD 34450HD 3445012546.48−1.45M0.5IIIbBa0.5
39 Camelopardalis39 Cam12686.48−1.47M2III
HD 21203HD 212038586.49−0.61B9V + A1
HD 25225HD 252254096.491G8III
14 Camelopardalis14 Cam2686.491.91A7Vn
HD 38058HD 380584826.490.64G9III
HD 52030HD 520308476.49−0.58K5III
HD 40568HD 405685656.500.31G7-8III
49 Camelopardalis49 Cam2656.501.95F0p SrEu
29 Camelopardalis29 Cam4416.530.88A4IV-V
HD 44385HD 443856986.60K3III
6 Camelopardalis6 Cam8746.630.39K4III
HD 24064HD 240648626.75-0.36K4III
28 Camelopardalis28 Cam6226.790.39A7V
22 Camelopardalis22 Cam1967.033.14F5
20 Camelopardalis20 Cam1,1637.451.37G8II-III
HD 35759HD 357592367.743.44F9/G0V
HD 29021HD 290211007.76G5V
Gliese 445Gliese 44517.610.80