List of Stars in the Aries Constellation

The Aries constellation is formed by 9 main stars that form its shape in the sky. Inside the area of the constellation, there are currently 121 discovered stars. The main stars can be seen without the help of a telescope, but the rest require a telescope or binoculars. A few of them have only been detected thanks to modern imaging techniques at professional observatories.

Here’s the full list of stars in the Aries constellation and their names as well as some general information about each of them.

Here’s the information you will find

Proper name: This is the common name we give to some of the most prominent stars in the sky. These names have been passed from ancient civilizations and they are usually of Greek or Arabic origin. Due to the number of stars in the universe, most stars discovered these days do not receive a proper name.

Name: The scientific, Latinized name for the star.

Abbr: Abbreviation of the scientific name or designation if it doesn’t have one.

Distance: How far away from Earth the star is. Given in light-years.

Apparent magnitude: The brightness of the star as seen from Earth

Absolute magnitude: The true brightness of the star, regardless of the point of view.

Stellar classification: Classification of the star according to its electromagnetic characteristics.

Proper NameNameAbbr.Distance (light-years)Apparent magnitudeAbsolute magnitudeStellar classification
HamalAlpha Arietisα Ari662.010.48K2III
SheratanBeta Arietisβ Ari602.641.33A5V…
Bharani41 Arietis41 Ari1593.610.16B8Vn
BoteinDelta Arietisδ Ari1684.350.79K2IIIvar
HD 206446404.47−2.00K2II-III
Lilii Borea39 Arietis39 Ari1814.520.8K1III
MesarthimGamma Arietisγ2 Ari1644.621.11kA0hA3(IV)SiSr
35 Arietis35 Ari3704.65−0.62B3V
Gamma Arietisγ1 Ari1644.71.19B9.5IV
Lambda Arietisλ Ari1334.791.73F0V
Al ButainZeta Arietisζ Ari3404.87−0.22A1V
14 Arietis14 Ari3204.980.02F2III
Kappa Arietisκ Ari1875.031.23A2m
Iota Arietisι Ari6595.09−1.44K1p…
Tau Arietisτ2 Ari3195.10.15K3III
38 Arietis38 Ari1255.182.26A7III-IV
Epsilon Arietisε Ari A3325.20.16A2Vs
Eta Arietisη Ari985.232.84F5V
Pi Arietisπ Ari6035.26−1.07B6V
Tau Arietisτ1 Ari4625.27−0.49B5IV
33 Arietis33 Ari2335.31.03A3V
Nu Arietisν Ari3465.450.32A7V
52 Arietis52 Ari A4025.450B7Vn
Xi Arietisξ Ari6035.48−0.85B7IV
Epsilon Arietisε Ari B3325.50.46A2Vs
64 Arietis64 Ari2305.51.26K4III
Sigma Arietisσ Ari4795.52−0.32B7V
62 Arietis62 Ari9735.55−1.82G5III
21 Arietis21 Ari1575.572.16F6V
Theta Arietisθ Ari3875.580.21A1Vn
Al ButainRho Arietisρ3 Ari1155.582.83F6V
HD 201494345.61−0.01A1Vs
10 Arietis10 Ari1725.642.02F8IV
31 Arietis31 Ari1155.642.91F7V
HD 192703195.640.69K3III
15 Arietis15 Ari6655.68−0.87M3III
19 Arietis19 Ari5415.72−0.38M0III
Mu Arietisμ Ari3385.740.66A0V
55 Arietis55 Ari11285.74−1.96B8III
7 Arietis7 Ari5225.76−0.26K1III
Rho Arietisρ2 Ari4035.760.3M6IIIvar
Omicron Arietisο Ari4825.78−0.07B9Vn
56 Arietis56 Ari3715.780.5B9p Si
20 Arietis20 Ari1315.792.77F6IV-V
47 Arietis47 Ari1045.83.29F5IV
1 Arietis1 Ari A5745.83−0.40K1III+…
40 Arietis40 Ari5025.83−0.11K1III
4 Arietis4 Ari2875.861.14B9.5V
HD 155241665.882.34F6IV
HD 121393995.890.45K0III-IV
HR 8304605.890.14A0V
1 Arietis1 Ari B5.9
49 Arietis49 Ari2145.911.82A3m
59 Arietis59 Ari2055.911.91G8IV
54 Ceti54 Cet1395.932.77F2Vw
HD 187004415.930.27K6
HD 135225655.96−0.23K0
HD 124798455.97−1.10M2III
HD 196985225.97−0.05B8V
29 Arietis29 Ari9463.71F8V
11 Arietis11 Ari11606.01−1.75B9IV-Vn
16 Arietis16 Ari8016.01−0.94K4III
HD 196374066.020.54K3III
66 Arietis66 Ari2266.031.83K0IV
65 Arietis65 Ari3036.071.23A1V
HD 121402696.091.51A6V
HD 197893446.110.99K0IIIp
53 Arietis53 Ari7556.13−0.69B1.5V
HD 151524646.140.37K5III
26 Arietis26 Ari2266.141.94A9V
60 Arietis60 Ari2896.141.4K3III:
HD 153852646.21.65A5m
27 Arietis27 Ari3136.211.3G5III-IV
HD 1259413426.24−1.83K4III
54 Arietis54 Ari5706.250.03M0III
HD 179183526.31.14F5III
85 Ceti85 Cet4266.320.74A2V
HD 169553526.351.19A3V
HD 190806316.37−0.06K3III
HD 189281636.382.89F0V
HD 132011286.43.43F5V
HD 20367886.44.23G0V
HD 195495066.410.45K2
HD 196006016.420.09A0V
HD 142623436.451.34A7V
36 Arietis36 Ari4136.460.89K2III
UX ArietisUX Ari1646.472.97G5IV
30 Arietis30 Ari A1316.483.46F6III
HD 140675336.510.44G9 III
51 Arietis51 Ari696.624.99G8V
VW Ari4166.691.16F0IV
AF Ari6156.710.5G3III
VY Ari136.56.763.65K0
50 Arietis50 Ari6.8A0V
23 Arietis23 Ari6.83F8V
52 Arietis52 Ari B7
Rho Arietisρ1 Ari3137.012.1A3
30 Arietis30 Ari B1297.094.11F6V
R Ari39007.4-2.99M3-6e
HD 126611217.444.59K0V
HD 176741457.56G0V
HD 147873907.63G5
HIP 148101728.524.9G5V
BD +20°3073009.014.19G0V
X Ari37009.04-1.23F0.5
RX Ari9.41F2V
SS Ari69210.153.52G0
TT Ari10.2Bep:
RV Ari11.61A0
L 1159-1614.512.2613.99M4.5
LkHα 26412.46K5/6e
RW Ari12.51B8
WX Ari15.3CV
Teegarden’s star12.615.417.47M7.5
PSR B0301+19