List of Stars in the Ara Constellation

The Aquila constellation is formed by 8 main stars that form its shape in the sky. Inside its area, there are currently 101 discovered stars.

The constellation of Ara represents an altar.

Below you will find the full list of stars in the Ara constellation and their names as well as some general information about each of them.

Here’s what each of the columns means.

Proper name: This is the common name we give to some of the most prominent stars in the sky. These names have been passed from ancient civilizations and they are usually of Greek or Arabic origin. Due to the number of stars in the universe, most stars discovered these days do not receive a proper name.

Name: The scientific, Latinized name for the star.

Designation: Abbreviation of the scientific name or designation if it doesn’t have one. It is based on the Bayer catalog of stars.

Distance: How far away from Earth the star is. Given in light-years.

Visible magnitude: The brightness of the star as seen from Earth. Also known as apparent magnitude.

Absolute magnitude: The true brightness of the star, regardless of the point of view.

Stellar classification: Classification of the star according to its electromagnetic characteristics.

Proper NameNameDesignationDistance (light-years)Visible magnitudeAbsolute magnitudeStellar classification
Beta Araeβ Ara603.002.84−3.49K3Ib-II
ChooAlpha Araeα Ara242.002.84−1.51B2Vne
Zeta Araeζ Ara574.003.12−3.11K5III
Gamma Araeγ Ara1136.003.31−4.40B1Ib
Delta Araeδ Ara187.003.60−0.19B8V
Theta Araeθ Ara1012.003.65−3.81B2Ib
Eta Araeη Ara313.003.77−1.14K5III
Epsilon1 Araeε1 Ara304.004.06−0.79K4III
Sigma Araeσ Ara385.004.56−0.80A0V
Lambda Araeλ Ara71.004.763.06F3IV
CervantesMu Araeμ Ara50.005.124.2G3IV-V
Kappa Araeκ Ara398.005.19−0.24K1III
Iota Araeι Ara721.005.21−1.51B2IIIne
Pi Araeπ Ara137.005.252.12A7V
Epsilon2 Araeε2 Ara86.005.273.17F6V
HD 157661HD 157661599.005.28−1.04B8V
41 G. Arae41 G. Ara29.005.475.75G8V
HD 150898HD 1508982090.005.55−3.48B0Iab
HD 150168HD 1501683260.005.62−4.38B1II
HD 153053HD 153053165.005.642.12A3V
HD 150136HD 1501365.65O3.5If*+O6V
V539 AraeV539 Ara823.005.68−1.33B2V + B3V
HD 156838HD 1568381638.005.69−2.82B2IV
HD 157753HD 157753312.005.720.81K2III
HD 153716HD 153716723.005.73−1.00B5IV
HD 150745HD 150745838.005.74−1.31B2IV-V
HD 156854HD 156854409.005.760.27G8/K0III
HD 156942HD 156942706.005.76−0.92B8Ib/II
HD 160263HD 160263660.005.78−0.75A0V
HD 156768HD 156768786.005.86−1.05G8Ib/II
HD 154903HD 154903327.005.870.87K0III-IV
HD 159463HD 159463346.005.890.76K0III-IV
HD 157662HD 1576621672.005.90−2.65B9II
HD 151967HD 151967688.005.91−0.71M0III
HD 156091HD 1560912050.005.93−3.06K2IIICN…
HD 157819HD 157819898.005.93−1.27G8II/III
HD 152527HD 152527315.005.941.01A0III
V854 AraeV854 Ara830.005.94−1.09M1/M2III
V862 AraeV862 Ara2146.005.95-3.14B7II-III
HD 150576HD 150576688.005.96−0.66G8III
HD 153221HD 153221389.005.980.6G5IV
HD 152082HD 152082448.005.990.3A0III
HD 158476HD 1584762012.006.04−2.91F8/G0Ib
HD 153791HD 153791620.006.07−0.33A2/A3V
HR 6384HR 63841283.006.08−1.90M1/2II/III+A
HD 159018HD 1590181072.006.09−1.50B9III
HD 161420HD 161420166.006.092.55A9IV
Nu2 Araeν2 Ara508.006.090.13B9.5III/IV
HD 162123HD 162123682.006.09−0.51G6III
HD 165493HD 165493815.006.13−0.86B7/B8II
HD 149485HD 149485537.006.160.08B8Vn
HD 149837HD 149837100.006.173.73F2III-IV
HD 157599HD 157599495.006.170.26B8/B9V
HD 150421HD 1504216.22F5Iab
HD 157524HD 157524782.006.22−0.68B7/B8V
V828 AraeV828 Ara2280.006.26−2.96B2IVne
HD 158895HD 1588951399.006.26−1.90B5II/III
HD 163071HD 1630711299.006.26−1.74B4III
HD 156331HD 156331182.006.272.54F2III
V626 AraeV626 Ara1482.006.28−2.01M3III
V872 AraeV872 Ara159.006.302.86A9V
Rho1 Araeρ1 Ara751.006.30−0.51B3Vnpe
HD 158907HD 158907470.006.320.52G6/G8III
HD 154555HD 1545551449.006.37−1.87B8II/III
HD 153201HD 1532011181.006.40−1.40Ap…
HD 153370HD 153370323.006.431.45A7V
HD 151566HD 151566245.006.452.07A5+…
HD 164896HD 1648961523.006.46−1.89A2III
HD 150897HD 150897448.006.470.78A1V
HD 152220HD 1522201405.006.49−1.68K1II
HD 155951HD 155951542.006.500.39K1III
HD 157832HD 1578327200.006.65-5.07B2Vne
InquillHD 156411HD 156411180.006.672.96G1Vw…
R AraeR Ara262.006.732.2B9IV/V
HD 155555HD 155555102.506.774.18G5IV+K0IV-V
HD 156385HD 1563856.92WC7.5
HD 154857HD 154857223.007.253.07G5V
V535 AraeV535 Ara381.007.362.02A8V
HD 154672HD 154672215.008.214.12G3IV
RW AraeRW Ara8.97A1IV
HD 152079HD 152079278.009.204.55G6V
Gliese 674Gliese 67415.009.3611.08M2.5
Gliese 676AGliese 676A53.009.598.55M0
S AraeS Ara1980.0010.731.81A3
SAO 244567SAO 24456718000.0010.75-2.96B3e
AE AraeAE Ara11.00M2-5.5+Be
CPD -56 8032CPD -56 803211.04WC10
AT AraeAT Ara11.50K2+
GX 339-4GX 339-415.50
BPM 25114BPM 2511415.62DA:
Westerlund 1-26Westerlund 1-2616.79M5-6Ia
4U 1636-534U 1636-5317.50A1IV
SGR 1627-41SGR 1627-4111000.00
Gliese 676BGliese 676BM3
BF AraeBF Ara
OY AraeOY Ara
CXOU J164710.2-455216CXOU J164710.2-455216
PSR J1644-4559PSR J1644-4559
XTE J1650-500XTE J1650-500K4V
XTE J1701-462XTE J1701-462