List of Stars in the Aquila Constellation

The Aquila constellation is formed by 10 main stars that form its shape in the sky. Inside its area, there are currently 154 discovered stars.

The constellation of Aquila represents an Eagle.

Below you will find the full list of stars in the Aquila constellation and their names as well as some general information about each of them.

Here’s what each of the columns means.

Proper name: This is the common name we give to some of the most prominent stars in the sky. These names have been passed from ancient civilizations and they are usually of Greek or Arabic origin. Due to the number of stars in the universe, most stars discovered these days do not receive a proper name.

Name: The scientific, Latinized name for the star.

Designation: Abbreviation of the scientific name or designation if it doesn’t have one. It is based on the Bayer catalog of stars.

Distance: How far away from Earth the star is. Given in light-years.

Visible magnitude: The brightness of the star as seen from Earth. Also known as apparent magnitude.

Absolute magnitude: The true brightness of the star, regardless of the point of view.

Stellar classification: Classification of the star according to its electromagnetic characteristics.

Proper NameNameDesignationDistance (light-years)Visible magnitudeAbsolute magnitudeStellar classification
TarazedGamma Aquilaeγ Aql4602.72−3.03K3II
OkabZeta Aquilaeζ Aql832.990.96A0Vn
Tseen Foo / Al Mizan IIITheta Aquilaeθ Aql2873.24−1.48B9.5III
Denebok abDelta Aquilaeδ Aql503.362.43F0IV
Al ThalimainLambda Aquilaeλ Aql1253.430.51B9Vn
AlshainBeta Aquilaeβ Aql453.713.03G8IVvar
Al Mizan IIEta Aquilaeη Aql11733.87−3.91F6Ib-G4Ib
Deneb el OkabEpsilon Aquilaeε Aql1544.020.65K2III
12 Aquilae12 Aql1494.020.73K1IIIvar
71 Aquilae71 Aql3844.31−1.04G8III SB
Iota Aquilaeι Aql3074.36−0.51B5III
Mu Aquilaeμ Aql1114.451.8K3III
Nu Aquilaeν Aql116434.64−8.12F2Ib
LibertasXi Aquilaeξ Aql2044.720.74G9IIIb
69 Aquilae69 Aql1914.911.07K2III
70 Aquilae70 Aql22034.91−4.24K5II
Kappa Aquilaeκ Aql14554.93−3.32B0.5III
26 Aquilae26 Aql1544.981.61G8III-IV…
4 Aquilae4 Aql4725.02−0.78B9V
36 Aquilae36 Aql5025.03−0.91M1IIIvar
18 Aquilae18 Aql5075.07−0.89B8III
23 Aquilae23 Aql3815.10−0.24K2II-IIIvar
37 Aquilae37 Aql4445.12−0.55G8III
Omicron Aquilaeο Aql635.123.68F8V
21 Aquilae21 Aql6405.14−1.33B8II-IIIp(Hg:)
31 Aquilae31 Aql495.174.27G8IVvar
Sigma Aquilaeσ Aql6825.18−1.42B3V + B3V
19 Aquilae19 Aql1425.232.03F0III-IV
11 Aquilae11 Aql1555.271.88F8V
Omega1 Aquilaeω1 Aql4225.28−0.28F0IV
Chi Aquilae Aχ Aql A7515.28−1.53F3V:+…
Phi Aquilaeφ Aql2065.281.28A1IV
132 G. Aquilae132 G. Aql2465.300.91G8III-IV
FF AquilaeFF Aql24705.33−4.07F5Ia-F8Ia
20 Aquilae20 Aql12165.35−2.51B3V
51 Aquilae51 Aql865.383.27F0V
14 Aquilae14 Aql4995.40−0.53A1V
15 Aquilae15 Aql3255.400.41K1III
66 Aquilae66 Aql8885.44−1.74K5III
42 Aquilae42 Aql1055.452.92F3IV
27 Aquilae27 Aql5095.46−0.51B9III
Tau Aquilaeτ Aql5275.51−0.53K0III
28 Aquilae28 Aql3475.530.39F0III
62 Ser62 Ser2935.580.81G9III
HD 180262HD 1802626135.58−0.79G8II-III
22 Aquilae22 Aql5465.59−0.53A3IV
58 Aquilae58 Aql3455.600.48A0III
V1291 AquilaeV1291 Aql2775.630.99A5p(Sr-Cr-Eu)
45 Aquilae45 Aql2855.640.93A3IV
HD 180555HD 1805553725.650.36B9.5V
62 Aquilae62 Aql5825.67−0.59K4III
Pi Aquilae Bπ Aql B5.70
57 Aquilae A57 Aql A3355.700.64B7Vn
14 Sge14 Sge6375.73−0.72B9MNp…
Pi Aquilaeπ Aql5705.75−0.46F2V:+…
56 Aquilae56 Aql3945.760.35K5III
35 Aquilae35 Aql1925.791.94A0V
42 G. Aquilae42 G. Aql3635.810.58G8III:
13 G. Aquilae13 G. Aql1805.822.11A4V
49 G. Aquilae49 G. Aql10255.84−1.65B6III
100 G. Aquilae100 G. Aql805.873.92F8V
5 Aquilae5 Aql2585.891.4A2m
Upsilon Aquilaeυ Aql1765.892.22A3IV
103 G. Aquilae103 G. Aql8985.90−1.30K5III
10 Aquilae10 Aql2425.911.55A4p(Eu-Cr-Sr)
64 Aquilae64 Aql1565.972.57K1IV
HD 185018HD 18501811405.98−1.74G0Ib
QS AquilaeQS Aql16465.98−2.54B5V
80 G. Aquilae80 G. Aql2856.001.29K5III
Omega2 Aquilaeω2 Aql2786.031.37A2V
131 G. Aquilae131 G. Aql4056.050.58K0
8 Aquilae8 Aql2766.081.44F2III
HD 183589HD 18358916636.08−2.46K5Ib
V923 AquilaeV923 Aql9626.09−1.26B5.5IIIpe-B8V
R AquilaeR Aql14006.09−2.04M6.5-9e
137 G. Aquilae137 G. Aql7136.10−0.60K1III:
Nova AquilaeV500 AquilaeV500 Aql6.10pec(NOVA) – e+cont
85 G. Aquilae85 G. Aql5706.12−0.09K5III
68 Aquilae68 Aql5576.12−0.04B9V
HD 188385HD 1883852636.141.6A2V
HD 194244HD 1942448406.14−0.92B9V
HD 187923HD 187923906.163.95G0V
101 G. Aquilae101 G. Aql7696.17−0.69G8III
34 G. Aquilae34 G. Aql2756.191.56A1Vn
6 G. Aquilae6 G. Aql5256.200.17B9III
145 G. Aquilae145 G. Aql6436.21−0.26B8IIIp
7 G. Aquilae7 G. Aql1856.222.45F5IV
4 G. Aquilae4 G. Aql5756.240.01A1V
12 G. Aquilae12 G. Aql8496.25−0.83K2III
52 G. Aquilae52 G. Aql6036.25−0.08K2
Psi Aquilaeψ Aql8096.25−0.72B9III-IV
88 G. Aquilae88 G. Aql3806.250.92A1m
HD 191984HD 1919846036.25−0.08A0
Les Grey37 G. Aquilae37 G. Aql5176.310.31G9III
43 G. Aquilae43 G. Aql4936.310.41K0
HD 183144HD 1831448346.31−0.73B4III
71 G. Aquilae71 G. Aql3346.311.26K2
60 G. Aquilae60 G. Aql3556.321.13K0
46 Aquilae46 Aql7206.33−0.39B9III
25 G. Aquilae25 G. Aql8746.34−0.80B5Vn
44 G. Aquilae44 G. Aql1166.343.58F6V
V450 AquilaeV450 Aql8586.35−0.75M5III-M8III
67 G. Aquilae67 G. Aql6.36B3III
HD 174569HD 17456918636.37−2.41K5III+…
U AquilaeU Aql15906.37−2.07F5-G1I-II
61 G. Aquilae61 G. Aql1376.373.25F6IV
V1472 AquilaeV1472 Aql7496.37−0.44M2 comp
V1401 AquilaeV1401 Aql12736.38−1.58F1III
24 Aquilae24 Aql4886.400.52K0II-III:..
136 G. Aquilae136 G. Aql8656.41−0.71K5
75 G. Aquilae75 G. Aql3986.431K0
HD 191104HD 1911041416.433.25F3V
ChechiaHD 192699HD 1926992206.442.3G8IV
HD 179791HD 1797915986.470.15A3V
77 G. Aquilae77 G. Aql10876.47−1.14B3III
87 G. Aquilae87 G. Aql6.47K0…
110 G. Aquilae110 G. Aql3416.471.37K0
122 G. Aquilae122 G. Aql15676.47−1.94K5
142 G. Aquilae142 G. Aql11326.47−1.23K2
V1339 AquilaeV1339 Aql15526.49−1.90B2.5IVe
57 Aquilae B57 Aql B3616.491.27B8V
HD 188405HD 1884052796.491.83F2V
V1691 AquilaeV1691 Aql3296.501.48A9V
V AquilaeV Aql12076.78−1.36C5,4 – C6,4(N6)
TT AquilaeTT Aql79517.10−4.84F6-G5
HD 186641HD 1866413477.342.2K0
V604 AquilaeV604 Aql7.60pec(NOVA) – e+cont
HD 183263HD 1832631727.864.25G2IV
HD 179079HD 1790792087.963.94G5IV
V1703 AquilaeV1703 Aql658.106.61K2V
HD 176986lHD 176986l868.45K2.5V
HD 181234HD 1812341568.59G5
Gliese 726Gliese 72646.078.708.17K5V
V1494 AquilaeV1494 Aql8.80pec(NOVA) – e+cont
V603 AquilaeV603 Aql77611.644.76pec(NOVA) – e+cont
IRC -10414IRC -104146,52012.00M7 I
Chi Aquilae Bχ Aql B80012.305.35G0:+A3V
SS 433SS 4331509314.20A7Ib
VB 10VB 101917.3018.47M8V
V606 AquilaeV606 Aql700pec(NOVA) – e+cont
W50 (nebula)W50 (nebula)16000