List of Stars in the Aquarius Constellation

The Aquarius constellation is formed by 10 main stars that form its shape in the sky. It is one of the largest constellations in the night sky and one of the 12 zodiac constellations. Inside its area, there are currently 217 discovered stars.

Aquarius in Latin means “water carrier”.

Below you will find the full list of stars in the Aquarius constellation and their names as well as some general information about each of them.

Here’s what each of the columns means.

Proper name: This is the common name we give to some of the most prominent stars in the sky. These names have been passed from ancient civilizations and they are usually of Greek or Arabic origin. Due to the number of stars in the universe, most stars discovered these days do not receive a proper name.

Name: The scientific, Latinized name for the star.

Designation: Abbreviation of the scientific name or designation if it doesn’t have one. It is based on the Bayer catalog of stars.

Distance: How far away from Earth the star is. Given in light-years.

Visible magnitude: The brightness of the star as seen from Earth. Also known as apparent magnitude.

Absolute magnitude: The true brightness of the star, regardless of the point of view.

Stellar classification: Classification of the star according to its electromagnetic characteristics.

Proper NameNameDesignationDistance (light-years)Visible magnitudeAbsolute magnitudeStellar classification
SadalsuudBeta Aquariiβ Aqr612.002.90−3.47G0Ib
SadalmelikAlpha Aquariiα Aqr758.002.95−3.88G2Ib
SkatDelta Aquariiδ Aqr159.003.27−0.18A3V
Sadaltager / AltagerZeta1 Aquariiζ1 Aqr103.003.651.14F3III-IV
88 Aquarii88 Aqr234.003.68−0.60K1III
Hydor / EkkhysisLambda Aquariiλ Aqr391.003.73−1.67M2IIIvar
AlbaliEpsilon Aquariiε Aqr229.003.78−0.46A1V
SadachbiaGamma Aquariiγ Aqr158.003.860.44A0V
98 Aquarii98 Aqr162.003.960.48K0III
HydriaEta Aquariiη Aqr183.004.040.29B9IV-Vn
Tau2 Aquariiτ2 Aqr380.004.05−1.28K5III
AnchaTheta Aquariiθ Aqr191.004.170.33G8III-IV
Phi Aquariiφ Aqr222.004.220.05M2III
Psi1 Aquariiψ1 Aqr148.004.240.95K0III
Iota Aquariiι Aqr172.004.290.67B8V
99 Aquarii99 Aqr308.004.38−0.50K4III
Psi2 Aquariiψ2 Aqr322.004.41−0.56B5Vn
Zeta2 Aquariiζ2 Aqr251.004.42-0.01F3V
3 Aquarii3 Aqr445.004.43−1.24M3IIIvar
86 Aquarii86 Aqr188.004.480.67G8III
Omega2 Aquariiω2 Aqr154.004.491.12B9V
AlbulaanNu Aquariiν Aqr164.004.501G8III
BundaXi Aquariiξ Aqr179.004.680.99A7V
66 Aquarii66 Aqr484.004.68−1.18K3III
101 Aquarii101 Aqr320.004.70−0.26A0V
89 Aquarii89 Aqr521.004.71−1.31A3IV:
Mu Aquariiμ Aqr155.004.731.34A3m
Kae UhOmicron Aquariiο Aqr381.004.74−0.60B7IVe
SeatPi Aquariiπ Aqr1101.004.80−2.84B1Ve
Takako-boshiSigma Aquariiσ Aqr265.004.820.27A0IVs
104 Aquarii A104 Aqr A643.004.82−1.65G2Ib/II
Chi Aquariiχ Aqr640.004.93−1.54M3III
Omega1 Aquariiω1 Aqr134.004.971.91A7IV
Psi3 Aquariiψ3 Aqr249.004.990.58A0V
SitulaKappa Aquariiκ Aqr234.005.040.76K2III
25 Aquarii25 Aqr241.005.100.76K0III
47 Aquarii47 Aqr183.005.121.37K0III
1 Aquarii1 Aqr245.005.150.77K1III
108 Aquarii108 Aqr321.005.170.2Ap Si
94 Aquarii B94 Aqr B69.005.193.56K2V
97 Aquarii97 Aqr237.005.190.88A3V
94 Aquarii A94 Aqr A69.005.203.62G6/G8IV
Upsilon Aquariiυ Aqr74.005.213.43F7V
68 Aquarii68 Aqr266.005.240.68G8III
106 Aquarii106 Aqr331.005.240.2B9V
258 G. Aquarii258 G. Aqr280.005.270.6K3III
107 Aquarii107 Aqr212.005.281.21F0III
32 Aquarii32 Aqr231.005.291.04A5m
41 Aquarii41 Aqr281.005.330.65K1III
42 Aquarii42 Aqr484.005.34−0.52K1III
Rho Aquariiρ Aqr743.005.35−1.44B8IIIMNp…
103 Aquarii103 Aqr584.005.36−0.91K4/K5III
38 Aquarii38 Aqr561.005.43−0.75B5III
83 Aquarii83 Aqr188.005.441.63F2V
18 Aquarii18 Aqr157.005.482.07F0V
21 Aquarii21 Aqr408.005.48−0.01K4III
7 Aquarii7 Aqr601.005.49−0.84K5III
12 Aquarii B12 Aqr B7.31A3V
49 Aquarii49 Aqr272.005.530.93K0IIICN…
77 Aquarii77 Aqr140.005.532.36K1III
5 Aquarii5 Aqr753.005.55−1.27B9III
30 Aquarii30 Aqr271.005.550.95K0III
53 Aquarii B53 Aqr B65.005.554.04G3V
217 G. Aquarii217 G. Aqr231.005.561.3A3V
96 Aquarii96 Aqr114.005.562.85F3IV
28 Aquarii28 Aqr661.005.60−0.94K4III:
26 Aquarii26 Aqr1583.005.66−2.77K2III
HD 222093HD 222093283.005.660.96K0III
Tau1 Aquariiτ1 Aqr260.005.681.17B9V
269 G. Aquarii269 G. Aqr460.005.70−0.05K4III
19 Aquarii19 Aqr276.005.711.07F0IV
94 G. Aquarii94 G. Aqr291.005.710.96K2III
HD 216718HD 216718293.005.720.95K0III-IV
264 G. Aquarii264 G. Aqr346.005.740.61K0III
44 Aquarii44 Aqr341.005.750.65G6III
50 Aquarii50 Aqr542.005.76−0.35K0III
HD 223807HD 223807612.005.76−0.61K0III
80 G. Aquarii80 G. Aqr441.005.790.13G9III:
51 Aquarii51 Aqr424.005.790.22A0V
35 Aquarii35 Aqr6792.005.80−5.79B2III
HD 211392HD 211392351.005.800.64K3III:
74 Aquarii74 Aqr657.005.80−0.72B8IV/V
15 Aquarii15 Aqr979.005.83−1.56B5V
271 G. Aquarii271 G. Aqr286.005.851.13K2III
11 G. Aquarii11 G. Aqr250.005.871.45K1III
16 Aquarii16 Aqr336.005.870.8G7III:
60 Aquarii60 Aqr444.005.880.21G6III
12 Aquarii A12 Aqr A541.005.89-0.21G4III
255 G. Aquarii255 G. Aqr379.005.890.56K0III
138 G. Aquarii138 G. Aqr466.005.920.18G8Ib/II(w)
268 G. Aquarii268 G. Aqr307.005.931.06K0IV
202 G. Aquarii202 G. Aqr1011.005.94−3.61G5II/III
DV AquariiDV Aqr276.005.951.31A9V
246 G. Aquarii246 G. Aqr351.005.950.79K4III
45 Aquarii45 Aqr354.005.960.78K0III
225 G. Aquarii225 G. Aqr1116.005.96−1.71K2/K3III
162 G. Aquarii162 G. Aqr337.005.970.89K1III
205 G. Aquarii205 G. Aqr251.005.971.54K0III
HD 210434HD 210434282.005.981.3K0III-IV
4 Aquarii4 Aqr192.005.992.14F5IV-V
17 Aquarii17 Aqr720.005.99−0.73M0III
39 Aquarii39 Aqr142.006.042.85F0V
HD 199442HD 199442318.006.061.11K2III
HD 223311HD 223311723.006.09−0.64K4III
119 G. Aquarii119 G. Aqr185.006.102.33F6/F7V
74 G. Aquarii74 G. Aqr156.006.122.72F5V
198 G. Aquarii198 G. Aqr656.006.12−0.40K3/K4III
HD 219279HD 219279836.006.13−0.91K5III
HD 213429HD 21342983.006.154.12F7V
155 G. Aquarii155 G. Aqr473.006.150.34K0
HD 218061HD 218061552.006.150.01K4III
128 G. Aquarii128 G. Aqr262.006.161.63A5Vn
89 G. Aquarii89 G. Aqr256.006.171.7A7V
126 G. Aquarii126 G. Aqr519.006.170.16K0III
HD 220035HD 220035400.006.170.72K0III
82 Aquarii82 Aqr1240.006.18−1.72M2III
234 G. Aquarii234 G. Aqr367.006.180.92K0III
70 Aquarii70 Aqr377.006.190.87A9III-IV
78 Aquarii78 Aqr609.006.20−0.16K3III
238 G. Aquarii238 G. Aqr2203.006.20−2.95K0
11 Aquarii11 Aqr86.006.214.1G1V
266 G. Aquarii266 G. Aqr424.006.210.64K1/K2III
HD 205765HD 205765399.006.220.78A2V
2 G. Aquarii2 G. Aqr1230.006.23−1.65B7IIIn
HD 214448HD 214448459.006.230.49G1IV-V
81 Aquarii81 Aqr418.006.230.69K5III
274 G. Aquarii274 G. Aqr300.006.231.41A5V
HD 198272HD 198272942.006.24−1.06M3
HD 200375HD 200375215.006.242.14F5V
HD 208177HD 208177227.006.242.02F5IV
98 G. Aquarii98 G. Aqr117.006.243.46K2V
100 Aquarii100 Aqr261.006.241.72F0V
HD 221148HD 221148159.006.262.81K3IIIvar
49 G. Aquarii49 G. Aqr346.006.271.14K0III
200 G. Aquarii200 G. Aqr327.006.271.26A2V
7 G. Aquarii7 G. Aqr787.006.28−0.63K2
100 G. Aquarii100 G. Aqr277.006.281.64K0III
115 G. Aquarii115 G. Aqr362.006.281.05A1Vnn
LP AquariiLP Aqr1336.006.28−1.78M0
144 G. Aquarii144 G. Aqr495.006.290.38A0V
197 G. Aquarii197 G. Aqr413.006.310.8G9III
HD 214810HD 214810109.006.323.7F6V
96 G. Aquarii96 G. Aqr181.006.332.6F5IV
HD 219659HD 219659389.006.330.94A1/A2IV/V
38 G. Aquarii38 G. Aqr388.006.340.96G5
53 Aquarii A53 Aqr A6.35
113 G. Aquarii113 G. Aqr514.006.360.37G8III
56 Aquarii56 Aqr633.006.36−0.08B8II
196 G. Aquarii196 G. Aqr695.006.36−0.28K4/K5III
Mira variableR AquariiR Aqr643.006.36-0.11M7IIIpev
189 G. Aquarii189 G. Aqr481.006.370.53K5III
237 G. Aquarii237 G. Aqr369.006.371.1G6/G8III
15 G. Aquarii15 G. Aqr147.006.383.11G1V
HD 202259HD 202259685.006.38−0.23M1III
20 Aquarii20 Aqr213.006.382.37F0V
251 G. Aquarii251 G. Aqr338.006.381.3K0III
29 Aquarii29 Aqr471.006.390.59A0/1V + K1/2
121 G. Aquarii121 G. Aqr305.006.391.53F7V
HD 211575HD 211575135.006.393.3F3V
58 Aquarii58 Aqr225.006.392.2A8III
61 Aquarii61 Aqr465.006.390.62K4III
240 G. Aquarii240 G. Aqr2433.006.39−2.97K0
67 Aquarii67 Aqr368.006.401.14A0Vn
248 G. Aquarii248 G. Aqr453.006.400.68G5III:
57 G. Aquarii57 G. Aqr609.006.410.05A1V
IZ AquariiIZ Aqr1552.006.41−1.98M3
152 G. Aquarii152 G. Aqr264.006.411.86F2/F3IV/V
213 G. Aquarii213 G. Aqr345.006.431.31A0V
236 G. Aquarii236 G. Aqr396.006.431.01K0III
18 G. Aquarii18 G. Aqr230.006.442.2F1IV
14 Aquarii14 Aqr1831.006.45−2.30M4III:
72 G. Aquarii72 G. Aqr284.006.451.75A1IV
HD 215114HD 215114617.006.450.06A5V
1 G. Aquarii1 G. Aqr234.006.462.18K0
233 G. Aquarii233 G. Aqr204.006.462.48F3IV/V
EW AquariiEW Aqr439.006.470.82Fm delta Del
55 G. Aquarii55 G. Aqr845.006.48−0.59K0
34 G. Aquarii34 G. Aqr1455.006.50−1.75B6V
241 G. Aquarii241 G. Aqr86.006.504.41F8V
10 Aquarii10 Aqr400.006.52A5V
9 Aquarii9 Aqr700.006.55G6/8III
HD 210277HD 21027769.006.634.99G0V
37 Aquarii37 Aqr444.006.640.97K0
24 Aquarii24 Aqr141.006.663.48F7III
8 Aquarii8 Aqr290.006.60A3/4 IV
85 Aquarii85 Aqr6.69B9 V
75 Aquarii75 Aqr6.86K2/K3III
54 Aquarii54 Aqr270.006.98A3III/IV
36 Aquarii36 Aqr520.006.98G8/K0III/IV
72 Aquarii72 Aqr7.00K0 III
65 Aquarii65 Aqr7.04K0 III
84 Aquarii84 Aqr7.08G8III
87 Aquarii87 Aqr7.37A0/1 IV
LionrockHD 212771HD 212771397.007.602.17G8IV
HD 222582HD 222582137.007.704.59G5
HD 220689HD 220689145.007.774.53G3V
Gliese 884Gliese 88426.807.878.34K7V + M0-2V
HD 215152HD 21515270.008.136.47K0
HD 221416HD 221416310.008.15K0IV/V
BosonaHD 206610HD 206610555.008.342.19K0III
Gliese 898Gliese 89845.508.617.68K6V
104 Aquarii B104 Aqr B911.008.521.29A6V:
Gl 876Gl 87615.3010.1711.81M3.5V
Gl 849Gl 84929.0010.4210.7M3.5
WASP-70 AWASP-70 A799.0010.793.84G4
AE AquariiAE Aqr333.0011.606.56K2Ve + pec(e+cont)
EZ AquariiEZ Aqr11.3012.1814.49M5.5Ve-M7e
Fomalhaut CLP 876-10LP 876-1012.62M4V
Sneden’s starBPS CS22892-0052BPS CS22892-005215330.0013.2013.99KIIvw
FO AquariiFO Aqr13.50