Astronomers estimate there are at least two trillion galaxies in the observable universe. That’s twelve zeroes by the way.

Each of these contains billions or even trillions of stars. The numbers are just mind-boggling.

But let’s zoom back and take a look at the galaxies that are closer to us.

Below you will find a list of nearby galaxies ordered by distance starting from the ones closer to our own galaxy, the Milky Way.

Most of these galaxies are found in what astronomers call the local group, which is a bunch of galaxies that are relatively close to each other and that contain the Milky Way.

In the table below, you will also find some general information about each galaxy, here’s what each of the columns means:

Name: Proper name and or scientific designation of the galaxy. You can learn more about how these are named in this article about galaxy names.

Distance: Approximate distance from Earth to the center of each galaxy. Given in millions of light-years.

Magnitude (apparent magnitude): This refers to the “brightness” or “luminosity” of the galaxy as seen from Earth. It is in a logarithmic scale and a lesser magnitude means a brighter object. For reference, the Moon has an apparent magnitude of -12.6 and Neptune of 7.8.

Diameter: Approximate diameter of the longest axis of a galaxy. Given in light-years.

As you will see, the closest galaxy to Earth is the dwarf galaxy Canis Major Dwarf, named like that because it can be seen in the same area of the sky as the Canis Major constellation. This small galaxy is located “only” 25,000 light-years away from us.

Please note that only the closest 200 galaxies are included in the table.

Galaxy NameDistance (millions of light-years)MagnitudeDiameter (light-years)
Canis Major Dwarf0.02523.3
Draco II0.070115.87120
Tucana III0.074715.5220
Segue 10.07513.8
Sagittarius Dwarf Sphr SagDEG0.0784.510,000
Hydrus I0.090012.49348
Carina III0.090714.82200
Ursa Major II Dwarf0.09814.3~1,800
Triangulum II0.09815.6
Reticulum II0.10214.4378
Segue 20.114220
Carina II0.12213.36590
Willman 10.124
Boötes II0.137
Coma Berenices Dwarf0.137
Pictor II0.14715.1300
Boötes III0.150
Tucana IV0.15714.9
Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC)0.1630.932,200
Grus II0.179607
Tucana II0.18615.01080
Boötes I0.19713.1
Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC, NGC 292)0.2052.718,900
Ursa Minor Dwarf0.20511.9
Eridanus IV0.25014.72489
Horologium II0.2541.69287
Draco Dwarf (DDO 208)0.25810.9~2,700 × 1,900
Horologium I0.258196
Pisces Overdensity0.26
Sextans Dwarf Sph0.280128,400
Sculptor Dwarf (ESO 351-G30)0.28710.1
Pegasus IV0.29415.52
Virgo I0.29719.5
Reticulum III0.30016.51420
Ursa Major I Dwarf (UMa I dSph)0.3157~2,000
Phoenix II0.326290
Carina Dwarf (ESO 206-G220)0.3311.31,600
Aquarius II0.351915.81,040
Pictor I0.37220.3190
Crater II0.38312.2
Grus I0.39117.0404
Antlia 20.430
Hercules Dwarf0.43414.7
Fornax Dwarf (ESO 356-G04)0.4669.28
Canes Venatici II Dwarf0.4915.1
Hydra II0.492500
Leo IV Dwarf0.50215.9
Leo V Dwarf0.571
Pisces II0.59717.03
Columba I0.59717.11760
Boötes IV0.68217.073,000
Leo II Dwarf (Leo B, DDO 93)0.70112.454,100 (tidal)
Pegasus III0.70117.50350
Canes Venatici I Dwarf0.71113.9
Cetus III0.81919.55580
Leo I Dwarf (DDO 74, UGC 5470)0.82011.18
Eridanus II1.191,810
Leo T Dwarf1.35162,300
Phoenix Dwarf Galaxy (P 6830)1.4413.07
Pisces V (Andromeda XVI)1.7916.1985
Barnard’s Galaxy (NGC 6822)1.8599.327,000
NGC 1852.059.99
Andromeda II2.2211.76,820
Cassiopeia II (Andromeda XXX)2.22116.01,800
IC 1613 (UGC 668)2.249.92
Pegasus V (Andromeda XXXIV)2.26
Leo A (Leo III, DDO 69)2.3412.92
Andromeda XVII2.37116.61,900
Andromeda XXV2.40115.33,560
Andromeda XI2.41
Andromeda XX2.41718.0590
Andromeda XXIII2.44014.67,770
IC 10 (UGC 192)2.44612.2
Andromeda III2.4514.42750
Cassiopeia Dwarf (Cas dSph, Andromeda VII)2.4513.65
Andromeda XXVI2.45918.5980
Cetus Dwarf2.46014.4
Pisces III (Andromeda XIII)2.47917.8850
Andromeda XV2.4816.01840
M32 (NGC 221)2.4898.736,500
Andromeda IX2.500
Pisces Dwarf (LGS 3)2.51016.18
Cassiopeia III (Andromeda XXXII)2.51812.159,500
Andromeda V2.5216.67
Lacerta I (Andromeda XXXI)2.52113.044,750
NGC 147 (DDO 3)2.5310.36
Andromeda Galaxy (M31)2.5384.17152,000
Pegasus Dwarf Spheroidal (Andromeda VI)2.5514.05
Perseus I (Andromeda XXXIII)2.56014.192,600
Andromeda XIV (Pisces IV)2.58615.8~1,700
Andromeda I2.6112.75,840
Andromeda XXVIII2.64515.851,800
M110 (NGC 205)2.678.72
Andromeda VIII2.7009.1
Andromeda XXIX2.70416.092,050
Triangulum Galaxy (M33)2.736.1961,100
Andromeda XXI2.802
Tucana Dwarf2.8715.7
Andromeda X2.9016.1
Andromeda XXIV2.92916.34,440
Pegasus Dwarf Irregular (DDO 216)2.92913.21
Andromeda XII3.02717.72,740
Wolf-Lundmark-Melotte (WLM, DDO 221)3.04311.0311,500
Andromeda XIX3.0432,200
Andromeda XXII3.21918.0
Aquarius Dwarf Galaxy (DDO 210)3.2214.0
Pisces VII (Triangulum III)3.26
Sagittarius Dwarf Irregular Galaxy (SagDIG)3.90715.53,000
UGC 4879 (VV124)3.95613.23,000
Andromeda XVIII3.96016.2≈ 1,200
Antlia Dwarf4.2816.193,000
Sextans A (UGCA 205, DDO 75)4.3111.865,000
NGC 31094.33810.3925,000
Antlia B4.4015.951,780
Sextans B (UGC 5373)4.4711.856,000
Tucana B4.5618.85
Cassiopeia 15.1914.62
Leo P5.2816.893,690
IC 51525.6811.064,000
NGC 3006.078.9594,000
KKR 256.2017.0
ESO 410-G0056.21314.85≈ 2,500
ESO 294-0106.3615.6
NGC 556.528.8470,000
KKs 36.9114.474,900
KKR 3 (KK 230)6.9817.90980
UGCA 438 (ESO 407-018)7.2413.86
KK 258 (ESO 468-20)7.27
UGC 9128 (DDO 187)7.3114.38
IC 31047.4013.63
GR 8 (DDO 155)7.814.65
IC 4662 (ESO 102-14)7.9611.747,000
KKH 987.9916.7
UGC 8508 (I Zw 060)8.3514.40
KKH 868.4816.8
DDO 99 (UGC 6817)8.6113.4
ESO 6-18.8114.75
UGC 7577 (DDO 125)8.9412.84
Dwingeloo 19.119.835,000
UGC 9240 (DDO 190)9.1313.2515,000
NGC 41909.1913.50
KKs 53 (Cen 7)9.5617.30
NGC 4214 (UGC 7278)9.5910.24
UGCA 276 (DDO 113)9.6215.40
UGCA 133 (DDO 44)9.6515.54
NGC 4163 (NGC 4167)9.6514.54,000
UGCA 869.7213.520,000
NGC 15609.7512.16
MADCASH-2 (MADCASH J121007+352635-dw)9.7818.24
Dwingeloo 29.820.520,000
KKH 11 (ZOAG G135.74-04.53)9.816.2
KKH 129.817.8
MB 39.819.810,000
MB 1 (KK 21)9.820.55,000
Maffei 19.811.455,000
Maffei 29.80114.7760,000
UGC 8651 (DDO 181)9.8214.7
Donatiello I9.88
NGC 24039.928.9350,000
NGC 40410.0511.21
ESO 274-0110.111.7
KKH 2210.1715.28
NGC 374110.2114.3
KK 3510.3117.2
HIPASS J1247-7710.3117.B
NGC 236610.4011.43
NGC 1569 (UGC 3056)10.4011.866,000
ESO 321-01410.4015.16
UGC 883310.4116.5
Sculptor dIG (ESO 349-31)10.4415.5
UGC 448310.4715.2
dw0910p7326 (“Blobby”)10.4715.96
UGCA 9210.5013
IC 34210.709.3775,000
UGCA 15 (DDO 6)10.9015.19
KKs 5810.96
KKH 37 (Mai 16)11.0616.4
UGCA 10511.0613.9
Holmberg II (DDO 50, UGC 4305)11.0611.1
NGC 510211.0910.35
NGC 523711.0913.23
ESO 325-1111.0913.99
ESO 540-030 (KDG 2)11.0916.45
NGC 24711.19.9
MADCASH-1 (MADCASH J074238+652501-dw)11.1219.85
F6D1 (FM 1, PGC 3097828)11.1517.5
ESO 540-03211.1516.55
ESO 383-087 (ISG 39)11.2511.03
NGC 520611.32
KK 179 (ESO 269-37)11.4
Sculptor Galaxy (NGC 253)11.408.090,000
DDO 71 (UGC 5428)11.4218
Camelopardalis B11.4616.1
Messier 8211.429.3037,000, possibly up to 100,000
NGC 525311.5110.9
M81 Dwarf A (KDG 52)11.5816.5
KK 77 (F12D1)11.5816.2
NGC 297611.6110.82
Camelopardalis A11.61

Elena is a Canadian journalist and researcher. She has been looking at the sky for years and hopes to introduce more people to the wonderful hobby that is astronomy.