Recommended Gear

Hi! I’m Elena, the writer and founder of Little Astronomy. I have built this page to answer one of the most common questions I get on twitter and instagram which is what telescope are you using?. I understand people’s curiosity, so here’s all the astronomy gear I currently own.

Last updated on: January 2021


I currently own two telescopes.

I recently upgraded my old Orion 127mm Newtonian that I used for almost a decade. He was a good friend that lasted all the way through college and beyond, but it was time to retire him.

I was able to get an amazing deal on a Celestron Advanced VX 9.25″ SCT which I probably wouldn’t have been able to afford if it wasn’t because I was able to grab it slightly used from someone who was moving overseas.

I also have a small Meade Polaris 114 reflector that I use for traveling because the Celestron one is a bit too impractical to carry around. I also use Meade’s own bag to transport it.


I’m guilty of having way more accessories than I should and sometimes I get even more stuff to review, but here are the ones that I use on a regular basis.

  • I use a celestron binoviewer for planetary viewing because I really enjoy the stereo effect and how much less strain it puts on the eyes.


For astrophotography, I use a Canon 90D DSLR with a very simple adapter although 90% of the time I just use my phone with an equally basic adapter because it requires way less setup.